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Cinderella Time and 10 Principles Magi Astrology of Love

In each woman's life, there is a period of time reserved by the stars when she is meant to meet her very own Prince Charming, fall in love, marry and actually live happily ever after. It is during her Cinderella Time that a woman is most enchanting, intriguing and desirable.


The key to Cinderella is CHIRON! Whenever Chiron makes a MAGICAL ANGLE to your Venus, Jupiter or Neptune, you are at the peak of your Romance Cycle. The same is true when Venus, Jupiter or Neptune makes a Magical Angle to your Chiron. It is at these times that you are most charming, most fascinating and most attractive. During your Cinderella Time, people forgive you for everything, they overlook your faults, you possess your maximum amount of charisma and you are at the peak of your popularity. It is during your Cinderella Time that you are as irresistible as you can possibly be. This is the time that you have the greatest chance of meeting your Prince Charming and falling in love together. But as you must have guessed, your Cinderella Gateway is open only briefly and only a few times in your life. Don't miss it. It is crucial that you take advantage of it whenever it occurs in your own life.

The key to understanding each day is to analyze and interpret the most powerful PLANETARY GEOMETRY of the day. On the wedding day, the most important Planetary Geometry is the triangle made by the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron.

Astrologers have long known that each planet has a set of symbolisms.


Magi Astrology helps us to see the future footsteps of our stars. Most importantly, we can tell when we are likely to fall in love, get married and even live happily ever after.

There are about a dozen astrological signs that signal a Cinderella Time. In each case, it is a TRANSIT by Chiron, or a transit to a person's natal Chiron. Here are the six most common signs of a Cinderella Time (each such sign is called a Cinderella Sign):

1. Jupiter making a MAGIcal angle to the natal Chiron (the position of Chiron when the woman is born)
2. Chiron making a MAGIcal angle to the natal Jupiter
3. Venus making a MAGIcal angle to natal Chiron
4. Chiron making a MAGIcal angle to natal Venus
5. Neptune making a MAGIcal angle to natal Chiron
6. Chiron making a MAGIcal angle to natal Neptune


Ever since women and men have been looking for true love, they have looked at each other and wondered:

# Will I marry this person, or someone else?

# Will a serious relationship with this person end up in heartbreak for me?

# Am I in love with this person or is the attraction I feel merely sexual?

We believe the answers have always been in the stars and Magi Astrology is the best way to understand what the stars can tell us. In March of 1999, we published our third book to explain how to use Magi Astrology to help us find happiness in love. For those of you who have not read our book, here now are a few simple Magi Astrology Principles derived from our book that help you to better know how to handle any relationship and ultimately find the one who is meant for you:

Magi Principle One About Love: You are most likely to meet your true love during a time when you are having at least one Cinderella Transit.

Magi Principle Two About Love: The more Cinderella Transits you are having at a particular time, the more likely it is that you will meet your true love at that time.

Magi Principle Three About Love: If you meet someone for the first time while you are having a Heartbreak Transit, it is likely any relationship with this new person will end up inflicting a heartbreak on you. This is true even if you are also having any Cinderella Transit(s) at the time.

Magi Principle Four About Love: Unless two lovers form at least one Romantic Super Linkage, there is only a small chance the two persons would actually ever marry. This is true no matter how much they think they are in love.

[In our opinion, this is the most valuable discovery in all of astrology. There is something mystically amazing about a Romantic Super Linkage. It is not just an astrological sign but it seems to have the ability to create the circumstances that are necessary for two persons to actually get married. For example, when couples form a Romantic Super Linkage, it is less likely that another person will come along to break the couple up. On the other hand, if a couple do not form a Romantic Super Linkage, there almost always seems to be something that prevents a marriage from occurring. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are a good example of this – they do not form a Romantic Super Linkage.]

Magi Principle Five About Love: If two persons form a Heartbreak Clash, there is a high probability that their relationship will result in heartbreak. But heartbreak is not inevitable for the couple – the couple can avoid heartbreak if they marry on a day that is astrologically highly favorable for both of them, in which case their marriage can be both happy and lifelong. (God smiles on lovers and gave us the Gift of Marriage to help us overcome Heartbreak Clashes – a great Marriage Chart blesses us in many other ways, such as good health and financial security, wonderful children, etc.)

[In most cases, a Heartbreak Clash has two phases: the Illusion Phase and the Disillusionment Phase. During the Illusion Phase, a Heartbreak Clash between two persons creates strong attraction and the illusion of being in love – the two persons do not see each other’s faults. During the Disillusionment Phase of a Heartbreak Clash, the two persons see each other’s faults, which normally results in resentment, falling out of love and heartbreak. The Illusion Phase can last for years, even decades. The Disillusionment Phase lasts the rest of the couple’s lives. The only way to avoid the Disillusionment Phase of a Heartbreak Clash is to marry on a very good astrological day.]

