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Esoteric meanings of the Rising Signs


by Adele Barger Wilson

© 1998-2007 Adele Wilson

Updated June 9, 2007

The following sign meanings are based on the principles set forth by Djwhal Khul
through Alice Bailey in Chapter II of Esoteric Astrology and simplified in
 An Esoteric Journey Through the Zodiac: The Inner Meanings of the Signs

PLEASE NOTE:  By no means do the paragraphs on this page represent firm or final textbook delineations.  Please consider them as constituting an initial attempt to verbalize possible soul's-purpose implications of the ascending sign in the horoscope.  I offer them to you as a starting point, an initial frame of reference, in our collective quest to discern and recognize the various arenas of growth, types of consciousness expansion, and fields of service that can be intended by the human soul.  Of course, the esoteric significance of the rising sign must be modified by many factors, most significantly, by planets in the first house, aspects to the ascending degree, and the house position, sign, and aspects of the esoteric ruler of the ascendant.  Degree, decanate, duad, and fixed star symbolisms are among the many other possible colorations that can contribute to the synthesis that would begin to describe the soul's purpose.

ARIES - Replacing instinctual desire with will;  the increasing assertion of the Higher Self;  discerning Divine Will by birthing new ideas to aid the evolution of the planet;  embodying Divine Will by personifying and enacting these ideas

TAURUS - Being a wise steward of the Earth's resources, utilizing them for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan;  seeing, becoming, and using Light as a tool to dissipate astral glamour and to transmute material attachment into spiritual aspiration

GEMINI - Giving Love wisely and applying Wisdom lovingly; spreading Light and bridging gaps between people; being a channel of Love-Wisdom to help connect people and promote planetwide unity of all Humanity

CANCER - Realizing the Oneness of all manifested life, human, animal, vegetable, and mineral;  using innate attunement to mass consciousness to build forms that will uplift and inspire Humanity toward the universal Love of the heart chakra

LEO - Becoming centered in God-consciousness by perfecting the personality and infusing it with soul energy in order to radiate Love to others; leading a humanitarian service group and cooperating with other group leaders in a unified effort to usher in a higher planetary consciousness

VIRGO - Refining the personality so that it can receive the energies of the soul and thus birth the Christ Consciousness in the self;  helping to rearrange the physical plane in preparation for receiving the higher energies necessary for planetary initiation

LIBRA - Seeing the other as part of oneself;  incorporating insights from others in order to realize the balance between, and unity of, the personality and the Higher Self;  becoming Whole through cooperation with the Higher Self and the Divine Plan

SCORPIO - Transmuting lower desires into Higher Will through the testing and purging of the personality;  being a spiritual warrior and catalyst of healing through the embodiment and transmission of Divine Power

SAGITTARIUS - Experiencing all facets of human life in order to develop a complete acceptance, understanding, and love of others of different cultures, creeds, races, and religions;  bearing the torch of Light and Love to inspire others toward greater understanding of life and of each other

CAPRICORN - Developing patience, persistence, and perseverance by working productively within the limitations of matter, time, and space in order to progress spiritually, become increasingly involved with the Forces of Light, and assume greater responsibilities in helping to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth

AQUARIUS - Waking up to the universality of Spirit and the Divine essence and unity of all beings, interplanetary and extraplanetary;  serving uniquely and lovingly in a cooperative effort with other servers, under the direction of the Planetary Hierarchy, to help the whole of Humanity awaken and take its next step forward in consciousness

PISCES - Becoming aware of ingrained personal attitudes, cultural thoughtforms, and societal institutions which hinder planetary progress, then wielding Power to transmute these into higher forms of energy, thus clearing the way for the new thought forms which will serve the the Divine Plan of evolution for the planet and the solar system

The Soul's Purpose Formula


copyright 1983-1999 by Adele E. Barger [Wilson]

updated August 24, 2003

About Adele Barger Wilson

Book by Adele Barger Wilson:

          NOTE:  This article has been slightly revised from its original 1983 version.

          The following Soul's Purpose Formula technique has been slightly modified from that first developed by Dr. Douglas Baker and taught to me by Judi Laws and Lynn Koiner of the Amethyst group in Washington, D.C., in the early 1980s.   This Formula is based on the principle set forth on page 17 of Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology that the ascendant of a horoscope is the key to "the spiritual goal and purpose of the immediate incarnation and of the immediate succeeding incarnations."   The second two elements of the Formula are based on the astrological principle of house cusp rulership. In constructing the Soul's Purpose Formula, only the esoteric rulerships, as given in Esoteric Astrology, are used:


The Formula is to be used only on charts calculated for exact birth times.   Solar or noon charts are meaningless when working with soul-level astrology.
          Among the modifications that I have introduced to the Soul's Purpose Formula are the following: (1) Planets in the first house are considered as part of the Formula; and (2) a planet up to eight degrees behind a house cusp is considered conjunct that cusp and affecting its house rather than the house in which it is technically found.   Modification number (2) can be applied with flexibility due to the inaccuracy of most birth times and the use of different house systems, and may thus be overridden by intuitive judgement.
         Planets conjunct any of the "soul's purpose rulers" are included in the Formula and considered as important as the rulers themselves.  The suggested orb for these conjunctions is about four degrees, but this orb may be decreased or increased depending upon intuitive judgement and possible complications due to the involvement of a planetary stellium.
         There are three elements to the Soul's Purpose Formula, each being separated by a large dot, which can be translated as "ruled by."  Instructions for determining each of these three elements are as follows:

