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Notes on Draconic Charts

NOTES ON DRACONIC CHARTS by Bette Denlinger  Copyright 1997

                Once upon a time..... there were three zodiacs: the Sidereal, the Tropical, and the Draconic. The Sidereal zodiac takes into account the precession of the equinoxes and is the zodiac used by astronomers. The Tropical is based on the traditional positions of the demarcations of the zodiac and is primarily used by astrologers. The Draconic Zodiac, used by some astrologers searching for hidden spiritual truths, is a symbolic zodiac rather than real . Rumors abound, however, that the Draconic Zodiac is the oldest of them all.

                The term DRACONIC comes from the Latin terms for the Lunar Nodes. Caput Draconis, is the dragon's head or Moon's North Node, and Cauda Draconis, the dragon's tail or South Node. It is traditional to place these points in a chart although they are often ignored and considered insignificant by those looking for indicators of "events". Or we may alternatively hear the terms "karma" or "fate" tossed about in regards to the Nodes. Those who use Arabic Parts in their practice may feel an affinity with the sensitive points created in a Draconic Chart.

                A Draconic Chart is calculated by subtracting the TRUE NORTH NODE in absolute degrees of longitude (i.e...North Node at 4 degrees 26 minutes Scorpio becomes 214.26) from 360 degrees and placing the node at 0 degrees Aries. The difference between the North Node and 360 degrees is added to all the planets and house cusps, and a new chart is erected.

                The planets will appear in the same houses, but the degrees and signs will change in direct proportion to the distance of the True North Node to 0 Aries. The TRUE NODE is always used because this is the position of the Node after correction for the perturbations caused by the gravitational forces of Sun and Moon.

                "It is said that life lessons which surface when comparing the Draconic to the Tropical chart will always manifest in the charts of those with whom we form close relationships. Transits and progressions to the Draconic chart may manifest as major events which alter the course of our lives."

                Among the superstitious the North Node as symbolized by the Dragon's Head represents a beneficial, lucky point, but the South Node is a place of evil and disaster where the Dragon's Tail wreaks havoc. Folk lore and fairy tales are filled with unfriendly, flame belching dragons, who lurk in caves, fill poor villagers with fear and terrorize the countryside when rambling about on their infrequent forays.

                The dragon is often depicted as an ancient and rare creature with inscrutable habits, whose sheer size and terrible reputation deter all from his vicinity.

                A brave knight or hero always takes up the challenge, chooses to leave his mundane existence behind as he sets out on a crusade, and slays or tames the dragon to win the hand of a beautiful maiden. Other stories may say he finds a treasure guarded by the dragon.

                No matter the particulars of the tale, the champion receives great rewards by traveling to meet the Dragon on his own ground, and by demonstrating his previously untested and unrecognized skills he emerges victorious and enriched.

                What is the Node then? Why is it important? The Nodes are astronomically, and in reality, the two points on the plane of the ecliptic that the Moon crosses on its daily orbit. If the ecliptic is where events happen, then those Nodal points are of importance as an indicator of trends in the world around us. The Node is the point of awareness of common events, daily occurrences, and perhaps could be termed the area of what�s happening in the world. The transits of the nodes give us the flavor for the day, the week, the month....the subjects for personal reflection...the activity and moods of the common people (i.e., the Moon). Though they do not produce events they produce a feel, an aura, a sense of the rhythms around us which we can tune into and harmonize with. The Nodes are where the Sun�s path and Moon�s path meet along the planes of the ecliptic; where Light path meets Light path. The symbols for the Nodes are two circles, symbols of the spirit, linked by a crescent which is the esoteric symbol of the soul, or the emotional and desire nature.

                    One Node is associated with intake and the other with an outward flow, like respiration with the breathe going in and out or the tide's ebb and flow..... In some opinions the South Node represents the past and those areas of life we have experienced in a previous incarnation. Those areas if emphasized in this lifetime prevent growth, since we have already become accomplished in this area. The South Node tells you, in essence, "been there, done that". The North Node represents the future and what we need to strive towards to balance our personalities, and to empower our souls on a forward path. The North Node shows us the direction where we will become whole, internally united and empowered, if we choose to go.

                The North Node then according to this philosophy looks backwards, relying on abilities one is already comfortable and competent with, but by adhering to the tried and true we miss out on a whole realm of experience and become one sided. The North Node points to new, unexplored territory, which may be daunting to the timid, but which if embraced creates joy, fulfillment, and coalescence. The South Node represents abilities and aptitudes we are born with in this life, and the North Node is the direction in which we can build or realize new skills and strengths that complement and enhance our natural ones. It then follows that to accentuate the area of life represented by the North Node via its house and sign will benefit the growth of the soul as it struggles on its spiral towards perfection.

                The South Node may show what we possess innately, and the North what we lack, but only by striving for those very qualities which are the antithesis of our nature may we become a whole person, at one with the universe, and at peace. In every opposition and every duality one side both balances and needs the other to maintain its own balance. We often do not know just what our strengths and positive attributes are until we project them outward and utilize them with the other as represented by the opposition aspect.

                Why is the Draconic Chart focused on zero degrees Aries? Consider that Aries is the starting gate, the Cardinal Sign of spring, the turning point of fresh beginnings, and symbolizes taking action that will lead to growth. Even the symbol for the sign Aries appears as a fountain of life gushing forth with vital force. In the Draconic chart the North Node moves symbolically to zero Aries, and we reorient the chart to the starting point. Now, what actually happens when the North Node is at 0 Aries? That is the time the Node starts a new 19 yr. cycle, isn't it? It is also when the Nodes are simultaneously on the ecliptic and equatorial planes. Powerful forces, magnetic and otherwise, are at work when planes coincide. An eclipse is an alignment of Sun and Moon along the same planes of ecliptic and declination. Other planes may coincide and intersect, creating areas that are conduits for energy transmittal.

                The Vertex, called a point of fateful encounters over which we have no conscious control, is the intersection of the great circles of the ecliptic and the prime vertical in the west at the time and place of birth. In the Draconic Chart the ecliptic plane of the Sun, the equatorial plane of the Earth, and that of the Lunar orbit are all brought together.... Light paths meet Earth.

                Compare the Tropical chart to the Draconic to examine the theme of the life search for actualization. If the Tropical planetary positions of another persons chart coincides with a Draconic placement in your chart, this person will in some way teach or challenge you to use the abilities of your Draconic planet in a way that sows seeds for future flowering. The same may be said for transits and progressions to those Draconic degrees. Aspects between charts retain their basic interpretations. If by trine; in positive, easy ways that inspire. If by square, by creating tension and cross purposes which may test your resolve. If by opposition a choice must be made, balance must be created, and if by conjunction the lesson may be for good or ill, but certainly important.

                Since we have choice to set out on this quest to fulfill our spiritual needs and as the Draconic chart is based on the Aries point which represents taking action, it follows that to manifest the best and highest of our nature we must deliberately seek the characteristics and concepts of the planets and signs Draconically pointed out.

                Each individual walks his own unique path, and only by self searching and reflection will you understand the particular lesson that is yours to learn. Below there are some guidelines, but choose what makes you feel right on target, trust to the voice of your Higher Self , and you can never go wrong.

                When the Sun is highlighted in a Draconic comparison, you may reach out and achieve your potential through taking pleasure in creative abilities. One may create on many levels; you may visualize your goals, take pride in leadership and worldly accomplishment, raise either a child of the body or the mind, or simply enjoy and enlighten those around you. Whatever you focus your whole heart on will be successful if you will concentrate on the matters associated with this placement by house and by sign.

                Should the Moon be notably aspected the expression of feelings and emotion will lead you on a path by which you may find completion. Attuning to the rhythms of the world around you, cherishing those people and things which surround you in daily life, and being receptive is the way to fulfillment of your Draconic road. Opportunities are presented for you to nurture and feed others as well as the self, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Learn to listen and reflect on what you hear and feel.

                Mercury as a focus planet directs one towards using logic and precision in everyday matters. Strive for clarity of thought, use the mind as a tool for accomplishing your visions. What you say and write may have importance for your future. Information may be a springboard for consolidating your conflicts. The handle for improvement may lie within the immediate environment. Thoughts are things, so direct your mind along pleasant paths.

                Venus lights the way of potentiality via relationships, social activities, and the ability to love. Pay close attention to people and things attracted into the life through no effort of your own. While you walk on a road with another being harmonize and agree with them. Appreciation of beauty and the arts may catapult you into new and untried directions. Your gaiety and kindness may attract friends that help you in times to come.