Magi Principle Six About Love: A Sexual Linkage is not a sign of love; but Sexual Linkages create the illusion of love, especially when two persons are young. When two persons form a Sexual Linkage, they have to be especially careful in order to not mistake lust for love.

[Sexual Linkages are signs of great attraction; such attraction can be so intense that many couples mistake it for love, especially if they are young. The more Sexual Linkages that a couple form, the greater the attraction and the more intense the illusion of being in love. Therefore, if two persons think they are in love and they form one or more Sexual Linkages, they have to be especially careful in order to avoid mistaking lust for love. Sexual Linkages are not astrological signs of love; Romantic Super Linkages are.]

Magi Principle Seven About Love: Similarity does not mean compatibility. Linkages are signs of true compatibility between two souls. The more Linkages any couple forms, the more compatible they are.

[When two persons have a SIMILARITY of personality traits, it does NOT mean the two are TRULY compatible. There is great truth and wisdom to the old adage “Opposites attract.” Two persons who are vastly different can still form fabulous linkages and therefore fall in love, and be eternally compatible. God designed the world to be this way so that there is someone perfect for each and every one of us.]

Magi Principle Eight About Love: Incompatibility is not the result of two persons being different. Clashes are the true signs of incompatibility and stress between two souls. The more Clashes any two persons form, the more incompatible they are and the more stress their relationship will have.

Magi Principle Nine About Love: When two persons form more Clashes than Linkages, the two souls are not compatible and are not likely to fall in love, and stay in love.

Magi Principle Ten About Love: No matter how much two persons love each other, and no matter how well their two astrological charts match up, if the two persons get married on a horrible astrological day, their marriage would still be tumultuous and stressful, and probably result in heartbreak. Happiness can be attained by getting married on a perfect astrological day, if the date is properly selected utilizing Magi Astrology.

Editors' Note:

The Principles of Magi Astrology work together and are to be used as a whole. It is unwise to use only some of the Principles and ignore others - to do so can result in heartbreak.

[Do not ignore any of the above Principles when analyzing a relationship. It is unwise to apply only the Principles that give you the answers you may want. The Magi Principles must ALL be utilized and none can be left out when analyzing any relationship. For example, if you are in love with someone that forms a Romantic Super Linkage with you, but you met the person while you were having a Heartbreak Transit, you would be highly tempted to ignore Principle Three, but you must include it. Please do not cherry pick the Principles you wish to apply; the Principles work together as a unit. Similarly, just because you meet someone new while you are having several Cinderella Transits, it does not mean the new person is your true love. In order for the new person to possibly be the one meant for you, the person would also have to fulfill the other Principles of Magi Astrology about love, such as forming a Romantic Super Linkage with you, and forming more Linkages than Clashes, etc.]

Romantic Super-Linkages in Magi Astrology

Permissible planets for
3-planet romantic super-linkages:
(only if you are working
with an exact birth time)
(with the caveats at right)
Chiron (required)

Other points may be included in the configuration if it is comprised of more than 3 planets, but the minimum required 3 planets must all be on this list. Juno MAY NOT count as one of the 3 required planets in the super-linkage.

Primary Aspects Used
in Magi Astrology
Contraparallel or Contralatitude
In Magi Astrology, Conjunctions, Trines and Parallels between charts are linkages.

The Quincunx and Contraparallel between planets are linkages UNLESS one of the planets is Saturn. In that case the aspect is a clash.

Squares and Oppositions are always clashes regardless of the planets involved.

Permissible Orbs
in Magi Astrology:

Geo Longitudes: 3.0°

Helio Longitudes: 3.0°

Geo Declinations: 1.2°

Helio Latitudes: 0.3°

A note on orbs: More exact orbs are more powerful than wider orbs. Aspects with the tightest orbs are the most significant aspects in CAC's.

All romantic super linkages are not created equal

Another consideration is that even though all romantic super-linkages are indicative of soulmate potential, they are not all created equal in terms of the total energies they bring to a relationship. They differ depending upon the planets involved, the aspects involved and their exactness, and any planetary geometry that is created.

Romantic super-linkages comprised of the romance planets- Venus, Neptune, and Chiron, are the most romantic. Romantic super-linkages including Sun, Earth, Moon, Jupiter and/or Pluto, are also typically good. Saturn in a romantic super-linkage will act to bind a couple but will not bring joy, and can bring difficulties, though the whole romantic super-linkage will need to be analyzed to assess Saturn's effects. Uranus adds a note of distance or fluctuation to a romantic super-linkage. Mars in a romantic super-linkage can add more drive to marry, but can also incline a couple toward disputes. In general, linkages are more favorable than clashes in romantic super-linkages, but clashes from most planets are actually more favorable than Saturn linkages.  More on Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology

Planetary geometry also impacts the interpretation of romantic super-linkages. A grand trine is the most favorable geometry for a romantic super-linkage. Mystical triangles and yods can also be favorable, depending on the planets involved and their positions. T-squares and Grand Crosses, while typically unfavorable, would have to include a linkage to Chiron somewhere and so would have to be assessed in light of that, but would still be likely indicators of difficulties for the couple. More on Planetary Aspects and Geometry in Magi Astrology.

