Friday 9 December 2011

Silence and the Love of Wisdom

    Detail of "School of Athens," by Raphael, 1510. Apostolic Palace, Vatican City. 
    Part of the Sagittarius ego trap, is to become lost in the intellectual realm and fail to realize the next stage of his evolution: accessing intuition through the Higher Mind. Too much intellectual processing leads to analysis paralysis. Mentally going around in circles can be very deceptive. In the illusion that one is getting somewhere or resolving a problem, one may simply be unproductively wasting time and energy. 

    One of the most important lessons Sagittarius will learn is that he will never find wisdom outside of himself. His true Soul journey is one of going within, but this is often difficult for our lovely fun-loving, gregarious, affable and sociable friend. He is such a lover of life that there are many things outside of himself to distract him from his journey. The symbolism of the Archer pointing his arrow at the target is symbolic of Sagittarius’s search for the real goal: the search for his Soul, wherein he will find his highest truth and wisdom.

    Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. 
     Marcus Aurelius 

    The above profound quote from Marcus Aurelius brings the realization that wisdom and truth cannot be found outside of ourselves. The need for silence, both internally and externally, which enables us to go within and identify the subtle pathways that lead to this inner wisdom, is emphasized under the sign of Sagittarius. According to Alice Bailey: Sagittarius is the sign preparatory to Capricorn and it is called in some ancient books “the sign of silence.” In ancient mysteries the newly admitted brother had to sit in silence, he was not allowed to walk or speak; he had to be, to work and to watch, because one cannot enter the fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual kingdom, or climb the mountain of Capricorn, until there has been restraint of speech and control of thought. That is the lesson of Sagittarius: restraint of speech through control of thought.1 

     The fully integrated Sagittarius knows that true wisdom is to be found in the silence. If Sagittarius is to become master of his actions, he needs to realize this wisdom: beyond words – beyond mental concepts – beyond his own intellect. He needs to go within and access the silent wisdom of his heart and Soul which whispers to him through the language of intuition. In order to do this, he needs to release dogma by accessing the all-embracing wisdom of his opposite pole, Gemini, which will allow him to consider alternate perspectives, prevent him from getting lost down a rabbit hole, and, most importantly, give him the skill of placing his attention on his inner world. Once he has turned his attention within, accessing the multifaceted awareness of Gemini, Sagittarius will recognise his own multi-dimensional nature, access the higher wisdom of multiple intelligences (beyond intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence!), and find his Truth. In terms of the Soul’s journey through the Zodiac, Sagittarius has been described as a chrysalis stage.1

    Once a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis, everything inside dissolves into fluid and is reconstructed into a butterfly. Contrary to popular myth, this is not a latent phase of development but indeed a very clear, powerful and active stage. After all is broken down and turned to fluid in Scorpio, the “three aspects of Divinity” become visible, and the way forward is known.1 It is said that there are gifts in the three fire signs of the Zodiac: the gift of existence in Aries, the gift of opportunity through individuality in Leo, and the gift of power in Sagittarius.1 

    Although Scorpio is indeed a powerful sign, it is actually in Sagittarius that this power becomes potent through “right direction.” This is a vital stage in our Soul’s development, which eventually leads to the birth of Christ Consciousness in Capricorn. There are magical Universes to explore, Sagittarius. Will you become a prisoner of your own philosophy and, like the Spanish Inquisition, limit yourself with mental concepts? Or will your love of wisdom permit you to turn your attention inward, and give yourself the highest freedom: the freedom to broaden your horizons and explore every facet of your multidimensional Being beyond your own mind? Pick up your bow and arrow and set your sights on your inner goal. Sagittarius, the adventure of your lifetime begins here! 

    Footnotes: 1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective by Alice Bailey

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Interpreting Unaspected Planets

Peregrine  – Original Definition and Adaptation By Noel Tyl

In traditional astrology, the term “peregrine” was defined as a planet that has no essential dignity (by rulership/detriment, face, term, triplicity) and is not in mutual reception with another planet.  A peregrine (meaning “foreign”) planet was considered weak and wandering, much like someone visiting a foreign land without knowing anyone locally.

In the last 20 years, Noel Tyl began to use the word “peregrine” to describe a planet that forms no Ptolemaic aspect (i.e. conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with any other planet.  Rather than considering the planet weak, however, Tyl asserts that these unaspected planets can actually become the dominant feature within one’s personality (in his words, a peregrine planet can run away with the horoscope.)
Chiefly due to Tyl’s work, many modern astrologers now recognize the term “peregrine” to mean “lacking any major (Ptolemaic) aspect.”  With that in mind, we’ll simply call these “unaspected planets” in this article.

Some Points to Consider When Interpreting Unaspected Planets

  1. Unaspected planets do not connect with the rest of the psyche – much like someone in a foreign land, it is disconnected from the surroundings, and integration becomes challenging.
  2. This can be mirrored as a feeling of disconnection in outer relationships, especially if a key body such as the Sun or the Moon is peregrine: there may be a feeling that the world doesn’t quite understand us.  We may “march to a different drummer.”
  3. Because smooth integration is difficult, often how we use the energy of the unaspected planet tends to be over-compensatory: Unaspected Mercury could suggest someone whose emphasis on thoughts or speech is pronounced, like the writer Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  It could just as well suggest someone that cannot seem to stop talking.
  4. As a result of overcompensation, the unaspected planet may gain dominance within the personality, almost becoming the defining characteristic of the person.  How such dominance is expressed of course depends on the “level” of the person.
  5. An unaspected planet may be interpreted as both strong yet insecure, dominant yet vulnerable to isolation.  Consider how such dual meaning would color the archetypal expression of the unaspected planet.

Interpreting The Unaspected Planet

Here are some keywords you may want to consider when exploring the interpretation of unaspected planets in a horoscope.

Unaspected Sun: Marching to a different drumbeat.  Strong emphasis on self expression and leadership – possibly demanding ego recognition.

Unaspected Moon: Possibly suggests emotional disconnection from the parents.  There may be a need to express a caring, nurturing instinct in order to connect with the world.

Unaspected Mercury: Emphasis on thoughts and/or speech.

