Tuesday 29 March 2011

Marriage Rules - Electional Chart

By Marion March, 1998

When calculating the time, remember the marriage starts with the first "I do!"

1. There should be no squares from the Moon and it should not be void of course. A waxing Moon (between the New and Full Moon) is better than a waning one (between the Full and New Moon).

2. Fixed signs rising are best when you want a long lasting relationship. Next are the Cardinal signs, especially Libra (relationship oriented), Capricorn (the need for any venture to be successful) and Cancer (nurturing). Aries and Mutable signs can indicate very short-lived situations.

3. A relationship usually works well when the ruler of the Ascendant (1st) and Descendant (7th) are in good aspect to each other, since they represent the two parties in question.

4. Try to have the Sun and Moon (portraying the groom and bride) in good aspect to each other.

5. Because Saturn can bring on limits or delays, it should not be placed in an angular house. It fares best in cadent (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th) houses or, if that is not possible, put it in one of the succedent (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th) houses. If possible, avoid all harsh applying aspects to Saturn, including the conjunctions. When the aspect becomes exact, there could be misunderstandings, feelings of neglect or sadness of some kind.

6. If you want the relationship to proceed in a pleasant fashion, keep Uranus out of the angular houses, especially the 1st and 7th.

7. The luminaries (Sun and Moon), as well as Venus and Jupiter (the benefics), should be above the horizon, if possible. Elevated planets are more visible and seem to bring a certain ease to the elected venture.

8. Try to have Venus (woman) and Mars (man) in harmonious aspect to each other, also Venus (love and partnership) to the Ascendant/Descendant (the couple); Jupiter (luck and growth) to the Ascendant/Descendant, the Moon (feelings) to Venus (harmony). In other words, a strong, well aspected Venus is very beneficial.

9. Avoid the Moon in Scorpio where it is in its fall and where it can be secretive and possessive, not exactly conducive to a happy relationship. A Libra Moon, on the other hand, works quite well in a marriage Electional chart since it seeks harmony and balance.  Strong and well matched couples seem to do well with the Moon in Leo.

10. The Sun or Moon approaching a square or opposition to Uranus may indicate a separation or divorce when the aspect becomes exact.

11. A retrograde Venus is not advised for any marriage chart. Since Venus only retrogrades for about 40 days every two years, it is fairly easy to avoid.

Buying and Selling Property, Moving to a House - Electional Rules

by Marion March, 1998

The Election chart to purchase property starts the moment you make the official offer to buy, whether to the seller directly or through a real estate agent. To sell property, the Election chart starts the moment you put the house up for sale, either  when you sign a contract with a realtor or when you hammer the sign onto your front lawn; some people who sell without an agent feel the chart should be set for when they
put a "For Sale" ad in the newspaper.

1. Follow all the usual rules for the Moon: positive aspects, not void of course and, if
possible, waxing. Cancer and Taurus Moons are particularly welcome.

2. In any purchase, the Ascendant and its ruler describe the buyer, whereas the
Descendant (7th) and its ruler denote the seller. Flowing aspects between these two
houses are very important for either a purchase or a sale, but remember for whom you are
calculating the chart, the seller or the buyer, and fortify that house (the 1st) as well as the
4th house which represent the property. Smooth, positive aspects between these three
houses (1st, 4th, 7th) are a must. In any sale, the Ascendant and its ruler describe the
person who wishes to sell, the Descendant explains where the buyer is coming from. Easy
aspects between these two houses help to make the deal flow smoothly.

3. Look to the 4th to describe the house or land itself. Try to strengthen this astrological
house and its ruler. This applies to purchases as well as to sales. I've seen some sales fall
through if the ruler of the 4th has only troublesome aspects or the Moon is void of course.

4. To buy, a fixed Ascendant is desirable, unless this acquisition is to before a quick
turnover or a short term investment. To sell property quickly, it is wise to choose a
cardinal Ascendant, if possible; mutable is next best.

5. In any Election chart, it is helpful to have the luminaries and benefic above the horizon
and the challenging planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) away from the angles.

