Sunday, 9 January 2011

Three ingredients necessary for a happy and long-live marriage

As a result of the research we recently concluded by analyzing the astrology of 60 thousand marriages, we discovered three astrological conditions that are highly beneficial to a marriage. A Magical Marriage can be attained only if all three of the astrological conditions exist in the marriage. Here are the three necessary astrological ingredients for a Magical Marriage:

1. Mutual True Love

2. Marrying during an Ideal Astrological Day

3. Marrying when both spouses are having Cinderella Transits

Because of our recent discoveries in the astrology of love and marriages, it is now finally possible to use astrology to help us attain all three.

Below are details about all three of these Magical ingredients.



Anyone who has an iota of wisdom knows that MUTUAL TRUE LOVE is the most important ingredient for a Magical Marriage. But the problem is that most of us are FOOLED into thinking mutual love exists even when it does not. We probably all have had the experience of thinking we were in love and that we were also loved in return, only to end up finding out we were wrong. It used to be that astrology could not help us know if mutual love could develop between two persons. But Magi Astrology can help us know this. After concluding a study of over 50 thousand love unions in 1998, the Magi Society discovered exactly what are the most reliable astrological indicators of mutual true love. Magi Astrology also can tell us the most likely outcome of any relationship. By learning and using Magi Astrology, you can finally answer questions such as:

# What is the most likely outcome of this relationship?

# Will you marry this person or someone else?

# If the two of you marry, will the marriage be lifelong and happy? Or would it result in heartbreak?

Unless a man and woman form CINDERELLA LINKAGES, it is highly unlikely that they can be in love with each other. A Cinderella Linkage is an interaspect formed between one person's Chiron and another person's Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto (and to a lesser degree the Sun), where the interaspect is a conjunction, trine, quincunx, parallel or contra-parallel.



As a result of our research into the astrology of 60 thousand marriages, we made the following two fascinating and extraordinarily helpful discoveries:

Discovery One:

Even if two persons are very much in love at the time when they marry, if the couple is unfortunate enough to marry on a TURBULENT ASTROLOGICAL DAY, their love for each other will most likely fade and the marriage will most likely fail.

A Turbulent Astrological Day is a day when there is an overwhelming amount of Turbulent Angles made by the planets, especially Saturn. When this website is fairly complete by the end of 2002, it will provide you with many examples of marriages that took place during Turbulent Astrological Days so you will learn exactly what a Turbulent Astrological Day is.

Women's magazines give a lot of advice about marriages and the causes of divorce. But the advice we get from women's magazines about why marriages end in divorce is incomplete. Most magazines tell us that the majority of divorces are a result of infidelity, or a lack of financial security, or the fact the couple drifted apart and became very different from the way they were when they were wed, or because there is no longer mutual love. But those magazines do not deal with the WHY.

Ultimately, the above "reasons" are really only SYMPTOMS of the fact the couple married during a Turbulent Astrological Time. We believe that the biggest REASON for failed marriages is that couples get married on the wrong day. Turbulent Astrological Days are bad days to get married. When a couple marries, the act of marrying creates their Marriage Chart, which is the astrological chart of the time they marry. If a couple marries on a bad astrological day, it creates a bad Marriage Chart and the chances of an ultimate divorce are high. So high that the chances of divorce are intolerably high.


But here is the good news: If we marry on a good astrological day, our marriage will be good no matter how bad the odds are against us. This is our second discovery.

Discovery Two:

The power and importance of the Marriage Chart is so great and so Magical that even if two persons seem to have everything stacked against them, if they marry on an astrologically Magical day, their marriage can be Magical.

There are countless examples of this.

We have all heard of "rags-to-riches" stories and many of us dream of being so lucky. But guess what? It was not luck at all but the Magical stars. If you trace true life Cinderella stories step by step, most "rags-to-riches" stories are really about two average souls who were blessed enough to have fallen in love and gotten married on a Magical Astrological Day and AFTERWARDS against all odds became successful.