Unaspected Venus: This could suggest some difficulty relating to others in a relaxed manner.  To overcompensate, there may be an emphasis on being attractive, flirtatious, charming or understanding in order to be liked and appreciated.

Unaspected Mars: This may necessitate a special focus for directing one’s energy, which should be considerable.  How does one deal with anger?

Unaspected Jupiter: Emphasis on philosophy, education and international or spiritual dimensions.  One may be able to “turn on” optimism like a switch.

Unaspected Saturn: Possibly, a lack of support from the father figure.  Emphasis on work accomplishment or self-discipline may compensate for insecurity.

Unaspected Uranus: Emphasis on being significant, or being different from others.  A battle cry for significance.

Unaspected Neptune and Pluto are rare today, due to these two planets forming a sextile for what seems like the last 60+ years.


Unaspected planets can be hard to tame.  Integrating the unaspected planet into our psyche may feel like trying to have a tall Westerner blend in with a crowd of Japanese people – it can’t help but stand out.  Rather than trying to make it “act normal”, one solution may be to consciously find a challenging outlet for the energy of the unaspected planet – be it writing a book, learning a foreign language, forming a nonprofit organization, or practicing martial arts.  That way, the rest of our horoscope could be benefited through the unaspected planet’s energy as well.  The key thing is not to leave it unattended – which tends to make it behave strangely.

Do you have an unaspected planet in your horoscope?  (Remember we’re only counting conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition here.)  How does it get expressed in your life?  Please feel free to share your experience through email or comments.

Friday 9 September 2011

Saturn: Both Beast and Prince

Saturn is well known as the Celestial Taskmaster, and very few of us relish the idea of being called into the principal's office. However, there is another side of Saturn that is truly wonderful if we get to know him for who he truly is. Liz Greene says, "[Saturn's] face as the Beast is well-recognized but [his] alternate face as the Handsome Prince is not often considered; however, without both of these, the symbol cannot communicate its meaning."

Saturn is the architect and builder of the structures which give form to our lives. Saturn gives us rules and boundaries to keep society functioning smoothly, and confers on us the discipline and ability to work hard and seek achievement. Saturn's influence also builds strength of character that helps us withstand the storms of life, a characteristic not often recognized.

It is this quality of building inner strength that I value most about Saturn, but in order to obtain this gift we must follow his rules. When we have Saturn prominent in our charts or affecting us by transit, Saturn demands certain things of us. He wants us to spend time alone in introspection. He wants us to evaluate what we have done with our lives and what we have accomplished thus far. He demands that we seek nothing less than perfection and is ready with criticism when we fall short of our goals so that we will work to correct our errors. He restricts us from enjoyable pursuits unless we have achieved those goals, and creates blocks and disappointments until we do.

The gift that follows includes material success and achievement, but more than that there is a gift of strength and power that comes purely from within one's own self and is not dependent upon the opinions or aid of others. Saturn bestows an attunement to the material world that cannot be obtained through any other influence, and with it an ability to persevere through the most difficult of circumstances.

Saturn's purpose is to challenge the aggrandisement of the ego - following the expansion of Jupiter, Saturn imposes restrictions and constricts our impulse to want to fly with the gods. Saturn brings us back to earth, where we must deal with the mundane, day-to-day worldly existence. It enforces solitude and forces us into contemplation in order to increase the depth of our wisdom and insight. In order to accomplish this, it often thwarts our own desires, frustrating us with its limitations, rules and boundaries and forcing us into a more introspective existence. Saturn's role is to force us to confront anything in the realm of ego that lacks truth. He shines a light in the darkness, instigating experiences that may not be comfortable but which are always pathways for growth and transformation.

Lynn Hayes

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon on July 30, lights the creative fires in everyone.  Each one of us is a creator. Each one is the author and architect of our own life. Venus the Goddess of love, beauty, true values and abundance is conjunct the New Moon.  August is Love Fest month!

Venus will be collaborating with the Sun in August including the New Moon in Virgo on Aug 28.  The message from the universe is to love you as a precious soul of light, for without you, what do we have?

The universe is flooding us with the Goddess Light empowering us to release the past, heal our hearts and create a life based on our authentic Self.  Venus, Moon and Sun together in playful, creative, generous and heart-centered Leo are encouraging us to stop pushing. Re-connect to our inner child—soul and follow our hearts.   We have the opportunity to tap into our childlike wonder, to appreciate life as a series of miraculous events—and ourselves as wondrous creations.  The desire to love, play, create and dance in the joy of being alive can bring light to the darkest of places.

What do you want to create? What is your heart’s desire? What empowers your soul?

We are multi-dimensional beings moving from 3D—Unconscious living to 5D—Full consciousness. The God Light is flooding and filling us with an extraordinary flow of LOVE to pull us up out of the illusion—fear and empower us to heal our 3D— core issues. Thus, we have the opportunity to heal the darkest—unconscious parts of our souls.  For instance, our issues concerning self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and self-acceptance can heal in the twinkling of an eye. Through the increasing God-Light flooding Gaia and all life, if we are willing to go deep, do our inner work and heal our inner child—soul.  We can move forward living authentically and sharing our gifts.

It is believed by many that we are graduating from the illusion—duality consciousness on December 21, 2012.  When a mega-conjunction in Sagittarius lines up with the Galactic Center—the Great Central Sun; we are making a giant leap in consciousness. This is why many structures and systems are being dissolved by Neptune—Goddess energy.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of the woman, the divine feminine, which has been lacking on Earth for thousands of years.  Creator is flooding our world with the Goddess Energy to increase balance, harmony, abundance and peace.  In truth, we are both male and female. Women are feminine on the outside and masculine on the inside. Men are masculine on the outside and feminine on the inside. Gaia and her people need to be balanced in both our male and female energies.  We have been sorely lacking the Goddess energy. We have experienced the male Martian energies with endless war, terrorism, fear, and domination at the expense of all life.

