Saturday 26 July 2014

The Alchemy of turning a square into triangles

Laugh in the face of squares or the squares’ boss will laugh at you.

In astrology there are various energies (aspects) that occur when planets and points connect (at particular degrees, angles). It’s the “Hey, I see you and I’m now deciding on what I’m going to do with you”.  One of these aspects is called a Square.

What’s the meaning of all this?

When we think of a square, what comes to mind?  Perhaps hard edges, enclosed, straight and narrow, balanced, equal, flat, lifeless, stationary, professional, covering, etc.

And for some reason, a square visualizes into a cube for me so if that’s the case for you too, what comes to mind? Perhaps a box, containment, a holding vessel, a stepping stool, an obstacle, heaviness, etc.

Sometimes a square is there to keep us safe, protect us and we are NOT meant to engage the aspect without a solid idea on how it will impact other aspects and a game plan to deal with the outcome of removing the obstacle; however, most other times squares are there to challenge us.  We are supposed to remove them and they will ofer up something special if we do.

Could you see squares as opportunities to help you get to a higher place and to become a winner?  That squares can compel us to achieve greatness?  To me, a square says that we have loads to offer the world and others if the ego would just get over itself.

You are NOT at the mercy of your square. A square is a rite of passage.  Have you / can you come of age?

Imagine this

Imagine a square is like a sci-fi portal.  There are two very different sides and all you have to do is be brave, take a deep breath, do something completely different, and walk to the other side. And because it’s different over there, learning the language and customs quickly of the other is important for survival.

Just like life, everyone has a boss and it’s no different for the square.  To me, the planet Saturn seems to be the most likely match as the ruler of the square. While Saturn can be quite the serious chap, he can also be the trickster too.

When I think of Saturn (mascot, goat), I think of being tested to see if I’m worthy of the gifts that the old man will bestow upon me should I pass.  I think of a challenging momentum and not to give up, even in the face of adversity, in order to achieve success.  I see Saturn as moving cautiously, slowly but with purpose.

Let’s face it!

I see the square causing fear because the other side is unknown, doesn’t feel comfortable, not what used to, often not traditional at first glance, and possibly taboo or lacking civility in some way.  In the face of a square, some people give up and say, “It’s just the way it is and I can’t do anything about it.”  However, once we overcome our fears, get out of our comfort zone, see what the other side has to offer, and discuss / negotiate options, we can achieve all the power and abundance Saturn wants to give us.  Until then Saturn challenges us to make the unknown known, the unconventional normal, the uncomfortable comfortable, the unworkable workable…

What tools and strategies will you employ to pass Saturn’s Test? A hammer? Invisibility? Pretend the square isn’t there and just slide on pass? Crawl over, around? Lobby Saturn to change the test format? Say to Saturn, “Hey, Can you please move that square for me? Thanks!”.
Laugh in the face of the square and after you pass Saturn’s Test remember to say, “The joke’s on you!”.

A Square turned on its side makes a DIAMOND!  The moral of the picture is to look at things differently.
I have a belief that no such thing as good or bad exists, only difference.
What’s in a square? That which we call a trine. By any other square would smell as sweet. Oh, I think Will would get a kick out of that quote mod!
In the Wikipedia Astrological aspect article it says, “Basically, the square’s energy is similar to that of a trine but it is intensified to such an extent that the energy is said to be stressful.”  I agree.

Two triangle shapes make up a square.
Split them up, they make two triangles (squished Trines).  Put them together, they make a square.
Make your square work for you.  Reap all the rewards and benefits from a square that you are meant to have. One Square makes two triangles or Trines.  A Trine is related to Jupiter. So that means BIG luck — the Jackpot, if you can successfully turn your square/s into Trines.
The Square is a HIGHER FORM of the Trine.  The Trine is wrapped in a constricting and protective Saturnian box.  Imagine the gift, the power contained within. The Trine is lazy; the Square tense.  The Trine privileged; the Square tested.  Should you choose to accept, your mission is to blast the box off the Square to get to the Diamond Mine of Trines.  Think Indiana Jones!! :) Think Zen Warrior!  Only those who can harness the power of a Square (Pandora’s Box) will succeed in receiving more gifts than one Trine bestows.

Turning a Square into a Trine/s

The basics in turning a SQUARE into a TRINE, Triangles goes something like this:
  1. Do the exact opposite of what you would normally or want to do. Do something different.
  2. Exercise discipline rather than restrict planetary themes and influence.  You know what I’m talking about.
  3. Channel the Trine sign attributes that reside next to the Square. A Square is 3 signs apart, a Trine 2 signs apart.  So if your Square is created by the signs Sagittarius and Pisces, channel Scorpio to replace Sag. Or Aries replaces Pisces to create a Trine with Sagittarius.  It’s helpful to select a sign that’s already in Trine so you can get the most out of the transmutation process.

Visual Representations: Manifesting The Miracle


90° angle. Three signs apart.


120° angle. Four signs apart. An isosceles triangle.
Space taken up by a trine compared to a square. See the trine hidden inside the box? Also see the other two triangular spaces?
A square split in half, makes two right-angle triangles (trine-like) on either side.
Two trines back-to-back on its side.
Two trines back-to-back on its side and a square turned on its side to make the shape of a diamond or star! Once you turn the Square around, harnessing its power, you get two Trines bursting outside of the square – no longer contained!