Friday 25 March 2022

Vulcan in Astrology


Vulcan in the Signs & Houses

Vulcan in a house can show where you felt like a black sheep. However, rather than violent Black Moon Lilithian rebellion, Vulcan has you bending and transforming your creative drive to craft the world you deserve. It is the ad hoc perfection that Venus seeks in both Taurus and Libra, transformed by a Scorpio crucible and accessible after isolation and introspection. Here, you feel like an ugly dwarf compared to others, and need to accept your faults in the physical realm to better tune into the metaphysical. You have a natural talent in Vulcan, often overshadowed by doubt and pain from past shortcomings. You may not want to express his voice at first, as it was possibly something that was discouraged in youth for aesthetic reasons. This leaves you feeling like this is the ugly side of you, something you should only do alone in your room, your safe space. However, this makes for hidden talent stunted in the dark. The goal of the hidden planet is to transcend from the material plane into enlightenment of the Universe, connection to All That Is, past physical boundaries. In a birth chart, one’s Vulcan, in sign through essence and house through execution, is his journey tangible via the Esoteric ruler of said house/sign. One must strip themself down to the soul level here to reach their brilliant regenerative powers. Vulcan begs one to disconnect from what they can see and touch to know what they feel and to express such, uninhibited by insecurities. Conscious Vulcan can then operate in its purest form through its occupied sign’s esoteric ruler: Aries Vulcan denotes Mercurial forges, Taurus Vulcan calls upon Vulcan himself, Gemini Vulcan is a Venusian creation, and so on.

To find Vulcan in a chart: Click here to go to the extended chart selection on In the line for additional asteroids, above the ‘click here to show chart’ button, enter ‘h55’ and click to show chart.

Vulcan in Aries/1st house: Self-confidence has been forged from a less than encouraging environment, forced to find a voice to stand up for your ego as well as others’. Esoteric ruler Mercury begs you to be a messenger of the Divine, breaking through isolations caused by restrictive thought patterns. Allow yourself the time and space to think things through to analog your stunted feelings in order to find a way to either destroy obstacles or even reroute around them to break blocks. You’ve got to back up that violent self assurance with facts. The transition from the Fixed to the Mutable Grand Cross comes with introspection on your own thoughts, connecting them into your adventure.

Vulcan in Taurus/2nd house: Values come out of a crucible of fierce opposition. Vulcan is home here, destroying material worth as you knows it, detaching it from one in order to redeem all worth. Concoctions crafted in a furious all-nighter meets the dawn with glorious armor. Don’t be afraid to scratch it in the name of valor, nor neglect the comfort of taking it off and creating something worth protecting, not just materially. You enter the Mutable Grand Cross after accepting the cycle of life as fluid, connecting ‘I posses’ to ‘I build.’ Click here to read more on the esoteric side of Taurus.

Vulcan in Gemini/3rd house: A disconnect in relating to others, with a stress on evidence for claims and emphasis on your own thoughts. An exquisite mind is forced underground, forging the pen that is truly mightier than the sword. In order to express these volcanic opinions and be listened to, you must align with others, embracing positive relationships that uplift positive attitudes and all that comes with Gemini’s esoteric ruler, Venus. Intimacy is key here, being able to bare your soul to another and accept their soul in return. Embracing the Mutable Grand Cross for you is embracing the beauty that colors the lines of your words.

Vulcan in Cancer/4th house: The hot iron of the furnace is harsh on your inner world. You’re only yourself when you’re home with those you trust, numbering few though growing with age and wisdom. With Neptune esoterically ruling Cancer, connection to the Universe is vital to channeling the ghosts out of your picture frames and dark corners so you can refill them with the brilliant sublimation of your own creation. Recurring events, nostalgia, even addictions can haunt you. Letting go of attachments to feelings associated with memory will help dissolve your shell and transition from the stale routines of the Fixed Grand Cross to free flowing connection to the Human Subconscious.

Vulcan in Leo/5th house: A candle is held up to your creative talent and the ego that is fed from such. The esoteric ruler of Leo is the same as its traditional ruler, the Sun, and here one must put aside troubles based around self-expression. You may feel that you aren’t anyone special, your troubles and experience are less than or at most equal to others. Partiality, you are correct- no one’s problems are more important than yours to you, the same as their troubles are the biggest each for themselves. The fixed cross here is egocentric, demanding you lend equal focus to yourself as well as to others and the group consciousness through the esoteric Sun self, shining your vibrant light in nooks and crannies to establish the perfect whole in the mutable cross.

Vulcan in Virgo/6th house: Ingested flames makes for fiery fingers as you feel the drive to weave subtle emotions into everyday life. You must detach yourself from the mundane and find the sentimental value through your esoteric ruler, the moon. Passion is found in everyday drudgery when you can find a home in it. Remember not to lose yourself in your work, but tend to the garden you’ve already built with a tender hand. Love means work as much as preferrable enjoyment. You already have this great passion- leaving transcending from the fixed grand cross to the mutable entails detaching from the pain of everyday to the joys that your upkeep brings. You can already maintain the work. You must imbue motherly love to sustain that life you create.

