Saturday 17 April 2021

Your Lunar Nodes & Life Path


Find your North Node:

What’s your life purpose? In your birth chart, the lunar nodes—known as the north node and south node—hold the keys to your destiny and ultimate life lessons.

Your life purpose is encoded in the north node and south node of the moon. The lunar nodes are directly opposite each other in the chart. They aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs. For example, if your north node is in Capricorn, your south node will be in its opposite sign of Cancer, and so on.

The north node represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn—or the language we are learning to speak. The south node reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Indicators of Psychic Ability in the Birth Chart


Having the ability to absorb and process the world through an intuitive lens can be either a blessing or a burden. Your sensitivity can connect you deeply to others and to yourself ... but it can also cause you to be taken over by unrealistic fantasies or heavy, painful emotions.

Certain planetary positions or aspects found in your Astrology birth chart can indicate if you have one of these forms of heightened intuition.

Keep reading and compare to your own chart to see any of these placements are in YOUR Astrology!

Sun quincunx Neptune

You tend to be very impressionable and psychically open, and as a youngster, you could have been dominated by more forceful personalities. Your hypersensitivity to your environment is apt to be a challenge for you in other ways as well. Pollutants, ugliness, or dissonance in any form is apt to affect you more than most people.

Moon sextile Neptune

You tend to surround yourself with people who are gentle, sensitive, peace-loving, and artistically or spiritually inclined, and there is a strong element of mutual compassion and sympathy in your personal relationships. It is easy for you to tune in psychically to other people's feelings and emotional worlds. You may share this type of telepathic link with your mother, sisters, or female friends in particular.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

You are sensitive to nuances and possess intuitive or psychic gifts, but you may become confused between imagination and true perception. You have a strong mystical and idealistic bent, and have difficulty concentrating your attention on practical or mundane activities. You are strongly attracted to metaphysical and spiritual topics.

Mercury sextile Neptune

Imaginative, intuitive, and original in your thinking, you have a gift for writing poetry, fiction, or fantasy. You also have a natural openness to the spiritual, intangible side of life and could write or speak on these subjects. An innate clairvoyant tendency could also be developed quite easily by you.

Mercury trine Neptune

You are open and receptive to subjects that defy rational explanation, such as psychic phenomena, mental telepathy, metaphysics, etc., and you could teach these subjects to others. Your mind is imaginative and inspired and you have an aptitude for art and creative writing.

Mercury opposite Neptune

Your mind is intuitive, imaginative, colorful, and strongly influenced by imagery or fantasy. At times you are able to perceive things that other people cannot, such as the "aura" of a place or a person, while at the same time you apparently don't see and/or you overlook things that are glaringly obvious to others. One problem you are prone to is you project your fantasies, wishes, and dreams onto other people or an outside situation, and simply do not see what is actually there.

Uranus sextile Neptune

You are quite open to psychic experiences and altered states of consciousness, and do not have to work very hard to achieve them. You belong to an idealistic, free-thinking group of people who will advance the spiritual progress of humankind as a whole.

Neptune in the 12th House

Compassionate and extremely sensitive to the emotional tones in the atmosphere surrounding you, you are naturally "psychic" or able to sense and understand much about a person without talking to them or knowing them consciously at all. You are deeply interested in the hidden realms of life and the afterlife. Your powerful sensitivity may also remain latent or repressed through much of your life and then be fully awakened in adulthood.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven

Your attunement to the intangible or unseen world is very strong. Thus, your drive and ambitions in life are apt to be colored by your subtle awareness, your mystical or intuitive sensitivity. Imagination, make-believe, creative fantasy and the ability to visualize may be aspects of your career, also. You have the ability to channel healing or inspirational messages.

Neptune square Ascendant

You are extremely sensitive to all of the incoming impressions and energies around you, and at times you can be overcome or dominated by stronger personalities. Learning to establish clear boundaries is important for you, as you tend to become enmeshed emotionally and/or psychically with whomever you become close. You may have the chameleon's trait of seeming to become the people or person you are with the most.

Neptune trine Ascendant

There is an air of universal sympathy, gentleness, and nonjudgmental acceptance about you that draws people in need to you. Because you have a good deal of intuitive insight or psychic perceptiveness, you're able to say or do just the right thing for them. You need to beware of fostering dependency in those people, however.

Pluto in the 12th House

You have a deep interest in secrets, the underworld or unconscious, and anything hidden and mysterious. Psychoanalysis, investigating your dreams, and other methods of uncovering secrets are very interesting to you. You may be exceptionally perceptive intuitively or psychically. Your emotions and subconscious energies are complex, and periodic transformations and personal crises are sprinkled liberally throughout your lifetime.

Healing by Moon Sign


Astrologically speaking, Moon signs can be much more interesting than Sun signs.  

Sun signs deal more with the external identity of a person, the energy they radiate to the world around them.  

Moon signs deal with the emotional identity, the heart of a person. They show the energy that you pull in from the world, and how your relationships work.

It’s much easier to heal problems and imbalances that you and anyone around you can see, and that is one way knowing your Sun sign can be useful. For example, if you are a Taurus, you like to collect things. Knowing this about yourself, you can decide whether you want to embrace the title of “hoarder” with a laugh, if you need to set up a system to keep your habit in check, or if you need to get help before you end up on the show. See? Easy.  

Knowing that you are a Taurus Sun doesn’t help you much in the relationship or heart-healing department, however. The fact that you like velvet over cheap polyester, or that you are reliable doesn’t tell you much about your emotions or relationships.  

The vast majority of our clients, upon hearing my description of their Moon sign, sit back in their seats with their mouths hanging open for a moment before nodding and saying, “That explains SO much!” Of course, an in-depth natal analysis is always more accurate and useful, but I think you’ll find at least one of the blurbs below helpful – feel free to look up your own, or that of anyone whose birthday is known to you.


Aries Moons are playful, childlike, idealistic, and open-minded to matters of the heart – and often adventurous in bed. In a relationship, you brighten the life of your partner, bringing laughter, adventure, and a sense of joie de vive to you both…as long as you are balanced and healthy.

An imbalanced – stressed, depressed, or ill – Aries Moon can be impulsive, self-absorbed (unable to put yourself in anyone else’s shoes, unable to understand why they are upset with you,) quick to argue over just about anything, and prone to sulking.

To heal a Moon Aries’ heart, invoke the ideals of childhood. Fingerpaint, color with crayons, run for the fun of it, play at a park, climb trees, play in the mud – or at the very least, give yourself a day of absolutely no pressure, during which you can recharge and get some perspective on whatever is bothering you.

Moon Aries have to learn how to be a grown up without sacrificing their childlike way of seeing the world. They have to learn how to be true to their own hearts while still being considerate of their loved ones.