First Element

          Rising sign and "asc," followed by any planet in the first house, along with the sign of this planet and "1" in parentheses.   Example:

Capricorn ascendant with Mars in Capricorn in the first house


Second Element

         Esoteric ruler of the rising sign, the sign of this esoteric ruler, and the house of this esoteric ruler, followed by any planet(s) within orb of conjunction of this esoteric ruler, preceded by the symbol for "conjunct", enclosed in parentheses.   If the sign on the cusp of this house is different from that of this second element esoteric ruler, place the cuspal sign within a large "C".  Example:

Saturn conjunct Mercury in Virgo in the seventh house with Cancer on its cusp


Third Element

          Esoteric ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house containing the rising sign ruler.  This will be either the esoteric ruler of the sign within the "C" or, in absence of the "C", the esoteric ruler of the sign in which the ascendant ruler is found.   As with the second element, any planets conjunct this third element ruler should then be placed in parentheses, preceded by the symbol for "conjunct," as explained previously.  Also as with the second element, if the sign on the cusp of this house differs from that of the third element ruler, place it within a "C".   Example:

Neptune in Pisces in the second house


          For further clarity, these first-, second-, and third-element examples are repeated in the following illustration:

*Time adjusted for Time Zone 5 from original LMT of 3:58 p.m.
   (birth data from Profiles of Women by Lois M. Rodden)

Grandma Moses' Soul's Purpose Formula:

Capricorn ascendant with Mars in Capricorn in the first house, ruled by
Saturn conjunct Mercury in Virgo in the seventh house with Cancer on its cusp,
ruled by Neptune in Pisces in the second house


          The Soul's Purpose Formula is intended only as a guideline, or skeleton, for attempting to discern the soul-level purpose in a given incarnation.   Its symbols should be interpreted in the context of the totality of the birth chart and within the realm of the intuitive perception of the astrologer.   In the future, when the psychology of the Seven Rays becomes blended with the art/science of astrology, the interpretation of the Soul's Purpose Formula will also be qualified by the soul (and Monadic?) Rays of the native of the horoscope.
         The Soul's Purpose Formula, consisting of astrological glyphs, represents an abstraction of energies characteristic of the planes/dimensions which transcend normal human consciousness.   Because words tend to limit, or even distort, the abstract ideas which they attempt to convey, one verbal expression of a Formula is at best only a partial picture of the soul's purpose of the native.  For a more wholistic perspective, it is recommended that at least two, and preferably three, verbalizations of the astrological formula be rendered.   The combination of these two, three, or more interpretations will hopefully give a type of gestalt of the astrologer's viewpoint of the native's soul purpose.
         This astrological formula for describing a soul's purpose is (as is all of astrology) a fusion of language and art.   Differing from a mathematical formula in which there is a concrete, one-to-one correspondence between the symbols and what they signify, the Soul's Purpose Formula consists of symbols deriving from the plane of Buddhi, or intuition, where verbal concepts are left behind in favor of more refined, pervasive energies.   The interpretation of the Soul's Purpose Formula, then, perhaps represents astrology at its finest:  a bold attempt to bridge Buddhi with intellect by stepping down archetypal energies into verbal form.

         For an example of the use and interpretation of the Soul's Purpose Formula, please see How the Soul of William Blake Spoke through his Art.

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Vulcan in Astrology


Vulcan in the Signs & Houses

Vulcan in a house can show where you felt like a black sheep. However, rather than violent Black Moon Lilithian rebellion, Vulcan has you bending and transforming your creative drive to craft the world you deserve. It is the ad hoc perfection that Venus seeks in both Taurus and Libra, transformed by a Scorpio crucible and accessible after isolation and introspection. Here, you feel like an ugly dwarf compared to others, and need to accept your faults in the physical realm to better tune into the metaphysical. You have a natural talent in Vulcan, often overshadowed by doubt and pain from past shortcomings. You may not want to express his voice at first, as it was possibly something that was discouraged in youth for aesthetic reasons. This leaves you feeling like this is the ugly side of you, something you should only do alone in your room, your safe space. However, this makes for hidden talent stunted in the dark. The goal of the hidden planet is to transcend from the material plane into enlightenment of the Universe, connection to All That Is, past physical boundaries. In a birth chart, one’s Vulcan, in sign through essence and house through execution, is his journey tangible via the Esoteric ruler of said house/sign. One must strip themself down to the soul level here to reach their brilliant regenerative powers. Vulcan begs one to disconnect from what they can see and touch to know what they feel and to express such, uninhibited by insecurities. Conscious Vulcan can then operate in its purest form through its occupied sign’s esoteric ruler: Aries Vulcan denotes Mercurial forges, Taurus Vulcan calls upon Vulcan himself, Gemini Vulcan is a Venusian creation, and so on.

To find Vulcan in a chart: Click here to go to the extended chart selection on In the line for additional asteroids, above the ‘click here to show chart’ button, enter ‘h55’ and click to show chart.