                When Mars is the planet accentuated work and effort will be the rewarding areas of life to concentrate on. There may be higher implications in actions taken. Push forward your personal desires, assert yourself and go after those things you want. Your own initiative may produce a turning point for your future. By pleasing yourself first you may become a pleasure for others. Accept challenges and bravely face struggles as you can grow by overcoming strife.

                The only way to deal with Saturn in any form is to accept the limitations put upon you and learn to follow the rules. As you become aware of the value of public recognition or accept the fact that a reputation is built and not given without merit, you grow in wisdom. Obstructions and responsibilities are placed in your path so that you may become stronger, more capable, and more organized. Learning to plan for the future is your vehicle for gaining self respect. Ethical considerations are important to your fulfillment.

                Jupiter in the Draconic chart gives deeper meaning to the development of philosophy and faith. How you react to the opinions of others and their words has a deeper portent for you. Acts of generosity to and from other people, especially family, may be signposts to future rewards. Learning to refine your judgment, weigh what is wasteful and extravagant versus what empowers others, and expanding your horizons are all areas to explore. Educational opportunities are avenues of positive portent.

                Uranus brings sudden changes and unusual circumstances into the life and by meeting these face on you grow and fulfill the other side of your personality. Accept the new and different. The key to future possibilities lies in chance meetings and temporary friendships that spark new thoughts and goals. Embrace change, progress, and humanitarian endeavors. Refuse to stick with the tried and true out of fear. Learn to adjust to change. Let your innate independence shine.

                The Draconic chart with Neptune exchanges indicates that seeds may be sown through an awareness of compassion and sympathy. Once we realize that all mankind is swimming together in a sea of similar consciousness, we may touch the pain of others from within ourselves. Acts of kindness stemming from imagined needs may be catalysts to our future. Confusing or glamorous situations may arise where things are not as they appear, but by accepting these without fear one may walk a path of higher ideals. Don�t shirk from sympathy or accepting charity. Walking a mile in another�s shoes may help you advance on your own road.

                In Draconic charts Pluto dominating the delineation may point to accepting major upheavals as the route to satisfy the souls quest. There are people, situations, and things which must be eliminated and discarded to clear the road for future accomplishment. Pluto may represent abandonment of an element of the life that is the key to the future performance. The proverb, As we sow, so we reap reminds us to banish resentment from the past before we replant. Purity of purpose is all important with Pluto.

                The Vertex involved in a Draconic combination blends the meaning of the Vertex with Nodes. There is no personal control whatsoever over the situation. The power over our own future lies in the hands of someone else. Another person is thrown into the life and we are swept up into a relationship that may , by surrendering our selves to the influence of the other, fulfill our personal dreams and bring them into actuality.

                Draconic degrees show you exactly where you can grow, widen, fulfill, and enhance your life. These are the important points that can show where you may initiate individual growth of spirit and travel from what was into what will be. We can choose to make our futures brighter and happier by searching for the critical points upon which that future may hinge.

                Use your Draconic Chart as a sign post pointing to relationships and experiences that will help you become rather than just be.

                The hero in our fairy tales became a great prince, won great love, gained riches , achieved greatness and acclaim by valiantly searching out and meeting the dragon head on, face to face.

                Set out on a journey and find the dragon.

                ..... nd everyone lived happily ever after...........** (except the dragon...)Much love and appreciation to Moyra L.who showed me Draconic Charts......and whose words I heard.

                Bette Denlinger Copyright � 1997

How to Interpret Draconic Charts by Andrea Arden

The Draconic zodiac is a wonderful tool for illuminating the kinds of experiences you will encounter on your life path. A planet’s Draconic position represents that planet’s role in expressing your soul’s chosen purpose. Mixing the two zodiacs and noting their interaction best shows how that purpose is likely to manifest in this lifetime. In other words, the kind of events and people you draw into your life to learn your soul’s lessons can be found by comparing your Draconic planetary positions to the Tropical planetary positions in your natal chart.

To illustrate, if your Draconic Saturn is conjunct your Tropical Moon, it would suggest that your spiritual need to experience the matters of Saturn in your life (structure, responsibility, limitation, grief, etc.) would manifest through the matters of the Moon (family, the mother, women in general, or feelings). And conversely, if your Draconic Moon is conjunct your Tropical Saturn, it indicates that matters of the Moon are influenced by Saturn in your life, implying that they may be blocked, limited in some way, or even missing altogether. In both examples, whatever manifests is the life condition your soul has chosen as the best way for you to learn your spiritual lessons.

Draconic planets also work another way. If you are not consciously striving to align your life with your soul’s purpose, choosing to ignore it instead, then the Draconic positions often represent your "shadow," which is your unconscious self which you experience through your interactions with others. For instance, having Draconic Mars conjunct your Ascendant suggests that spiritually you have chosen to learn the lesson of assertiveness. However, if you fail to express Mars in a consciously assertive way, you will very likely experience everyone else’s Mars powerfully directed at you. You might even find that Tropical Mars rises in the charts of most of your significant others. Although that may make life seem a little unfair, it’s actually a pretty ingenious process. Sooner or later you will be forced to "own" your own Mars rising (Draconic) to keep everyone you meet from running roughshod over you. It’ll be just a matter of time before you finally stand up for yourself, even if it takes a lifetime or two.

The usual method of examining Draconic positions is to place them outside your natal Tropical chart. The aspects between the two zodiacs seems to take precedence over the signs in which the Draconic planets are found. However, the sign of your Draconic Sun will be very noticeable in your personality. In fact, that sign may be the one people most often guess to be your Sun sign. Angularity is also important in evaluating Draconic positions, for Draconic planets falling near the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, or I.C. will be high focus in your life. In addition, Tropical planets found near your Draconic angles are also highlighted.

In addition to using Draconic positions to interpret individual natal charts, using them in chart comparisons can also be very illuminating. It can show a strong spiritual connection keeping two people together who you might not otherwise think were a good astrological match. Also, as was the case for the Mars rising example above, the Draconic/Tropical combinations in an individual’s chart are often found among the dominant Tropical aspects in the charts of their close friends and relatives. As for transits, Tropical transits to natal Draconic positions are often very descriptive of what’s happening when aspects to the Tropical positions don’t seem to describe an event. In addition, Draconic transits can be used in aspect to Tropical or Draconic positions and often tell the tale when nothing else works. Other astrological techniques, e.g., progressions, directions, solar returns, or composites, are greatly enhanced by adding Draconic placements.


Draconic Astrology

 What is Draconic Astrology?

Your draconic chart represents a lot of things. It’s karmic, spiritual and unconscious, pertaining to the soul and the soul’s desire, linked to destiny, fate and soulmates. Some think of the Draconic chart as the true purpose behind the soul’s intentions.

Draconic astrology is derived from the True Nodes of the moon. Instead of starting at 0 Aries at the Vernal Equinox, 0 Aries begins at the Moon’s North Node. If you were born with the North Node at 0 Aries, your Draconic and Natal charts would be identical. The Houses, and Planets in Houses remain the same, but the signs, degrees and degrees in the houses can change drastically.

Like the North Node, a Draconic chart will tell you about where you’re headed, if you choose to reach out, and like the South Node, it will tell you about where you have been, what’s comforting, familiar and secure. It’s said that as a child you were more your Draconic chart than Natal, as you were closer to your soul and true personality. It also has connections to reincarnation, the thought that your soul will carry it’s Draconic chart with it to each person it visits throughout your multiple lives. It can also explain attraction you cannot see in normal synastry and comparison.

A Draconic chart will represent deep values, belief patterns, individual purpose, meaning and clarity. It’s less characteristics and personality traits, and more higher ethics and the soul. Draconic placements indicate soul qualities and suggest the ideal the soul wants to attain in the world, as well as areas of growth, and who we subconsciously dream of becoming. The Moon of the Draconic chart is also said to represent your ‘true sign’ and the barest form of who you really are deep inside, whether you understand/know it or not.

Each sign still applies to it’s planetary meaning, but we view Draconic signs a little differently, turning their power inward and forwards. The Draconic chart is sensitive to transits and can be progressed, pertaining to life-changing events and encounters that we aren’t consciously aware of, such as someone accidentally being in touch with our Draconic inner qualities and guiding our lives. These events are thought of as ‘spiritual prompts’, guiding inner impulse to the surface.
The Draconic chart is best understood in comparison to the natal chart, as it interacts as two parts of your being; active and unconscious (Though Draconic astrology acts on a much deeper level than the subconscious persona chart characteristics of each planet)

Conjunction and Opposition aspects and where they fall when the two charts are compared are important. Through Draconic charts we can discover that those closest to us can be acutely aware of our soul’s purpose. (Amplifying the weight of advice coming from those closest to us. They may be more aware of what our soul and true selves need much more than we are consciously aware of.)
Some identify heavily with their Draconic aspects, while others don’t, showing us who is more in touch with their spiritual side and who isn’t. In the many layers of the Horoscope and personality, Draconic may represent the inner most layer, the one that shines through when everything else is peeled away.