Taurus Moons are affectionate, dependable, loyal, and nurturing to their loved ones. In a relationship, you are slow to make up your mind, but once you’ve made your decision, it’s difficult for you or anyone else to change it. You love beauty and romance, serenity and creature comforts. A small intimate dinner party is more your cup of tea than a huge shebang.

Imbalanced Taurus Moons are rare. But if you are stressed, depressed, or ill, you will feel insecure, ill at ease, and have a strong desire for someone to nurture you back to health. You are more likely to withdraw than to ask for help, so you need a partner who understands you and will give you what you need without you having to ask.

To heal a Moon Taurus’ heart, pamper the body first. You need massage, grooming, exercise that you enjoy, fresh air and contact with nature. When your body feels strong and comforted, your heart will feel safe enough to open up, and that’s when you can talk to someone you trust, or write to yourself in your journal, in order to process the problems and let them go. Be careful about comfort eating and therapeutic shopping, or you’ll end up obese and broke, and even more in need of healing!

Moon Tauruses have to learn how to be at home with themselves wherever they go, and how to share their burdens with others. They have to learn how to recognize when they are holding onto a belief or opinion out of stubbornness, and when it’s time to reevaluate.


Gemini Moons are often more intellectual than emotional. They are have quick minds, and can easily adapt themselves to fit in with any group. They love to talk, socialize, laugh, and have a big circle of people they like to interact with.

An imbalanced Gemini Moon – stressed, depressed, or ill – may have a hard time settling into a single monogamous relationship. They may jump from relationship to the next over a course of just days or weeks, be promiscuous, or prone to cheating. They can be manipulative, shallow, and prone to negative gossip and rumor-spreading.

To heal a Moon Gemini’s heart, you have to be able to talk about it and rationalize, analyze, compare and contrast and basically talk the problem to death. When you can laugh about it freely with a light heart, you know it’s all better. Journaling is less effective for Moon Gemini’s than blogging or emailing, because Gemini’s like to have someone to talk with…but if your problem feels like something too personal, don’t hesitate to have a conversation with yourself!

Moon Geminis have to learn how to get their social needs met without breaking their promises to the people who love them most…in other words, they have to learn to be faithful. They also have to learn how to know their own minds, so that they can make decisions without relying on the opinions and pressure from other people. 


Cancer Moons are nurturing, intuitive, family-oriented (whether family means blood relatives, a close group of friends, or a gaggle of pets…or all three,) devoted, sensual, and they feel things very strongly…they tend to think more with their hearts than their heads.

Stressed, depressed, or otherwise ill Cancer Moons can be secretive, moody, critical, self-pitying, nagging harpies of doom. Even though they appear strong on the outside, they are actually very sensitive and their hearts are easily bruised…and the people who bruised them often have no idea until much later, when it’s too late to repair the damage to the relationship. Imbalanced Cancer Moons also often feel unworthy of love and happiness, which damages every aspect of their lives.

To heal a Moon Cancer’s heart, you have to appeal to Moon Cancer’s imagination. Stories, song, poetry, and art can all be useful tools in helping them come to terms with their feelings and imagine themselves healed and happy. They understand things best on an intuitive level, so the language of symbology is much more effective for them than the languages of the mind or even the body. Water can be a powerful healing tool for Moon Cancers, be it a bath in the ocean or a glass of water charged with love and forgiveness and then imbibed.

Moon Cancer’s have to learn to express their feelings right away, before they have time to fester and form a wedge between the Moon Cancer and his or her loved ones. Moon Cancers have to learn that they deserve love, that they are worthy of love, and they have to learn to love themselves unconditionally. 


Leo Moons are creative, playful, flirtatious, confident, and protective of their family/friends/lovers, with high expectations and aspirations for their loved ones and the future of their relationships. Leo Moons are proud of the partners they choose for themselves, and like to brag about them and show them off.

Imbalanced Leo Moons – stressed, depressed, or ill – need massive amounts of praise and reassurance from their loved ones (and even total strangers.) They feel wounded when they don’t get the attention or recognition they’re looking for, and it messes with their self-esteem and makes them doubt their own competence and value. They can also be conceited bullies, or overcompensate for their lack of praise by fulfilling every indulgent whim that crosses their mind, making themselves feel even worse because they have to do it for themselves, when they should have adoring friends/lovers/fans doing it for them!

To heal a Moon Leo’s heart, you have to tap into their pride and give it a boost. A Moon Leo needs to remember all of his or her great qualities, and boost themselves up with their accomplishments and inherent value first, so they can deal with their emotional wounds as minor irritations that are getting in their way, throwing off their groove, etc. Turn those problems into laughter, as if you were watching it on a sitcom or a comedy, and while you laugh, look for the solution to the problem.

Moon Leo’s have to learn how to praise themselves, and make the foundation of their pedestal solid enough that only the most powerful blows have hope of knocking them down. They have to learn that true value comes from inside, not from the approval of others.


Virgo Moons are perfectionists, intellectual, responsible, organized, and reserved. You love deeply, but hold yourself back from expressing that love, so you don’t leave yourself too vulnerable. You are also prone to worry about the people you love, and try to help them solve any problems rationally, from your “realist” perspective.

Imbalanced Virgo Moons – stressed, depressed, ill – have very little self-confidence, especially in matters of love. They may have an issue with committing themselves to someone who is not their perfect match…and no one is perfect. They can also be harsh, critical, and cold-hearted, especially if they don’t have a warm, loving presence in their lives to remind them that there actually is some good in the world.

To heal a Moon Virgo’s heart, you have to come at them logically. Help them rationalize that happiness is preferable to hurting or anger, and encourage them to come up with a step-by step plan from where they are now to where they want to be, both emotionally and in their relationships. Also show them unconditional love – and don’t take the criticism to heart, because they wouldn’t bother criticizing you to your face if they didn’t care enough to want to help you improve your life.

Moon Virgos have to learn the value of feelings, especially of love for themselves and the most important people in their lives. They have to learn how to blunt their criticisms so they can be helpful without being hurtful. 


Libra Moons want everyone to be happy. They are the kings and queens of compromise and negotiation, and will happily put their own needs last every time. They are romantic, charming, adaptable, creative, and good-natured. They love to surround themselves with beauty, and with people with whom they can have fanciful, witty conversation.

An imbalanced Libra – stressed, depressed, ill – can’t make a decision to save his or her life. They are permanent martyrs, always putting their own needs last, and they often create co-dependent relationships, in which they become whatever their partner expects of them, but the partner keeps changing their expectations. Imbalanced Libras often suffer from denial about the misery of their own lives, and need someone grounding that they can trust to help them build up the strength to improve their lives.

To heal a Moon Libra’s heart, you have to help them put themselves on the end of the scale instead of in the middle of it. It takes a clever conversationalist, someone the Moon Libra really trusts, to help the Moon Libra to really see the reality of their feelings and relationship, and a Libra really needs a partner to give support, encouragement, and guidance to help them overcome pain, anger, and co-dependent relationships, especially if Moon Libra can help the partner at the same time.