Personally, we are dissolving our false ego, false identities, false structures and false beliefs. Collectively, Neptune is dissolving the governments, mega corporations and institutions that are corrupt at the core and broken. This is why much of our world is in breakdown and chaos. Things may seem ugly but this is the necessary breakdown to breakthrough into higher consciousness. We are observing the collapse of 3D consciousness. We can come from either love or fear. Jealousies, manipulation, hidden agendas, lying, deception and controlling others are the seeds of fear, therefore illusion. Only love is real. Many people are invested in the illusion, the status quo to continue and plant the seeds of fear. For instance, Hollywood is making billions of dollars from movies that promote fear/illusion in the masses about the world ending in 2012. Who benefits from selling fear and pain? The truth is the only thing that will end in 2012 is this 3D nightmare!

We are powerful creators and we learning how to manifest what we want in the new 5D energy. We are experiencing the higher energy now.  If you have been feeling tired, it is your body adjusting to the higher energies. We must get plenty of rest and drink tons of clean water. We cannot push through the exhaustion that is illusion. There is no race or competition to the Ascension. Thus, we are learning how to work with this new energy. We can instantly manifest what we are thinking. We need to dial out of the fear based media and negative people who are broadcasting fear. Careful what we think about as we can instantly manifest it. Careful what you wish for there is no lag time between thought and manifestation the karma is instant. Whatever we focus on we will create. Whatever we think about we will become. We do not get what we want. We get what we believe. The only thing that trumps beliefs is desire.

Desire – resistance = Deliberate Creation.
You are powerful God and Goddess creators what do you want to create?
The Leo New Moon shows us that we are moving from ego-centered living to heart-centered living.   There is no poverty in Fifth Dimension Consciousness. There is no jealousy or hatred. Only love, compassion, unity and community.  Leo rules the heart and the fifth house of children, creativity and reward that comes from taking risks. Wherever Leo falls in your natal chart is where the universe is lighting your soul. Awakening you to the eternal truth of who-you-really-are, do what makes you feel beautiful.  Shine your light. Be true to your soul. Love yourself!

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of the soul in shadowy times like these—to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity.”
–-Clarissa Pinkola Estes
“An open heart is a heart that is ready for anything. Are you ready?”—Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

Sunday 17 July 2011

House Rulerships

1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th 
 | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th

To find an intpretation for the ruler of the 1st house in another house select "1st". To find an intpretation for the ruler of the 2nd house in another house select "2nd" and so on. 

Introduction to House Rulerships

This page deals with an astrological technique known as House Rulers. When the planetary ruler of the sign on a house resides in another house then there is a special link between the affairs of both of those houses. The ruler of a house is found by looking at the sign on a house cusp. 

For example:
 If Gemini is on the 2nd house cusp then Mercury is the house ruler for the 2nd house in that particular chart. If Mercury is posited in the 4th house, then we can make a statement as follows. The ruler of the 2nd house is in the 4th house. Then a likely interpretation can be made. The best way to understand this technique is to read the paragraphs below.

House rulerships are often overlooked, but I have found them to give very important information and I use them extensively to glean patterns from a chart. I consider this technique to be of major importance when looking at a chart.

The "houses" of the horoscope deal primarily with your earth plane experiences. As such, the tone of these interpretations may appear to be more "predictive" in nature.

Since there are literally hundreds of associations for each house, not all statements will apply absolutely to your experience. The possible combinations are unlimited. I have used the most common associations. Here we are exploring just some of the various options that may exist in your chart based on the links between these twelve major areas of life, the Houses of the Horoscope.

Saturday 16 July 2011

Decan in astrology and planet rulers - Sunsigns

Have you ever wondered why people born under the same zodiac sign are so different in their nature? We know that all people with their sun in Aries are not the same. It takes the whole birth chart to determine the nature of an individual. The ancient astrologers knew this and divided each zodiac sign; modern astrology has taken the divisions further. We divide the signs by their elements, qualities and by the positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) expression. There is another method used to divide the signs and determine rulership, by using the Triplicities. This division is called the decanates. 

Is it necessary to know the decanates? Sometimes. Sometimes it completes the story, other times it helps to pinpoint the nature of activity going on in the subject’s life. The decans and rulers are worth investigation and have proven effective in predictive astrology, especially in the progressed horoscope. The ruler of the decan of the rising sign in the progressed chart has a great deal of influence over the whole life, for the time in question, particularly if there are any aspects made by that ruler, or if the planet is strong in the natal chart. The influence of the decan is often similar to the conjunction. 

Each zodiac sign governs 30 degrees of the natal chart. Twelve zodiac signs at 30 degrees each constitute the complete natal chart encompassing 360 degrees. 

The Decans or Decanates: 

Each sign is divided into three divisions of 10 degrees, each sign has 3 decans, one for each division of 10 degrees. Each decan has a ruler which becomes the sub ruler of the sign or the co-ruler of that sign. Once you are familiar with the Triplicities (fire, earth, air, water), it will be easier for you to determine the sub-rulers of each decan. 

Each decan of a sign will be in the same triplicity (fire, earth, air, water) as the sign itself. They are arranged in the same order as they appear in the zodiac. The first decan of Aries is Aries, ruled by Mars. The second decan is Leo, ruled by the Sun, the next fire sign in the zodiac. So the second decan of Aries is ruled by the Sun. The third decan of Aries would be the next fire sign after Leo, which is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Each decan is of the same Triplicity - the fire element. The first decan of Taurus is Taurus, ruled by Venus. The second decan of Taurus is Virgo, ruled by Mercury. The third decan of Taurus is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Each decan is of the same Triplicity - the earth element. 