The Draconic sun can tell you who exactly you want to be, and what traits and paths in life you wish you could follow. For example, my Draconic sun is in Cancer, and represents a lot of the emotional vulnerability, trust and security I deeply desire and wish I could apply to my life, but can’t as I’m not completely in touch with this side of my personality – rejecting it in fact, as guided by my natal chart.

The Draconic Moon is who you truly are. (as Draconic is based on the Moon’s True Nodes). You can call it your ‘soul sign.’ You may be a Sun Libra in your daily life, but your soul sign may be in Taurus, representing your soul’s true desire and true driving purpose. A more free spirited person who subconsciously strives for complete security.

The Draconic ascendant differs from the Natal Ascendant in that it represents our ‘intuitive identity’ rather than our ‘outward identity’. The Decan your Draconic Ascendant is in is important, as it can be heavily influenced by the sign next to it. Think of your Draconic ascendant as your ‘soul’s mask’.
The Draconic midheaven speaks of super consciousness, and the soul’s true quest, rather than our career paths and online persona, as the Midheaven is usually spoken of.

 When you were born, you were your Draconic self. Your spiritual self, before the world and your Natal Chart shaped you to be who you are today. What you go through as a person decides how in touch you are with your Draconic chart, or how far you drift from it. Life may have stripped you of it, and made you fully your Natal self, or it may have driven you back to your soul’s spiritual values, and carved you into a more rounded person, in touch with your true self.

Both your Draconic and your Natal are truly you, as we are all a combination of things, layers upon layers and more than one person. A Draconic chart, especially in comparison with your Natal chart can help you find who you truly are.

Where do I find my Draconic chart? is the easiest place for this! Just go to the extended chart selection, and in the drop down menu you’ll find “Draconic” and “Draconic - Natal comparison”
(Source: feystrology)


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Understanding Your Own Destiny Number

Our Destiny number is often called our Expression number, it is a really important number for us to consider and explore. It is calculated by using your full birth name, it is worth noting that you can not use nicknames, creative ways of spelling your name, or any assumed names, only your birth name is to be used, the only exception is if your are adopted at birth, then the name given by your new parents is to be used.

Apply the name that is registered on your birth certificate, don’t use your married name or any changes you have made to your name, the name you were given at birth is significant and must always be used. Also, don’t use any extras on your name eg: Sr, Dr, Jr, lll etc that may be following your name.

What really is My Destiny Number

Your Destiny number is just that, it is the path which leads to your predetermined Destiny, the destination your life’s journey will take you to. Your Destiny number is also considered to be your lucky number, it is a life changing and all powerful number that your name resonates to.
This number is so special to you that it does decide your life purpose, your goals and the direction and blockages you will encounter and manifest as you live your life. It is good to have a broad guide that you can check out and see the challenges, lessons and opportunities coming your way.
Time and time again we see those unhappy people are often the ones working against their Destiny number, instead of working with it. Having a heads up in life is really helpful, and that’s what knowing these numbers really is, this way you can make changes, adjust your views and set the goals that are achievable for you.
In knowing your Destiny number, it is as you hold the key to your own life guide, this is priceless information and vital for understanding the universe and yourself, your place in this amazing world.

What Will My Destiny Number Show Me

Breaking the Destiny number down, it shows you the tasks, jobs and projects that you are destined to complete in your life time. It shows you your potential, your talents are highlighted, your special and unique abilities, your personal shortcomings, and most importantly it reveals your inner goals that you were previously unaware of when you were born and embarked on this journey we call life.

Knowing what you must achieve to find happiness and to what your soul most aspires to become is what our souls are here to achieve. In numerology, if you are seeking love, harmony and the divine beauty in us all, then you need to follow your destiny number, this is the key to achieving all your soul and hearts desires.
In numerology there are nine main Destiny numbers (1 to 9) known as the Pythagorean numerology system, each with their own path, there are also master numbers (11, 22, 33) they are the double whammy ones, associated with excellence and people with a supreme amount of energy at their finger tips.

Calculating My Destiny Number

The calculation of your own Destiny number is very easy, to start check out the chart you can see here, there is a number assigned to each letter of the alphabet. Find the corresponding number for each letter of your first name, do each name separately, and reduce all numbers down to a single number. destiny number
For example Sarah Jane Smith, first we do Sarah 1+1+9+1+8=20=2, then Jane 1+1+5+5=12=3, then Smith 1+4+9+2+8=24=6, then add the three numbers 2+3+6=11, this is an example of a master number, we do not break the 11 down, but if it it were to add up to 13 then we would add 1+3 to find the Destiny number 4. We will be writing an article for each number, also an article for the three first master numbers.


Friday 4 November 2016

The Draconic Zodiac in Synastry

You may have heard about the Tropical Zodiac (based upon the declination of the Sun and most often used in the Western world) and the Sidereal Zodiac (based upon the Constellations and most often used in India) but you may not realize there is another kind of Zodiac also: the Draconic Zodiac.
Many astrology software programs do feature the Draconic Zodiac besides the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac though so that it's quite simple to have an astrology chart calculated according to the Draconic Zodiac.
The origin of the Draconic Zodiac is unclear; some claim it dates back to Babylonian times while others claim Edgar Cayce, 'the sleeping prophet', introduced this kind of horoscopes.
Though Edgar Cayce's readings hold valuable astrological information without a doubt, we still have not found a reading that specifically describes the Draconic Zodiac as such.

The meaning of the Draconic Zodiac

While the Tropical Zodiac is Sun-based, the Draconic Zodiac is based upon the Moon's Nodes.
In astrology, the Lunar Nodes or Moon's Nodes are told to be soul-based, reflecting the Universal Law of Balance (often called 'Karma') and pointing to where the soul is (or should be) heading.
Hence, the Draconic Zodiac represents the development of the Soul in this world, on this planet earth.
When using the Draconic Zodiac in synastry, one can find out if there is soul mate potential, presenting a connection or bond that is larger than life, that is beyond this life and that has roots on a higher or universal soul level.

Calculating the Draconic Zodiac

In the Draconic Zodiac, the mean North Node of the Moon is always posited at 0° Aries, the Vernal Point.
Some astrologers use the True North Node though, but most often the mean North Node is told to bring better results.
The positions of all the planets, points and bodies are measured in terms of their distances from the mean North Node in the horoscope.
This distance in degrees is then added or subtracted to the North Node.
In short, the formula is as follows: Planet/Angle - North Node = Draconic Planet/Angle
If you don't have astrology software featuring the Draconic Zodiac, this online calculator may work for you.
Also, Astrodienst in switzerland offers a Draconic Zodiac chart: check out their website at first and then:
  1. click the Free Horoscopes section in the navigation bar on top
  2. go to "Extended Chart Selection" under the "Drawings & Calculations" header
  3. click the Draconic Zodiac radio button under the "Options" sectio

Interpreting the Draconic Zodiac

The Draconic Zodiac is actually (another) mathematical construct in astrology (like the composite chart) and has to be delineated accordingly.
This means that the planets only change signs (not houses)!
The chart is delineated as a normal chart though.

The Draconic Zodiac in Synastry

In synastry (or chart comparison between two people), the Draconic Zodiac points to soul agreements (and past life connections), especially when you find conjunctions and/or oppositions to the Ascendant/Descendant axis and the Sun and Moon.
Sun-Moon conjunctions and/or oppositions between the Draconic Zodiacs of the partners may point to soul matches.
It may also be worth to compare the Draconic Zodiac of one partner with the Tropical Zodiac of the other partner.
Here too, very close conjunctions and/or oppositions may be very revealing and important.
Mutual tight aspects between the Ascendant, Sun and Moon are telling!
The squares can be more challenging, pointing to (past life) lessons still not mastered.
If there are no mutual tight Sun, Moon, Ascendant connections, there may not be any soul agreement or contract and the partners may meet for temporary reasons


"I associate draconic charts more with soul level and aspects found in draconic can manifest in very developed inividuals, more often in practice synastry is the most obviously manifested, also composite and Davison charts. Draconic tells much about the nature of attachment of two souls involved." ~ Hermetic

"If Draconic planets make aspects to tropical planets, they will indeed have an influence on the current situation. One that stems from the subconscious past patterns. But the tropical planet will trigger these memories and the feelings.

