Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How can astrology empower and strengthen you?

by Kelley Rosano

Personal Astrology

What is your natal birth chart?

Your natal chart–personal astrology is a snapshot picture taken of the universe at the moment of birth. This powerful tool is your personal foundation for life. It is your soul blueprint and road map. It is where you will discover your calling, right livelihood or purpose and soul agreements.  The natal astrology reveals your greatest potential and possibilities in life.

How can astrology empower and strengthen you?

Astrology is used to analyze an individual’s unique psychology, behavior, talents, gifts, abilities, patterns, potentials and how you get in your own way.  Above all, your natal astrology shows your soul agreements (your contracts with family, friends and work.) For instance, what is your life purpose?  Who were born to become? What roles were you destined to play with other key people in your life?  Intuitive astrology is used to empower you to make wise choices based on his/her own integrity and core values, rather than what the family, the television, society, the institutions, or the church has told you to do or be, in order to achieve right living, right relationship, and lasting happiness which is our birthright!

We must know Self and love Self more than the need to please others or have their approval. We were born to live authentically, powerfully, and never to “settle.” Intuitive astrology is best utilized as a probative means to better understand our behaviors, intentions, motivations, relationship issues, and soul potentials.  Intuitive astrology assists people in gaining greater insight and connection with their Inner Being – true nature, uniqueness, best version of you and healthy relationship choices.

Astrology is used as a tool, to help you make right decisions, get validation, flush out your next step, and provide insight into your current life experiences.  KR purpose is for the client to feel empowered, to evolve to a place of greater Self-acceptance, love, compassion,  strength, to avoid needless heartache, frustration, worry, and stress.  Einstein believed the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. I don’t think there is anything more fascinating or exhilarating than understanding the mystery of Self. Who are you really? Does your outer life reflect who you are truly? Together we can awaken and inspire your heart’s most passionate dreams.

Can you imagine if your parents understood your natal astrology how different life could have been? Instead of trying to make us into something we are not or the striking image of their lives.  The enlightened parents knowing their children astrology could nourish and nurture each unique child to their true calling.  Empowering each special child to be true to Self, live their life authentically. By understanding the natal astrology parents could guide  their child to their right living, right work, and right relationships. We would see a world filled with happy people because they are aligned with “who” they really are because they know Self.

The natal chart tells the astrologer where you have come from in childhood and past-lives; this is called patterns or momentum’s of behavior. Your natal chart reveals your psychology (how you think), your spirituality (who you authentically are) and your right livelihood (what service/gift you have come to render the planet). Your natal astrology expresses your talents, attainment, abilities, and gifts. Everything happening in your life today goes back to this original birth chart, as it is your personal unique story. It is most useful in finding right work, right relationship, right living location, and your passion.  What are you on fire for?  Your natal chart is the key to unlocking the mystery behind karmic attraction, painful life experiences in relationship, and family.  We are here to master our karma (astrology) by stepping into the light (knowledge and understanding) and taking right action, which is Self-empowerment and Self-mastery.