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Astrology Lessons


Introduction: The Alphabet of Astrology
The Alphabet of Astrology - Introduction To Astrology & This Course.
The Planets - Understand How The Planets Influence Us.
3.0 The Houses - How Houses Affect Your Life & How They Have An Effect.
4.0 The Signs - The Qualities & Elements of the 12 Sun Signs.
4.1 The Cardinal Signs
4.2 The Fixed Signs
4.4 Fire Signs
4.5 Earth Signs
4.6 Air Signs
4.7 Water Signs
What Are Aspects? - Understanding Aspects & Angles (Read This Before Sub-Sections).
5.1 Pluto Aspects 
5.2 Neptune Aspects
5.3 Uranus
5.4 Saturn
5.5 Jupiter
5.6 Mars
5.7 Venus
5.8 Mercury
5.9 The Moon
5.10 The Sun
Planets in the Houses - What They Do & How They May Impact Your Life
6.1First House
6.2Second House
6.3Third House
6.4Fourth House
6.5Fifth House
6.6Sixth House
6.7Seventh House
6.8Eighth House
6.9Ninth House
6.10Tenth House
6.11 Eleventh House
Twelfth House
7.0 Planets in the Signs (Read This Section - Before Sub-Sections).
7.1 Aries
7.2 Taurus
7.3 Gemini
7.4 Cancer
7.5 Leo
7.6 Virgo
7.7 Libra
7.8 Scorpio
7.9 Sagittarius
7.10 Capricorn
7.11 Aquarius
7.12 Pisces
8.0 More About Houses: House Types (Read This Section - Before Sub-Sections).
8.1 The Angular Houses  - This Is Where You Start Things
8.2 Succedent Houses - This Is Where You Develop Things
8.3 Cadent Houses   - This Is  Where You Think (or not) & Prepare To Act
PART II:What Kind of Person is This?

How to put it together & find the person in the horoscope.
Finding the Most Important Planet
If You can Recognize Shapes, You Can Do Astrology
10.1The Funnel Horoscope
10.2 The Locomotive Horoscope
10.3 The Bundle
10.4 The Splash
10.5 The Bowl
10.6 The See-Saw
10.7 The Splay
Astrology by Counting (If You Can Count, You Can Do Astrology)
11.1 Is Your Chart Top or Bottom Heavy & What it Means
11.2 Is Your Chart Right or Left Handed & What it Means
11.3 Do You Have a Majority of Planets in one Element & What it Means
11.4 Do You Have a Majority of Planets in one Quality & What it Means
11.5 Do You Have a Majority of Planets in One House Type & What it Means
Empty Elements and Qualities
12.1 What it Means if You Have an Empty Element
12.2 What it Means if You Have an Empty Quality
12.3 What it Means if You Have an Empty House Type.
Singletons, or How to Find the Most Important Planet by Counting
14.0 How to Find Connections With Ruling Planets
15.0How to Interpret Aspect Patterns
15.1 The T-CrossAlso known as the T-Square
15.2 The Grand Trine
15.3 The Grand T-Cross
15.4 The Rectangle
15.5 The Yod
16.0How to Wow Clients by Using Derived Houses
17.0Section II: Test & Reviews
PART III:How to Forecast the Future
What You CAN'T Change - Transits, Progressions, and Arcs
18.1 Pluto Transits
18.2 Neptune Transits
18.3 Uranus Transits
18.4 Saturn Transits
18.5 Jupiter  Transits
18.6 Mars Transits new.gif (147 bytes)
18.7 Venus 
18.8 Mercury 
18.9 Moon 
18.10 Sun 
What You CAN Change: Get More of Anything By Traveling On Your Birthday 
19.1 The Birthday and Half-Birthday Charts
19.2 The Monthly Chart
19.3 Other Return Horoscopes
20.0The Effect of Fixed Stars
21.0The Asteroids
21.1 Ceres
21.2 Pallas new.gif (147 bytes)
21.3 Junonew.gif (147 bytes)
21.4 Vesta new.gif (147 bytes)
21.5 Chiron
22.0Section III: Test & Reviews
PART IV:The Astrology of World Events
Economic Cycles: So How Come All Astrologers Aren’t Rich?
24.0Long-Term Cycles That Affect Generations
24.1 Neptune
24.2 Pluto
PART V:Relationships
Comparing Two Horoscopes With Synastry:
Or How To Make BIG Mistakes In A Relationship Reading
26.0The Relationship (Davison) Chart: The Composite Horoscope
27.0How to Tell What’s Really Going On: With People & Relationships
28.0The "Marks" Chart: An advance so great, I had to name it after myself.
PART VI:Medical Astrology
29.0An Introduction to Medical Astrology: By Diane L. Cramer M.S.
29.1 The Signs of the Zodiac and Medical Astrology
29.2 The Quadratures in Medical Astrology
29.3 The Planets in Medical Astrology
29.4 Aspects in Medical Astrology
29.5 Predictive Techniques in Medical Astrology
PART VII:Special Topics
Duplicated Signs new.gif (147 bytes)
31.0Intercepted Signs new.gif (147 bytes)
32.0Harmonic Analysis
32.1 What are Harmonics?
32.2 What Each Harmonic Means
33.0Nodes of the Moon
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