How strong that will be could depend on the awareness of the people involved though.I also think that, since Draconics are calculated by using the nodal axis, they also have a relation to the current lifepath through their relation to the NORTH node as well as South Node." ~ Dark Dreamer

Conjunctions and Oppositions are most important in a Draconic Chart. Square/Trine/Sextile only with 1 degree orbs.

Draconic Synastry tells a couple that they were meant to be, and what they may have been in the past lifelines.

Introduction to the Draconic Zodiac

Draconic Meaning
Draconic to Natal
Draconic Synastry
Draconic Transits
Draconic Tutorial
* New blog post on the Draconic Zodiac*
The word 'Draconic' is from the Latin ' draconem' (nom. draco) "serpent, dragon," from the Greek drakon (gen. drakontos) meaning "serpent, seafish." In astrology, the Caput Draconis is the 'Dragon’s head' or North Lunar Node and the Cauda Draconis is the 'Dragon’s tail' or South Lunar Node .
The Draconic Zodiac is another reference for plotting the chart but instead of starting 0 degrees Aries at the vernal equinox as the familiar Tropical Zodiac does, 0 Aries begins at the Moon's North Node.
Hang on! It's not a complex as it sounds!

It just means that instead of the node being at the particular degree you're accustomed to seeing it, it is 'dialed back' to 0 degrees of Aries. The planets all stay in the same houses and have the same angular relationship (aspects) to each other as in the tropical zodiac charts but the signs and degrees are altered (unless you were already born with the North Node at 0 Aries. In that case, your Draconic chart is identical to your natal chart in the tropical zodiac). Here is an example.

Tropical Zodiac Example
Tropical Zodiac transit chart for December 6, 2007. Notice that the North Lunar Node is at 1 degree Pisces 27' Rx:

To create your Draconic chart, you can subtract the North Node in degrees of longitude from 360 and and add the difference to all the planets and house cusps. In the case above, the North node is 1 Pi 27 which (rounded) translates into 331 degrees of absolute longitude. Subtract that from the full circle, [360-331=29]. Add [29] degrees to every planet, point and angle and you have the Draconic coordinates. For example, the Sun in the tropical chart above is 13 degrees Sagittarius. We add [29] degrees to it [13 Sag + 29 = 42 (-30) or 12 degrees of Capricorn. Many computer programs will calculate Draconic charts, including Matrix Software, as used in this article.

Below is the Draconic Chart for the exact same moment as above. All the planets are in the same position by house and aspect but the signs have shifted the exact number of degrees the North Nodes was away from 0 Aries.
Draconic Chart Example


Draconic Meaning

Like the North Node, the Draconic chart says something about where we are headed, if we chose to reach out, and also like the South Node, it says something about where we have been, what's comforting, familiar and secure. Some think of the Draco chart as as the “purpose” behind the soul's intention and link it to a sense of destiny or fate.
I like to think of the natal Draconic chart as a layer of “soul fabric” that lies underneath the outward personality. You can’t see it unless you look deep. Like the silk lining of a jacket, we never think about it being there and it never fully shows, yet it is a substance that makes the wearing of the coat more comfortable—a better fit—and when the breeze flips up an edge and we get a glimpse of that contrasting color and silky texture, we go “ahhh”.
The Draconic chart is something like that.

In this metaphor there is no “blending.” The Draconic chart is not woven into the natal chart like a tweed. It is the satin underneath, distinct and of its own, usually different, nature.

Consider the Draconic chart and it’s relationship to the NODES. In the Draco system, the North Lunar Node is ALWAYS Zero Aries and the South Lunar Node is always 0 Libra. This is a major hint as to the meaning and purpose of the chart.

The Nodes, which have so much to do with unconscious patterns from the past and new conscious directions towards the future, are the point in the chart that says “This is where you have been and what is comfortable (South) and this is what you can experience if you reach out into the new and unexplored (North). Life is a balance between the two and the Draconic chart resonates with this theme—where we've been and where we are going. Remember, everyone has the SAME nodes in their Draco Chart. That is a KEY to understanding the principles at work.
And, to top it off, the Lunar Nodes in the Draconic chart are ALWAYS on the Zero degree Aries point! Talk about destiny meeting intention! (North Node on the AP)
The AP represents a movement (cardinal) from an inner quality to an outer manifestation. It orients us towards the world at large—society, public events and all relationships propelled from the individual to the collective. Sometimes it represents a "spectacular out rush of energies... and involvement with the world at large" --Celest Teal

Draconic to Natal

The North Node as the first degree of Aries, suggests how our “will to be”, or sense of I AM, moves out from the subjective and into manifest reality. The Node here gives everyone an incredible sense of self-assertion and WILL to move forward IF they choose to develop it.

The South Node as the first degree of Libra says, “I relate”, showing how our drive to interact with others in socially significant ways moves from our inner world and out towards other individuals. Because it is “from the past” it can indicate a feeling of too much reliance on “what other’s think” or letting others do things for us, or even run our lives. In this Libra - Aries polarity we have to make our own decisions and find how growth comes form our own experiences and adds to our capacity to relate.

In the Draco chart, there is no “sitting on the fence” or hesitating about “what to do” if we want to seek our destiny and any aspects to the natal chart can be quite instructional. Remember, the ONLY thing different in the Draco chart is the signs of the house cusps and the planets. This tells us about an underlying orientation that we otherwise have, but may not always see.

There are two main ways to consider the Draconic Natal Chart. It can be read as a stand alone, considering the difference between the orientation of the signs in the original natal chart, and it can be read in aspect to the tropical natal chart. The fist technique is most instructional if you compare the two Zodiacs planet by planet, cusp by cusp. For example if the Natal chart has the sun at 2 degrees of Gemini in the 10th house, we might say there is a need to communicate widely and knowledgeable in ones chosen profession--to feel distinct, this person needs to shine before the public in a sharp, dynamic, witty way. If the Draconic sun is there (it will always have the same house position and aspects) in the sign of Capricorn, there may be an underlying need for that public recognition to reap tangible results--something Gemini alone is not too concerned with. Going through all the planets and angles in this way brings quick insights.

The second technique is a way of comparing aspects between planets and points otherwise not revealed. The measurement, remember, is the distance of any planet from the North Lunar Node. If, for example, the original natal chart has the Moon 32 degrees ahead of the North Node and the Draconic Chart has Saturn at 2 degrees of Taurus (32 degrees ahead of the Draconic North Lunar Node or 0 Aries) there is a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn that otherwise would not have been seen. This can explain much in charts were there is no original aspect between planets but a powerful conjunction in the Draco to Tropical comparison.

Below is an example of a natal chart (inner wheel) with the Draconic chart placed around the outside as you might the transits or progressions. Here many contacts are seen that are not apparent by the natal alone. (D) Saturn is conjunct (T) Mercury and Venus, (D) Pluto is conjunct (T) South Node, (D) Uranus is conjunct (T) Chiron, and (D) Jupiter is conjunct (T) Part of Fortune.

Example Natal
With this kind of comparison it is best to keep orbs tight! I look particularly at conjunctions and/or oppositions within zero - 2.00 degrees of orb. Remember, all the planetary aspects in each chart are identical. What is going to be interesting is how the draco chart relates back to the natal. More examples are in the tutorial below.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there are TWO zodiacs

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Draconic Synastry


Synastry describes the technique of comparing the natal or progressed charts of two or more people.  It literally means ‘stars in the same place’ such as when one person’s Sun is conjunct another person’s Moon.  All aspects between the two charts are important, the angle, or type of aspect, being less relevant than the actual link.  Each planet contact brings its own symbolism to life in a relationship and evaluating them in synastry charts can supply information as to the needs, purpose and desires that are awakened when two people meet, connect and interact. 

People are like permanent transits. When you meet someone who has their natal Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun, it's like having Jupiter on the Sun whenever they are around! This is an easy contact to spot when comparing the tropical zodiac natal charts but they many also have their Draconic Pluto on your Mars, and that might feel a little different. It might also go a long way in explaining some intense dynamics in the relationship that might not otherwise be obvious.