Vulcan in Aries/1st house: Self-confidence has been forged from a less than encouraging environment, forced to find a voice to stand up for your ego as well as others’. Esoteric ruler Mercury begs you to be a messenger of the Divine, breaking through isolations caused by restrictive thought patterns. Allow yourself the time and space to think things through to analog your stunted feelings in order to find a way to either destroy obstacles or even reroute around them to break blocks. You’ve got to back up that violent self assurance with facts. The transition from the Fixed to the Mutable Grand Cross comes with introspection on your own thoughts, connecting them into your adventure.

Vulcan in Taurus/2nd house: Values come out of a crucible of fierce opposition. Vulcan is home here, destroying material worth as you knows it, detaching it from one in order to redeem all worth. Concoctions crafted in a furious all-nighter meets the dawn with glorious armor. Don’t be afraid to scratch it in the name of valor, nor neglect the comfort of taking it off and creating something worth protecting, not just materially. You enter the Mutable Grand Cross after accepting the cycle of life as fluid, connecting ‘I posses’ to ‘I build.’ Click here to read more on the esoteric side of Taurus.

Vulcan in Gemini/3rd house: A disconnect in relating to others, with a stress on evidence for claims and emphasis on your own thoughts. An exquisite mind is forced underground, forging the pen that is truly mightier than the sword. In order to express these volcanic opinions and be listened to, you must align with others, embracing positive relationships that uplift positive attitudes and all that comes with Gemini’s esoteric ruler, Venus. Intimacy is key here, being able to bare your soul to another and accept their soul in return. Embracing the Mutable Grand Cross for you is embracing the beauty that colors the lines of your words.

Vulcan in Cancer/4th house: The hot iron of the furnace is harsh on your inner world. You’re only yourself when you’re home with those you trust, numbering few though growing with age and wisdom. With Neptune esoterically ruling Cancer, connection to the Universe is vital to channeling the ghosts out of your picture frames and dark corners so you can refill them with the brilliant sublimation of your own creation. Recurring events, nostalgia, even addictions can haunt you. Letting go of attachments to feelings associated with memory will help dissolve your shell and transition from the stale routines of the Fixed Grand Cross to free flowing connection to the Human Subconscious.

Vulcan in Leo/5th house: A candle is held up to your creative talent and the ego that is fed from such. The esoteric ruler of Leo is the same as its traditional ruler, the Sun, and here one must put aside troubles based around self-expression. You may feel that you aren’t anyone special, your troubles and experience are less than or at most equal to others. Partiality, you are correct- no one’s problems are more important than yours to you, the same as their troubles are the biggest each for themselves. The fixed cross here is egocentric, demanding you lend equal focus to yourself as well as to others and the group consciousness through the esoteric Sun self, shining your vibrant light in nooks and crannies to establish the perfect whole in the mutable cross.

Vulcan in Virgo/6th house: Ingested flames makes for fiery fingers as you feel the drive to weave subtle emotions into everyday life. You must detach yourself from the mundane and find the sentimental value through your esoteric ruler, the moon. Passion is found in everyday drudgery when you can find a home in it. Remember not to lose yourself in your work, but tend to the garden you’ve already built with a tender hand. Love means work as much as preferrable enjoyment. You already have this great passion- leaving transcending from the fixed grand cross to the mutable entails detaching from the pain of everyday to the joys that your upkeep brings. You can already maintain the work. You must imbue motherly love to sustain that life you create.

Vulcan in Libra/7th house: Here there is a focus on manifestation of your will. Relationships with the Other- any other person as well as polarities in life, black and white, wrong and right- is highlighted. Libra is esoterically ruled by Uranus, the group consciousness. It’s likely that you over idealize others, and love the untouchable concept of people rather than people for who they are. You are all too aware of a collective purpose. For you, the fixed cross is that of knowing there is a higher ideal to attain. Entering the mutable grand cross comes after you personally can find your higher self and motivations. Only then can you find and relate to others’ higher calling and help them attain it.

Vulcan in Scorpio/8th house: Pluto and Mars come into effect as the ruler of Scorpio, making transformation a sinch. You a ready to break free from bonds that are outmoded. The hard part is the death of ego, of personality. The hammer is brought down too readily onto others- don’t forget the importance of forging your own self. It may be that you are too willing to be harsh on others, and yourself, and focus so much on tearing down the old that you forget to build anew. The esoteric ruler of Scorpio is the same as its traditional ruler- Mars. This means that you must use your incredible energy as a source of light. Leaving the fixed grand cross, similar to sister sign Taurus, entails embracing your transformative will in order to build a new ego after you tear one down. Allow yourself to be lost in illusion sometimes, as this can inspire you to achieve dreams of your enlightenment.

Vulcan in Sagittarius/9th house: You may find yourself on your high horse often, as you realized at a young age that the religious beliefs imposed upon you were not enough. The esoteric ruler of Sagittarius is the Earth. With Vulan in this placement, you must ground your ideas. Your mind is blindingly brilliant. However, do not forget that your mentality must be able to connect to the real world. You must forge the tip of the arrows in order to apply your piercing words to the seemingly bland world around around you. Remember that such enlightenment is never immediate- ease others into your ideologies if you want them to understand and sympathize. To leave the fixed cross of your strict mentality, you must bridge the gap to the Earth and fill in the gaps of assumptions with solid facts and at least a simple understanding of the way human brains in general work.

