Monday 8 April 2024

Astrology best times for surgery

By Leoni Hodgson

THE MOON. The waning Moon is the period for rest, repair - and for surgery. The Moon affects blood flow. People do not hemorrhage as much, bruise less, and swell less during the waning Moon phase.

In order of priority, AVOID:

1 Mercury Retrograde (including 7 days before and after Shadow period). Lab reports could be misread, wrong tests administered, redo surgery etc.

2 Mars retrograde (including 7 days before and after Shadow period). Mars rules muscles, red blood cells, vitality, energy reserves, and the surgeon! Profuse bleeding is possible so make sure blood is available. Infection and inflammation is highly possible after surgery. Recovery time will be longer than usual

3 Moon Void-of-Course. Do not schedule surgery three hours before to three hours after the Moon goes VOC; it can be a chaotic or confusing time.

4. Any transiting planet turning retrograde or direct on the day of the surgery. Situations could happen depending on the planet.

Mercury: Nerve-related problem

Venus: Vein-related problem

Mars: Unexpected hemorrhage

Jupiter: Massive swelling

Saturn: Bone infection

Uranus: Problems with electrical equipment in the operating theater

Neptune: Patient could pick up bacteria or virus in an unusual and unaccountable way

Pluto: Die on the table, resurrected, die and hopefully resurrected again.