There are several ways of using the Draconic zodiac in relationship comparisons. You can look at Draconic to Draconic or Draconic to Tropical natal or progressed charts. In this way, there may be connections under the surface that aren't obvious in the Tropical Zodiac charts but make a lot of sense when they show up in the Draco. Here is one example:
Synastry Example
In this chart the (T) Mars of one person is conjunct the (D) Mars of the other. There is no Mars aspect in the tropical synastry and the feisty, sexy, battle & banter nature of the union is well explained by looking at the Draconic links. There is also a Jupiter/Mercury/Venus contact not see in the Tropical charts alone, and boy can these two talk!
Another method is to make a composite (midpoint) chart of the Draconic natal's. This may be very different than the tropical composite and progressed composite charts, shedding new light on the purpose and energy of the relationship. Some useful exercises for reading these charts will follow in the tutorial below.

Draconic Transits

Transits to the natal Tropical chart from Draconic positions can be insightful as can the reverse--Tropical transits to the Draconic Natal. Again it may be most instructional to keep orbs tight, within a few degrees, and focus primarily on the conjunction and opposition, at least to begin with.

Transits of any kind are often associated with outer events.  Although this may be an accurate association, the initial effect is usually an inner one.  Some part of the psyche, some interior figure or archetype, awakens.  Concurrent with the nature of the transit, house and sign position, once awake it generally starts looking around for recognition.  That means it looks for a crown, a throne and lots of patronage.  If the recognition is readily forthcoming and conscious awareness is placed on the needs, desires and offerings of the figure, what it represents can transform into what we consciously express without a hint of an outer event.  We simple add the new aspect of being into the multiplicity of ourselves.

If, on the other hand, the needs and wants of the figure are denied by consciousness, we will meet them outside ourselves. Jung said "We people our lives with bits or ourselves," and what we deny inwardly we bump into in the daily life as a person, place or thing.  In this case, the event can be disruptive.  This disruption, (or exhilaration), insures acknowledgement of the waking archetype, one way or another.

Remember, the entire chart needs to be considered when evaluating Draconic transits, along with other major and minor Tropical transits and progressions.  If there is a Saturn transit to the Sun concurrent with a Draco Jupiter transit to the Nodes, the Draconic transit may be less prominent.  If there is a transit to the Draconic Moon and a Tropical New moon conjunct the Ascendant, the impact can be far greater regardless of the outer planet transits.  Draconic lunar events can also be considered as a “timing” device like Mercury, suggesting when major transits may manifest in an inner or outer event.

Draconic Tutorial

This Tutorial offers a structured way to begin working with the Draconic Zodiac. It is in no way inclusive or complete! Use what works as a guideline and enjoy!

Step One: Construct your natal Draconic Chart by using a computer program or by subtracting the North Lunar Node in degrees of longitude from 360 and then adding that figure to all the planets and house cusps.

Step Two: Start a page with columns. On the left, list all your planets out from the Moon, Sun etc to Pluto (include Chiron and any asteroids you like) It would start for example, like this:
1. moon2degree Gemini23'

Step Three: Add a few key words to describe the ORIENTATION of each planet in that sign. Focus mainly on what it “Wants, Needs and has to offer.” You can be as brief or elaborate as you like.
1. moon2degreeGemini23' - Loves communication, offers curiosity.

Step Four: In the right hand column, place the Draco sign and degree and its orientation. Focus also on “Wants, Needs and has to offer.” It might look like this:
1a. Tropical moon2degreeGemini23' - Loves communication, offers curiosity.
1b. Draconic moon15degreeCancer25' - Loves deep feelings, offers sensitivity.
Continue on with this until all your planets are listed and you can actually SEE the difference in orientation. (You can consider decans and dwads if you'd like to take it further, adding more key words and ideas). The Draco positions say something about that silk lining, what is underneath your tropical needs and orientation. This doesn’t negate your tropical chart! It ADDS a new dimension.
By doing this compare and contrast of the tropical zodiac placements of the natal chart to the Draconic, an initial feeling for the link between the two will emerge.
You can expand on this by comparing transits, progressions and synastry placements to other people as well.

Step Five: Do the same exercise above using your Tropical house cusps in the left hand column and your Draconic house cusps in the right. It might look like this:
1a. Tropical ASC. 10degreeAquarius 34' - Initiates in unique ways, zany energy.
1b. Draconic ASC 29 degreeVirgo 12' - Initiates after much analysis, quick mind.
Continue this through all 12 houses, focusing on the needs of the signs as they apply to the qualities of each house. You can take this further by considering the rulers of each sign on each cusp and were they fall in both the Tropical and Draconic chart. In the example above, the (t) Asc is ruled by Saturn and Uranus where as the (d) Asc is ruled by Mercury.

These above exercises are a great way to become familiar, step by step with your Draconic Chart.
Step Six: Find any aspects (look for the conjunctions and oppositions first) between the natal Tropical placements and the Draconic. As in the chart example above, consider the conjunction between (d) Saturn and (t) Mercury/Venus. How does that make the natal chart different? What is underneath the Mercury/Venus conjunction that was not obvious before? Studying these connections will bring new insights.

Step Seven:
Find any aspects between Draconic composite charts that contrast the tropical composite, noting the differences in signs, elements and chart pattern. The Draconic composite is the only chart that alters its house placement and patter if you use the technique of combining the two Draconics as opposed to doing a draconic conversion of the tropical zodiac. What does the Draconic composite seem to indicate? How is that different from the natal?

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There are three excellent articles explaining the basics of Draconic Charts.
In a nutshell
a) they explain how our Node based chart is vital for spiritual evolution
b) how important the 0 degree point of Aries is in astrology
c) If someone's draconic chart makes no important aspects to your draconic or tropical chart, then they just cannot be related to you
How to apply Draconic Synastry with Asteroids:
Make the Draconic Chart for Synastry if you find interesting links between the tropical charts.
You need to make Draconic Charts for self and partner. Include Asteroids Eros (433), Valentine (447), Psyche (16), Amor (1221) , Juno and Karma (3811).
Using a 2 degree orb, check if any of these 6 asteroids conjunct, oppose, trine or square the other's Ascendant and same Asteroids.
Juno and Karma are most important. Next step, check for these asteroids aspecting True Node, Saturn, Sun, Moon , Mars, Venus and Pluto.
Next, check his draconic with her tropical chart, and vice versa for the love asteroids and above mentioned planets.
The most successful long term relationships almost always have a favorable conjunction like:
  • His Draconic Saturn   conjunct  her  Draconic or Tropical  Moon
  • His Draconic Venus conjunct/trine her Draconic Mars/Eros/Pluto or Tropical Mars/Eros/Pluto
  • His Draconic North Node conjunct her Draconic/Tropical Valentine/Karma and vice versa
  • His Draconic Mars conjunct/trine her Draconic North Node/Sun
  • His Draconic Psyche conjunct/trine her Draconic/Tropical Eros/Valentine
The more links you find, the more intertwined are your souls  in the relationship, possibly over several lifetimes.
Likewise, be aware of harsh squares and oppositions in the Draconic Charts, these are evidences of hurts in the past life and hence tendency to hurt in this relationship too.
Look for Asteroid Nessus if you have doubts on possessiveness, stalking nature.
His Draconic Nessus square/opposite her Draconic/tropical Venus is a sign of over possessiveness and possible stalking.


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How To Use Soul Astrology To Understand Your Life And Soul Purpose

Soul Astrology is the Astrology of our inner world. When we understand our Astrological (natal) chart, from a Soul-centered perspective, it can give our life purpose, and meaning.
To work with Soul Astrology as an effective tool for understanding your life and soul purpose you first need to know at least three things:
Your Ascendant, Your Sun Sign and Your Moon Sign.  (If you don’t know these, enter your birth details here to generate a free birth chart.)  Next you’ll need to understand how they relate to you, and to each other. This is outlined below.
Your Soul Sign – the Ascendant
The Ascendant is your Soul Sign and the potential for your highest expression. In this lifetime.  It is the most important sign in Soul Astrology.
Your Soul Sign indicates your innate core essence. The essence of who you really are. But this will remain latent while you are identified with, and driven by, the needs of the personality.
Our spiritual development involves realizing this core energy and expressing it into the world. Becoming a fully Soul-centered individual.
A Fully Integrated Individual
A fully Soul_Centered individual is fully integrated*. This means they have integrated their Soul and Personality and can access and fully express the highest octave of each sign. They will no longer experience polarity, so they can express the highest octave of Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, and so forth. Read about the Soul Purpose of all twelve signs HERE.
Your Personality Signs
Like the black and white yin/yang symbol, your personality has two sides. One which is in the light, so you are aware of it, the other is hidden, so you are less aware, if at all.
In Soul Astrology these two aspects of your personality are represented by your Sun and Moon Signs.
Your Sun Sign
This is one half of your personality: the part that you are aware of because it is in the light. It is your ‘modus operandi’ (MO), your main way of perceiving the world and navigating your way through it.
For example:
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), your default position will be thinking your way through life;
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will feel your way forward;
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will focus on action and
Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will want all the practicalities organized and the physical infrastructures in place.
Your Moon Sign
This is the other half of your personality. It is your shadow, or the side of your personality that is most difficult for you to see because it is in the dark. Until you do some personal and spiritual development, this will be your blind spot.
However, it is who we become in relationship. It is our emotional ‘MO’, so in terms of how you relate with, and experience others, emotionally, your experience will be influenced largely by your Moon sign. It is your emotional world, and it is revealed to you through your relationships with others.
You can already see the combinations of personality types that are possible. For example if your Sun is Gemini and Moon is Cancer, your ‘MO’ will be thinking/feeling. You will basically be a thinking/feeling type. The combinations are many depending upon the various Sun/Moon signs, such as thinking/thinking; thinking/feeling; thinking/action; thinking/practical, or feeling/thinking; feeling/feeling, feeling/action, practical/action and so forth. You get the idea.
Take a moment now, to identify your personality type, simply based on your Sun/Moon sign. As mentioned above, this is how you mainly operate out in the world, and in your relationships, and it is learned behavior.
To find out what wants to be expressed in the world through you, you need to now look deeply at your Soul Sign. This is your light, that wants to shine!
If you reflect back over your life, you will see how the light of your Soul (Your Rising Sign) has always been shining through the ‘lens’ of your personality (Sun and Moon signs).