Vulcan in Capricorn/10th house: Your persona was forged in the dark with only the light of your forge fire. This makes you more attached to your public self and your desire to maintain the status quo. Understand that perception is as fluid as other people are, and you cannot expect your towering status to be consistent, on a personal basis as well as over time. This is not a loss of power, this is how time changes everything. Just as time changes things, it heals all wounds. It will take time for you to understand that you can’t be the same person to everyone; as you age, acceptance follows. For you, the fixed cross is maintaining power. To leave this and reach enlightenment of the mutable cross, you must accept that you can’t always be in charge. Others can have insight you never thought of- let someone else take the reins and you can finally recuperate and come out even stronger. Isolation can be painful but it can also be regenerative.

Vulcan in Aquarius/11th house: You become jaded rather quickly. At the same time, you connect to others just as quickly. You may be afraid to change simply because it could change your relationships as well as shatter your ever so important hopes and dreams. Sometimes, relationships can become stagnant and need a new perspective. This is where Aquarius’s esoteric ruler Jupiter comes into play. It’s easy for you to become attached, it’s not as simple to believe in yourself, others, or anything really. You believe that one can find religion in anything, even just the way someone looks at you, but you must also believe that the bad things happen so one can appreciate the good. The fixed cross here is attachment to affinity and detachment to all else. The mutable cross is the ability to come and go as you please, knowing that things will change and that isn’t always bad and never permanent. Accept change as a way of life, not just a tool.

Vulcan in Pisces/12th house: This is a very mystical placement for Vulcan. Esoteric ruler Pluto will kill what you no longer need. Don’t fret, as it leaves room for needed reconstruction. You can disconnect easily, but not from everything. An aerial view of the world around you makes it easy to understand that everything is constantly changing. Instead, sacrifice yourself to yourself. You devote yourself too easily at times and need discretion in order to not sacrifice your flame for those that pour water on it regardless. Your sacrificial fire is not for just anything, but everything. Attaining your mutable cross is simpler said than done. Allow yourself to detach from the fixed cross of fixation itself, do not obsess over what cannot be immediately obtained and remember that something that is easier to gained is not always the best for you.


This is some deep astrology! Sometimes these planets are called hidden planets. In real astronomy these are actual hypothetical planets that have not been proven to exist or not exist. These are planets such as Planet X, Vulcan, Poseidon, Kronos, many different Moons and asteroids. is a good source to draw up hypothetical planets. Today we are going to talk about Vulcan influence in astrology!  

From what I’ve found Vulcan is meant to improve you in some way. The influence of Vulcan is very much temporary and transit. I have read Vulcan comes in to transform the soul, teach lessons to the soul and purify certain emotions. :o  If you don’t find Vulcan to really describe you right now remember it is to teach something specific and might describe your past self or a future incident. There is the debate that Vulcan is the hypothetical ruler of Taurus or Virgo (depending on what type of astrology you are following) There is a LOT more information on Vulcan and it can get complex but here is a place to start: 

Vulcan in Aries: Vulcan comes into play to detach you from serving and feeding your ego. An individual with this placement is likely to have a strong individuality at the time of Vulcan’s influence, they are confident but also might be too self-righteous, cocky, and self-centered. This individual is forced to learn how to be more giving, to be more sensitive to others emotions and ideas. After the transformation/learning this individual is likely someone who can help break down others ego so they can reach a more understanding and higher conscious state. 

Vulcan in Taurus: Vulcan comes to teach about detachment and a lot of times this is a painful lesson for the individual. Loss of possessions and people are associated with this time period and transformation. Vulcan pushes this individual to rely less on material comforts, personal attachments, emotional bindings and to instead rely on one own’s internal security and stability and to find an inner harmony and peace within themselves. Once this individual is free of attachments they can find a lot of inner strength and can begin finding new purpose in their life. 

Vulcan in Gemini: Vulcan comes into to help connect this individual to others. This person is likely highly detached and even hostile to those who want to form close relationships with them. Gemini is all about communication but this individual is practicing negative influences of Mercury with strong opinions, harsh insults, gossip, etc. Vulcan ideally brings people into this persons life who can connect with them mentally, who can expose their inner self, and who can be intimate. Vulcan could also find ways to expose their inner fears, insecurities, as well as positivity and inner light to others through circumstances. 

Vulcan in Cancer: This person is someone who keeps falling into bad habits, addicting attachments, past emotions/grudges, and is coddling themselves with self-nurturing. Vulcan comes in to not necessarily make them tougher or to annihilate their nurturing ways but to break habits and to release them of attachments. Vulcan forces this person to let go of past habits and attachments. Here Vulcan frees the individual, sometimes painful at first but liberating after. Vulcan also aims to transform this person to being self-nurturing to nurturing others. Vulcan pushes a lot of self-awareness and a higher emotional consciousness in the transformation.