Moon Libras have to learn how to weigh their own needs equally with those of the people around them. They have to learn how to be in a relationship in which neither partner needs the other, but both are happier and more successful together. 


Scorpio Moons feel everything to the extreme – extreme joy, extreme pain, extreme apathy. There is no emotional grey area for a Scorpio Moon. They are incredibly passionate, intuitive, ambitious, determined, and have high ideals. And when they like you, they are extremely loyal. They also have very powerful sex drives, and their love and passion are tied very closely together.

Imbalanced – stressed, depressed, ill – Scorpio Moons are evil. Well, they seem that way to the people around them. Imbalanced Scorpio Moons can be hard-headed, secretive, jealous bullies. They have a tendency to imagine that they have been wronged, and rather than confronting the person, they bide their time, festering, as they plot their revenge. Then they lash out with a crushing, stinging blow…and still feel resentful and angry toward the reeling person who still has no idea why Scorpio Moon is upset.

To heal a Moon Scorpio, first pray that you are not one of the people with whom they are secretly angry. If you are, they will be suspicious of anything you say or do, and damned if you can help them see that they are actually the one who needs healing. If you are on their good side, they might listen to reason if you say it – or better, show it – just right. If they love you and aren’t mad at you, they might hear you best if you can show them how their pain or anger is hurting you, or someone else that they love. Remind them of a time that they felt unabashed joy, and guide them to deciding that is what they want, so they can put their unwavering determination toward their own peace and happiness, because once they make up their mind that that’s what they want, ain’t no one and nothing gonna get in their way!

Moon Scorpios have to learn how to empathize with others, even others who don’t measure up to their high standards. They have to learn that causing more pain does not lessen their own, but that by increasing their own joy makes the whole world a more joyful, beautiful place! 


Sagittarius Moons are super intelligent, adventurous, enthusiastic, sincere, love learning, and see the brighter side of things. They are great at making friends, but they need a lot of freedom and variety in relationships. They are lighthearted, quick to let go of anger, worry, and minor pain.

Imbalanced – stressed, depressed, ill – Sagittarius Moons have fidelity issues, and can feel trapped by relationships. The harder time they have looking on the bright side, the more help they need! They can be reckless, irresponsible, holier-than-thou, and insensitive.

To heal a Moon Sagittarius, appeal to their love of learning, and let them think of it themselves. They like brain puzzles and challenges, so challenge them to problem solve their own stress, depression, or relationship issue. Get them laughing and looking on the bright side, and make their healing journey an adventure. Travel is really helpful for a Moon Sagittarius, so if you have relationship issues, take a vacation together somewhere far from your home and work, and if you are the Moon Sagittarius who has issues, go off on a weekend beach retreat or go hike the mountains or something – and leave work at home so you can focus on yourself!

Moon Sagittarians have to learn how to balance freedom and responsibility. They have to challenge themselves to make even the most frustrating tasks fun and even adventurous, so they can thrive in any circumstances. 


Capricorn Moons are ambitious, responsible, patient, and practical. In relationships, they tend to give more than they get, and they feel that their actions are more important than words. They are dedicated to those they choose to bond themselves to, and will do anything in their power to make their relationship work.

Imbalanced – stressed, depressed, ill – Capricorn Moons tend to be lonely, and feel unworthy of love. They can shut themselves off from relationships that make them feel vulnerable and put on an indifferent mask, when inside they are crumbling. They tend to put career and material goals before all others, and failure can send them spiraling into deep depression.

To heal a Moon Capricorn, show them how their own happiness will help them on a practical level. Show them how their own personal happiness can help them become more successful, and encourage them to dedicate themselves to the goal of personal happiness – life is short, and you can’t take all your crap with you!

Moon Capricorns have to learn the value of love and equal relationships. They have to learn that failure is a learning opportunity, and that it doesn’t make you less valuable or less worthy of love and happiness. 


Aquarius Moons love to be different, contrary, unique, and otherwise outside the box, and they look for those qualities in their partners. They have high ideals for the betterment of humanity, and are often attracted ot activism and spiritual leadership. They are intelligent, often geeks and/or nerds (in the best sense of the titles,) and like to look at the big picture – perspective is their forte!

Imbalanced – stressed, depressed, or ill – Aquarius Moons have a hard time relating to individuals on an individual level, or recognizing personal needs, there own or others. They can be cold, indifferent, apathetic, pessimistic conspiracy theorists obsessed with the end times.

To heal a Moon Aquarius, offer something they haven’t tried before, or a way of thinking they haven’t come across. Help them switch perspectives, turn their worries around, or displace their problem so they can observe it with perspective.

Moon Aquarians have to learn that humanity is composed of humans, each as important as the whole, including themselves. They have to learn that they are special, just like everyone else, and that doesn’t negate anyone’s specialness. 


Pisces Moons are romantic, artistic, fanciful, intuitive, sensitive lovers-not-fighters. They bring this gorgeous idealistic dream of love to their relationships, and are unconcerned with logic or intellectualizing, or practicalities.

Imbalanced Pisces Moons – stressed, depressed, ill – can be gullible and too far moved from reality to catch warning signs that they are in the wrong relationship…or too attached to self-medicating chemicals, like sugar and alcohol. They can be addictive, codependent, and delusional.

To heal a Moon Piscean, encourage them to pursue art therapy, or another way of communicating through symbolism, be it guided meditations, affirmations, vision boards, writing poetry, or even writing love letters to themselves. They also benefit greatly from helping others, no matter how messed up their own lives may be – it heals them to heal others.

Pisces Moons have to learn how to balance practicality with idealism, and how to keep their feet on the ground even when their heads are in the clouds. They have to learn how to balance deep, long-term love and brief romantic escapades, preferably with the same partner. 

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Esoteric Astrology - Soul Astrology Foundation


The Foundations of Soul Astrology - The Planets

In last month's newsletter we talked about the Tibetan tradition, where it is taught that forms manifest from the formless realm through the elements in a specific order: that as consciousness arises from the pure wisdom realm it creates movement or wind (air), this gives rise to heat (fire), which condenses into water and finally creates earth.

So from this spiritual perspective we can see that planets, are formed from consciousness itself, and therefore must by nature contain the consciousness that they emerged from. Each planet is therefore a formation of energy that holds a unique field of consciousness. Planets are embodied consciousness: holding a specific vibration, frequency, or field of awareness.

What, How, and Where

When we have astrological connections with certain planets, and especially if we can make a conscious connection with that planet, they become important spaceholders for our journey of awakening, because of their capacity to hold a specific vibration, experience, or field of consciousness, for us to experience.

This is why when we first learn astrology, we say that the planets represent "what". For example the Moon represents emotions, so what we're talking about when we look at the Moon in your chart, is some aspect of your emotional energy. The zodiac sign describes how that energy expresses itself, and the house describes where (in terms of which area of your life is involved). 