Introduction to Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays

by Lake Kandy, Sri Lanka
(From Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays,by Phillip Lindsay © 2005) 
Humanity is entering a 2,160 year cycle called the Age of Aquarius, where astrology will gradually evolve toward that which is known as Esoteric Astrology. Esoteric Astrology looks towards causes rather than effects, to the life of the human soul that lies behind the outer form, the body.
The soul is that imperishable, perpetual existence that takes repeated cyclic embodiments - in male or female bodies and in varying cultures; part of its purpose is to expand consciousness, and to work out karma.

Most astrology practiced today is ‘personality’ astrology that ranges from the mundane to the quite spiritually oriented. Whether we are considering fortune-telling astrology or the more serious psychological astrology that strives to help bring about integration and wholeness, we are still limited by the tools with which we work.

One of the major new tools is the Science of the Seven Rays. They are seven streams of energy which enter this solar system from cosmic sources and condition every life form within it.
Esoteric Astrology gives a larger perspective of life; that we are not just inhabiting a little planet on its own in the solar system, but participating as an energy centre within a greater solar life.

The Seven Rays are the “missing link” in astrology, and the planets are simply ‘vehicles’ for these energies, transmitting them to Earth via the zodiac, whose signs have specific resonances with the rays. 

The rays can be studied by themselves and constitute what is known as Esoteric Psychology. One of the greatest psychologists of last century, Roberto Assagioli, developed his Psychosynthesis techniques from the Seven Rays.

The source for this new information came from Alice A. Bailey, who acted as an amanuensis between 1919 and 1949 for the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, or D.K., one of the Masters of Wisdom. 

The series of 24 books were written mainly for the many souls who would be incarnate in the West around the turn of the century. The teachings therein are profound, multi-levelled, and timeless, synthesising Eastern and Western traditions.

Before discussing some techniques of Esoteric Astrology, take a look at some tabulations of the Seven Rays, noting all the qualities that apply to yourself, trying to be as honest as possible! By spending a little time doing this you may start to isolate some ray expressions in your make-up. 

There needs to be a process of discrimination as to what ‘body’ is expressing which ray. For example, you may have Ray 7 for the physical, Ray 6 for the astral, or Ray 4 for the mental. You could be a Ray 2 soul with a Ray 3 personality, so these five Rays would constitute your ‘Ray Structure’.

This information does not come instantaneously, nor can be derived from your horoscope, but will emerge after patient pondering, meditation and reflection. 

Ray 1

Will or
Virtues: Strength, courage, steadfast, truthful, fearless, trustworthy, large-minded.
Vices: Ruthless, hard, cold, proud, arrogant, ambitious, tyrannical, cruel, controlling.
Ray 2 

Virtues: Calm, strength, endurance, patience, love of truth, intuition, serenity.
Vices: Coldness, indifference, self pity, fear, love of being loved, personal wisdom.
Ray 3 

Virtues: Wide abstract views, sincerity, clarity of intellect, patience, caution, planning.
Vices: Intellectual pride, devious, scheming, inaccuracy, obstinacy, critical, busyness.
Ray 4 

Virtues: Affectionate, sympathetic, courageous, devotion, generosity, quick intellect.
Vices: Worrier, inaccuracy, self-centeredness, cowardice, extravagance, mood swings.
Ray 5
Virtues: Perseverence, commonsense, accuracy, rational, uprightness, keen intellect.
Vices: Narrowness, harsh criticism, lack of sympathy, arrogant, proud, prejudice, cold.
Ray 6 

Virtues: Devotion, single-minded, tenderness, intuitive, loyal, reverence, loving.
Vices: Selfish, jealous, sentimental, deceptive, fiery anger, narrow, sectarian, fanatical.
Ray 7
Virtues: Strength, perseverence, courage, courtesy, detailed, self-reliance, practical.
Vices: Formalism, bigotry, pride, opinionated, superficial judgements, narrowness.

This may take a while, and one method is to ‘try a ray on’ for a month or so, observing yourself and others in your environment.

The rays are also dual in expression, hence the following tabulation:(Note the planetary rulers below can be applied to types A & B)
Ray 1
Purpose  Destruction
Type A: Persistent. Never gives in. Depended upon by others.
Type B: Destroys that which prevents free expression of life force.
Ray 2
Inclusive Coherence
Type A: Magnetic, radiant, sharing, compassionate, empathetic.
Type B: Emphasis on wisdom, not knowledge. Dispassionate.
Ray 3 Active-IntelligenceAdaptability Creativity
Type A: Philosopher, theorist. Emphasis on abstract ideas.
Type B: Businesslike. Practical. Manipulator. Gamesmanship.
Ray 4 Harmony/ConflictBeauty  Unity  Sensitivity
Type A: Brings harmony from conflict. Mediator.
Type B: Colourful. Strong contrasts. Artistic. Volatile. Forceful.
Ray 5 
Concrete Science
Science Analysis Mind
Type A: Researcher. Intellectual. Accuracy. Clarity.
Type B: Technician. Practical in applications.
Ray 6 Devotion/Idealism
Idealism Persistence
Type A: Receptive. Passive. Loyal. Worshipful. Tranquil. Gentle.
Type B: Fiery zeal. Strives toward ideals. Aspires. Aggressive.
Ray 7
Ceremonial Order
Organisation Creative
Type A: Highly organised. Plays by rules. Meticulous in action.
Type B: Emphasis on creative process. Manifests into forms.
Identifying rays through Occupations
Ray 1
Politicians, occultists, leaders, explorers, executives, managers, dictators.
Ray 2
Teachers, healers, sages, servers, scholars, humanists, philanthropists.
Ray 3
Active Intelligence
Philosophers, organisers, astrologers, mathe-maticians, economists, historians, business people.
Ray 4 Harmony/Conflict
Artists, mediators, architects, poets, psychologists, musicians.
Ray 5 Concrete Science
Scientists, researchers, alchemists, engineers, analysts, inventors.
Ray 6
Ministers, mystics, missionaries, devotees, orators, crusaders, zealots.
Ray 7
Ceremonial Order
Builders, administrators, designers, revolutionaries, magicians.

The Seven Rays correspond to many ‘septenaries’, which provide the basic building blocks of occultism. Planets ‘rule’ rays, similar to astrological rulerships, hence the interface between rays, planets & zodiac signs. Remember though, do not make the mistake of trying to ascertain the rays from the horoscope; determining the rays, then interpreting the horoscope in light of the rays, is ideally the correct procedure. 


Ray 1 
Will Power
Ray 2 
Love Wisdom
Ray 3 
Active Intelligence
Ray 4  Harmony/Conflict
Ray 5
Concrete Science
Ray 6 
Abstract Idealism
Ray 7 
Ceremonial Magic
The above chakra assignations vary according to one’s stage of evolution.
All life is conditioned by the Seven Rays, whether it be an animal, a tree, a human, an organisation, a city or nation. The rays have their own cycle periods which connect with the greater astrological ages of 2,160 years, the Great Year of 25,920 years, and the Yugas, or secret cycles of the Hindu adepts.

A major cycle of Ray 6 has just finished in the Piscean Age, and a Ray 7 cycle is starting, which overlaps into the Aquarian Age. 