6. Do not sign papers or contracts concerning any property if Mercury or Venus are

7. Avoid having the rulers of the angles in retrograde motion.


This is another frequent request for an Electional chart, which is not surprising in the
United States where people seem to constantly be on the move. It does not really matter if
the place you move into is rented, owned or loaned, if it is a house, an apartment or just a
room...as long as it is going to be your abode, where you hang your proverbial hat for a
certain amount of time, it is considered home.

When calculating the time, Moving in starts with the first personal object moved into the

1. Most of the general rules given before apply, with the Moon again being the primary
consideration. Therefore, avoid squares, be careful with oppositions and quincunxes and,
of course, shun a void of course Moon.

2. Your astrological knowledge and good common sense will help you determine all most
other factors. Since you want your new home to be pleasant and free from trouble, you
would like the ruler of the Ascendant (you) in positive aspect (trine, sextile, conjunction)
to the 4th house ruler (the home).

3. Unless this is a temporary residence, or for some reason you don't wish to stay in the
home for a long time, try for a fixed Ascendant. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

4. Avoid Saturn or Mars in angular houses, and unless you thrive on excitement, keep
Uranus away as well.

5. Elevated luminaries (Sun and Moon) and so-called benefics Venus and Jupiter are

6. Though you should not buy a house while Mercury or Venus are retrograde, it does not
seem to affect the actual time you move into the place.

Sunday 27 March 2011

Mercury Retrograde - A New Look at the Guide of Souls

by Robert Wilkinson

Most people have heard of Mercury retrograde, but little is known about how to make best use of these misunderstood recurring periods. Since we have another of these retrogrades approaching in the near future, I thought I'd offer you some insights now so that you can get yourself positioned to take advantage of the coming retrograde period. Of course I'll also do my usual 3-part series in the next two weeks on what it means in general, what it means for each sign specifically, and how it relates to past Mercury retrograde themes.

There are a lot of myths, supposition, and confusion about Mercury retrograde, yet there are many things one can achieve during these periods that occur three times a year. It's a great time to examine the Cosmic Magician and figure out some things not evident when Mercury is direct in motion. I offer many insights into how we can use these times productively in my ground-breaking book, "A New Look At Mercury Retrograde," now out of print but soon to be republished on this site as an ebook.

Many want to act productively during these times but don’t know how, usually due to paralysis induced by indecision, ambivalence, or second-guessing. Actually, despite the superstition and fluff of most commercial astrological explanations about how to approach these times, they're really not so bad! Again, if you can find a copy of my book (there are a few out there) you can investigate more about this oft-recurring phenomenon and get major insights how best to use these times. Since it's so hard to find, I'll try to post some relevant sections over the next few weeks that will help you understand what's up when Mercury, or Hermes, "the guide of Souls," is slow in motion, which is really the meaning of a retrograde.

Briefly, it's a time to take a new look at information, insights, and perceptions, and rework interpretations to prepare for the four month period that follows a Mercury retrograde. Mercury goes back over ground it's just traversed, but during the retrograde there is an entirely new angle of view that presents itself so that some things previously unknown or unnoticed can be factored in for the future. There are curious returns that allow us to re-think some things, and find a new rhythm of coordinating our life affairs.

A little explanation here. All the planets go retrograde due to the way perception works from our angle of vision here on Earth. Planets obviously do not go backwards, but they do slow down and speed up in their orbits relative to the Sun, and this creates interesting perspectives here on Earth. A retrograde only appears to be going backwards, much like a slow train appears to be going backwards relative to an express train. Now the fact that motion changes is not what’s important here, unless you’re an astrophysicist. What is important to explore is how best to use these recurring periods for maximum effectiveness without being deflected or hindered by the superstition and mythology surrounding "Mercury retrograde." As I noted in the book,

"… retrograde periods offer us a chance to slow down certain parts of our life for closer examination, preparing for a change that inevitably occurs. This is part of a larger cyclic process of unfoldment when the planet speeds up again in forward motion. Life always speeds up again after a time of reflection, contemplation, and transitional change. One of the benefits of Mercury retrograde is that it provides the time for reflection, which can lead to revitalization after a symbolic fallow period….