Vulcan in Libra/7th house: Here there is a focus on manifestation of your will. Relationships with the Other- any other person as well as polarities in life, black and white, wrong and right- is highlighted. Libra is esoterically ruled by Uranus, the group consciousness. It’s likely that you over idealize others, and love the untouchable concept of people rather than people for who they are. You are all too aware of a collective purpose. For you, the fixed cross is that of knowing there is a higher ideal to attain. Entering the mutable grand cross comes after you personally can find your higher self and motivations. Only then can you find and relate to others’ higher calling and help them attain it.

Vulcan in Scorpio/8th house: Pluto and Mars come into effect as the ruler of Scorpio, making transformation a sinch. You a ready to break free from bonds that are outmoded. The hard part is the death of ego, of personality. The hammer is brought down too readily onto others- don’t forget the importance of forging your own self. It may be that you are too willing to be harsh on others, and yourself, and focus so much on tearing down the old that you forget to build anew. The esoteric ruler of Scorpio is the same as its traditional ruler- Mars. This means that you must use your incredible energy as a source of light. Leaving the fixed grand cross, similar to sister sign Taurus, entails embracing your transformative will in order to build a new ego after you tear one down. Allow yourself to be lost in illusion sometimes, as this can inspire you to achieve dreams of your enlightenment.

Vulcan in Sagittarius/9th house: You may find yourself on your high horse often, as you realized at a young age that the religious beliefs imposed upon you were not enough. The esoteric ruler of Sagittarius is the Earth. With Vulan in this placement, you must ground your ideas. Your mind is blindingly brilliant. However, do not forget that your mentality must be able to connect to the real world. You must forge the tip of the arrows in order to apply your piercing words to the seemingly bland world around around you. Remember that such enlightenment is never immediate- ease others into your ideologies if you want them to understand and sympathize. To leave the fixed cross of your strict mentality, you must bridge the gap to the Earth and fill in the gaps of assumptions with solid facts and at least a simple understanding of the way human brains in general work.

Vulcan in Capricorn/10th house: Your persona was forged in the dark with only the light of your forge fire. This makes you more attached to your public self and your desire to maintain the status quo. Understand that perception is as fluid as other people are, and you cannot expect your towering status to be consistent, on a personal basis as well as over time. This is not a loss of power, this is how time changes everything. Just as time changes things, it heals all wounds. It will take time for you to understand that you can’t be the same person to everyone; as you age, acceptance follows. For you, the fixed cross is maintaining power. To leave this and reach enlightenment of the mutable cross, you must accept that you can’t always be in charge. Others can have insight you never thought of- let someone else take the reins and you can finally recuperate and come out even stronger. Isolation can be painful but it can also be regenerative.

Vulcan in Aquarius/11th house: You become jaded rather quickly. At the same time, you connect to others just as quickly. You may be afraid to change simply because it could change your relationships as well as shatter your ever so important hopes and dreams. Sometimes, relationships can become stagnant and need a new perspective. This is where Aquarius’s esoteric ruler Jupiter comes into play. It’s easy for you to become attached, it’s not as simple to believe in yourself, others, or anything really. You believe that one can find religion in anything, even just the way someone looks at you, but you must also believe that the bad things happen so one can appreciate the good. The fixed cross here is attachment to affinity and detachment to all else. The mutable cross is the ability to come and go as you please, knowing that things will change and that isn’t always bad and never permanent. Accept change as a way of life, not just a tool.

Vulcan in Pisces/12th house: This is a very mystical placement for Vulcan. Esoteric ruler Pluto will kill what you no longer need. Don’t fret, as it leaves room for needed reconstruction. You can disconnect easily, but not from everything. An aerial view of the world around you makes it easy to understand that everything is constantly changing. Instead, sacrifice yourself to yourself. You devote yourself too easily at times and need discretion in order to not sacrifice your flame for those that pour water on it regardless. Your sacrificial fire is not for just anything, but everything. Attaining your mutable cross is simpler said than done. Allow yourself to detach from the fixed cross of fixation itself, do not obsess over what cannot be immediately obtained and remember that something that is easier to gained is not always the best for you.


This is some deep astrology! Sometimes these planets are called hidden planets. In real astronomy these are actual hypothetical planets that have not been proven to exist or not exist. These are planets such as Planet X, Vulcan, Poseidon, Kronos, many different Moons and asteroids. is a good source to draw up hypothetical planets. Today we are going to talk about Vulcan influence in astrology!  

From what I’ve found Vulcan is meant to improve you in some way. The influence of Vulcan is very much temporary and transit. I have read Vulcan comes in to transform the soul, teach lessons to the soul and purify certain emotions. :o  If you don’t find Vulcan to really describe you right now remember it is to teach something specific and might describe your past self or a future incident. There is the debate that Vulcan is the hypothetical ruler of Taurus or Virgo (depending on what type of astrology you are following) There is a LOT more information on Vulcan and it can get complex but here is a place to start: 

Vulcan in Aries: Vulcan comes into play to detach you from serving and feeding your ego. An individual with this placement is likely to have a strong individuality at the time of Vulcan’s influence, they are confident but also might be too self-righteous, cocky, and self-centered. This individual is forced to learn how to be more giving, to be more sensitive to others emotions and ideas. After the transformation/learning this individual is likely someone who can help break down others ego so they can reach a more understanding and higher conscious state. 

