Sunday 8 November 2020

Align with your Higher Self and Highest Path


What is Esoteric Astrology and How to use it to Align with your Higher Self and Highest Path

Like everything else in this Universe, traditional astrology and esoteric astrology are connected.

Traditional astrology focuses on the personality or ego development which is based on your sun, moon, and rising sign.

Once we are born we create a natal chart which is a snapshot of the planets’ placements and aspects within the 12 houses that are ruled by each zodiac. Each house represents an aspect of our life and each zodiac sign reveals the archetype of that house and the planets placed in each house influences the energy depending on the aspects.

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Traditional astrology helps us understand the personality/ego’s relationship to these different areas of life although most of these relationships are based on indoctrination.

Once one has a spiritual awakening and realizes that they are more than just their personality/ego but a spiritual being having a temporary human experience then one can use traditional astrology to understand and integrate the personality/ego to be a tool for its higher self-expression.

Now that one’s interest has shifted from living for the personality/ego to a life guided by its higher self/soul then one can utilize esoteric astrology. 

Traditional astrology focuses on how the outer reality affects the personality/ego whereas esoteric astrology focuses on how the higher self/soul affects the outer reality.

Esoteric astrology is similar to traditional astrology in that it utilizes the zodiac signshouses, and planets however the difference lies in the interpretations.


Esoteric astrology focuses on the soul’s development which is revealed through a higher understanding of the sun, moon, and rising sign.

In esoteric astrology, your ascendent sign represents what your soul’s intention is for this incarnation whereas your sun and moon sign represents how the soul or higher self will fulfill that intention.

Esoteric astrology believes that the purpose of the sun and moon sign (personality/ego) is to be a conduit for the ascendant sign (soul/higher self).

In esoteric astrology, the natal chart can be seen as a person’s soul plan revealing their soul purpose and their soul lessons depending on the placements of the zodiac signs and planets in the houses as well as their aspects.

This blog post was written to introduce you to esoteric astrology. The vastness of esoteric astrology cannot be explained in a single blog post. If you desire to learn more about esoteric astrology I encourage you to check out the following books:

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How can esoteric astrology help me align with my higher self and highest path?

I believe that esoteric astrology is a wonderful tool for those who have had a spiritual awakening and would like guidance on what their soul purpose is and how to manifest their soul purpose into a life purpose.

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Your natal chart is essentially an overview of the soul plan you co-create with your spirit guides and angels before you incarnated on Earth that contains your soul purpose as well as your soul lessons.

Esoteric Astrology and Human Development


Everything in the physical world have developed in accordance with the planets of the Solar System, and the field of the Sun, the Zodiac, as their corresponding powers were the ruling force behind the development up through the history of the solar system. I try to show the connection between astrology, esotericism and the physical world within various areas.

Astrology stand in many ways isolated from the esoteric and spiritual traditions, here I try to show its connection to the religious and esoteric traditions. Steiner have told about astrology from a number of different views, like the World Outlooks, the Calendar of the Soul, the Senses and the Animal Development and I use this as the central point from where I connect other spiritual and religious traditions.