Periods of reflection, meditation, and contemplation allow us to take a needed break from routine or inertia. Retrogrades are the natural time to do this. When we turn inward, our Soul connection assists our growth by allowing us to focus on that which we would not address if we were preoccupied with mundane affairs….

When a planet goes retrograde, the areas of life that it symbolizes need to be re-examined. It is metaphorically an in-breathing or dreaming, a retracing and reexamining of steps already traversed, digesting and assimilating previous experience…. This is a time when we can examine the effect that our personal subconscious and the Collective Unconscious has upon us…"

While it seems as though Mercury retrograde causes many things to malfunction and brings miscommunications and delays in its wake, actually no planet or its influence is good or bad unto itself. We are the ones who determine our "destiny," based on our choices, which shape our character. In that sense, "character is destiny," and so we have the responsibility to determine whether we will be active or passive in responding to life’s challenges. We have free will and no planet or star "makes" anything happen. They merely indicate the larger patterns we live within, and so by understanding these patterns and what they symbolize, we are in a position to be in harmony or disharmony with inner and outer "reality." This is the power of our individuality to rise above inertia, superstition, and belief systems that are obsolete, inadequate, or fear-based.

In any case, Mercury retrograde has been with us and will be with us for a long, long, time, as long as the planets have their present orbits around the Sun. So the more we learn about this recurring phenomenon, the more able we will be to take advantage of our ability not to get lost or bogged down by "Mercury retrograde." As one great astrologer once wrote, "Action speaks louder than suffering." By learning how to use Mercury retrograde periods wisely and consciously, even if our affairs are momentarily diverted in strange directions, coordinated in some unusual ways, or take some peculiar twists and turns, they will usually turn out for the best, whether you knew you were doing that or not. Often we get useful information and insights we overlooked before the retrograde, and these times help us factor in different pieces of our life's puzzles so we can operate more effectively after the retrograde period ends.

Sometimes it may seem like it's two steps forward, one to the side, one back, two to the side, and three forward. It's all okay, since it's showing you a different way to be guided to your truth and more effective way of being in the world. Often things don't turn out the way we suspect, but that can be as good as it can be difficult. Still, due to the different rhythm of events and perspectives that send things off on strange or unexpected tangents, it is always useful to get your affairs in order before the retrograde. Then while in the three week period and things are slowed down or seemingly moving in a different direction or even backwards, turn to whatever has been neglected and needs attention, finishing them up so that you can get on with new business when the retrograde ends.

Monday 21 March 2011

Correlations between the 360 degrees and anatomical parts of the body

by Reinhold Ebertin


Aries1 Cerebrum 
Aries2 Mid-Brain - Mesencephalon 
Aries3 Cerebellum - (Abscess) 
Aries4 Pineal Gland (Goiter) 
Aries5 Right or Left Eye -- (Hair) 
Aries6 Orbital Cavity (Socket Of Eye) 
Aries7 Ear (Jaundice) 
Aries8 Cheekbone 
Aries9 Crystalline Lens Of Eye 
Aries10 Eyeballs 
Aries11 Optic Nerve 
Aries12 Tongue (Hair) 
Aries13 Corpus Callosum (Band Of Nerve Fibers), rheumatism 
Aries14 Frontal Lobes (Brain) 
Aries15 Lateral Lobes, Stroke, Suicide 
Aries16 Pons Vareil 
Aries17 Spinal cord canal 
Aries18 Nerve Connections 
Aries19 Corpus Callosum Cerebri 
Aries20 Hyoid Bone 
Aries21 Eye muscle 
Aries22 Cheek Muscle 
Aries23 Masticatory Muscle 
Aries24 Zygomatic Muscle 
Aries25 Sternocleidomastoid Muscle 
Aries26 Skull 
Aries27 Fornix (Tuberculosis) 
Aries28 Fornix (Hair) 
Aries29 Auditory Canal (Bronchitis) 
Aries30 Paretid Gland 