For example, take a Moon in Leo in the 2nd house: the Moon is what, Leo is how and the 2nd house is where. Leo is the sign of creativity and the 2nd house is the area of your inner resources and finances, so with a Leo Moon in the 2nd house you could gain emotional security and satisfaction by creatively drawing upon your own inner resources to generate income.

It is said of Pythagoras that he could "hear the music of the spheres". This means he had the capacity to connect with the frequency of each planet. You can not develop this capacity, merely by reading about it - because holding mental concepts and ideas in your mind, keeps you tuned in to the frequency of intellect and actually blocks your capacity to perceive higher frequencies. 

To connect to the planetary frequencies in the way that Pythagoras could, you need to develop a daily practice whereby you clear your mind of everyday thoughts and concerns and allow yourself to experience what the Tibetans call the mind of clear light: the pure, clear, light of awareness that is beyond thinking. This is why your daily meditation practice is so vitally important on your journey of spiritual awakening through self-exploration.

The Two Truths

In Tibetan Buddhism there is the concept of the two truths: conventional truth, which we can all see and hear and agree upon... it is true by convention and labelling - for example I am sitting on a chair. If you could see me you would agree that is true.

Ultimate truth refers to the truth of our ultimate reality. So even though conventionally I am sitting on a chair, quantum physicists could go deeper and deeper and declare there is no chair there at all, only empty space and atoms, while Mahayana buddhists could go deeper and deeper into self-exploration and declare there is no "I" there either. Not even a trace! So even though conventionally I am sitting on a chair, ultimately nobody is sitting on anything!

In order to be able to understand the planetary energies like Pythagoras did, we have to first be familiar with both the conventional understanding of the planets and then move towards ultimate truth through our own experiential knowledge (knowledge and understanding gained from our own experience). Each planet supports us in our journey of awakening, by facilitating a shift from a conventional expression of our nature to a higher spiritual quality that is more in alignment with ultimate truth.

A Spectrum of Conventional and Ultimate Characteristics of The Planets:

The Sun - from ego to radiance
Moon - from emotional attachment to receptivity
Mercury - from mental concepts to pure intelligence
Venus - from romantic attachment to Divine Love
Mars - from aggression to Divine Will
Jupiter - from greed to generosity
Saturn - from limitation to authenticity
Uranus - from disruption to awakening
Neptune - from addiction to compassion
Pluto - from destruction to emptiness

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

In Esoteric Astrology, The Tibetan Master DK taught that as a collective, humanity is evolving from instinct to intellect, from intellect to intuition; and from intuition to illumination. This not only describes the evolution of human consciousness, but it also describes our individual path of spiritual awakening because as we awaken individually, we will each experience these unfolding 'stages' of consciousness. Indeed it is the awakening of individuals that is at the spearhead, driving the collective evolution of consciousness.

As we look at each of these stages in turn, and their planetary associations, remember that we are talking about the evolution of human consciousness AND your individual path of spiritual awakening at the same time: for they are one and the same. I would also like to add one final stage: emptiness.
So our complete path is as follows:

instinct > intellect > intuition > illumination > emptiness

What do I mean by 'emptiness'? Emptiness is pure presence, awake awareness, without mental concepts. There is an important distinction between illumination and emptiness. In illumination we become full of light. We can experience great bliss and have an experience similar to nirvana, yet we can still be in duality. When we arrive at 'emptiness' we have pure, non-dual awareness. In the Tibetan tradition the highest wisdom of all is the wisdom realizing emptiness. I will explain more about that later in this series.

Now let's look at the planets as spaceholders and how they relate to each of the evolutionary stages above. First of all, what do we really mean by the term 'rulership' as it is used astrologically? Rulership is a very old term from the days back when the king or 'ruler' was the custodian of his land and his people. Rulership doesn’t seem like a good thing to us in our modern era where we see the effects of malevolent 'rulership', dictators, war and power games every day in the news, but this is not what is meant in the astrological sense.

Rulership is not something or someone that has power over us, but rather something that contributes to the conditions that support us in our growth - much like a loving gardener who knows exactly what conditions are necessary not only for plants to survive but to thrive and reach their highest potential. So in this sense the planetary 'ruler' is more like a guardian, or custodian, creating the conditions that support our Soul’s growth.

We speak of planetary 'rulers' (or spaceholders) on many levels in astrology. You will have your overall chart ruler, this is the planet which usually has the most power and influence throughout your lifetime (see my earlier newsletter on tracking your chart ruler) by providing the conditions for your Souls growth. In addition to your chart ruler each house in your chart will have a planetary ruler: we take into account the natural ruler (for example Mars is the natural ruler of the first house) and we take into account the actual ruler. For example if you have Libra on the 5th house cusp then Venus (as the ruler of Libra) would be the planetary ruler of your 5th house. I don't want to get sidetracked with specific house rulerships here, I just wanted to present the idea that all the planets are spaceholders in your life, not just your ruling planet.

In terms of the evolution of human consciousness, and your individual path of spiritual awakening, the planets are creating conditions for you that support definite stages:

Instinct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus Mars.

Intellect: Jupiter, Saturn.

Intuition: Uranus

Illumination: Neptune

Emptiness: Pluto

These stages are not rigid, but serve as a general guide. You will often experience overlap, for example when you experience transits of Neptune you will be having experiences that can ultimately lead to greater illumination. You could also be experiencing a powerful transit of Mars at the same time. In this case the 'illumination' of Neptune can support you in transforming the instinctive aggression of Mars into conscious assertiveness. Below you can see how the interplay of planetary energies create the perfect conditions to support you in your journey of spiritual awakening.

The Planetary Spaceholders:

The Sun creates the conditions for life itself to exist. We live in a solar system, and the consciousness of the Sun is the major 'spaceholder' (see last week) for the perfect conditions for life to exist. At the physiological level the Sun is prana: the very life force that animates and breathes 'life' into physical forms. (read more)

The Moon creates the conditions for life to take shape and form. The Moon is said to be the 'Mother of all forms', and influences the shaping of form in physical matter. We might say that the Moon provides the magnetic attachments (emotional and otherwise) that hold forms together. This links us closely with Karma, as our magnetic impulses (instincts) propel us from one life to the next. (read more)

Mercury creates the conditions for the development of mind, mental processing, and communication appropriate to our group and species. At the physiological level Mercury governs the nervous system and cellular communication. (read more)

Venus creates the conditions for us to recognize and attract what we need for the continued survival of the species. Through Venus we recognize beauty, harmony, and cultivate personal magnetism. (read more)

Mars creates the conditions for us to assert ourselves as an individual and to move forward into the world to get what we need. Physiologically Mars rules the blood, sexual activity and your body's inflammatory responses. At the instinctual level Mars is all about protect and survive. (read more)