Zodiac Sign 

Aries – Fire 
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Mars
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Sun
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Jupiter

Taurus – Earth
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Venus
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Mercury
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Saturn

Gemini – Air
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Mercury
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Venus
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Uranus

Cancer – Water
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Moon
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Pluto
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Neptune

Leo – Fire
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Sun
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Jupiter
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Mars

Virgo – Earth
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Mercury
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Saturn
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Venus

Libra – Air
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Venus
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Uranus
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Mercury

Scorpio – Water
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Pluto
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Neptune
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Moon

Sagittarius – Fire
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Jupiter
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Mars
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Sun

Capricorn – Earth
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Saturn
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Venus
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Mercury

Aquarius – Air
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Uranus
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Mercury
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Venus

Pisces – Water
Ruler of first decan.............0° - 10° - Neptune
Ruler of second decan......10° - 20° - Moon
Ruler of third decan...........20° - 30° - Pluto

Example: Your progressed ascendant 15° Virgo, the decan of 15° Virgo is Saturn. If I were to cast your chart, I would see that Mercury rules your chart and Saturn is co-ruler. Therefore, Mercury has rulership over your chart and the decan shows that there are Saturn influences in your personal circumstances. There may be more attention to duty and details under Saturn’s influence. You may be more ambitious and work hard for recognition or reward. There will be more patience and perseverance now. What you do achieve now will come through your hard work and efforts. Your success and its timing also depends on other influences in your chart and the aspects made to your Ascendant, its ruler Mercury, co-ruler Saturn, and your Midheaven (career).

Although everyone born under the same Sun-sign shares some basic traits, the date you were born determines which type of Pisces, Aries - in fact any sign - you really are. Each sign is divided into three sections, 10 days per section - these are known as Decans. Find your Sun-sign and the date you were born below to discover the traits of your particular Sun-sign Decan!

1st Decan » 21st - 30th March: Ruled by Mars, you are first in the Zodiac, first among Aries, the leaders' leader. You are forceful, decisive, inspirational, with a crusader's zeal and a head full of world-changing ideas. Sexually arousing, unstoppable, a double-daring lover, mover and shaker.
2nd Decan » 31st March - 9th April: Influenced by the Sun, you are a radiant presence with extraordinary charisma. The mix of Aries drive and added star quality is potent; you never want for admirers. You are a brilliant motivator but may prefer solo success, with your name up in lights! You have all it takes to be a success in the world of show business and top level sport.
3rd Decan » 10th - 20th April: Influenced by Jupiter, you're a true individualist. Aries dynamism combines with a strong moral sense: you might be a preacher, politician, healer, hell raiser or saint. You stir others profoundly. Lovers must learn to share you with your other worldly passions.

1st Decan » 21st - 30th April: Ruled by Venus, you are a rock-solid Taurus - patient, persevering, the truest of friends and most constant of lovers. The beauties of nature and comforts of home nourish your soul. You are deeply centred with a rare devotion - to loved-ones, work, interests and beliefs.
2nd Decan » 1st - 10th May: Influenced by Mercury, you are blessed with a rare artistic sensibility. To typical Taurus earthiness is added a perfectionist streak, the highest ideals and finely tuned perceptions. You are a patient and caring but complex lover, at once dependable and slightly enigmatic. Imagination and money sense can make you a top tycoon.
3rd Decan » 11th - 21st May: Influenced by Saturn, you are endowed with super-staying-power and self-discipline to take you wherever you want to go, and you naturally command respect. You enjoy success in the home, too, forming close and happy relationships that can last for a lifetime.

1st Decan » 22nd - 31st May: Ruled by Mercury, you are a quick-silver personality, changeful, very versatile and intriguing. Resourceful, you tend to live on your wits. Being multi-faceted, you may find success in many fields. A hard-to-pin-down lover, but so passionate, inventive, basically kind, though scheming at times.
2nd Decan » 1st - 10th June: Influenced by Venus, you combine a lively mind and rapier wit with a gentler side that gains you popularity and assures success in any work with people. You have a rare gift for self-expression and a talent for attracting love, desire and lifelong devotion. You are sensuous, take your time with lovemaking and do understand your partner.
3rd Decan » 11th - 21st June: Influenced by Uranus, you live as if each day were your first, seeing with new eyes, tasting new tastes, dreaming new dreams. You are absolutely your own person and thrive alone, but make a magical lover for a partner prepared to give you space and listen to you.

1st Decan » 22nd June - 1st July: Ruled by the Moon and driven by emotions and intuition, you are a tender, responsive and essentially caring being who inspires love and trust in return. Dedication to work and a retentive memory are the building blocks of material success. Home is where your heart is.
2nd Decan » 2nd - 12th July: Influenced by Pluto, you are desiring and mysterious, intimate and intense. You are dynamic, persevering and more self-reliant than other Cancerians, but with no less need for a soul mate, security and touch. You shine in creative endeavours and have keen insight. People tend to fall instantly in love with you and you can get a little love greedy!
3rd Decan » 13th - 22nd July: Influenced by Neptune, you are gently, deeply feeling and sympathetic. You need to be loved and, still more, to give love. You have a talent for creating beauty that could be the basis of a career. You can read a partner's fantasies and this makes you sexually beguiling.

1st Decan » 23rd July - 1st August: Ruled by the Sun, you are a magnetic force, fun to be with, sometimes fearsome but always sought after. You have a lion-sized ego, but a lion-sized heart, too. You are a warm, loyal lover and a generous forgiving friend. In work and play all the world is your stage - success keeps on growing.
2nd Decan » 2nd - 12th August: Influenced by Jupiter, you have heightened ideals and sense of life purpose, combined with a great sense of fun. Brave, kind and hugely optimistic, you storm to success, making friends along the way. You are a straightforward but super-sexy love-mate. As Jupiter increases your supplies of pure luck, you have a golden touch in contests.
3rd Decan » 13th - 23rd August: Influenced by Mars, you are a dynamite mix of go-getting ambition, enterprise, grace and romanticism. You're an original thinker, a demanding but demonstrative lover, true friend and a born entrepreneur. You love luxury but adversity brings out the best in you.

1st Decan » 24th August - 3rd September: Ruled by Mercury, you live by the very highest standards and demand the same of others. Logical, intelligent, with a great memory, you learn fast, work hard and can forge a brilliant career. A lively and intuitive partner, you raise love-making to an art form for your lucky lover.
2nd Decan » 4th - 13th September: Influenced by Saturn, you are sterner and more ambitious than other Virgos, with a talent for organisation and high earning power. Your understanding of people and the world make for business success. You are a steadfast, sensitive and resourceful lover. But a cheating partner may never get a whisper of a second chance with you.
3rd Decan » 14th - 22nd September: Influenced by Venus, you are less aspiring than most Virgos, happier in your being with a warm, affectionate nature. Home is your sanctuary, a place of real beauty. Your love-style is sensuous and satisfying, and you are a patient, caring, understanding life partner.