Vulcan in Leo: The ego and being self-centered are the main issues in this person. Unlike Aries who may have acted very selfish and cocky, this individual has self-centered and egotistical ideas. There is an association with leadership and authority. Vulcan comes to challenge this individual’s ideas of pride, leadership, confidence, and individuality. Vulcan wants to bring out ideas of cooperation, joint creativity, responsibility for others, and group consciousness. 

Vulcan in Virgo: This individual will have a time in their life where they will tightly hold onto certain values, people, substances, or judgments that they view as “right”, “healing”, “beneficial”, “good”. The key is this thing is something that DID help them once but now Vulcan is here to show that this person or idea isn’t useful anymore or that it even has some negative aspects. This is known as a very hard and long transformation but at the end of it this individual will find new ways of healing and will have a more open mind. 

Vulcan in Libra: This individual is likely highly involved with a partner or with a group and Vulcan comes in to make a shift into new relationships with a new lover or group. This person’s past relationships might have not been negative but Vulcan pushes them towards groups and relationships that free them, relationships where they can find purpose and can give back. 

Vulcan in Scorpio: This person is in a situation with a lot of negativity, especially with dynamics of unhealthy attachment, control issues, and dark manipulation. Vulcan comes in to help break the individual through and out of the negativity BUT be sure this will be an intense transformation. Scorpio’s association with the Phoenix should be noted here. Whatever this person is going through Vulcan is going to drag them through the fire to get out. After the transformation Vulcan gives an energy to them that is calmer. This person will not only be free of the negativity but wiser, more patient, rational, and a teacher of sorts. 

Vulcan in Sagittarius: There are two very powerful lessons to be learned from this position. One is an association with an attachment to one’s skill, trait, or even physical beauty/ability that they take pride in, depend on, is competitive over. Vulcan comes in to shake that idea, to take the focus off this talent. This person must see what is greater than this trait and what is greater than themselves. The second lesson has to do with their belief system and/or religion. This person could be disillusioned with their beliefs at the time and Vulcan comes in to show them a new belief system. 

Vulcan in Capricorn: Authority, power, strength, and the material world are themes here. Vulcan comes to help this individual detach themselves from the material world and helps them to focus more on the spiritual and emotional realm. Vulcan can also take this person through a loss of power and authority. Vulcan puts this person in a place where they have to reevaluate their values and purpose. Vulcan also wants to teach this individual to balance the needs of the group with their desire for authority, material and practical needs with emotional and compassionate needs. 

Vulcan in Aquarius: The influences of Vulcan are STRONG and they come to shatter all human attachments and concentrates on the collective. Vulcan teaches this person to be more accepting, open minded, tolerant, and to seek those with like-minds. This person may be someone who was highly emotionally sensitive, attached, and insecure when younger but when Vulcan comes it is at a time in their life when they are ready to completely let go.

Vulcan in Pisces: Vulcan in Pisces is associated with getting rid of anything that blocks love. Prejudice, hate, vengeance, grudges, unfaithfulness, jealousy, all of these emotions are killed through a somewhat cold and harsh transformation. This person was one who held onto many, many negative emotions that block love. After the transformation this person shows others how to love, is able to love many, and is very emotionally giving. 

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Esoteric Chart Reading

 By Leoni Hodgson


When many astrologers interpret the same chart, readings can vary widely – from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the highly critical to the encouraging. This can be confusing for non-astrologers who are relying on the astrologer’s expertise. The question could be asked, “If astrology is a science (as astrologers claim), why does this disparity happen?” There are two main reasons.

1. It happens because the consciousness of the readers involved are at different levels of development. The same data is being scrutinized by minds – which until enlightenment happens, are contaminated by lifetimes of acquired prejudices and glamour – by “filters” in modern psychological jargon. (a). If the astrologer is becoming soul-aligned, the wisdom of the soul is slowly dispersing these filters. Readings will reflect this. Positives in the chart will be looked for and found – the soul is always seeking to unify. The chart will be interpreted from the altruistic angle of the soul and with a focus on service work. This does not mean there are no negatives to be found. But they will be folded into the positivity of the interpretation. (b). If however, the astrologer is still governed by the personality, readings will reflect this, The ego, which is separative, will look for all that is wrong with the chart energies, will judge and criticise. The astrologer's personal baggage will be projected onto the chart and onto the person being analysed.

2. The second reason is that, some readers are not trained to differentiate between levels of consciousness. Consequently, they read the charts of soul-aligned peoples as if they were personalities, giving a totally distorted reading of the chart – and vice versa.

Here is what Djwhal Khul says: “According to an individual's point of evolution.. the astrologer will arrange the interpretation of the horoscope. It will require the work and the thought of the intuitive astrologer, dependent upon soul contact and much meditation, to determine the processes of astrological interpretation for those who are active and living souls at some stage upon the Path. The casting of the horoscope of the average man or the undeveloped man presents no such difficulties.” Esoteric Astrology”, p21

3. There is a third reason. The astrologer is still in the process of developing his or her craft. Time will take care of this.

The point is, when assessing the quality of a reading, use “your gut.” Ask yourself, “Is there a wisdom behind the reading that is presenting a balanced or more scientific point of view, in order to try to understand the soul in question?” “Is it simply a hatchet job, or has the reading been distorted by bias and emotionalism?”