Jupiter creates the conditions for us to expand our minds beyond our immediate self-consciousness. Through Jupiter we expand our learning, give and receive education, and distribute knowledge. Through the conditioning influence of Jupiter we are able to reach out to our fellow human brothers and sisters and connect with them, not as adversaries, but as our larger human family. (read more)

Saturn creates the conditions for us to build structure and organize systems. As we become part of larger groups and societies, some kind of structure and organisation becomes a necessity if we are to succeed. Through the conditioning influence of Saturn that we realize that life simply does not expand continuously, and that in our evolution we also need to embrace limitation and death. (read more)

Uranus brings freedom from oppression, so we are free to explore our individuality. Then through exploring our individuality we discover our intuition and prepare ourselves for the illumination stage of our development. (read more)

Neptune 'spiritualises' through a three-step process of illusion, disillusion, and finally illumination. Before we arrive at the exalted state of spiritual illumination and bliss, we have to navigate a long unfolding process of illusion and disillusion. (read more)

Pluto is the great revealer. Pluto reveals that which is hidden, lurking beneath the surface, the darker side of our own nature. In this way Pluto show us what we have to change if we are to transform darkness into light. (read more)

By studying the deeper meaning of the planets in your own horoscope you will understand how the interplay of planetary energies have created the perfect conditions to support you in your journey of spiritual awakening.

In Western Astrology Venus is associated with love, beauty, our esthetic sense, our appreciation of art and music, and ... personal magnetic attraction. In other words, Venus in your chart will show you where the law of attraction is at work (or not) in your life.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, as we shall see, is one of the most basic, fundamental, and necessary natural laws yet it is not passive like water simple meandering downhill. The attracting power of Venus is an active magnetism. There is an active pulling in of that which she desires, such as when two attracting poles of a magnet pull each other in. It takes great force to pry them apart. Wherever Venus is found in your chart, she brings the power to attract benefit, to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon her condition by sign, house and aspect, and taking into account other chart factors which may be enhancing or diminishing her power of attraction.

Known in traditional astrology as the Lesser Benefic (Jupiter would be the greater) Venus is said to bestow benefits in life. The type of 'benefit' would be indicated by the sign she is in, and the area of life affected is indicated by the house placement in which she is found. Where Venus is concerned there is always benefit of some kind, however when afflicted*, it can be in the nature of 'too much' of a good thing, laziness, vanity, and/or excessive self-indulgence.

(*planets are afflicted when they have many or all negative aspects eg. squares, and few positive ones eg. trines)

Following the initial idea of 'me' that arises under the influence of Mercury, the next stage on our developmental journey is to find a mate. We temporarily leave our fascination with 'me' and enter into curiosity about 'other'. Are others like me? How do 'I' relate to them, and 'them' to 'me'? and (most importantly in our search for a mate) am I attractive? and Are they attractive? The whole field of relating, attraction, and vanity, opens up under the influence of Venus.

Venus awakens our senses. She is our muse. Sooner or later, in one way or another, she tempts us onto the path of love. At the personality level, Venus stimulates our desire nature, and awakens in us a sense of beauty, taste, esthetics. All our senses awaken under her influence and we become aware of our sensual nature. It isn't long however before we also discover the pain and suffering that comes from attachment to sense pleasures. When we step through Venus' door, from the perspective of lower consciousness, it would seem that we become prone to a myriad potentials for addiction - through our senses. 

"A goddess on a mountain top
Was burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name" 

Venus may be known in Greek myth and popular culture as the "Goddess of Love", but in esoteric terms she does not resonate to ray 2 'love-wisdom' but rather ray 5, concrete knowledge'. (Read more about The Seven Rays in The Foundations of Soul Astrology #14: Esoteric Astrology). Esoterically then, Venus is opening the door to a path of knowledge, not the path of love-wisdom (which is the domain of The Sun and Jupiter). This might then help you to understand why we experience the initial high followed by the pain of romantic love, and 'broken' hearts. The love of which we speak, with regard to Venus, is not Divine love. Not yet. It is a more earthly kind of romantic love. 

Where Mars would be associated with sex, Venus would be associated with romance and eros, that which is erotic. Remember, on our evolutionary journey, we are still at the level of 'instinct' having only just ventured forth from the mental domain of Mercury. So when love is experienced as romantic and/or erotic, there is very much a mental element of conceptualizing, fantasizing and projection involved. It has little to do with the other person, and everything to do with what is going on inside our own head. 

To understand the 'love' of Venus, and how it relates to the path of knowledge, we need to make clear distinctions between romantic love, eroticism, and Divine love. Ultimately, our experiences of romantic love have the potential to open our hearts and minds to Universal Divine Love and compassion, which is why Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces, but at the level of romance and sexual attraction Divine Love is still very much only a potential.

Venus in Esoteric Astrology

Conventionally Venus is associated with love, beauty, art and esthetics. She is thought to enliven and awaken our senses, and how sensuous we are (or not) can often be directly related to the condition of Venus in our chart. This makes sense for a sacred planet, because our whole process of spiritual awakening is experienced very personally and directly, through our five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell).

In Esoteric Astrology, Venus is said to be a sacred planet and a 'companion' planet to Earth. According to The Tibetan non-sacred planets primarily affect life in our everyday world, while sacred planets "aid in the processes of affecting the fusion of soul and body, of consciousness and form; it will also produce the quickening of the intuition

- The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

"The Logos* of a sacred planet … is occupied with the task of synthesizing 
into one unit of conscious response and activity, 
the higher divine aspect … the will aspect. 

When this is accomplished, will, love and intelligence 
are blended and spirit, soul and body are at-one. 

Then the quality of divine expression will be divine purpose, 
impulsed by will, motivated by love 
and carried forward with intelligence." 

- The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

(*Logos: the Greek word logos meant "word, speech, discourse or reason" and by the 16th century had come to mean "the Divine Word". In Esoteric Astrology the term Logos refers to a Higher Mind, reason or purpose, so for example there is a Solar Logos and a Planetary Logos.)

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

In earlier newsletters we explored the evolution of human consciousness and your individual path of spiritual awakening. It is worth remembering here, that the planets are creating conditions for you that support distinct stages of your evolutionary development:

• Instinct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars.
• Intellect: Jupiter, Saturn.
• Intuition: Uranus
• Illumination: Neptune
• Emptiness: Pluto

These stages are not rigid, but serve as a general guide. (Read more about these stages in "The Planets and The Evolution of Human Consciousness")

We can see from the list above that The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars contribute to the conditions that allow for the arising and unfolding of the instinctive stage of our evolution.

As we evolve through the levels of instinct> intellect> intuition>illumination and emptiness (clear light mind), it is important to remember that each stage is necessary. It's not that we 'lose' our instincts as we move into intellect, but rather that each stage is a vital foundation for what comes next. So by the time we reach the level of the wisdom realizing emptiness, we also realize that we are all of it. We are everything that has gone before. We don't 'transcend' instinct by 'getting rid of it' but rather it becomes integrated into our whole being.