These rays and Ages have their sympathetic resonances of course, ensuring maximum effect upon humanity.

Esoteric Astrology has been called the ‘science of all sciences’ because it is a system of relating every living entity - a planet, ray, sign or human being.  It describes the qualities and energies of these living beings thereby allowing comprehension, and also understanding of how they interact with each other. 

Therefore it is truly the Science of Relationships - human, planetary, zodiacal and stellar.

When the word ‘science’ is used, bear in mind that it refers not to concrete analysis that employs the tangible senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. ‘Science’ comes from the root ‘scire’ - to know or discern - it is really the knowledge of the ‘higher self’, soul or abstract mind, which perceives the whole synthetically, intuitively and inclusively; hence the term Occult Science.

The disciplines of Esoteric Astrology and The Ageless Wisdom incorporate the concrete tangible sciences, but also draw upon that intangible ‘sixth’ sense: intuition.

‘Esoteric’ means: “understood by, or meant for a select few…the initiated”. (Macquarie Dictionary.)  This is not to be misunderstood as any kind of elitism. What was esoteric becomes mainstream eventually, yet there will always be a core that remains esoteric, waiting to be unveiled by the generations of enquirers on the spiritual path.

The similar word ‘occult’ means “hidden ... beyond the bounds of ordinary knowledge” or, “of a nature not understood, as physical qualities”. In itself, ‘occult’ does not have the negative implication whixh mainstream media has promoted.

Those who have done the necessary work, have undergone various disciplines (such as meditation) and have developed these ‘subtle’ senses, are ready to receive esoteric knowledge. The unprepared would have no foundation within which to ‘ground’ it, though many are capable of developing these faculties.

The zodiacal signs are another ‘occult’ factor, i.e. they are ‘unseen’, yet act as a channel through which the archetypes of the zodiacalconstellations focus. That the two types of zodiac do not align, as argued by astrologers of the tropical and sidereal schools, or astronomical sceptics, is secondary to the primary fact that the potent ‘thoughtforms’ of the signs exist and act as gateways for the rays and planets.

Astrology is based upon illusion in the sense that the zodiac is built around the ‘ecliptic’, the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. Of course we know that the Earth’s path or orbit is around the Sun, so we work within this paradox, in the knowledge that eventually humanity will transcend this illusion. This is the source of one of our greatest mysteries, and we are told that the situation will be ‘rectified’ in the Age of Capricorn, following the Age of Aquarius.

Demystifying Astrology Through Occult Knowledge

Astrologers and the lay public know in their hearts that astrology “works”, accurately describing their psychology and patterns in their lives. But ‘how’ does it work?
Most people cannot answer the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this big question, preferring to ‘jump into the juice’ – that which yields the deep psychological insights in self-understanding, and plan their lives according to the planetary cycles they are experiencing. 

Therefore the reasoning processes have not been fully utilised in arriving at a true under-standing and hence astrology is experienced more from a mystical viewpoint, which relies mainly on intuition reflected in the feeling nature. This is partly why astrology gets so much criticism from the more concrete-minded scientific community and public at large, because there is no demonstration of ‘science’ or mental reasoning.
The path of Mysticism eventually leads to the path of Occultism, where qualities of heart and head are synthesised. Occultism is a wholistic science, and therefore has the potential to bridge to the concrete sciences. A synthesis of the mystical and occult paths lead to a blending of love and reason.  However, there are many facets to occult science, all of which have to be learnt to understand the whole.
 In answering the question of how astrology works, it is necessary to depart briefly into the larger cosmos from where these forces emanate. It will also be necessary to introduce a few simple concepts with which the reader may be unfamiliar: 

1. The solar system is a living being, as are all the individual lives which inhabit it, whether they be planets, asteroids, comets, human beings or any kingdom in nature. In some ways all these ‘lesser lives’ can be seen as ‘cells’ within the greater body. The main point here is that all these forms are inhabited by some kind of intelligence, from the very primitive mineral consciousness, to a human soul, to the “god” which inhabits a planet or a sun.

Just as humans have subtle energy centres or chakras, the so-called “seven sacred planets” in this solar system fulfill the same function. On a larger scale again, this solar system as a whole can be seen as one gigantic chakra or energy centre, inhabited by a stupendous consciousness that we may vaguely call “god”, or esoterically, the “Solar Logos”.

The Ancient Wisdom tells us that our sun is part of a corporate body of six other suns - which constitute a massive cosmic entity that undergoes an evolution upon its own level, and so on.

2. These seven suns, of which ours is one, are continually giving off forces which are the product of their ongoing evolution. It is said that these forces are absorbed through the seven stars of the Great Bear constellation (Ursa Major) and their emanations are called the Seven Rays.

Suffice to say, the seven stars of Ursa Major have much history and mythology in human consciousness, and in India are known as the Seven Rishis, associated with the Will and in a simple generic way, are “masculine”. The ray forces emanating from these stars unite, we are told, with the seven stars of the Pleaides constellation, the so-called “Seven Sisters”, also rich in legend, and constituting forces which represent the “Cosmic Mother”, or “feminine” principle.

Here we have a true “marriage made in heaven” as these forces merge. Father and Mother produce a “son”, represented by the star Sirius. Together these three constellations, The Great Bear, The Pleaides and Sirius consitute a major conditioning triangle of forces influencing this solar system.

3. From these three constellations the seven ray energies stream through the seven stars of the Little Bear (Ursa Minor), and are then magnetized to one or other of the twelve zodiacal constellations, not to be confused with zodiacal signs. Certain rays transmit through particular constellations with which they have an affinity, and modified, stream toward our solar system.

4. Our sun acts as a “gate” for the seven ray energies to pour through, and from here the seven forces are drawn toward the “seven sacred planets” of our solar system, which act as “vehicles” for the ray energies. The rays have an affinity with each of the seven planets, which are of course, proto-types of the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear. As above, so below. There are five “non-sacred” planets which also have an affinity for the rays and assist in transmitting them.

5. The planets continually orbit our sun, creating a vast sea of magnetic forces, and transmit these energies to earth through its zodiac signs. Of course we know from ‘exoteric science’ that the Sun and Moon both have physical, emotional and mental effects; these are well documented in our earthly tides, full moon cycles, in sunspot activity, and the growth that occurs in nature - validated by many scientific experiments and discoveries. The other planets have less physical, but more psychological and psychic effects.

6. The planets transmit the ray energies through the zodiac; the zodiacal sign is another electromagnetic pattern or “thoughtform”. The understanding of what consitutes a thoughtform, something that all humans can create, is essential in the comprehension of why zodiacal energies condition human beings, but is beyond the scope of this discussion.

Our earth zodiac of “signs”, is an invisible reflection and focaliser of the energies from the visible constellational zodiac earlier mentioned. The zodiac can be considered as a ‘subtle’ body of the Earth, the ‘astral’ body, (astral meaning ‘starry substance’). Hence there are intangible, unseen energies that we are perceiving with our developing ‘intangible’ senses. 

7. By the time these forces reach earth, there is a combination of three groups of energetic patterns  from rays, planets and zodiac signs. They find their way through the major chakras of the planet (major cities, but also certain groupings) and are thence distributed to humanity.

8. When they reach a human being, the point of least resistance is found in certain chakras, depending on the unfolded state of awareness of an individual. The seven endocrine glands are associated specifically with each of the seven major chakras, and this is where one of the most mysterious processes takes place – the transformation of subtle forces outside of the body into tangible forces within the body. 

The endocrine glands are stimulated into activity, releasing hormones into the bloodstream, which act as catalysts for physiological growth and psychological behaviour. This is a key as to how astrological energies affect human beings.

This completes a short description of the movement of conditioning energy from its emanataing source, stepped down as planetary forces at its final destination in a human being. 

To recap the journey:

Seven solar systems of which ours is one. 
Seven Rays emanate from the Seven Stars of the Great Bear constellation. 
Seven Stars of the Pleaides. 
Seven Stars of the Little Bear constellation. 
Twelve zodiacal constellations
Our Sun.
Seven Sacred Planets of our solar system. 
Twelve zodiacal signs.Chakras of the Earth. 
Human kingdom 
Animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.

The following diagram describes the journey of just one ray:

Recapping also on some concepts that may be new to the reader:

1. All forms – planets, human beings etc. are inhabited by a motivating essence or soul principle.

2. There are many relationships between the “gods”, i.e. the informing life principle behind a star, planet or zodiacal sign.
3. All forms have energy centres or chakras, and “subtle bodies”.