1st Decan » 23rd September - 3rd October: Ruled by Venus, you have a soul-deep need for true harmony, real companionship and beauty. You are a staunch and generous friend. Your social skills and gift for self-expression take you far in your career. For you, sex and love are one and indivisible, and you're very romantic.
2nd Decan » 4th - 13th October: Influenced by Uranus, you are cooler, more independent and candid than is typical in a Libran - driven more by logic, less by love-hunger. You are a free spirit, sexy, popular and outgoing. Your gift for self-expression and original thinking can make for real wealth. You have a natural link with future technology, plus genius ideas and the ability to sell them.
3rd Decan » 14th - 23rd October: Influenced by Mercury, you are lively, versatile, chatty, witty, eternally youthful with a touch of the 'wild child' about you. You thrive in the world of communications and attract many friends. Like all Librans, you love love (making it and feeling it) and have exciting fantasies to share.

1st Decan » 24th October - 2nd November: Ruled by Pluto, you are an irresistible force who mixes passion and compassion, magnetism, insights, intimacy and ambition. Sheer single-mindedness assures that you're a winner in love and in work. Your feelings are complex but utterly genuine.
2nd Decan » 3rd - 12th November: Influenced by Neptune, you're driven but your moderating streak of charity and self-sacrifice means that seek job satisfaction above prestige. Arousing and mysterious, empathetic, and faith-inspiring - you make a wonderful lover and life-partner. You have so many sexual fantasies to share with your lucky partner.
3rd Decan » 13th - 22nd November: Influenced by the Moon, with an aura of enchantment, you are caring, abiding and more domesticated that other Scorpios. Canny, subtle, adaptable, with stunning powers of concentration, you charm your way to worldly success - and into a lover's heart.

1st Decan » 23rd November - 2nd December: Ruled by Jupiter you are blessed with super-optimism, courage and a sense of fun, balanced by an earnest love of learning. In work, you crave freedom and you go far (often literally, travelling the world). You are a stimulating, fun-to-be-with, wonderfully unconventional lover.
2nd Decan » 3rd - 12th December: Influenced by Mars you have an extra zest for life and a compulsion to translate thought into action. A strong will combines with a generous nature, to make you a great but demanding friend or lover. Work must challenge you mentally and physically. And, of course, your passion power is red-hot throughout your life - and so is your stamina level.
3rd Decan » 13th - 21st December: Influenced by the Sun you have a much heightened sense of drama and ambition, a double dose of optimism and a strong, magnetic presence. Life, love and work are all big adventures, and you crave the reward of recognition, not just wealth. And loyalty matters, too.

1st Decan » 22nd - 31st December: Ruled by Saturn you will work double hard for twice the time, just to achieve your heart's desires:- material success, security and a close abiding relationship with a devoted soul mate. You are a strong, resourceful leader and a patient, thoughtful and beautifully serious lover.
2nd Decan » 1st - 10th January: Influenced by Venus you have the eye - but not the volatile unruly temperament - of an artist. You work hard for success and lavish the rewards on your home, creating a place of beauty and a safe haven for one true mate. Sensual and loyal, you're a great lover, too, and sex with you just gets better and better - once you've found your soul mate.
3rd Decan » 11th - 20th January: Influenced by Mercury you live by a very strict code, seek perfection at its highest and have a fine brain for facts and figures. But you're sensitive, too, and gentle - with a healing touch, a subtle and beguiling sexual style, and a keen understanding of others' needs and emotions.

1st Decan » 21st - 29th January: Ruled by Uranus you are the most free of free spirits, utterly taken up with life, humanity and the world. You shine at problem-solving, see money only as a means to an end. You make a spectacular lover for a partner as broadminded and freedom-respecting as yourself.
2nd Decan » 30th January - 8th February: Influenced by Mercury you are quick, mobile, eloquent, versatile and flexible in matters of work and the heart. You have charm and sex appeal aplenty, a spacious view of the world and are an exhilarating - if challenging - lover. Your ability to talk about fantasies makes your own bedtime stories completely irresistible.
3rd Decan » 9th - 18th February: Influenced by Venus you are less cerebral, less objective and more involved and still-centred than the pure Aquarian. Peace, calm and friendship sustain you. You are doubly idealistic, adoring, forgiving, a gentle lover with an artist's soul and you excel at creative endeavours.

1st Decan » 19th - 29th February: Ruled by Neptune you are an intriguing being, at once unassuming and inspirational, a romantic who gives with both hands. You are wise and profound, an attuned lover and adaptable mate. Work with people or animals suits you. Love, not money, is the be-all for you.
2nd Decan » 1st - 10th March: Influenced by the Moon you are gentle and nurturing with a double capacity for kindness. You have a soul-deep response to beauty and an artistic talent that can earn a fortune - although you can create a lovely home on a shoestring. As a lover you are sweet, devoted and aware, with a talent for inventing and then fulfilling intriguing fantasies.
3rd Decan » 11th - 20th March: Influenced by Pluto you are atypically shrewd and intense, spookily intuitive, powerfully passionate and phenomenally smart at work. And you're sexually magnetic! You are a loyal lover and dynamic worker who can seemingly spin flax into gold time after time.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Transiting Sun in Houses*

*Does not account for intercepted birth charts or house cusps decanate designation

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Original content by Jan | astrogrrl

Transiting Sun in the First House ~ The first house governs the self, self-image, our being, potential, and path to our life's purpose. The Sun's transit here bestows a sense of "rebirth," increases self-confidence, heightens self-awareness, and boosts social success. This is a great time to "go for it." Whatever "it" might be, just do it!

Transiting Sun in the Second House ~ The second house represents our material possessions, income, value system, and self-worth. Finances, income, property value, or buying home furnishings are the focus of expended energies. What may be illuminated now might include seeking a new, alternate, or supplemental income and/or increasing the value of the home through repairs, upgrades, or replacing major appliances.