Instinct is our basic animal sense: the primal force that gives us the drive to exist, protect, survive, and reproduce. It is also Mother Nature operating at her finest, keeping all the subconscious physiological systems working that are beyond your conscious control - from your beating heart to the neural networks that allow a thought to cross your mind at the speed of light.

At the instinctive level of our development, attraction is a vital force in the continuation of life on Earth. Without attraction the species would not survive. This is true for every species on the planet, from a tiny bug to an elephant. Even in the plant kingdom: many plants, when they are ready to multiply, give off perfume to attract insects as pollinators to propagate the species. At some level, in some way, the power of Venus and the law of attraction is at work throughout nature.

Venus creates the conditions for us to recognize and attract what is needed for the continued survival of the species. Through Venus we recognize beauty, harmony, and cultivate personal magnetism. Physiologically Venus rules the 'harmonising' and 'balancing' factors in the body and so governs hormonal activity, including the chemistry of love and attraction. Through the activities of Venus we will attract our mate and be able to fulfil our function within our group. Venus is exalted in Pisces the sign of Universal Love, and we can see that the presence of love, as magnetic attraction, is indeed universal throughout the animal kingdom.

Venus and Your Soul's Journey

According to Esoteric Astrology Venus has 'rulership', or custodianship, over four signs: she is the personality ruler of both Taurus and Libra ; the Soul ruler of Gemini ; and the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn. (It is beyond the scope of this foundational series to discuss the meaning of hierarchical rulerships, however if you are interested you can read more in Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey).

The Five Bodies

Patanjali, one of the founders of modern Yoga, described five 'bodies'* that we can experience on our spiritual journey of awakening. He related these to the five elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether. He called them the physical or ‘earth’ body (annamay kosh), the energy ‘fire’ body (pranamay kosh – also known as the ‘vital’ body in other traditions), the mental ‘water’ body (manomay kosh), intuitive ‘air’ body (vigyanamay kosh), and the bliss ‘ether’ body (anandmay kosh). Our spiritual journey is one of awareness and movement through each of these inner ‘bodies’. Once all five have been transcended, we attain 'Universal Mind'. Venus plays a vital role in awakening us to these bodies.

Venus and Taurus

We become aware of those different states of consciousness, which Patanjali referred to as  'bodies', initially through our senses. Venus plays an important role in our spiritual journey by first awakening our senses in Taurus, igniting within us the desire to explore our senses more fully. In Taurus the loving energy of Venus works initially through the physical senses to awaken awareness of the physical body.

As Venus works through desire in Taurus, she awakens our sense perception through the physical senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. This has the potential to open us to sense pleasures, and develops our somatic awareness (felt sense) through the physical body.

As we grasp at more external 'objects' to feed the sensual experience: clinging to possessions of beauty, beautiful people, music, a beautiful body, we form attachments and a materialistic facet to our ego-personality begins to take shape. This is why the spiritual path of Taurus is one of practising non-attachment, to transcend this aspect of ego. 

When we begin our journey of spiritual awakening, we 'unlearn' all the attachments we have accumulated. We can practice by being fully present to our experience, enjoying it (so we still get to experience sense-pleasure) but without becoming attached to the experience itself. For example we can still enjoy ice-cream without it becoming an 'addiction' and a cause for grasping and craving. Without attachment we are free: ice-cream becomes a non-issue, we can enjoy it if we have it, and we can still feel happy if we don't.

Venus and Libra

In Libra Venus endows her subjects with a harmonizing aspect that manifests through the mind: in terms of conceptualizing or idealizing ideas of ethics, beauty, attractiveness and justice. Her work in Libra is more closely linked to harmony in the mental body.

Venus brings the energy of magnetic attraction. Initially this is animal magnetism, and at the personality level she awakens desire and passion within the individual, which lays the foundation for experiences of Love. 

In Libra we can conceive of Higher Love and harmony at the personality level and express this into the outer world through right relationship between Self and other.

Venus and Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Venus at Soul level. Once the activity of Gemini's personality ruler Mercury has expanded our perception, we are open to the activity of Venus through the heart center. The journey of Gemini is about resolving 'duality' and one of the major themes for anyone with Sun, Moon or Gemini Rising is the 'marriage' of the head and the heart.

"Attraction and repulsion are therefore conditioning factors in our solar life, and this conditioning reaches us through Gemini. It is the effect of a cosmic energy at present unknown to humanity." 

- The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

The experience in Gemini, once the personality has been transcended, is the shift from the intellect to intuition; from the head to the heart; from separation and duality, to non-duality (oneness). Venus opens us up to the senses and, through the experience of sexual attraction, awakens in us desire for, and love of, 'other'. In doing so, Venus awakens us to our sense of polarity: self and other. In the pursuit of this desire, with conscious awareness, we then have an opportunity to return home: by raising our consciousness from the lower chakras to the higher chakras: the heart and above.

Esoterically, Gemini is a sign of communion and connection. It is said to be the only sign which touches the remaining 11 zodiac signs. No other sign is able to go where Gemini can go. The experience of Venus in Gemini therefore brings a spiritual awakening in the form of a deep sense of communion and connectedness with all sentient beings. There is an awareness of Love, not as an idea, but as a living energy that permeates and radiates throughout all life. This shift in perception brings us to the realization of our interrelatedness with one another and all living things.

"In the last analysis, we come back to the eternal dualities, leading as they ever do to the interplay of the polar opposites, to the cyclic ebb and flow of the inner life and the outer periphery of expression, and to that attraction and repulsion
 which leads to a steady shift of the attracting force 
to an ever higher and wider appeal." 

- The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

We can see how the harmonizing influence of Venus is expressed as sensuality at personality level in Taurus, as right relationship at personality level in Libra, and as a pathway through Higher Mind to Higher Love at Soul level in Gemini. 
All for the purpose of supporting spiritual awakening 
at different stages of your Soul's journey.

Venus as Personality and Soul Ruler

As you read on, take note if you have Taurus or Libra Rising. If so Venus is your Personality Ruler and the condition of Venus by sign, house and aspect will be playing a particularly significant role in your life, by bringing you people and circumstances that have the potential to bring your karmic conditioning into your awareness, for healing, transformation, and release. (Read more about the personality and Soul rulers of the signs in The Foundations of Soul Astrology #4: Your Soul's Purpose)

As we mentioned above, Venus is the Soul Ruler of Gemini. So if you have Gemini Rising, Venus will also be playing a significant theme in your life by bringing you people and circumstances that are catalysts for your Soul's Awakening.