4. Thought is the great creative force of the universe, whether it is the human soul as divine thinker, or the machinations of the mind of God.

5. There is a constellational zodiac which is visible to the eye, and a sign zodiac which is not visible, although we may trace the latter’s existence against the backdrop of the constellational zodiac.

6. The chakra and endocrine system constitute the major interface between subtle unseen forces and human psychological behaviour.

The rays can also be perceived through colour or sound. The seven colours and sounds of the rays provide a more intuitive approach to understanding. For instance, Ray 7 corresponds to the note of G and the colour violet, depending upon which octaves are being used. Sound and colour are also measurable in terms of their vibratory capacity, and this is well documented.

Certain notes and colours to which a person consistently responds, may indicate the ray associated with it to be prominent in an individual’s ray structure. Some colours may be the mixture of two colours and may indicate the interaction between the soul ray and the personality ray. For instance, a Ray 2 soul (indigo blue) and a Ray 1 personality (red) yield when combined the colour purple or violet. Of course this latter colour is also associated with Ray 7 too, so there can be much to work out.

Generally speaking, the kind of person attracted to the music of Mozart may be more along the Ray 2 line of Love-Wisdom, whereas Wagner may be more attractive to those on the Ray 1 line of Will-Power.

In a dualistic world, the unresolved opposites within are a prime reason for reincarnating. The ‘pairs of opposites’ exist on all planes, but particularly on the emotional or astral plane for most of humanity.

Whenever we appropriate more soul illumination to ourselves, it usually sheds light on the shadowy opposites within, forcing a transformation of the past to measure up to the higher vibration of that which is contacted in the present.

Great conflict is generated between the light of the soul and the unredeemed aspects of ourselves. One of the main causes for the unprecedented turmoil this century has been due to much of humanity facing its ‘shadow’ collectively, so that many are now poised to take initiation, or a great expansion of consciousness.  

The successful outcome of this great event will trigger some major revelations - of the reality of the soul, the truth about death, and the existence of the angelic kingdom.

Planetary turmoil is also due to the astronomical factor of precesssion, as the cusp of the ages moves from Pisces into Aquarius, as well as the coincidnce of many ray and planetary cycles within a short period of time.

There are many advanced souls coming into incarnation at this time on the new Ray 7 cycle, waxing stronger by the decade. Ray 7 of Ceremonial Magic or Order will condition the next 2,160 year cycle of Aquarius.

Many advanced souls will not respond that well to an ‘exoteric’ astrology reading. Some astrologers make the mistake of bringing a certain fatalism into their readings by stating that this is thus and so, therefore that is how it is going to be.

This leaves no free choice for an individual to work creatively with their birth patterns in the horoscope. 

We are not the fated victims of our horoscopes; although the soul has elected to work off karma with certain challenges and obstructions. We have also brought in plenty of skills with which to surmount these problems; so we can be conscious co-creators of our destiny.

As exoteric (psychological/humanistic) astrology students or practitioners, we have a certain responsibility to recognise these higher octave energies, so that we may render true service to our fellow humanity.

Let us examine some of the differences between the two types of Astrology. Bear in mind that some keyword themes are handled very well in personality astrology, yet esoteric astrology may interpret some of them within a different context or perspective:

Personality Astrology  (‘exoteric’, outer, external.) 

Important for helping achieve an integrated and unified personality.          Exoteric planetary rulers, houses, Sun sign.

Deals with: Effects, events, physical manifestation, personality, parts, desire, lower chakras, the particular, the separate self, exclusivity, individual ‘fate’, the tangible, concrete, rational, masculine.
Just as the Sun is the centre for the planets in the solar system, in a horoscope it is the integrating force of personality expression. TheSun is the personality channel for the Rising sign. When a certain amount of personality integration has been achieved, then the soul can express itself far more easily through its ‘instrument’. The Sun’s placement in a chart is dependant upon the particular Rising Sign.
Esoteric Astrology (‘esoteric’, inner, subjective.)

Helps to show how soul contact can be achieved and creatively channelled, to harmonise the rays of the soul and personality.

Esoteric planetary rulers, Science of the Three Crosses, Rising sign.

Deals with: Causes, the Soul, inclusivity, inner realisation, wholes, love, higher chakras, individual destiny within the greater group, the intangible, abstract, intuition, feminine. 

Develops fusion of knowledge and intuition, and the integration of mind and heart.

Looks at the purpose of the higher self as it interacts with its soul group.

Emphasises the oneness and inter-connectedness of all life.

Rising Sign: Far more emphasis. This angle of the chart is determined by the exact time of birth (first breath), and represents the incarnation of the soul. The eternal Soul comes before the personality, therefore the Rising Sign comes first. 

In the symbolism of the Rising Sign lies a clue to the life problem and life achievement. With the esoteric planets ruling, the Rising Sign conveys one’s destiny.The Rising Sign represents the highest quality that a soul can potentially unfold in any lifetime; a chart can be delineated by looking at its personality and soul rulers, the signs and houses they occupy and the aspects they make. Obviously, if the Rising Sign is the highest quality to be unfolded, then the higher octave or soul ruler would be a most important consideration. 

The Rising Sign will express personality characteristics; there is generally far more behind the mask which is capable of expression, although it is never fully accessed. The point of least resistance is the Sun sign.   When a spiritual seeker (‘aspirant’ or ‘disciple’) has reached a certain stage of unfoldment, the personality rulers have less effect, and there is more of a response to the soul rulers; these are the same planets, but expressing a higher octave. Therefore Esoteric Astrology can describe the growing soul radiation through the influences of the esoteric rulers.

For many years yet, Exoteric and Esoteric Astrology will walk hand in hand, until the bridge or ‘antahkarana’ is built to this new scientific art.

The deeper realisation of the connectedness of all life dawns with deeper understanding of the reality of the etheric constitution of the planet; that great life matrix or web within which all life exists.

Understanding the etheric and subtler planes is one of the subjects of the Occult Sciences essential to Esoteric Astrology. Other important subjects are: Karma and Reincarnation, Meditation, Thoughtforms, Telepathy, Angelic or Deva Kingdom, Esoteric Healing, Chakras, Death, Masters of Wisdom, Occult History of the Earth, Glamour/Maya/Illusion, Dreams, Sound and Colour, and much more.

Some Additional Considerations in Esoteric AstrologyAlso central to Esoteric Astrology is the concept of sacred and non-sacred planets. Non-sacred planets such as Mars, Pluto, Moon and Earth influence the physical, astral and mental bodies. The other planets, which are Sacred, help to integrate the personality and make it an instrument of the soul.

Understanding the sacred and non-sacred planets allows the astrologer to give more specific guidance. 

Likewise, a whole new reconsideration of ‘exaltation, detriment and fall’, as indicating the “three phases of the Path” will help to revolutionise astrology. 

A correct reappraisal of the decanates is another emerging technique. It is said that they will reveal the immediate life opportunity, exact nature of the next spiritual step forward and the precise nature of initiatory challenges.

A major theme to consider as an integral part of Esoteric Astrology is the Science of Initiation. From life to life we initiate activity, through awareness generated by unfolding realisations in consciousness.

Although we do ‘take’ a ritual initiation in our subjective state, it is really only an acknowledgement of the work we have already done. Our sense of responsibility has earned us the right to use energies that we may not have been able to contact before.

These initiations relate to the coordination and control of our various bodies - physical, emotional and mental. For example, one of the most difficult initiations to take is that of the emotional body, of which Scorpio is the symbol.

At this initiation, Mars and Pluto put us through the ‘crucible’ experience, whilst the energies of Venus, Neptune and Jupiter are also very strong in expressing the Love principle, and so the emotions of the solar plexus chakra are successfully repolarised to the lotus of the heart, where they are expressed as love.

Emotional desire and attachment are simply a distorted reflection of the Love principle which esoterically governs this whole solar system in the present cycle. 

This stage of growth is also known as the ‘mystical’ stage of awareness. Many on the Path today are taking or are poised to take this initiation. Relationships are one of the major ‘burning grounds’ wherein this transformation occurs; it has been called the Boddhisattva Path, such is the degree of sacrifice required.Likewise, many of humanity are poised to take the First Initiation, the birth of soul awareness firmly anchored in the cave of the heart.

Huumanity can be seen as many units or ‘atoms’ of consciousness within the body of ‘God’. Our awareness of this great Being incarnate as Earth, and all the myriad life streams within, expands as we evolve and grow.

So, a very brief introduction to this vast subject cannot possibly cover all the facets of this great jewel. If this has whet your appetite, there is a lot more treasure waiting to be discovered!