Sunday 6 February 2022

Esoteric Chart Reading

 By Leoni Hodgson


When many astrologers interpret the same chart, readings can vary widely – from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the highly critical to the encouraging. This can be confusing for non-astrologers who are relying on the astrologer’s expertise. The question could be asked, “If astrology is a science (as astrologers claim), why does this disparity happen?” There are two main reasons.

1. It happens because the consciousness of the readers involved are at different levels of development. The same data is being scrutinized by minds – which until enlightenment happens, are contaminated by lifetimes of acquired prejudices and glamour – by “filters” in modern psychological jargon. (a). If the astrologer is becoming soul-aligned, the wisdom of the soul is slowly dispersing these filters. Readings will reflect this. Positives in the chart will be looked for and found – the soul is always seeking to unify. The chart will be interpreted from the altruistic angle of the soul and with a focus on service work. This does not mean there are no negatives to be found. But they will be folded into the positivity of the interpretation. (b). If however, the astrologer is still governed by the personality, readings will reflect this, The ego, which is separative, will look for all that is wrong with the chart energies, will judge and criticise. The astrologer's personal baggage will be projected onto the chart and onto the person being analysed.

2. The second reason is that, some readers are not trained to differentiate between levels of consciousness. Consequently, they read the charts of soul-aligned peoples as if they were personalities, giving a totally distorted reading of the chart – and vice versa.

Here is what Djwhal Khul says: “According to an individual's point of evolution.. the astrologer will arrange the interpretation of the horoscope. It will require the work and the thought of the intuitive astrologer, dependent upon soul contact and much meditation, to determine the processes of astrological interpretation for those who are active and living souls at some stage upon the Path. The casting of the horoscope of the average man or the undeveloped man presents no such difficulties.” Esoteric Astrology”, p21

3. There is a third reason. The astrologer is still in the process of developing his or her craft. Time will take care of this.

The point is, when assessing the quality of a reading, use “your gut.” Ask yourself, “Is there a wisdom behind the reading that is presenting a balanced or more scientific point of view, in order to try to understand the soul in question?” “Is it simply a hatchet job, or has the reading been distorted by bias and emotionalism?”


My Spirit, Soul Body book is a guide book for how to do this. Here is an opportunity for all members to learn this and to get a quick overview reading. I encourage everyone to give their opinion of charts, so we can all hone up our skills.


Trained astrologers will read a chart fully (planets in signs and in aspect), as they have been trained to do. However, non-astrologers - by using the method given here, can give a spiritual reading if they focus just on the Moon, Sun and ascendant. Here is a summary of what these points represent.

The MOON sign. It represents the PAST, the “prison of the soul pattern”; a debilitating negative belief  or emotional patter4n that is the number one psychological problem to remove.

-- The esoteric keynote of each Moon sign, is an instruction that tells us what we need to do, to break the pattern. The esoteric ruler of the Moon sign and the sign it is in; they point to qualities to develop to counterbalance the pattern. The house it is in, is where this will play out.

The SUN sign. It represents the PRESENT level of development that the PERSONALITY and its integration has reached; and the level to which it has (or has not), been illumined by the soul.

-- The esoteric keynote of the Sun sign, is an instruction that tells us what we need to do, to develop the personality positives. The esoteric ruler of the sign and the sign it is in, highlights soul qualities that will counterbalance the Sun sign negatives and create a more rounded out and balanced personality. The house the Sun is in, is where this will play out.

The ASCENDANT sign. it represents the FUTURE, which we manifest if we do the inner spiritual work, cultivate the ascendant sign qualities and serve the greater good in some way. This sign represents the PURPOSE OF THE SOUL.

--The esoteric ruler of the ascendant sign, is the esoteric ruler of the chart. The sign and house it is in, provides greater detail about the soul’s purpose for the incarnation.

Using excerpts from my book ‘Astrology of Spirit, Soul and Body’ (SSB), (or of course doing your own reading), and focusing on the Moon, Sun and Ascendant; a very good spiritual reading can be done.