My Spirit, Soul Body book is a guide book for how to do this. Here is an opportunity for all members to learn this and to get a quick overview reading. I encourage everyone to give their opinion of charts, so we can all hone up our skills.


Trained astrologers will read a chart fully (planets in signs and in aspect), as they have been trained to do. However, non-astrologers - by using the method given here, can give a spiritual reading if they focus just on the Moon, Sun and ascendant. Here is a summary of what these points represent.

The MOON sign. It represents the PAST, the “prison of the soul pattern”; a debilitating negative belief  or emotional patter4n that is the number one psychological problem to remove.

-- The esoteric keynote of each Moon sign, is an instruction that tells us what we need to do, to break the pattern. The esoteric ruler of the Moon sign and the sign it is in; they point to qualities to develop to counterbalance the pattern. The house it is in, is where this will play out.

The SUN sign. It represents the PRESENT level of development that the PERSONALITY and its integration has reached; and the level to which it has (or has not), been illumined by the soul.

-- The esoteric keynote of the Sun sign, is an instruction that tells us what we need to do, to develop the personality positives. The esoteric ruler of the sign and the sign it is in, highlights soul qualities that will counterbalance the Sun sign negatives and create a more rounded out and balanced personality. The house the Sun is in, is where this will play out.

The ASCENDANT sign. it represents the FUTURE, which we manifest if we do the inner spiritual work, cultivate the ascendant sign qualities and serve the greater good in some way. This sign represents the PURPOSE OF THE SOUL.

--The esoteric ruler of the ascendant sign, is the esoteric ruler of the chart. The sign and house it is in, provides greater detail about the soul’s purpose for the incarnation.

Using excerpts from my book ‘Astrology of Spirit, Soul and Body’ (SSB), (or of course doing your own reading), and focusing on the Moon, Sun and Ascendant; a very good spiritual reading can be done.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

10 Talents Revealed in Astrological Charts


By: Rae Orion

Where do extraordinary qualities come from? What goes into the astrological chart of a world-class beauty, a groundbreaking artist, a celebrity, or a billionaire? These people obviously have something special . . . and maybe you do, too.

Athletic prowess

Mighty Mars, the planet of aggression, figures strongly in the charts of athletes, who are statistically more likely than non-athletes to have Mars within striking distance of either the Ascendant or the Midheaven.

A Mars/Midheaven conjunction appears in the charts of Muhammad Ali, a Capricorn with said conjunction in Taurus; Tiger Woods, a Capricorn with the same conjunction in Gemini; and Lebron James, a Capricorn with a Mars/Midheaven conjunction in Pisces. And then there’s the astonishing Simone Biles, a Pisces. She has a Mars/Midheaven conjunction in Virgo, the sign of perfection.

Mars can also be prominent in other ways. It could be well-placed by sign — in Aries, the sign it rules, or in Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. It could be well-placed by aspect. For instance, it might be conjunct the Sun, as in the charts of swimmer Michael Phelps and soccer player Megan Rapinoe. It could be prominent because it connects with almost all the other planets, like Roger Federer’s Mars, which aspects every planet except Neptune.

Strangely enough, Mars can even be dominant because it makes no aspects whatsoever. Such a solitary body, unhampered by other planets with competing agendas, operates without interference and can, consequently, be the most powerful planet in a chart.

I don’t want to suggest that Mars is the only planet that affects athletic ability. A well-placed Sun gives vitality. Mercury lends quickness. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto confer power. Athleticism, like other talents, is an amalgamation of many factors.

Finally, although gifted athletes are born under every sign of the zodiac, fire and earth signs are slightly more common among them than air and water. Athletes, like artists, benefit from a touch of Leo — not because it advances athletic ability but because it stimulates the love of performance. And that is definitely part of the game.

Beauty (or the power of attraction)

Just as Mars promotes athletic ability, Venus amplifies beauty and the ability to attract, particularly when it is
  • Conjunct the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, the Midheaven, or the ruler of the Ascendant.
  • In the first or tenth house.
  • In Taurus or Libra, the signs it rules.
Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, and Paul Newman all had Venus conjunct the Ascendant. So do Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, and Beyoncé, who has an unusual triple conjunction of Venus, Pluto, and the Ascendant — an irresistible combination.

Venus also shows up near the Midheaven in the charts of beautiful people. Examples include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and David Bowie. Standards of beauty may change. But this is one area where Venus will always have the last word.

Not everyone with a prominent Venus boasts a gorgeous face. What they do have is even more valuable, for Venus confers the power of attraction.

“You made me love you,” sings Judy Garland to a framed photograph of Clark Gable. “I didn’t want to do it.” She couldn’t help it though, and neither could anyone else. He has Venus right on the Ascendant.

Celebrity appeal

Pop artist Andy Warhol is known for his paintings of Campbell’s soup cans; his silk-screened portraits of Elvis Presley, Jackie Kennedy, and hundreds of other people; his high-profile celebrity life; and his prescient statement, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” Well, that was easy for him to say. Here are the ingredients that celebrity appeal requires (see the following figure):
  • Planets conjunct the Midheaven and/or in the tenth house.
  • Planets conjunct the Ascendant and/or in the first house.
  • A touch of Leo.
So how did his chart stack up to these specifications?

He had Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, conjunct the Midheaven, along with Mars, Chiron, and the North Node in the tenth house.