Transiting Sun in the Third House ~ For those with siblings (biological or otherwise), this transit might highlight an opportunity for a renewal in relationships with them. The third house also represents communication, commerce, writing, speaking, thinking, planning, and ideas. The Sun's transit here is especially ideal for those in professions that require direct interaction or communication with the public, i.e. public/motivational speaker, salesperson, broadcast journalist, consultant, etc.

Transiting Sun in the Fourth House ~ The Sun transiting through the fourth house might turn our thoughts to present or recurring issues involving the family, the home (buying/selling a house, moving, re-financing, re-decorating, remodeling, etc.), our private life (the need for quality time with the self, especially if the professional life requires many hours away from the home life), or the past.

Transiting Sun in the Fifth House ~ The Sun is at home in the the fifth house. Self-expression, creative projects, love and romance, fun, playfulness, and children are all ruled by the fifth house. Allow this transit to awaken creativity, spark love, boost confidence, and/or all forms of pleasure back into your life.

Transiting Sun in the Sixth House ~ Health, busy work, service, comfort in routines, and finding order in the details are all ruled by the sixth house. The Sun here shines on much needed lifestyle changes in health habits, or becoming comfortable with taking on the role of someone who "services" others, or perhaps learning to establish boundaries with those who might take advantage of kind gestures.

Transiting Sun in the Seventh House ~ Partnerships (business or otherwise), marriages, committed relationships, and known enemies are all representatives of the seventh house. Our focus turn to our significant other, spouse, or business partner/s. Their basic needs and well-being may be considered prior to our own.

Transiting Sun in the Eighth House ~ The eighth house is multi-faceted and multi-layered. In the physical realm, the eighth house represents sex and shared resources/finances. Your bedroom may get more action than usual while the Sun transits in the eighth. For those in a volatile relationship and are now separating, estranged, or divorcing, issues regarding your "shared" resources and who gets what might be illuminated. Depending on whether the natal Sun is well or ill-aspected would have a bearing how events play out now. In the psychological plane, the eighth house represents power struggles within our own psychological makeup and our ability to embrace the "darker" version of our self without it overpowering us. On a spiritual level, it represents "death and rebirth", transformation, regeneration -- the need for something to "die" in order for a "rebirth" to occur -- as in a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Planetary transits to the eighth house are generally the most difficult but are also the most powerful.

Transiting Sun in the Ninth House ~ Personal growth (spiritual or otherwise) through higher education, experience, travel, and cultural influences might be highlighted. The ninth house also represents publishing so, if you have dreams of authoring a novella or drafting a script or creating your own blog, the Sun's transit here is an opportune time to pursue publication of something already completed or begin the project.

Transiting Sun in the Tenth House ~ Focus on professional pursuits and long-term goals might take center stage with this transit, as well as establishing or re-establishing your public reputation. If there has been a desire to chart a new course in life or change careers, this is an advantageous period to make solid plans and/or measured steps toward new endeavors. If you are up for a new job, promotion, raise, or one of a few contenders for a project, this transit should help ensure you are chosen over your competitor/s.

Transiting Sun in the Eleventh House ~ Transit in the eleventh house might influence your friendships and associations. Your social calendar may just be booked the duration of the transit as your presence may be required or requested at parties, group gatherings, business networking or meetings, etc. You're charmed and making connections, collecting contacts, and being in the scene to be seen is definitely where you should be!

Transiting Sun in the Twelfth House ~ A challenging transit, the twelfth house, like the eighth house, is also multi-faceted and multi-layered. It is the house of the subconscious, solitude, spiritual consciousness, secrets (ours and those kept from us), hidden enemies, and represents institutions like hospitals and prisons. Any planetary transit through the twelfth house might require a period of "aloneness" in order to "recharge" and sort through issues being presented subconsciously and psychologically. The Sun is uncomfortable in this house and unless a chart is natally 12th house activated or heavily influenced by Neptune/Pisces, this might be a challenging period for you. The important thing to remember is not to resist -- respite is required, maybe not all the time, but more than what you're used to; quality time with the self is also required, so shift your thinking to see solitude as something different from loneliness. Your dreaming mind might be more active during this period, too. If possible, pay more attention to them for they may reveal clues to events/issues within your external world.

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Wednesday 15 June 2011

June 15, 2011 Full Moon Total Eclipse

By Michael Erlewine


The Vision of This Eclipse

I have written here before about eclipses and their meaning spiritually. Here in the west we don’t have such a strong tradition in this, but in Tibet, India, China, and many other parts of the world eclipses are considered very, very potent and personally meaningful. In Tibet, for example, they are considered as extreme opportunities for the observation of our mindstream, something we usually pay little or no attention to or, if so, only fleetingly.

The Buddhists in particular have focused on eclipses as rare opportunities when our more subtle internal or spiritual energies naturally come into alignment or attunement, when things that otherwise we would seldom notice line up and can be more easily experienced by us, that is if we know when and how to look for them.

Eclipses are, above all, times of vision or insight. We grow up with the idea that “visions” are little scenes or pageants that appear in the mind to us like movies. Actually the reality is quite different. Visions are times of intense experience when information perhaps vital to us is streamed and imprints itself deeply in our consciousness, more like a brand. Some traditions actually explain it as if a sacred scroll of some kind were placed deep within us (imprinted) and only over time will it unroll and reveal itself, literally speak or reveal itself to us. We read it out from deep within out mind over time.

I don’t want to get all other-worldly or Twilight-zone-like about this, as the Tibetan Buddhists are very matter of fact about eclipses and their value. As mentioned earlier, eclipses in their view are rare times of inner alignment, times not to be ignored by us, but times when we should pay attention and observe. In fact Tibetans traditionally set these eclipse times aside as days of observation, just as Christians have holy days that they observe. And by ‘observation’, they mean just that: to observe our mindstream, our stream of consciousness carefully. Take time to do this as opposed to ignoring this opportunity with business-as-usual.

And although every eclipse (or New or Full Moon for that matter) has a vision or insight available to us, most of us have minds that are too noisy to receive that vision. We effectively manage to ignore them. Perhaps they are too subtle and we are not yet aware enough to grasp them. This is also what the Tibetans call “self-secret” in that these opportunities hide themselves not because they are some hidden secret but because we lack the faculties to perceive the phenomenon. Our awareness is not subtle enough.