Venus Through The Signs

Venus draws magnetically towards her, that which she is attracted to. So the condition of Venus in our personal horoscope, by sign and house, describes our capacity for magnetism or attraction, and our aesthetic sense: whether we resonate to beauty and harmony, or not; whether we have an artistic nature, or not, and even our capacity to attract benefits that can support us in terms of financial and material wealth, personal value and/or a valuable partner.

Venus in Aries - detriment
When Venus is in Aries our power of attraction can be 'hi-jacked' by impetuous desire. Venus is said to be in detriment in Aries, meaning her energy is weakened and her power is minimised. Therefore the romantic, harmonising, and beautifying capacity of Venus can be lost in an impulsive drive to satisfy one's desire. When afflicted, love can be self-centered and may give way to 'lust'.

On a Soul level there is an opportunity to develop awareness of the power of desire, and to gain deeper understanding of our underlying motivations and energies. It may be difficult however, to cultivate the required objectivity to develop such self-awareness. A regular open (vipassana) meditation where one's energetic drives can be observed, without being acted out, may prove very beneficial for this individual

Venus in Taurus - dignity
When Venus is in Taurus our power of attraction can be strong. Venus is said to be indignity in this sign meaning her energy flows well and she is most free and uninhibited in her effects. There can be a very strong sense of beauty, harmony and esthetics. The individual may have a strong artistic streak and possibly a beautiful voice. The senses can be strong and the individual may be sensually oriented - enjoying all the pleasures of their senses. When afflicted there can be excessive attachment and possessiveness toward the 'object' of one's desires.

On a Soul level this can be a challenge to spiritual awakening because of too much attachment to the sense pleasures and the material realm. The challenge is to release personal attachment so one can ultimately enjoy sense pleasures without attachment, but this can be difficult. In the first instance, practising abstinence may be helpful to break long-held patterns of attachment.

Venus in Gemini
Venus in Gemini is light, airy, and versatile. This Venus loves to flirt. Relationships can be playful, easy, and changeable. Love may be experienced through the intellect rather than the heart, unless a deeper emotional connection is indicated elsewhere in the chart. There can be more than one love interest as this social butterfly enjoys experiencing variety through multiple relationships, though not necessarily at the same time.

On a Soul level the challenge for Gemini is to 'marry' the head and the heart. Venus in this sign challenges the individual to go deeper in their relating, long enough to experience a true heart opening. A catalyst for higher love. Multiple relationships become a playground for learning right human relations.

Venus in Cancer
Venus in Cancer is homely, loyal, and cares about family, siblings and parents. Emotional depth and security are the priority, so Venus in this sign is not given to passionate flights of fancy, although Cancer is a cardinal sign, so someone with this placement may be the first to make the move in relationship, once they have identified a prospective partner whom they feel 'safe' with. When afflicted there can be too much attachment, possessiveness, clinginess and dependency on their partner.

On a Soul level Venus in Cancer is excellent for opening up to higher states of consciousness through love: with awareness and non-attachment, one understands how romantic love, when properly nurtured, becomes the highest form of love: true compassion.

Venus in Leo
Friendly, outgoing, and with a touch of the dramatic, Venus in Leo makes a warm, passionate and loyal partner. May find self-expression through the arts, or theatre. When afflicted there can be a tendency to dominate and/or view one's partner as an extension of oneself.

With Venus in the sign of self-realisation, on a Soul level Venus in Leo brings opportunities for self-awareness through one's love relationships. The path becomes one of self-realisation: awakening into one's own true nature, through love. This is especially true if one has Libra or Taurus Rising, whereby Venus in Leo becomes one's chart ruler.

Venus in Virgo - fall
Venus in Virgo is quite practical and responsible in relationships. Although there can be sensuality (Virgo is an earth sign) these are not people who will throw caution to the wind and fall headlong into a whirlwind romance! Venus is said to 'fall' in Virgo which means her energy is somewhat repressed and unable to flow freely. Venus in Virgo can be so caught up in details, or an unrealistically high expectation of 'perfection', that they simply 'miss' the moment. Social relationships are usually formed for practical reasons and/or their perceived 'usefulness'. When afflicted there can be too much emphasis on 'getting it right' to allow for artistic expression, and there can be coldness and excessive criticism towards friends, family and lovers.

On a Soul level there is the potential to experience self-awareness, and explore the true nature of self as love, through somatic awareness. If the senses can be developed, through grounding practices such as yoga, Venus in Virgo can bring a deep, experiential, understanding of the practical, tangible, reality of love as a living awareness in the body, rather than a romantic fancy.

Venus in Libra - dignity
Venus in Libra is romantic, with a natural inclination to establish harmony and beauty through relationships. Like Taurus, Venus is also considered in dignity in Libra, meaning her energy flows well and is most free and uninhibited, but whereas Taurus is an earth sign (so Venus expresses sensuality) Libra is an air sign, so her mode of expression is more intellectual: through charm, tact and diplomacy, Venus in Libra ensures harmony through social relationships. When afflicted her social strategising can become excessively manipulative and self-indulgent.

On a Soul level, unless otherwise afflicted, Venus in Libra bestows a graceful, dispassionate, quality that can be very helpful in developing the state of 'equanimity' or 'evenness', in one's meditation, and then carrying that over into one's everyday thoughts, words and actions. This is a state of consciousness that paves the way for liberation and enlightenment, by allowing the practitioner to experience a calm state that is less prone to disturbing emotions and agitated states of mind.

Venus in Scorpio - detriment
Venus in Scorpio can be intense and passionate. Venus is said to be in detriment in this sign, meaning her energy is weakened and her power is minimised. Therefore the individual cannot access the lighter, harmonising influence of Venus, which is lost to the intensity of passion. Relationships can be seen as a means for self-advancement and may be approached strategically, with an ulterior motive. The individual may seek to control the relationship, being the one to initiate a relationship and then also to destroy the relationship once it no longer serves them. When afflicted there can be obsession, possessiveness, jealousy and even cruelty.

On a Soul level Venus in Scorpio presents a great challenge, but with the promise of great opportunity if the individual can rise to that challenge. Their intense passion needs to be channelled into a warrior-like energy and unselfishly dedicated to spiritual advancement, if their highest spiritual potential is to be fully realised. The advantage is that Venus in Scorpio brings a great capacity for strategic focus and when their attention is placed unwaveringly on the spiritual path, there is the potential to transform the energy of one's desires into great spiritual power. Here is the potential for personal spiritual mastery.

Venus in Sagittarius
Venus in Sagittarius is friendly, outgoing and sociable. There can be a wide circle of friends and a love of socializing, but the individual may avoid relationships that could potentially place limitations on their freedom. The grace and tact that we normally expect from Venus may be lacking since The Archer likes to be direct and can be honest to the point of bluntness, however they are usually very likeable and can be the life and soul of the party. When afflicted there may be a tendency to throw caution to the wind. Extravagance and gambling could be a problem.