Taurus1 Throat Or Gullet 
Taurus2 Palate 
Taurus3 Opening Of Throat 
Taurus4 Uvula 
Taurus5 Throat Or Larynx Space 
Taurus6 Larynx 
Taurus7 Vocal Chords 
Taurus8 Cervical Nerves 
Taurus9 Jugular Vein 
Taurus10 Cervical Vein (Alcoholism) 
Taurus11 Neck Nerves Connecting W/Spinal Chord 
Taurus12 Neck Nerves Connecting W/Spinal Chord 
Taurus13 Neck Nerves Connecting W/Spinal Chord (Neurasthenia) 
Taurus14 True Vocal Chords 
Taurus15 Epiglottis 
Taurus16 Abscess Carotoid Artery 
Taurus17 Thyroid Gland Tonsils 
Taurus18 Lymph Vessels (Appendix) Hair 
Taurus19 Maxmillary Artery 
Taurus20 Occiptital Bone (Goiter) 
Taurus21 Sinus Artery 
Taurus22 Hyoid Muscle 
Taurus23 Teeth (Rheumatism) 
Taurus24 Upper Jaw 
Taurus25 Lower Jaw, Alcoholism, Tonsils, Glands, Suicide 
Taurus26 Nasal Bone 
Taurus27 Cervical Vertebrae 
Taurus28 Trigon 
Taurus29 Trigon (Visual Sense), the Pleiadas 
Taurus30 Trapezius 


Gemini1 Trachea 
Gemini2 Esophagus 
Gemini3 Upper Right Pulmonary Lobe (Appendix) 
Gemini4 Lower Right Pulmonary Lobe,Anxiety,Pulmonary Inflm 
Gemini5 Upper Left Pulmonary Lobe, the Hyades(eye star) 
Gemini6 Lower Lft Pulmonary Lobe(Anxiety)Pulmonary Inflam 
Gemini7 Apex Of The Lungs, Heart 
Gemini8 Eyesight, Bronchial Tubes (Bronchial System) 
Gemini9 Pulmonary Artery, Rheumatic Fever 
Gemini10 Hilus (Lung Root) Typhoid Fever 
Gemini11 Thymus Gland 
Gemini12 Tracheal Mucous 
Gemini13 Pulmonary Veins 
Gemini14 Clavicle (Collarbone) 
Gemini15 Scapula (Shoulder Blade) 
Gemini16 Pleura 
Gemini17 Bright's Disease (Kidneys) First Rib 
Gemini18 Asthma Second Rib 
Gemini19 Laryngeal Muscle 
Gemini20 Third Rib 
Gemini21 Arm Muscle 
Gemini22 Upper Arm Appendicitis, Insanity 
Gemini23 Spine 
Gemini24 OLeocranon 
Gemini25 Radius, Gout, Neurasthenia 
Gemini26 Wrist Bones, Suicide 
Gemini27 Phalanges (Fingers) 
Gemini28 Metacarpal Bones, Tuberculosis 
Gemini29 Fourth Rib 
Gemini30 Fifth Rib 


Cancer1 Sixth Rib 
Cancer2 Seventh Rib 
Cancer3 Eight Rib - Visual Sense 
Cancer4 Ninth Rib 
Cancer5 Ten To Twelfth Ribs 
Cancer6 Diaphragm 
Cancer7 Thoracic Canal 
Cancer8 Hyacus Paralysis 
Cancer9 Pylorus 
Cancer10 Gastric Fundus 
Cancer11 Gastric Veins, Alcoholism 
Cancer12 Large Gastric Curvature 
Cancer13 Small Gastric Curvature 
Cancer14 Abdominal (Stomach) Walls 
Cancer15 Gastric Nerves, Suicide 
Cancer16 Pancreas 
Cancer17 Opening Of The Pancreas 
Cancer18 Into Common Duct 
Cancer19 Head Of Pancreas 
Cancer20 Upper Arterial Bend 
Cancer21 Lower Arterial Bend 
Cancer22 Gastric Mucosa 
Cancer23 Gastric Blood Vessels 
Cancer24 Blood Vessels Of Digestive Organs 
Cancer25 Blood Vessels Of Digestive Organs 
Cancer26 Mammary Glands (Breasts) 
Cancer27 Nipples 
Cancer28 Rib Cartilage (Hair) 
Cancer29 Spleen, Bronchitis 
Cancer30 Twelfth Dorsal Vertebra 


