Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Draconic Astrology

 What is Draconic Astrology?

Your draconic chart represents a lot of things. It’s karmic, spiritual and unconscious, pertaining to the soul and the soul’s desire, linked to destiny, fate and soulmates. Some think of the Draconic chart as the true purpose behind the soul’s intentions.

Draconic astrology is derived from the True Nodes of the moon. Instead of starting at 0 Aries at the Vernal Equinox, 0 Aries begins at the Moon’s North Node. If you were born with the North Node at 0 Aries, your Draconic and Natal charts would be identical. The Houses, and Planets in Houses remain the same, but the signs, degrees and degrees in the houses can change drastically.

Like the North Node, a Draconic chart will tell you about where you’re headed, if you choose to reach out, and like the South Node, it will tell you about where you have been, what’s comforting, familiar and secure. It’s said that as a child you were more your Draconic chart than Natal, as you were closer to your soul and true personality. It also has connections to reincarnation, the thought that your soul will carry it’s Draconic chart with it to each person it visits throughout your multiple lives. It can also explain attraction you cannot see in normal synastry and comparison.

A Draconic chart will represent deep values, belief patterns, individual purpose, meaning and clarity. It’s less characteristics and personality traits, and more higher ethics and the soul. Draconic placements indicate soul qualities and suggest the ideal the soul wants to attain in the world, as well as areas of growth, and who we subconsciously dream of becoming. The Moon of the Draconic chart is also said to represent your ‘true sign’ and the barest form of who you really are deep inside, whether you understand/know it or not.

Each sign still applies to it’s planetary meaning, but we view Draconic signs a little differently, turning their power inward and forwards. The Draconic chart is sensitive to transits and can be progressed, pertaining to life-changing events and encounters that we aren’t consciously aware of, such as someone accidentally being in touch with our Draconic inner qualities and guiding our lives. These events are thought of as ‘spiritual prompts’, guiding inner impulse to the surface.
The Draconic chart is best understood in comparison to the natal chart, as it interacts as two parts of your being; active and unconscious (Though Draconic astrology acts on a much deeper level than the subconscious persona chart characteristics of each planet)

Conjunction and Opposition aspects and where they fall when the two charts are compared are important. Through Draconic charts we can discover that those closest to us can be acutely aware of our soul’s purpose. (Amplifying the weight of advice coming from those closest to us. They may be more aware of what our soul and true selves need much more than we are consciously aware of.)
Some identify heavily with their Draconic aspects, while others don’t, showing us who is more in touch with their spiritual side and who isn’t. In the many layers of the Horoscope and personality, Draconic may represent the inner most layer, the one that shines through when everything else is peeled away.

The Draconic sun can tell you who exactly you want to be, and what traits and paths in life you wish you could follow. For example, my Draconic sun is in Cancer, and represents a lot of the emotional vulnerability, trust and security I deeply desire and wish I could apply to my life, but can’t as I’m not completely in touch with this side of my personality – rejecting it in fact, as guided by my natal chart.

The Draconic Moon is who you truly are. (as Draconic is based on the Moon’s True Nodes). You can call it your ‘soul sign.’ You may be a Sun Libra in your daily life, but your soul sign may be in Taurus, representing your soul’s true desire and true driving purpose. A more free spirited person who subconsciously strives for complete security.

The Draconic ascendant differs from the Natal Ascendant in that it represents our ‘intuitive identity’ rather than our ‘outward identity’. The Decan your Draconic Ascendant is in is important, as it can be heavily influenced by the sign next to it. Think of your Draconic ascendant as your ‘soul’s mask’.
The Draconic midheaven speaks of super consciousness, and the soul’s true quest, rather than our career paths and online persona, as the Midheaven is usually spoken of.

 When you were born, you were your Draconic self. Your spiritual self, before the world and your Natal Chart shaped you to be who you are today. What you go through as a person decides how in touch you are with your Draconic chart, or how far you drift from it. Life may have stripped you of it, and made you fully your Natal self, or it may have driven you back to your soul’s spiritual values, and carved you into a more rounded person, in touch with your true self.

Both your Draconic and your Natal are truly you, as we are all a combination of things, layers upon layers and more than one person. A Draconic chart, especially in comparison with your Natal chart can help you find who you truly are.

Where do I find my Draconic chart? is the easiest place for this! Just go to the extended chart selection, and in the drop down menu you’ll find “Draconic” and “Draconic - Natal comparison”
(Source: feystrology)