On a Soul level Venus in Sagittarius can be helpful in seeking higher truth and the deeper meaning of life, by opening one's senses to explore higher states of consciousness. The challenge will be to keep one's attention focused on the inner adventure, since Venus in Sagittarius has a great love of life and can easily keep him or herself occupied (distracted) with life's many outer adventures!

Venus in Capricorn
Venus in Capricorn approaches relationships and social situations with seriousness and caution. There can be a conscious or unconscious sense of insecurity and the individual may feel more comfortable in formal social situations where they have a degree of control. Desire for status and prestige may be enhanced. When afflicted there may be disappointment in love relationships and the individual may choose aloneness rather than risk being hurt. There is the potential to heal and experience steady love, if bitterness and resentment can be released in favor of love.

On a Soul level Venus in Capricorn can enhance one's sense of sacred geometry and Divine harmonics. There is the potential for spiritual advancement through diligent study and the application of ancient wisdom.

Venus in Aquarius
Venus in Aquarius is happier in friendships, groups and social situations than intimate personal relationships. Somewhat cool and aloof, relationships that demand a deeper emotional connection may be avoided. However these individuals are considered friendly and loyal, and may have many acquaintances in their network. Indeed they make avid networkers and can also be excellent fundraisers for a shared humanitarian cause. When afflicted they may be too cold, lacking in empathy and understanding of others.

On a Soul level Venus in Aquarius initially presents a challenge to the cultivation of compassion. If an individual is spiritually oriented they would need to make a conscious effort to cultivate empathy and compassion, through acts of unconditional lovingkindness and generosity to others. Once compassion has become second nature, this opens the door to experience the highest vibration of Aquarius: the bodhisattva path whereby one's individual spiritual energy is generated, accumulated, and dedicated to the collective.

Venus in Pisces - exalted
Venus in Pisces is compassionate and sensitive. In Pisces Venus is said to be exalted, which means it's energy is most active and able to flow freely. Love is transformed from romantic love to Universal Love. Artistic expression may take the form of poetry and/ or music. The individual may need to learn discrimination in relationships if people are not to take advantage of them. When afflicted there can be a lack of boundaries and/or withdrawal from relationships and/or social engagements to avoid being hurt.

On a Soul Level this is an excellent placement for the flowering of compassion and experiencing the higher transcendent states of Oneness and Universal Love.

Venus in The Houses

Venus in the First House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the sense of self. The individual is often attractive either through physical beauty, or through one's grace and charm enhancing the personality. There may be an artistic and/or balanced nature. When afflicted there can be excessive self-indulgence, conceit and/or narcissism.

Venus in the Second House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of one's inner and outer resources: including material possessions, income, finances and one's inner values and talents. The individual with this placement may attract financial and material benefits with ease, enjoying and sharing the benefits freely and generously. When afflicted this could manifest as miserly, grasping and/or ungenerous.

Venus in the Third House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the processes of communication and learning. The individual may have a balanced, harmonious, mind and be able to bring harmony through communication. There may be an artistic nature, and a dislike of arguments. When afflicted there may be intellectual laziness and possible disputes with neighbors and/or siblings.

Venus in the Fourth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of home and family. There may be a desire to own one's own home, and at least to make one's 'home' beautiful, peaceful and harmonious. The individual may have come from a wealthy background and may also be blessed with a comfortable environment in later life. When afflicted there can be issues with, or estrangement from, one's parents and/ or family of origin.

Venus in the Fifth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of self-expression and creativity. The individual may be talented in creative expression through art or music. Their warm, generous, nature may give them a natural affinity with children and they may have successful romantic relationships and/or love affairs. There could also be success with financial speculation. When afflicted, there could be problems with love affairs and/ or children and/or financial loss through poor speculative deals.

Venus in the Sixth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of one's work, health, and responsibilities. The individual prefers balance and harmony in the workplace, both with their co-workers and in terms of their working conditions. They would want equal pay and to receive fair and appropriate remuneration in relation to their investment of time, skill and energy. They could be talented in the area of conflict resolution, but would not want to remain in disharmonious environments for long. Venus in this house usually blesses the individual with good health. When afflicted there can be ill health due to self-indulgence, and/or ongoing problems/ disputes in the working environment, which have a detrimental impact on health.

Venus in the Seventh House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of one's partnerships and relationships. The individual is usually friendly, outgoing, and attracts love (unless other chat factors negate this). There may be success in marriage, partnerships and/or legal contracts. When afflicted there can be difficulty finding the 'right' partner, a string of unsuitable partners, and/or loss or failure through divorce, legal proceedings and/or legal contracts.

Venus in the Eighth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of other people's money, personal transformation and healing. There can be the potential for personal transformation through close relationships, and/or the power to have a transforming role within the relationship. Venus in the eighth house often indicates an inheritance, possibly through one's partner or their relatives. When afflicted there can be problems through intimate relationships: loss of money, sexually transmitted disease, jealousy, obsessions, and/or excessive possessiveness.

Venus in the Ninth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of higher learning, higher education and religion, and the deeper search for meaning. The individual may have an idealistic, philosophical outlook with an appreciation for fine art through higher learning. There could be an appreciation for travel and a love relationship with someone from foreign lands is a possibility. There may even be benefits through one's in-law's or, when afflicted there could possibly be problems with one's in-laws.

Venus in the Tenth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of one's achievements, career, public standing or worldly position. The individual may attract beneficial contacts and circumstances in their career, professional or business sphere and/or their worldly status. They are likely to succeed in their chosen field, and may be popular, because of their loving, amicable, worldview. Unless negated by other chart factors, they probably enjoy public performing and/or speaking and may be quite successful at it. When afflicted there can be difficulties with authority or parental figures and/or there may be a tendency to use contacts solely to advance their own personal ambition.

Venus in the Eleventh House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of groups, societies, friends, community and shared goals. There may be a strong interest in social values, in joining groups associated with shared social values and working with friends and groups of friends towards shared goals in the humanitarian field. Personal benefits may come through friends and one's network of social contacts. With Venus in this position friends can become lovers, and lovers can become friends. When afflicted there can be anti-social behavior and/or a lack of discrimination in choosing one's friends, leading to associations with friends or groups (gangs) that could be detrimental to oneself.

Venus in the Twelfth House bestows magnetic attraction, benefits, love, grace, and beauty to the area of one's inner world. The individual may get greater pleasure from spiritual pursuits than worldly success. There may be a desire for solitude, although they are not necessarily lonely. There can be great compassion and a desire to be of service, maybe with a talent for helping the disadvantaged or disabled in some way. They may have a secret romance, or at least be very private about their romantic interests. When afflicted there can be a lack of discrimination in romance, and this individual may become 'imprisoned' in a relationship in some way.

Venus' greatest power lies in her ability to awaken the stirrings of human love which, when properly directed, become the beginning of a journey 
of awakening that culminates in Universal Divine Love 
and the realization of our true nature as spiritual beings.