Leo1 Left Coronary Artery 
Leo2 Aorta 
Leo3 Right Artery 
Leo4 Left Carotid Artery 
Leo5 Right Carotid Artery 
Leo6 Entrance Of Pulmonary Artery, Eyesight, Aselli 
Leo7 Left Coronary Vein, Aselli eyesight affected 
Leo8 Vena Cave, Anemia, Sense Of Hearing 
Leo9 Upper Vena Cave, Alcoholism 
Leo10 Jugular Vein 
Leo11 Clavicular Vein 
Leo12 Spinal Column 
Leo13 Right Heart Chamber 
Leo14 Left Heart Chamber 
Leo15 Right Antrium 
Leo16 Left Antrium 
Leo17 Right Aricale 
Leo18 Right Cardiac Cavity 
Leo19 Ventricular Septum, Spine 
Leo20 Mitral Valve 
Leo21 Left Antrium 
Leo22 Left Auricle, Appendix 
Leo23 Left Auricle, Rheumatism 
Leo24 Papillary Muscle 
Leo25 Pericardium, Alcoholism, Abscess 
Leo26 Myocardium 
Leo27 Tendons To The Goiter 
Leo28 Heart Valve 
Leo29 Cardiac Septum, Neuritis 
Leo30 Back 


Virgo1 Duodenum 
Virgo2 Small Intestine 
Virgo3 Cecum (Appendix) 
Virgo4 Ascending Colon (Large Intestine), Asthma 
Virgo5 Transverse Colon 
Virgo6 Descending Colon 
Virgo7 Rectum 
Virgo8 Abdominal Cavity 
Virgo9 Right Hepatic Lobe, Rheumatic Fever 
Virgo10 Left Hepatic Lobe, Gall, Typhoid Fever 
Virgo11 Ligament Of Trietz And Gall 
Virgo12 Abdominal Aorta 
Virgo13 Hepatic Arteries 
Virgo14 Gallbladder Artery 
Virgo15 Bare Spot Of The Liver 
Virgo16 Hepatic Groove 
Virgo17 Abdominal Muscle 
Virgo18 Serrate Groove 
Virgo19 Left Hepatic Groove 
Virgo20 Bile Duct 
Virgo21 Gall Bladder Duct, Typhoid Fever 
Virgo22 Gall Bladder 
Virgo23 Hepatic Cartilage, Spine 
Virgo24 Hepatic Cartilage And Tendon Of Liver 
Virgo25 Liver, Cancer, Gout, Arthritis 
Virgo26 Abdominal Vein, Suicide 
Virgo27 Hip Veins, Tuberculosis 
Virgo28 Hepatic Veins 
Virgo29 Back Lobes Of Liver 
Virgo30 Hepatic Duct 


Libra1 Kidney, Pelvis 
Libra2 Renal Cortex 
Libra3 Adrenals, Abscess 
Libra4 Kidney Surface, Goiter 
Libra5 Malpighi's Pyramid 
Libra6 Pubis 
Libra7 Jaundice, Nervous System 
Libra8 Of The Kidney 
Libra9 And 
Libra10 Renal 
Libra11 Pelvis 
Libra12 Left Renal System 
Libra13 Right Renal System 
Libra14 Left Inguinal Gland 
Libra15 Right Inguinal Gland, Suicide, Stroke 
Libra16 Renal Artery 
Libra17 Adrenal Arteries, Kidney Illness 
Libra18 Fatty Capsule Of Kidneys 
Libra19 Great Renal Calyx, Kidney 
Libra20 Small Renal Calyx, kideny 
Libra21 Renal Hilus, kidney 
Libra22 Renal Veins, kidney 
Libra23 Adrenal Veins, kidney 
Libra24 Vascular Circulation Of The Renal Cortex 
Libra25 Vascular Circulation Of The Renal Cortex 
Libra26 Vascular System 
Libra27 Vascular System Of The Skin (Tuberculosis) 
Libra28 Urinary Bladder, Hair 
Libra29 Right Ureter, Bronchitis 
Libra30 Left Ureter 