Vulcan in Taurus: Vulcan comes to teach about detachment and a lot of times this is a painful lesson for the individual. Loss of possessions and people are associated with this time period and transformation. Vulcan pushes this individual to rely less on material comforts, personal attachments, emotional bindings and to instead rely on one own’s internal security and stability and to find an inner harmony and peace within themselves. Once this individual is free of attachments they can find a lot of inner strength and can begin finding new purpose in their life. 

Vulcan in Gemini: Vulcan comes into to help connect this individual to others. This person is likely highly detached and even hostile to those who want to form close relationships with them. Gemini is all about communication but this individual is practicing negative influences of Mercury with strong opinions, harsh insults, gossip, etc. Vulcan ideally brings people into this persons life who can connect with them mentally, who can expose their inner self, and who can be intimate. Vulcan could also find ways to expose their inner fears, insecurities, as well as positivity and inner light to others through circumstances. 

Vulcan in Cancer: This person is someone who keeps falling into bad habits, addicting attachments, past emotions/grudges, and is coddling themselves with self-nurturing. Vulcan comes in to not necessarily make them tougher or to annihilate their nurturing ways but to break habits and to release them of attachments. Vulcan forces this person to let go of past habits and attachments. Here Vulcan frees the individual, sometimes painful at first but liberating after. Vulcan also aims to transform this person to being self-nurturing to nurturing others. Vulcan pushes a lot of self-awareness and a higher emotional consciousness in the transformation.

Vulcan in Leo: The ego and being self-centered are the main issues in this person. Unlike Aries who may have acted very selfish and cocky, this individual has self-centered and egotistical ideas. There is an association with leadership and authority. Vulcan comes to challenge this individual’s ideas of pride, leadership, confidence, and individuality. Vulcan wants to bring out ideas of cooperation, joint creativity, responsibility for others, and group consciousness. 

Vulcan in Virgo: This individual will have a time in their life where they will tightly hold onto certain values, people, substances, or judgments that they view as “right”, “healing”, “beneficial”, “good”. The key is this thing is something that DID help them once but now Vulcan is here to show that this person or idea isn’t useful anymore or that it even has some negative aspects. This is known as a very hard and long transformation but at the end of it this individual will find new ways of healing and will have a more open mind. 

Vulcan in Libra: This individual is likely highly involved with a partner or with a group and Vulcan comes in to make a shift into new relationships with a new lover or group. This person’s past relationships might have not been negative but Vulcan pushes them towards groups and relationships that free them, relationships where they can find purpose and can give back. 

Vulcan in Scorpio: This person is in a situation with a lot of negativity, especially with dynamics of unhealthy attachment, control issues, and dark manipulation. Vulcan comes in to help break the individual through and out of the negativity BUT be sure this will be an intense transformation. Scorpio’s association with the Phoenix should be noted here. Whatever this person is going through Vulcan is going to drag them through the fire to get out. After the transformation Vulcan gives an energy to them that is calmer. This person will not only be free of the negativity but wiser, more patient, rational, and a teacher of sorts. 

Vulcan in Sagittarius: There are two very powerful lessons to be learned from this position. One is an association with an attachment to one’s skill, trait, or even physical beauty/ability that they take pride in, depend on, is competitive over. Vulcan comes in to shake that idea, to take the focus off this talent. This person must see what is greater than this trait and what is greater than themselves. The second lesson has to do with their belief system and/or religion. This person could be disillusioned with their beliefs at the time and Vulcan comes in to show them a new belief system. 

Vulcan in Capricorn: Authority, power, strength, and the material world are themes here. Vulcan comes to help this individual detach themselves from the material world and helps them to focus more on the spiritual and emotional realm. Vulcan can also take this person through a loss of power and authority. Vulcan puts this person in a place where they have to reevaluate their values and purpose. Vulcan also wants to teach this individual to balance the needs of the group with their desire for authority, material and practical needs with emotional and compassionate needs. 

Vulcan in Aquarius: The influences of Vulcan are STRONG and they come to shatter all human attachments and concentrates on the collective. Vulcan teaches this person to be more accepting, open minded, tolerant, and to seek those with like-minds. This person may be someone who was highly emotionally sensitive, attached, and insecure when younger but when Vulcan comes it is at a time in their life when they are ready to completely let go.

Vulcan in Pisces: Vulcan in Pisces is associated with getting rid of anything that blocks love. Prejudice, hate, vengeance, grudges, unfaithfulness, jealousy, all of these emotions are killed through a somewhat cold and harsh transformation. This person was one who held onto many, many negative emotions that block love. After the transformation this person shows others how to love, is able to love many, and is very emotionally giving.