His Sun was closely conjunct the Ascendant, and he had two planets — Venus and Neptune, the guardians of art — in the first house.

His Sun, three other planets, and the Ascendant are in Leo. Fame was his birthright.

Andy Warhol’s birth chart. Andy Warhol’s birth chart. He got his 15 minutes and more.

Healing hands

Doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, podiatrists, dentists, and others with the desire to heal share certain astrological characteristics:
  • By sign: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the water signs, promote empathy. Virgo encourages an intellectual curiosity about health and healing techniques. Aquarius heightens humanitarian concern.
  • By planet: Research has shown that doctors often have Saturn conjunct or opposite the Ascendant or Midheaven. Pluto, the planet of transformation, and Mars also figure heavily in the charts of healers.
  • By house: The most crucial placements related to health are the sixth house of health and service; the eighth house of surgery, research, death, and rebirth; and the twelfth house of secrets and hospitals.

A house is powerful if it holds one or more planets, but even an empty house can be more important than it looks. If the ruler of that house is conjunct the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, the matters of that house will always be vital.

In the 1950s, Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed the first vaccine against polio, was more than famous. He was revered. In those days, polio was a plague. In 1952 alone, 58,000 people in the United States contracted the disease, many were paralyzed, and over 3,000 died, most of them children.

After the Salk vaccine became available, those numbers plummeted. By 1994, there was not a single case of polio in the western hemisphere. The number of lives he saved has been estimated in the millions.

So, where does that healing force come from? His chart shows precisely the qualities enumerated earlier in this section (see the following figure):

  • By sign: He has planets in all three of the water signs. His Sun is in Scorpio, along with Mars, Mercury, and the Ascendant. His Moon and North Node are in Pisces. And his Saturn and Pluto are in Cancer.

He also has Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius, showing his enthusiasm for humanitarian causes and his interest in science.

  • By planet: He does not have Saturn conjunct or opposite the Ascendant or Midheaven. But his Saturn is prominent anyway as part of a tight Grand Trine linking the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto.
  • By house: Salk was not a clinical doctor who saw individual patients in his office. So it’s not surprising that he has nothing in the sixth house of service. Instead, as his Sun in the twelfth house suggests, he worked behind the scenes. Three planets plus the Ascendant in Scorpio indicate his interest in research, as do Saturn and Pluto in the eighth house, an inspired placement for investigating matters of life and death.
Jonas Salk's birth chartDr. Jonas Salk. His polio vaccine saved millions of lives.

Business savvy

How are Fortune 500 CEOs different from you and me? Here’s how to spot executive ability:
  • By sign: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the preeminent signs of business. Equally important is Scorpio, the sign of power politics, covert operations, and self-control. In business, as in other areas, you might also expect to see a little Leo. That’s because Leos long to be on top, and they’ll happily put in hours — make that years — of overtime to achieve that goal.
  • By planet: Saturn, well-situated by sign, house, and aspect, grants organizational ability, Mercury provides skill in communication, and Mars fuels the competitive drive.
  • By house: Look for planets in the tenth house of reputation, the sixth house of work, the second house of money, and the eighth house of investment. Those houses support executive ability. Also, planets in the first house can bestow charisma, which is often the defining trait of a successful CEO.
Jack Welch, chairman and CEO of General Electric for 20 years, shows many of these traits (see the following figure):
  • By sign: With planets in all three earth signs, plus a Capricorn Ascendant, and the Sun in Scorpio, Welch shows clear organizational ability.
  • By planet: Saturn rules his Ascendant and is therefore his ruling planet. Mercury is conjunct his Midheaven. But his most notable planet is his commanding Mars. It’s angular (in the first house), closely conjunct his Ascendant, well-aspected, and in the sign of its exaltation, all of which makes him exceptionally competitive and aggressive.
  • By house: His Sun is in the tenth house of career and public life and is conjunct expansive Jupiter, which is an indication of public prominence and another mark of leadership ability. His Moon is in the eighth house of investments, along with two other planets. His chart ruler, Saturn, is in the second house of money.
Say what you will about the corporate world, that’s where Jack Welch belongs. The same might be said for Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook. Their birth times, and hence their house placements, are unknown. Their signs say it all. Bezos is a Capricorn, with five planets in earth signs and one in Scorpio. Zuckerberg is a Taurus, with four planets in earth signs and four in Scorpio. Like the rest of us, they’re living their charts.

Ability to make money

These are the traditional markers that point to the ability to amass money and material goods, whether through your own efforts or through sheer good luck:
  • Planets in the second and eighth houses.
  • Powerful, well-aspected planets ruling the second and eighth houses.
  • A well-placed Jupiter. If you’re lucky, it will connect in some way with the second and eighth houses. Maybe it will be placed in one of those houses. It could form a strong aspect with the ruler of one of those houses. It could be rising. Or it could be sitting at the top of the chart like a crown.
A glance at Jack Welch’s chart shows just what you might expect:

Jack Welch’s birth chart.Jack Welch’s birth chart

He has four planets in the second and eighth houses, including Saturn, the ruler of his Ascendant.

The planets ruling his second and eight houses are well-placed. Neptune, the ruler of his second house, is conjunct the Moon in the eighth house. Mercury, the ruler of his eighth house, is conjunct the Midheaven.