However, I believe that at the time of an eclipse certain individuals either are naturally sensitive to this information or are rubbed awake by life events enough to consciously experience these eclipse visions. At any given time some of us are awake and experience this consciously. And of course, trained meditators develop awareness of these visions. I will not dwell on this here, but it is worth understanding.

What I do want to point out is that we have an Eclipse of the Moon on Wednesday June 15, 2011 at 4:14 PM EDT. And while the exact moment of the eclipse marks the precise center of the eclipse time, the effect of an eclipse is not so simple as the moment when it is at its maximum. The whole lunar cycle around an eclipse, in particular the week before and after an eclipse is when the so-called eclipse vision arises and imprints, so don’t get too specific about a day and a time. The vision of an eclipse fills the whole time around it.

Be aware at these times of intense experiences that rivet you and involve you totally. They can sneak up on you. A “vision” is not an idea that you will simply grasp or that comes to you, but a total experience that is beyond your understanding, that envelops and absorbs your complete attention, and will only reveal its meaning to you over time. This is where the concept of the sacred scroll and its unrolling comes in. Eclipse visions are always totally absorbing and require time to absorb. In other words, they have a future for you to work through and thus the idea that these visions are somehow prophetic comes into play. It is not that they tell the future but that they will only reveal themselves over time. They have a future for us. It takes time to assimilate their meaning or message. You get the idea. I have told you enough about eclipse visions for now. I want to say something about this particular eclipse.

As it turns out this particular eclipse is at or near the very center of our galaxy at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The eclipse is at 24 degrees of Sagittarius and the center is several degrees wide. This blog is getting kind of long, but I have more to tell you, so I may have to continue this tomorrow or when I have time. Let me just say a few words here and explain the enclosed diagram a bit.

All of the matter (and meaning depends on matter) in the universe is not evenly distributed. In fact it is highly clustered and most of the matter in the whole sky surrounding us is in one direction and that is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy at 27 degrees of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. And that is the area in which this eclipse is taking place, so it is by that definition a significant eclipse.

The enclosed diagram illustrates two views (upper and lower) of the entire 360-degrees of the sky. You have to see each of these are a wrap-around view laid out flat. In the bottom panel is the total sky as we see it with our eyes. There are familiar stars and so on. The upper panel is the same sky if we could see beyond the visual spectrum into the infrared spectrum at lower than visual frequencies. In this upper panel, as you can see there are not only stars but also a huge structure that dominates the entire sky. That is the structure of our local galaxy the Milky Way. The night sky actually has form and shape that we can’t see that well. And that dark red spot in the lower right-hand part of that diagram is the galactic nucleus: the very center of our galaxy. That is the direction where this particular eclipse on June 15th will occur.

More as I have time, but the point is that this eclipse has a little more matter and meaning involved than normal. Look for it in your own mindstream.


A Rare Event

There are actually three eclipses in one month, a partial solar eclipse on June 1st, a Full Moon eclipse on June 15, and another partial solar eclipse on July 1st. Triple eclipses are very rare and we are in the middle of them right now.

This rare triple eclipse is already upon us. It is too late to really train our awareness to perceive it. What can we do to take advantage of this opportunity? One thing we can do is understand what to look for. What is a vision? I will try to put it into words, but don’t shoot the messenger. These things are hard to express. It is very difficult, which is why people train in meditation, to learn to be aware of such things. Here goes:

Most important, a “vision” is not something outside, but something inside. You can’t “look” for it. You won’t see it outside in the world and you won’t even “see” it (objectively speaking) inside. It is not about our “getting” it, but is much closer to us than that. The vision of an eclipse is something we all experience together (the whole world) and it is only the awareness of what we are experiencing that we may lack. That is why meditators meditate, to develop greater awareness of what is going on. Like the old Dylan song “Ballad of a Thin Man,” it is “… because something is happening here but you don't know what it is do you, Mr. Jones? ..”

Well, except for a few serendipitous moments in our lives when we spontaneously awaken to these visions, we don’t see them unless we train for them. That is just the way it is for us. We are normally too distracted for such subtleties.

“Visions” are moments of complete identification in the present moment. These are not experiences of objectification or polarity (stepping back), but just the reverse. They are moments of stepping forward and subtle rapture, when we seize on something (or are seized) so absorbing that we drop what we were thinking before and are caught up (despite ourselves) in the present. These are moments strong enough to demarcate or articulate our future from the past. They are important enough for us to forget our distractions. And at these times it is possible for us to just drop the past, to not follow the freight train of our past actions that has been taking us nowhere in particular and to actually cast off in a new direction, turn over a new leaf, so to speak.

In other words visions are pivotal points (pivots), moments of deep imprinting that are stronger (more significant) than what we were doing up to that minute (what just came before), that is: all of our immediate past that we had been slave to. These moments of vision CAN mark a turning point for us, up or down. Visions are moments that we can seize or become aware of and that mark this particular time forever in the mindstream as one of our turning points. Or we can be totally unaware of what is happening to us as we usually are.

Of course, we don’t often have the awareness to realize these moments of vision. Nevertheless, visions are experiences that are more real than our so-called “real” daily life. That is how they imprint on us; they literally ‘eclipse’ (pun intended) whatever we have been obsessed with in our day-to-day goings on up to that moment. These are opportunities to turn away from or drop the past and old habits. However, eclipses are a double-edged sword and equally can be opportunities to reinforce old habits and the past, and lock them in for the future. Perhaps that is why in astrological tradition eclipses are also sometimes much feared. And that is perhaps also why the Tibetan monks suggest that these eclipse time are times to observe our own mindstream and take note of what appears, to find direction.

In summary, visions are not pipe dreams or ideas that we conceptualize. Far from it. Instead, they are very intense experiences or times that are more real than regular life. In fact, in most cases we only realize that we have had a vision much later, over time, as we find ourselves bringing that time or the experiences at that time to mind, again and again, as we try to glean its meaning for us. Visions are known by the fact that they eclipse the path we were on before they occurred and mesmerize or transfix our attention, effectively demarcating or serving to separate the present and future from the time that came before. They mark a gap in our train of consciousness, one that we can take advantage of to move forward or backward. This is the rub.

