Sunday 8 January 2012

Hello 2012!


There are several major astrological events which will be reflecting this change on personal and collective levels:

June 7 - July 9 and August 20 - October 1 we have 2 of the 7 Uranus square Pluto aspects spanning through 2015.   We have been experiencing the effects of this  already as this aspect has been close since 2010. All of the geopolitical and personal upheavals we have already experienced are not over.  Between the two exact aspects in June and September, Uranus and Pluto are never more than a degree apart and will also include Chiron sextile Pluto by a degree, as well as aspects from both Mars and Jupiter in July. Where Aries and Capricorn and planetary aspects fall in your chart will be the general areas of deep and fundamental change on some level, with the potential for great healing. The degrees of the square this summer will be between 6 - 8 Aries and Capricorn. 

We also have part two of a once in a life time event where Venus will transit across the sun, in line with and visible from Earth.  This transit, like the eclipses, comes in pairs and you may remember the first of the pair on June 8, 2004. The second is on June 6, 2012 with the next pair being over 103 years from now. On June 6 Venus will be retrograde (also relatively rare) at 15 degrees Gemini.  More on this later, but Venusian themes of resources,  essential needs, self-sufficiency, values and how these are projected within relationship may be highlighted, reflected in the related house and planetary aspects of your chart. 

Neptune moves fully into Pisces on February 4.  Here, Neptune is in its ruling sign for the next 14 years.  Our needs and desires rise from the collective unconscious with the potential for deep healing and the beginning of what does feel like the quest to the Golden Age.  But the quest is filled with dangers and peril as these journeys often are.  Our sense of reality is dissolving and confusion comes with information overload, time acceleration, secrets revealed and new discoveries that blow our minds.  There are many great minds on the planet now who are are taking our scientific understandings to new levels. What we think is true today from both an historical perspective and our knowledge of the universe and how it works will one day be as obsolete as the flat world theory.  Where the early degrees of Pisces fall in your chart is where you can expect to surrender what needs to dissolve from your life.  The new will be glorious.

We also have Mars retrograde in Virgo.  Typically Mars travels through a sign for about 1.5 months.  Because of the relatively rare retrograde "motion", Mars will be in Virgo for 9 months!  That is a long time for the fiery, instinctual and forward moving energy of Mars to have to hang out in the practical and methodical earth energy of Virgo.  It won't be easy but the purpose is to examine, discriminate and so purify our lives and ourselves. Where is Virgo in your chart/life?

It seems we have our work cut out for us this year, but the changes and new paradigms will undoubtedly be very exciting.  This may sound contradictory, but my suggestion for navigating this very full year is to expect to get done half of what's on your list at any given time.  It will be important to stay grounded and patient.  The high side of Virgo is to be in the present moment fully and take care of what is in front of you carefully and completely. The rest of life will fall into place and we will have the foundation from which to expand our minds and consciousness like never before.

May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the sweet light within you guide you on your way.