As for Jupiter, it’s powerful by sign (because it’s in Sagittarius, the sign it rules); by house (because it’s in the tenth house of reputation); and by aspect (because it’s conjunct his Sun).

Activist capability

In troubled times, it sometimes takes a visionary activist to galvanize public opinion. Activists often pay a steep price for taking a stand. Yet they are unwavering in their commitment and energetic in their actions. Here are a few astrological indications that encourage activism:
  • Planets in cardinal signs. If you want to start a movement – or anything else – planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn are essential, with special emphasis on fiery Aries, the high-energy sign of the warrior, and earthy, ambitious, get-it-done Capricorn, the sign of structure.
  • Planets in Aquarius, the freedom-loving, humanitarian sign of the future, or in the eleventh house of friends, community, and society.
  • A prominent Mars, the planet of action.
Feminist activist Gloria Steinem has all of these celestial indicators. She is an Aries with four planets in cardinal signs: Pluto in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, and the Sun and Mars in Aries. She has two planets and the North Node in Aquarius. Finally, her Mars is in Aries, one of the two signs it rules; it is conjunct her Sun in Aries; and it is the ruler of her Scorpio Ascendant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stronger Mars.

Or consider the chart of climate activist Greta Thunberg. I don’t know what time she was born, so her chart has been calculated arbitrarily for dawn and constructed, for convenience, using “whole sign” houses. But please ignore the houses: without a birthtime, house divisions are meaningless. Signs and aspects, on the other hand, are full of information. Like Gloria Steinem, she has all the markers for activism:

She has four planets, including the Sun and Moon, in pragmatic, goal-oriented Capricorn, a cardinal sign. She was also born under a new moon — a promising indication.

She has two planets in Aquarius, which is a signature of her generation.

And she has Mars in Scorpio — a sign it rules — conjunct Venus, giving her passion and staying power. But Mars also makes a few stressful aspects so it won’t always be easy. Watching her is going to be interesting.

Greta Thunberg's birth chart.Greta Thunberg, climate activist

Psychic ability

Whether you call it extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, a sixth sense, or plain old intuition, psychic ability isn’t as rare as you might think. Here’s how to find it:
  • By sign: Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer bolster psychic ability. Sagittarius can also support a tendency in that direction.
  • By planet: Neptune and the Moon keep the channels of reception open, especially if they’re conjunct. A prominent Uranus can generate flashes of insight and understanding. Aspects between Pluto and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant boost the powers of perception. None of this is guaranteed to make you psychic. But if your powers of observation are acute enough, no one can tell the difference.
  • By house: The twelfth, eighth, and fourth houses carry the most weight.
A classic illustration of psychic ability gone wild is the renowned healer Edgar Cayce, who worked as a “psychic diagnostician” (his term) by entering a trance and suggesting cures for clients he had never even met. His chart (see the following figure) showed all the indications of psychic ability:
  • By sign: He had the Sun, three planets, and the North Node in Pisces.
  • By planet: He had a Moon/Neptune conjunction in the ninth house, Uranus rising, and a prominent Pluto at the top of his chart.
  • By house: His Sun was in the eighth house.
Edgar Cayce’s birth chart.Edgar Cayce’s birth chart

Interest in becoming an astrologer

Becoming a skilled astrologer has nothing to do with psychic ability. Astrology is an accumulated body of knowledge — not the mystic ability to intercept messages from the spirit world. Anyone can learn it. But you’re more likely to be interested if you have some of the following in your chart:
  • A prominent Uranus.
  • Activity in Aquarius and/or an active eleventh house.
  • Activity in Scorpio and/or the eighth house. Scorpio is subtle and incisive. It feels at home with contradictions and hidden motivations, and it loves to ferret out a mystery — and that’s what astrology is all about.

Writing ability

It’s astonishing how many people fantasize about writing. Here’s what it takes to be a success:
  • By sign: Great writers are born under every sign of the zodiac but Gemini is often haunted by the urge to write. Having the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant, or Midheaven in the sign of the twins stimulates writing ability and facility with language.
  • By planet: Becoming a successful writer requires a robust Mercury. Mercury is strong if it rules the Ascendant or Midheaven, if it’s in Gemini or Virgo, if it’s in the third, sixth, ninth, or tenth houses, or if it makes strong aspects to other planets. Don’t worry if it doesn’t do all of those things. And don’t fret if your Mercury is retrograde. That placement is so common among the authors I admire that I’ve started to wonder whether it’s actually an advantage.

Saturn, the planet of self-discipline and structure, is essential for a writer, especially if you’re working on your own.

Neptune can be pivotal in writing poetry, fiction, song lyrics, film scripts, or anything that’s primarily imaginative.

The Moon is arguably the most important planet, as the researcher Michel Gauquelin discovered. He found that creative writers are more likely than non-writers to have the Moon in one of the so-called zones of power: either overhead (that is, in the ninth house or conjunct the Midheaven in the tenth) or rising (in the first house conjunct the Ascendant or in the twelfth house of secrets and solitude).

  • By house: Look for activity in the third house of communication, the ninth house of publication, and the fifth house of creativity.

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