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Transiting Sun in Houses*

*Does not account for intercepted birth charts or house cusps decanate designation

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Transiting Sun in the First House ~ The first house governs the self, self-image, our being, potential, and path to our life's purpose. The Sun's transit here bestows a sense of "rebirth," increases self-confidence, heightens self-awareness, and boosts social success. This is a great time to "go for it." Whatever "it" might be, just do it!

Transiting Sun in the Second House ~ The second house represents our material possessions, income, value system, and self-worth. Finances, income, property value, or buying home furnishings are the focus of expended energies. What may be illuminated now might include seeking a new, alternate, or supplemental income and/or increasing the value of the home through repairs, upgrades, or replacing major appliances.

Transiting Sun in the Third House ~ For those with siblings (biological or otherwise), this transit might highlight an opportunity for a renewal in relationships with them. The third house also represents communication, commerce, writing, speaking, thinking, planning, and ideas. The Sun's transit here is especially ideal for those in professions that require direct interaction or communication with the public, i.e. public/motivational speaker, salesperson, broadcast journalist, consultant, etc.

Transiting Sun in the Fourth House ~ The Sun transiting through the fourth house might turn our thoughts to present or recurring issues involving the family, the home (buying/selling a house, moving, re-financing, re-decorating, remodeling, etc.), our private life (the need for quality time with the self, especially if the professional life requires many hours away from the home life), or the past.

Transiting Sun in the Fifth House ~ The Sun is at home in the the fifth house. Self-expression, creative projects, love and romance, fun, playfulness, and children are all ruled by the fifth house. Allow this transit to awaken creativity, spark love, boost confidence, and/or all forms of pleasure back into your life.

Transiting Sun in the Sixth House ~ Health, busy work, service, comfort in routines, and finding order in the details are all ruled by the sixth house. The Sun here shines on much needed lifestyle changes in health habits, or becoming comfortable with taking on the role of someone who "services" others, or perhaps learning to establish boundaries with those who might take advantage of kind gestures.

Transiting Sun in the Seventh House ~ Partnerships (business or otherwise), marriages, committed relationships, and known enemies are all representatives of the seventh house. Our focus turn to our significant other, spouse, or business partner/s. Their basic needs and well-being may be considered prior to our own.

Transiting Sun in the Eighth House ~ The eighth house is multi-faceted and multi-layered. In the physical realm, the eighth house represents sex and shared resources/finances. Your bedroom may get more action than usual while the Sun transits in the eighth. For those in a volatile relationship and are now separating, estranged, or divorcing, issues regarding your "shared" resources and who gets what might be illuminated. Depending on whether the natal Sun is well or ill-aspected would have a bearing how events play out now. In the psychological plane, the eighth house represents power struggles within our own psychological makeup and our ability to embrace the "darker" version of our self without it overpowering us. On a spiritual level, it represents "death and rebirth", transformation, regeneration -- the need for something to "die" in order for a "rebirth" to occur -- as in a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Planetary transits to the eighth house are generally the most difficult but are also the most powerful.

Transiting Sun in the Ninth House ~ Personal growth (spiritual or otherwise) through higher education, experience, travel, and cultural influences might be highlighted. The ninth house also represents publishing so, if you have dreams of authoring a novella or drafting a script or creating your own blog, the Sun's transit here is an opportune time to pursue publication of something already completed or begin the project.

Transiting Sun in the Tenth House ~ Focus on professional pursuits and long-term goals might take center stage with this transit, as well as establishing or re-establishing your public reputation. If there has been a desire to chart a new course in life or change careers, this is an advantageous period to make solid plans and/or measured steps toward new endeavors. If you are up for a new job, promotion, raise, or one of a few contenders for a project, this transit should help ensure you are chosen over your competitor/s.

Transiting Sun in the Eleventh House ~ Transit in the eleventh house might influence your friendships and associations. Your social calendar may just be booked the duration of the transit as your presence may be required or requested at parties, group gatherings, business networking or meetings, etc. You're charmed and making connections, collecting contacts, and being in the scene to be seen is definitely where you should be!

Transiting Sun in the Twelfth House ~ A challenging transit, the twelfth house, like the eighth house, is also multi-faceted and multi-layered. It is the house of the subconscious, solitude, spiritual consciousness, secrets (ours and those kept from us), hidden enemies, and represents institutions like hospitals and prisons. Any planetary transit through the twelfth house might require a period of "aloneness" in order to "recharge" and sort through issues being presented subconsciously and psychologically. The Sun is uncomfortable in this house and unless a chart is natally 12th house activated or heavily influenced by Neptune/Pisces, this might be a challenging period for you. The important thing to remember is not to resist -- respite is required, maybe not all the time, but more than what you're used to; quality time with the self is also required, so shift your thinking to see solitude as something different from loneliness. Your dreaming mind might be more active during this period, too. If possible, pay more attention to them for they may reveal clues to events/issues within your external world.

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