I am sorry folks if these word fail to register. This is the best I can do to describe that nature of visions around the time of an eclipse. These visions can be before or after the actual moment of the eclipse because the vision experience is all-encompassing and it is only the ‘awareness’ of the vision that may lead or lag the actual event by weeks or even months. It is the awareness of what is happening that is missing for most of us, most of the time.

I would also like to tell you more about the nature of this particular triple eclipse, the significance of it occurring around the solstice and where it is occurring – on the galactic center. But that will be another day, if I have time to put it together.

Identification is Circulation

Many of you are asking for more details on these eclipses. I don’t want to be a bear, but if you sincerely want to know, I have already given you what you really need which is that eclipses and their vision or imprint are non-conceptual. I understand only too well that we are accustomed to grasping concepts and putting everything into something we can think about or “get”, but this is counter-intuitive in this case. You can’t “get” these eclipse impulses with your thinking mind. Sorry. God knows I have tried. Think of it this way:

The vision from an eclipse is subliminal, like the low-frequency sound waves that only submarines can hear. IMO Eclipses don’t speak to the conscious mind; they are preverbal and implant or imprint their message to the subconscious mind and only gradually percolate up into our consciousness. Trying to figure them out consciously only delays their message from reaching us in my experience.

If you really want to learn how to experience eclipses, you will have to get into mind training and mind practice. I have written many posts about how to do that, so I won’t go over basic mind practice here.

That being said, many of you have asked to hear something about the galactic center and this eclipse. In a short piece like this it is very difficult to communicate what the significance of the galactic center might be to us, but I will do my best, but this will be just a taste.

Our Sun is not only a ball of fire as scientists point out, not just materialistic any more than we are only material. All that we have comes from the sun, warmth and life itself. The Sun is the heart of life as we know it and simply put: if we consider ourselves spiritual beings, something more than mere matter and dust, then how much more should we pay homage and respect to the spirit and life of our Sun itself. It is the fountain of life as we know it. I won’t try to elaborate this concept further here. It is either clear to you or not.

The Galactic Center is the Sun’s “Sun” and just as Earth orbits our Sun, so does our Sun orbit the center of the galaxy, albeit very slowly. I mentioned earlier that the content and matter in the universe is not evenly distributed, but clusters. And in the universe near where we live, all of the matter that is anywhere is in the direction of the center of our galaxy. In fact, almost everything is in the direction of late Sagittarius in the Tropical zodiac. All other near space is relatively empty. There is little to nothing there.

The point is that all that “matters” or means much to us is in the direction of late Sagittarius and that part of the zodiac is where the Full Moon eclipse is taking place next Wednesday June 15th, 2011. For most of us “meaning” matters and matter is the means for us to have meaning – like our life.

The eclipse is only a transmitter (a messenger or machine) and transmits the vision or information, but many of us don’t have our receivers working all that well. In other words, we may not be receptive enough to receive and interpret the information available at the time of eclipses. We have concentrated here in this blog on the meaning of eclipses, but where does that meaning come from? All “Meaning” is always only directional, a pointer or reference to an experience. And experience is all that we have as a way to know ourselves. Think of it this way:

Our physical body coheres (hangs together) only as long as we have life, as long as blood circulates and the heart beats. All organisms (large or small) work like this. Just as the Sun is the heart of the solar system, so the galactic center is the heart of the galaxy. Even large-scale structures like the galaxy only cohere as long as energy exists and information vital to coherence is circulated. Scientists don’t yet understand how a structure the size of the galaxy circulates information within itself, but they know that it must happen to remain coherent. Everything within the galactic system depends on that information, including our Sun, the Earth, and even ourselves. How do we receive that information, those cosmic messages?

In the sometimes chaos of our lives, even we depend upon something as simple as a clock, and time is measured by the regular movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets. When these bodies line up as with New and Full Moons, or seasonally at the Solstices, and (so I am told by the Tibetan Buddhists) especially at the times of eclipses, perhaps these alignments are when information circulates from higher-order structures to lower-order structures – cosmic transmission.

Perhaps when there is an alignment like this eclipse, a shot of information shoots across a gap and is received and implanted in us, to be read back and understood over time, as we are receptive and gradually become aware of it. After all, something drives us to do things. What passes for socialization (when we all get together and share community, like here on Facebook) may be this process of exchange and the sharing of this cosmic information – circulation of essential life-sustaining code, like a bloodstream.

When we discover who we are or have an insight into our identify or the true nature of the mind, when we “identify” anything, that is an alignment and as I have written for many years: “Identification is Circulation.”

That is how the cosmos communicates with itself, through intelligent life like ourselves, through the light in our eyes when we “identify.” When we manage to know ourselves, in that act of identification, the cosmos is communicating and information of key importance is circulated. As we find or know ourselves, as we discover the light in our loved one’s eyes, as we discover each other, etc., the universe circulates and coherence is assured. We live, move, circulate, and life is sustained.

When Earth reaches the solstices each year, that is an important alignment. When the Earth is aligned with the center of the galaxy (like at the solstices), that is an alignment. These two happen within days of one another each year. This Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday June 15th is an eclipse very near the center of the galaxy and the line of solstices. This is both auspicious and significant. I can’t tell you if this particular eclipse means you get a new job or lose the one you have now and begin again. That could depend on your personal chart and here I am writing to all of you.

What I am saying is that this time and these eclipses are significant times to note and observe as best you can. I know that most people have no training in this, so relax and observe as best as you are able. Let it happen and don’t try to grasp or think what it is. Instead, feel it, feel life around you, and just be present and aware.

For those of you who want to understand this concept more fully, see Chapter 15 of my free e-book “The Astrology of Space.” Read the section on page 378 called “Cycles, Circles, Centers, and Circulation.” Some of you might want to look at the whole book, which I first published in 1976 under the title “Astrophysical Directions.” The link is here:

For those of you who want to actually begin to train your mind, see the free articles on “Training the Mind” at the same link. I hope this has been useful and “Happy Eclipse!”

By Michael Erlewine