Scorpio1 Urethra Opening 
Scorpio2 Urethral Meatus 
Scorpio3 Prostate, Uterus 
Scorpio4 Testicle, Right Side Of Uterus 
Scorpio5 Testicle, Left Side Of Uterus 
Scorpio6 Right Epididymis Uterine Cavity 
Scorpio7 Left Epididymis , Right Fallopian Tube 
Scorpio8 Scrotum , Left Fallopian Tube 
Scorpio9 Spermatic Duct, Vagina, Alcoholism 
Scorpio10 Corpus Cavernum Oseum Neurasthenia 
Scorpio11 Penis , Labor Majora 
Scorpio12 Seminal Vesicles 
Scorpio13 Vulva, Labia Minors, Glans Penis 
Scorpio14 Foreskin (Prepuce), Southern Scales health affectd 
Scorpio15 Cowpers Glands 
Scorpio16 Cochlear Head, Right Ovary, Abscess 
Scorpio17 Testicle Lobes, Left Ovary 
Scorpio18 Efferent Ducts, Hymen, Appendix Hair 
Scorpio19 Uterine Ligaments, Hallers Netz 
Scorpio20 Ligaments Of Penis, Bartholin's Gland, Goiter 
Scorpio21 Sphendoidal Cavity 
Scorpio22 Ethmoid (Bone) And Ligaments 
Scorpio23 Nasal Bone, Fimbria Of Fallopian Tubes, Rheumatism 
Scorpio24 Nasal Septum 
Scorpio25 Coccyx, Ovarian Ducts, Tonsils, Alcoholism 
Scorpio26 Perineum 
Scorpio27 Anus 
Scorpio28 Mucous Membranes 
Scorpio29 Vomer 
Scorpio30 Nasal Muscles 


Sagittarius1 Pelvic Bone 
Sagittarius2 Ilium (Hip Bone) 
Sagittarius3 Ischium (Tailbone) 
Sagittarius4 Femur (Thigh) 
Sagittarius5 Right Large Femoral Artery, Hair 
Sagittarius6 Left Large Femoral Artery, Anxiety 
Sagittarius7 Right Surface Femoral Artery, Heart 
Sagittarius8 Left Surface Femoral Artery, Sight 
Sagittarius9 Right Lymphatic Vessel Rheumatic Fever,Disease Eye 
Sagittarius10 Left Lymphatic Vessels, Typhoid Fever 
Sagittarius11 Adductor Muscle 
Sagittarius12 Large Tibial Vein 
Sagittarius13 Rheumatic Fever, Large (Rosen) Vein 
Sagittarius14 Surface Femoral Vein 
Sagittarius15 Right Hip Veins 
Sagittarius16 Left Hip Veins 
Sagittarius17 Sciatic Nerve 
Sagittarius18 Right Femoral (Keiser) Asthma 
Sagittarius19 Left Femoral (Keiser) 
Sagittarius20 Right Head Of Femur 
Sagittarius21 Left Head Of Femur, Typhoid Fever 
Sagittarius22 Right Trochanter, Insanity, Appendicitis 
Sagittarius23 Left Trochanter, Spine 
Sagittarius24 Hollow Of Knee, Popliteal Fossa Cartilage 
Sagittarius25 Condyle Of Right Femur, Neurasthenia, Gout 
Sagittarius26 Condyle Of Left Femur, Suicide 
Sagittarius27 Gluteal Muscles 
Sagittarius28 Right Leg Muscle 
Sagittarius29 Left Leg Muscle, Spiculum (eyesight affected) 
Sagittarius30 Pear Shape Muscle 