Soulmate Linkages:
3-planet aspects with Chiron

aka Romantic Super-Linkages.
A sign of true love. Feeling like you belong together. Wanting to make a commitment- wanting to marry.
Soulmate Linkages give a couple the feeling of belonging together but they do not guarantee "happily ever after." Soulmate Linkages can coexist with difficult aspects, from mild Clashes to some of the "deal-breaker" Clashes shown below.

The Ultimate Sexual Linkage:
Juno-Venus linkage

Irresistible attraction that can compel people to find a way to get together.
Can just be a super-hot amour without complication or could blind you to important facts or tempt you abandon your values.

The Ultimate Sexual Linkage is only one of many sexual patterns identified by Magi Society research. Each pattern has its own flavor and its own duration. Some Sexual Linkages last forever, some burn out IF AND ONLY IF a couple marries, and some inevitably burn out with time whether or not a couple marries. Juno Sexual Linkages WITH Captivations create Sexual Captivations. Sexual Captivations create extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance. Can create desperate obsessions and can be very destructive- see examples at right.

Saturn linkage to Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Chiron

Ever felt "trapped" in a relationship?
Ever desperately felt that you couldn't live without someone? Ever done things you wouldn't otherwise do to be with someone?

The Heartbreak Clash:
Chiron clash with Saturn, Sat/Chi or Sat/Jup midpoints

Often begins with a powerful attraction.
It holds a couple together, sometimes
for years, before it ultimately breaks
one or both of their hearts. Heartbreak clashes CAN be overcome...

Heartbreak Clashes can be overcome by a perfect or nearly-perfect wedding date. See: Magi Weddings They may also be overpowered by certain other situations.

The Nuclear Clash:
Saturn-Jupiter clash

Major divisive differences in key areas.
Couples with Nuclear Clashes have to work very hard and be very patient to stay together for long.

"Heaven & Hell" Relationships*:
Soulmate linkages AND severe clashes

"Can't live with 'em, can't live
without 'em." Tumultuous, rollercoaster relationships- may part & reunite many
times. These relationships can be
incredibly painful.

Impossible Dream Clash:
Venus-Chiron clash

A sign of possible Heartbreak. Relationship happiness is seemingly not meant to be.

The Faithful*: Linkage between any two of these: Venus, Vesta, or Jupiter

Wanderers*: Venus, Mars, Pluto or Juno with Uranus

Analyze the ruling relationship chart

How will you see the relationship? What do you have to gain or lose from the partnership?

The ruling chart of your relationship is a crucial key to the relationship's potential- it can dramatically influence happiness or heartbreak, success or failure and help determine if the couple will move on to the next stage of their relationship.

For new acquaintances, the ruling chart is the chart for the first face-to-face meeting.*
For lovers, the ruling chart is the chart of the first time you made love.
For engaged couples, the chart of your engagement is the ruling chart.
For married couples, the chart of the wedding is the ruling chart.

Even as a relationship progresses, the meeting chart continues to play a role until a couple marries, and to some degree afterward.....

The ruling chart by itself is a key to the basic strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and its likely outcome. It also has much to do with how each partner perceives the relationship.

Comparing the ruling chart to each individual birth chart reveals what each partner stands to gain or lose from the relationship, such as:

Individual potential for happiness & satisfaction
Individual potential for career success
Personal issues the relationship is likely to trigger
Potential for heartbreak

Venus-Chiron linkage - this is the magical linkage and a golden linkage, and is singularly the most powerful and beneficial linkage that two persons can have. It is also a romance linkage and a cinderell linkage. interpretation:combined destinies,the uniting of futures,becoming one family,money as partners,joining forces,a lifelong relationship,and a charismatic relationship. if you have this linkage with someone,chances are very high that you will be of great help to each other. this linkage also greatly improves the chances of marriage with the linked person. this is the strongest of all linkages and helps form enduring bonds. it has almost mystical influences and seems to help the linked persons in anything that they do as a pair.

Jupiter-Chiron linkage - This is a romance linkage,a golden linkage,and also a cinderella linkage. except for the venus-chiron linkage,it is the most beneficial and powerful linkage that you can have with anyone. interpretations:combined super success,a blessed marriage and relationship, a fortunate family,success as partners,and mutual golden handshakes.

Neptune-Chiron linkage - the lifetime linkage,and a cinderella linkage,this is one of the linkages that creates very lasting relationships. this also a romance linkage and the third most common linkage among married couples. interpretations:lifelong togetherness,a lasting part of the family,security as a family,a secure family life,and long-term security through marriage and children.

Magi uses only 3 degree orb for longitude aspects. 1'08 orb for parallel,contraparallel

linkage aspects are conjunction,trine,quincunx,parallel,and contraparallel

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