Everyone agrees about the importance of choosing the right person to marry. But believe it or not, it is just as important that we also choose the best time to marry.

Because love is the way it is, we cannot always choose whom we love and marry; our hearts sometimes just give us no choice. This fact makes it even more important that we do choose what we have the ability to choose, which is the best time to marry.

If we make the right choice, and marry on the right day, we have a wonderful chance of having a Magical Marriage.

You are probably asking, "How do we know what astrological conditions are the right ones for us to marry?" The answer is that it is the Planetary Geometry of the wedding day that is the key to a Magical Marriage. If we marry on a day that has Magical Planetary Geometry, our marriage will be Magical. By the time we complete this website by the end of 2002, we will provide you with dozens of examples of marriages that occurred during Magical Planetary Geometry. This way, you would know how to recognize it when it occurs for you and marry during your ideal astrological time.


The Magi Society believes that a Benevolent Providence designed astrology and He loves all of us. We believe God is romantic beyond what is humanly possible and smiles on true love. Because Providence loves us so much, He would like to give all of us who are in love the best wedding gift of all - that of a Magical Marriage. Because God loves us and wants us all to be happily married, He gave all of us the ability to have a Magical Marriage by designing astrology so that we can use it to help our marriage to be Magical.

Through the Benevolent Design of astrology, God has made a Magical Marriage within our reach. What we need to do is study the language of the stars and learn how to choose a Magical Day to marry the person we love. We created this website so you can learn how to harness the power of the stars God gave us to help you fulfill your dreams.

We all know someone who has had the following type of experience:

The person we know was in love and the love appeared to be mutual. The couple decides to make a lifelong romantic commitment to each other by getting married and they actually decide on a date to marry. But nothing works for the date they had chosen - the caterers or banquet halls they want are all booked on their chosen date. One or more of their parents cannot attend on the date they had chosen. To top it off, they cannot even hire a decent wedding photographer on that date. The result is that the couple decides to change the date of their marriage. The bride had always dreamed of a big wedding so they ended up planning their wedding around the schedule of the caterer, the photographer, and their parents.

Guess what? They should have married on the date they originally chose. That day was much better astrologically for them and the day of the Big Wedding was not so good.

Far too often, a wedding date is set for the wrong reasons like the ones above.

What they should have done was to hold a simple matrimonial ceremony on a date chosen by using Magi Astrology, and then redo their vows in a Big Wedding ceremony with the parents, the banquet, etc. You see, their Marriage Chart is the chart of the FIRST time they exchanged vows, and not the second time.

The only criteria for a wedding date should be that the day must be an ideal astrological day to marry. We already learned we should only marry someone we love and we should do so only on a day that has Magical Planetary Geometry. But those are only two of the ingredients needed to have a Magical Marriage. There is a third.

The third ingredient for a Magical Marriage is to be married on a day when both the man and woman are having a Cinderella Transit. In order to have a Magical Marriage, you and your spouse must both be having Cinderella Transits when you marry.

There are two types of ways for a Cinderella Transit to occur:

First: A Cinderella Transit occurs whenever transiting Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto (and to a lesser degree the Sun) is making a Magical Angle to the natal Chiron.

Second: A Cinderella Transit occurs whenever transiting Chiron makes a Magical Angle to natal Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto.

If you marry during one of your Cinderella Transits, it means that you form a Cinderella Linkage to your Marriage Chart. This also means you have a Golden Linkage to your Marriage Chart because every Cinderella Linkage is a Golden Linkage. Therefore, by marrying during your Cinderella Time, your marriage will help you to become successful (which is a likely result of the Golden Linkage) and you will be attached and committed to the marriage (the likely result of the Cinderella Linkage).

The more Cinderella Transits you have when you marry, the more magic there will be in your marriage. But you and your spouse must BOTH be having Cinderella Transits when you marry, otherwise it will not work nearly as well because the marriage would not be Magical for both of you.

Favorable day for Marriage: