Monday, 3 January 2011

Sun and Moon

Part 1: How does your sun touch your moon? They speak about your relationships.

How the sun(man) and the moon(woman) in an individual's chart interact speaks about what is going on within that person. Often those with a relationship issue have their moon sign behind their sun. An example would be Sun in Pisces with a Moon in Aquarius.

When this occurs there will be a problem with relationships. If we use the sun sign as the first house, the moon lands in the solar twelfth house. The twelfth house is secrets and sorrows, also hidden matters. It is the house of the unconscious and subconscious. ( It also means a lot more but not relevant at this point).

Usually when a planet falls into the twelfth house, somehow the nature of how this planet impacts that person is not clear, especially to that person. For instance, mars is anger. I had a woman who had a lot of anger but did not see it. You could hear it in her voice. It manifested dealing with her husband and other people. I tried to explain it to her, and she screamed that she had no anger or hostility. Of course.

Needless to say it can be hard to tell the person in question about an unknown issue. The good news is when similar events or people keep coming to a person, then they have a better chance of seeing the issue.

When the sun is in the first, the moon is in the twelfth house or the moon sign is behind the sun sign...the person is not in contact usually with their feelings. There can be tremendous acting out. The intent of the sun action gets smacked by the hidden moon issues as well.

If a person is a woman, and she has her sun in Pisces. She is likely to choose a man who is emotional, perhaps addictive, maybe needy. Remember, as an aside the Pisces fish swims in two directions. If she is evolved or the sun and moon are well placed in the chart, she might choose a very spiritual, devoted loving man. That is not the case with a Pisces sun-Moon in Aquarius combo.

With the Moon(her) in the sign behind the Sun, in Aquarius as in the example, the woman would be intrinsically independent, be a great friend, but could not tolerate a needy or clingy man. Here is the problem. Also she might not really be conscious of her emotional nature and blame the guy for the issues. "He was so co-dependent". " I could not breath, he was so needy". "I was trying to help him, I thought he would become more independent."

In a relationship context, the man she would choose and want..would not work with her Aquarius nature. Thus, there would be an inevitable blowout, over and over.

This schism would need processing in order to get past that problem. Her attraction would not change and her needs would not either, but her tolerance and acceptance of not only the chosen man but of her self would. Thus making relating easier. She would grow. She would learn to relate within her parameters.

A similar situation sets up with the Moon in a sign and the sun in the sign behind it. Example: a Moon in Pisces and an Aquarius sun.

When the moon is in the twelfth house of a natal chart, it does cause also emotional issues to be resolved. That would be Pisces rising for instance and an Aquarius Moon. I often have seen that the people with set-ups like this refuse to process yet they badly want a relationship. Sadly they could not grasp their complete emotional nature to relate, it was never their problem.

If you are a man and have a combo as mentioned above, it would also be debilitating to relating. The woman you would choose would not work with the man you are.

If you have a set up as described and would like to post a comment, I would be pleased to discuss it with you here.

I will be doing other difficult sun and moon interactions in a chart in the next few blogs. Often an astrologer can tell the whole relationship history and possibilities just from a natal chart's two luminaries or planets.

Examples of this sun/moon combo would be..

Aries sun/ Moon in Pisces
Taurus sun/Moon in Aries
Gemini sun/Moon in Taurus
Cancer sun/Moon in Gemini
Leo sun/Moon in Cancer
Virgo sun/Moon in Leo
Libra sun/ Moon in Virgo
Scorpio sun/Moon in Libra
Sagittarius sun/Moon in Scorpio
Capricorn sun/Moon in Sagittarius
Aquarius sun/ Moon in Capricorn
Pisces sun/Moon in Aquarius

Part 2: Your sun and moon reveals your relationship issues. Full Moon babies

The Full Moon chart is alo a combo that speaks relationship issues. This combo looks like sun in one sign and the moon in the opposite sign. Let's say Sun in Aries-Moon in Libra is an example.

The sun is man in a woman's chart. It is the man in his chart. In a woman's chart the moon is her . In a man's chart, the woman he is attracted to is his moon sign.

An Aries type man is energetic, a pioneer, not particularly suave, one who goes after what he wants. he is impulsive and explosive at times. A Libra moon/ woman is sensitive, charming and delicate. She wants to be courted, and likes all the trim of dating. She weighs a lot back and forth, and probably is very far from impulsive. She wants a man who courts her, and always in marriage keeps the romance going. Yet with a Moon in Libra she draws the fiery, rough edged Aries. A problem? Often if not processed and understood.

Our fiery Aries sun man would draw a woman who would be Libra type with a Moon in Libra. He really would have difficulty slowing down to always indulge his sweetie. "There is so much to do?"-might be the thought." I don't have time for the trivial."

Many Full Moon babies can never get past square one and choose to stay single. Many also work it out, through acceptance of their own inner conflict and choosing a male with an appropriate chart to help them heal this fissure. A great match for a Full Moon is a New Moon baby. Sun and Moon in the same sign. They melt well together. There has to be a lot of mutual respect and a willingness to transform to make this work.

Just in case you don;t know your opposite sign they are:
Gemini/ Sagittarius
Pisces" Virgo

Moon also is Mom and Sun is Dad. When they oppose each other in as they do in a Full Moon's babies chart, there is no real role model for relating adding to the difficulty. There is an issue of unity between the parents, and perhaps a divorce. So the poor Full moon baby boy or girl really also not only has his or her internal conflict but no satisfactory model to fall back on.

Part 3 : your sun and moon: what they reveal about relating

Another combination that spells trouble is the sun/moon square. That is when the sun and the moon are approximately 90 degrees apart.

Going back to the interpretation that Sun is man and Moon is woman, you can understand why the study of these two planets in an individual chart could reveal any heavy issues with relating.

The "square" is considered a tension aspect, and for the most part it plays out with an unconscious or subconscious element. For instance, one can say one thing yet actions speak another language. Most of us have known people like this if not related to them. For some people, receiving these mixed messages might be close to impossible to deal with,for others barely tolerable.

If you have a sun/moon square in your chart, it might be impossible for you to see the behavior. On the other hand, if several people who you have dated have pointing to saying one thing but doing another, you probably need to listen and internalize what you are hearing.Changing this behavior could be difficult but the first step will be becoming aware of it.

Another scenario with this combo is projecting this behavior out on others .

Let's get to some examples.
If you are a Scorpio sun man with a Leo Moon, you tend to be secretive and not share, yet emotionally you choose women who are flamboyant...who just might be showy and talkative. That choice could only set you off...but that is part of an inner need, (the moon) to express itself.

If you are a woman, with a Cancer sun but an Aries come off as your Moon, direct and full of fire. That is all great and wonderful, until you choose a man which you will that fulfills your Cancer sun. A caring, sensitive man, who clams up if hurt. You can see the problem here. You could also promise to not hurt, but you might not be able to see how being you, the Aries Moon is hurting him.

These are only examples, but this dichotomy plays out in natal Sun/Moon squares.

Please keep in mind that a difficult natal sun/moon position does not mean you won't have a relationship of value. It simply means that there is some personal work to be done. Ask yourself: are you ready?

Part 4: The Sun and Moon, reflections on one's ability to relate

As an astrologer, nothing makes me happier than telling someone their chart reflects a strong ability to relate. However that does not necessarily mean at the point I tell then this, they are having an easy time relating--usually it is the opposite.

A sun moon trine in one's natal chart promises the ability. That would mean the sun and moon would be in the same element, fire, water, earth or air. Quickly go check your chart. Are you one of these fortunate people?

Another combination is a sun moon sextile. That would look like a pairing of harmonious elements. Water likes earth, but does not do well with air or fire. So water with earth and air with fire. This pairing once more needs to happen in your chart.

This person is also capable of an excellent relationship.

As sun is man in a woman's chart and moon is the woman in her chart (or sun is the man in a man's chart and moon is the woman in his chart)..the interaction between these two planets reveal a lot. For one, if transits, or solar arc progression hit either one of these luminaries one can be sure there is relationship activity in this person's life. The type of activity would be revealed by the planet touching the sun or moon and the angle.

I personally find a New Moon person quite skilled at relating. That is when the sun and moon are in the same sign. That position naturally denotes choosing someone a lot like oneself. Charisma and creativity emanate. It is important for the astrologer to note if the sun or moon leads, as rarely will they be exact. The other issue is an innate one whether acknowledged or not- both luminaries are in the same sign, thus presenting only one point of view. I find also New Moon people seem to need a relationship. They probably want to relate more than any other combination.

Life is not simple nor is relating, even with the above mentioned combos. Often the sun and moon are tempered by another planet conjuncting, probably the most powerful aspect.

Also one cannot escape one's belief system which comes from childhood, especially about how people relate. Whether we react or go along with what we were taught, there is still a base, This colors the situation as well.

