Sunday, 16 January 2011

Planet Configuration and Retrograde

Planetary Configurations - Grand Trines


Those who have fire grand trines are usually very outgoing and charismatic or self absorbed. Either way, there is much emphasis on the self. These people have big egos, along with a sense of self importance, they are proud and can be selfish.

There is tremendous creative ability. They prefer to be active. Sometimes they enjoy dangerous pursuits which they throw themselves into fearlessly, as they are adventurous. Here is someone who hates to be subordinate. Independent and self starting, they hate interference from anyone. These people can be over confident

In love matters, fire, being a royalty element, they expect total devotion, attention and even service from their partners. Unfortunately, this is not a two way street. Unless their partners are very direct about their own needs, the fire trine person often will ignore them, as they are into themselves.

The fire element is energetic and vital. This gives a high energy level and is good for the health. This also gives strong resistence to infection and stamina.


Money, physical pleasure and sensuality are important to these people, more so than to everyone else. They are organizers and planners. Security is of prime importance and they dislike spontaneity, unless there are many planets in the mutable signs. These people can be very self indulgent. The earth element gives tremendous endurance, stubborness and determination.

Many are hard working and their lives can revolve around their work and business. They do not like to take risks or gamble. They have good timing, as most think ahead and do not rush into things.

These people can have a dullness about them as they are not outgoing like the fire people, but they are reliable and lead more organized lives. Their lives can become stuck in the same old routines. Work and productivity are highly valued, often above all else.


Here we have the intellectual. These people can live in their heads so to speak. They are idealistic, value wisdom and education. Being ideaistic, they can be impractical. Air, by itsef is a cool, intellectual element. These people dislike relationships where many demands are put upon them. Communication and discussion with others is important to them. They are good at argument.

Unlike fire and water, air is not very passionate, preferring to relate to others intellectually. A good talk and commuicative understanding are more important to these people. These people are versatile and can be many different things to many different people, as they adapt. They are impersonal and can look at things in a detached way, seeing both sides to an issue. They make excellent writers, journalists and have much talent where communication is involved.


Water is the element of emotion and feeling. Here we have the psychic. These people can often feel what others are feeling or thinking. Like the fire element, water gives creativity. Water trine individuals are super sensitive Water is the element of fertility and can give large families. These people can be escapists. Daydreams and fantasies. Water people are often artistic.

There is much empathy for others and a strong sense of justice. The suffering of others and the world deeply affects them. If there are several planets are in Cancer and Scorpio, these people hold grudges and can make dangerous enemies.


This is where one planet is out of place. Check the element the other two are in. The traits will be weaker, than the pure elemental grand trine.


The more planets that are retrograde, the more emphasis on the later years of life. The house(s) ruled by the retrograde planets indicate affairs that will occur later in life. For example, the marriage house, marriage or love can occur after 30. Also many retrograde planets can make one introverted and shy.

TheSUN and MOON are never retrograde.

MERCURY= sometimes slow in learning or understanding

VENUS= love comes later in life, sometimes a lack of interest here; shy

MARS= holding all the anger in. Seething inside, keeping emotions bottled up. Much worse if Mars is in Cancer, Libra, or Pisces.

The outer planets are generational influences, but are important in relation to putting a hold on the affairs of the houses they rule.