Capricorn1 Right Patella 
Capricorn2 Left Patella 
Capricorn3 Cutaneous Nerves Of Upper Leg, Eyesight 
Capricorn4 Cutaneous Nerves Of Upper Leg, Eyesight 
Capricorn5 Cutaneous Nerves Of Knee 
Capricorn6 Right Adductor Muscle 
Capricorn7 Left Adductor Muscle 
Capricorn8 Lymph Vessals Of Knee, Paralysis 
Capricorn9 Veins Of Knee 
Capricorn10 Ligaments Of Right Knee 
Capricorn11 Ligaments Of Left Knee 
Capricorn12 Right Knee Join 
Capricorn13 Left Knee Join 
Capricorn14 Right Knee Cartilage 
Capricorn15 Left Knee Cartilage, Suicide 
Capricorn16 Right Knotty Protruberance 
Capricorn17 Left Knotty Protruberance 
Capricorn18 Right Ligament Knee 
Capricorn19 Left Ligament Knee 
Capricorn20 Tendons Of Right Knee 
Capricorn21 Tendons Of Left Knee 
Capricorn22 Muscle Endings 
Capricorn23 Muscle Endings From Upper To Lower Legs 
Capricorn24 Muscle Endings From Upper To Lower Legs 
Capricorn25 Connections Between Femur 
Capricorn26 Connections Between Tibia 
Capricorn27 Deep Lying Nerves 
Capricorn28 Artery Of Right Knee, Hair 
Capricorn29 Artery Of Left Knee, Bronchitis 
Capricorn30 Adductor Muscle 


Aquarius1 Right Shinbone Nerve, Fatty Degeneration 
Aquarius2 Left Shinbone Nerve 
Aquarius3 Right Fibula 
Aquarius4 Left Fibula 
Aquarius5 Nerve Right Fibula 
Aquarius6 Nerve Left Fibula, Eyesight 
Aquarius7 Vein Lower Right Leg 
Aquarius8 Vein Lower Left Leg, Anemia 
Aquarius9 Skin Of Right Lower Leg Alcoholism 
Aquarius10 Skin Lower Left Leg 
Aquarius11 Right Crural Band 
Aquarius12 Left Crural Band 
Aquarius13 Artery Of Right Lower Leg (Fibula) Rheumatism 
Aquarius14 Artery Of Left Lower Leg (Fibula) 
Aquarius15 Lymph Vessel Of Right Lower Leg 
Aquarius16 Lymph Vessel Of Left Lower Leg 
Aquarius17 Bright's Disease Nervous System 
Aquarius18 Of The 
Aquarius19 Spinal 
Aquarius20 Cord 
Aquarius21 Nervous System Of The Spinal Cord 
Aquarius22 Right Gastroncnemius, Appendix, Cecum 
Aquarius23 Left Gastroncnemius, Rheumatism 
Aquarius24 Right Fibial Muscle 
Aquarius25 Left Tibial Muscle, Alcoholism, Abscess 
Aquarius26 Right Fibular, Neurasthenia 
Aquarius27 Left Fibular, Goiter 
Aquarius28 Right Tibia 
Aquarius29 Left Tibia, Neuritis 
Aquarius30 Right Ankle Bone 


Pisces1 Right Heelbone 
Pisces2 Left Heelbone 
Pisces3 Nerves Of Right Foot, Appendix 
Pisces4 Nerves Of Left Foot, Asthma 
Pisces5 Right Cuboid Bone 
Pisces6 Left Cuboid Bone 
Pisces7 Anklebone (Right) 
Pisces8 Left Anklebone 
Pisces9 Right Metatarsus, Rheumatic Fever 
Pisces10 Left Metatarsus, Typhoid Fever 
Pisces11 Lymph Vessels Of Foot 
Pisces12 Artery Of Right Foot 
Pisces13 Artery Of Left Foot 
Pisces14 Right Surface Veins 
Pisces15 Left Surface Veins 
Pisces16 Cruciate Ligaments Of Right Foot 
Pisces17 Cruciate Ligaments Of Left Foot 
Pisces18 Right Extensor Digitorum (Toe Extensor) 
Pisces19 Left Extensor Digitorum (Toe Extensor) 
Pisces20 Right Fibular Muscle 
Pisces21 Left Fibular Muscle, Typhoid Fever 
Pisces22 Achilles Heel Of Right Foot,Insanity, Appendicitis 
Pisces23 Achilles Heel Of Left Foot, Spine 
Pisces24 Right Capsular Joint 
Pisces25 Left Capsular Joint,Cancer, Gout 
Pisces26 Nerve Of Lower Foot 
Pisces27 Phalanges Of Right Foot, Acute Nephritis (Kidneys) 
Pisces28 Phalanges Of Left Foot, Tuberculosis 
Pisces29 Toe Nail Of Right Foot 
Pisces30 Toe Nail Of Left Foot