You could have a perfect sun and moon combination, but you were taught to give-give-give , you might not have learned to receive-an equally important part of a relationship. etc etc. I am sure this discussion could go forever and would be interesting.

Over the years, I have seen people with like partnership skills will partner, therefore they have a lot to learn from each other. Even a "bad" relationship might be significant in one's growth,

Past astrology what makes couples work, from my observation is mutual respect. This trait translates easily into mutual acceptance, and ability to accept differences, appreciate them rather than change them.

The Natal Moon Phase Can Describe Your Love Life

The natal Moon Phase is based on the position of the Sun and the Moon, representing the male and female archetypal principles in your natal chart. The Moon always REFLECTS what the Sun INSTRUCTS.

You can delineate the Moon's position and the Sun's position separately but you will get the most out of it when blending the positions of these points (called "the lights"). They both belong to each other inseparably and should be treated as such.

The Sun-Moon combo influences your life substantially on every level and in many fields and ways. They also imprint your love life and that's what we are discussing here right now.

It's observed that the Moon phase (lunar phase) you were born under summarizes the core of your life. Psychological and humanistic astrologers have for long been delineating the Moon phases in this way (think of what the astrologers Dane Rudhyar and Michael Meyer have learned us).

While the delineations of these psychological and humanistic astrologers are highly appreciated, insightful and innovative, they often lack some practical and event-oriented background.

From our own experience, we know that the Moon phase in your natal chart has a more practical meaning too and gives information about the way your love life looks like or what kind of a love relationship you do need this life time.

Below, we delineate the different natal Moon phases (and go beyond the 4 or 8 common phases) related to your love life. Do know that the closer the aspect between the Sun and the Moon, the more it will bring the significations to the foreground.

Sun conjunct Moon
You're never alone and there will always be someone with or standing behind you as a friend or a lover. In a male horoscope, you will almost always notice a female fan or follower. It may happen that you live with someone physically but act separately and do your own things. Your relationships often start instinctively and impulsively.

Sun 30° Moon
Your relationship can be summarized as a teacher-pupil relationship in which one of both shares experiences with the other. One of the partners instructs the other who learns from it.

Sun 60° Moon
This is a very communicative relationship with lots of talks and/or messages, calls etc. You both need a very sociable environment with lots of friends and associates. You need a partner to co-operate and communicate with others (in groups, in family etc.).

Sun 90° Moon
The square is an aspect of action and work. You need a relationship to DO things. Most often the partners are absorbed in (their own) work and career interests. You do need excitement to get the relationship working. Boredom means the end of the relationship.

Sun 120° Moon
This natal Moon phase brings mutual understanding and some complacency. You need a partner to spend some time together, relaxing or just having fun. You understand each other instinctively.

Sun 150° Moon
This natal Moon phase has very Virgonean traits in which one of the partners is submissive (the servant) and the other is the boss/master. One of the partners will always have to invest more in the relationship to get it going than the other. This is not a relationship about equals which you can't stand.

Sun 180° Moon
This natal Moon phase is related to irresistible attraction and passion. It's a very magnetic phase, drawing the partners together. The partners are "out in the open" and this relationship is a public one. Each partner works on his or her own though and you seek in the other what you cannot achieve alone. It's a very physical phase that may bring fulfillment of desires.

Sun 210° Moon
This natal Moon phase needs intensity and passion. You need a partner who is completely different and who impresses you profoundly. Often, one of the partners is or becomes widowed. This can be a temperamental relationship.

Sun 240 Moon
Your relationship is another kind of the teacher-pupil relationship in which one of the partners teaches and the other learns. However, in this mental phase there is more illumination and more inspiration with new (enlightening and impressive) ideas. You need a partner with insight.

Sun 270° Moon
This square too is focused on action. It's a more forceful relationship though in which one of the partners is the boss/master and the other is the servant. You need a very organized relationship to get on well, with plenty of appointments and structural and even formal agreements.

Sun 300° Moon
This relationship is known for the love for children. Most often, it will not be one's own children, but children of the other (your partner, step-children, adopted children etc...). Indeed, you need children in your relationship to feel well and fulfilled. Also, there is a lot of socializing too.

Sun 330° Moon
In this natal Moon phase you will often need to sacrifice some of your desires or wishes that will not come true -- for the sake of your partner and/or relationship. This relationship is focused on admiration and one of the partners looks upon the other in a guru-like way.