Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lunar Nodes

The nodes are particularly responsible for the "knots and ties" of relationships. When two people are looking to the astrologer to see if their romance is going anywhere, the nodes will tell the story.

When the nodes of one person lay across the ascendant/descendant line of the other, the node person will stick like glue to the other. Such contacts are lifelong ties and no matter how much time has passed since people have seen each other, the power of the node will reawaken the relationship very readily. In the charts of family members, the closeness is intense.

When the nodes contact planets, the relationship takes on the quality of the planet.

Marriages that endure always have strong nodal ties between the two people. Sometimes they are node to node, or one person's node to the other's MC/IC axis, showing they share the same goals in life.

Sun and moon contacts to the nodes provide instant sympathy/friendship and usually benefit. They insure strong relationship possibilities.

Any meeting where the nodes occupy angular houses or contact sun or moon in the event chart can be important in the life.

Their North Node conjunct your sun: This relationship is planted firmly in the future and encompasses all levels of your life. Dynamic and powerful irregardless of how long the relationship physically lasts. They remain with you, in some form, for a long time into the future. Their south node conjunct your sun: A dynamic partner from your past who can shed light on your inherent strengths.

Their north node conjunct your moon: They seep in and affect your emotional levels and subconscious. Anytime the north node connects it can bring far reaching longevity to the relationship. Irregardless your emotional and inner reaches are forever affected because of your meeting. You will never forget this person.
Their south node conjunct your moon: This feels incredibly familiar and either extremely safe and comforting or disconcerting. Can indicate a strong, emotional bond from your past.

A nodal tie to Mercury often initiates a conversational tie or a classroom introduction. Today's internet is definitely a Mercury contact and when an acquaintance is begun there, expect to see some Mercury activation. If the relationship develops and deepens and endures, look for the nodes to be at work.

Their north node conjunct your mercury: Empowers your dynamic thought processes, imagination and ability to communicate your future with others and with yourself. Usually remains at least a good friendship far into the future.
Their south node conjunct your mercury: Indicates a karmic friendship or sibling relationship in the past. Can restructure your view of your own past and creative processes.

When the north node falls on the Venus of one person, it shows benefit to both. When the south node falls on Venus, it shows the Venus person does a lot of giving. The node person has to work hard to match it, or the relationship gets lopsided quickly.

Their north node conjunct your Venus: Gears you towards love in some manner and can turn into a very long term union. Love will always be the most important facet of this friendship even if that remains unspoken. Good for channeling your artistic abilities as well.

Their south node conjunct your Venus: This was undoubtedly a lover in your past and will bring forward subconscious and soul based memories of that. If strong future ties occur it will help you understand what course the relationship will take this time. Often means you are learning about living thru different types of relationships with a beloved friend.

Their north node conjunct your mars: This is about relighting your drive and propulsion in terms of attaining your future. Tends to be a dynamic, motivating and driving relationship. If you've been apathetic or lazy about moving forward this should inspire you. not always an easy relationship but it empowers you in one way or the other.
Their south node conjunct your mars: This usually comes into play between old karmic friends and its about learning to reorganize and/or hold back on your inner drives. It's a controlling influence and therefore not necessarily a comfortable one.

Their Saturn falls on your north node gives you good advice and will be a help to you at some important time in your life. These are excellent contacts between you and someone who serves your needs-a nurse, a financial advisor, a lawyer, or the like.

Saturn to the south node is a practically unbreakable tie in this life. It shows some important lessons will be learned through the relationship and it will bring heavy obligation at some point.