Wednesday 18 October 2017

Soulmate Indicators

Right People!  This is NOT meant to be a dissertation on the existence or otherwise of “soulmates” and yes, i know the term has become naff. Nor do i want to trigger any Love Zombie benders out there.
But the fact remains that although we meet a mad variety of people throughout our lives and many of them are, you know, nice or interesting – the soul zing link is rare.  That connection where your soul wakes up and you’re just BAM – instantly familiar and yourselves yet stimulated by the rapport is unbelievable.
So here follows a list of “soulmate indicators.” Some of them are super well known, others less known. The idea is to not geek out over one or two but wait till you see a whole lot of these indicators.  Some people are just all about Mars synastry – for some reason they turn us on even when it is essentially a fairly crap relationship out of bed. Others are Jupiter bonds – really enriching and intellectually broadening but not necessarily that soul zing.
To look up some of these, you will need to be familiar with the Extended Chart Selection on Astrodienst. It is at the bottom right.
And then you click on that to see this at the bottom –  your funky little window where you can enter the numbers of the asteroids you want to fling into your chart.
Those ones there are my faves at the moment btw: Eros, Psyche, Urania, Diana, Pandora, Hecate, Circe, Lust, Sappho, Lucretia, Bast and Pan.
ANYWAY: Soulmate Indicators. These all need to be pretty much exact or a few degrees out. Five max.
(1) Their chart and yours has full-on Saturn aspects. YES Saturn. Saturn is the Time Lord. People who are bound to meet have strong Saturn aspects between them. It lends an extra gravitas to the encounter. Both people immediately get that this is or could be a significant bond.  For instance Person A has Saturn on the Venus of Person B.
If you are not yet sure (and we are doing a whole few Hacks on Synastry etc later) how to compare charts, look to points with the same number or near by. AND seriously conjunctions are the easiest to spot AND the most potent.  So if your Saturn is 23 Gemini and the other person has Venus at 25 Gemini, that’s easy to spot and voila, a Saturn Venus karmic connection.
(2) Aspects to the North Node/South Node.  If the other person has Moon (in particular) Venus or Mars on your South Node, that’s meant to be the “we knew each other before” real deal. North Node? They pull you into your future, they’re like Destiny Muses.
(3) You meet during a big-time Eclipse that has relevance to both your charts AND when you bring it up, the Composite Chart, which is your charts blended together. Eg; the Eclipse was on your Sun – their Moon and the Composite Node.
(4) You have a Jupiter/Juno conjunction. Your Jupiter is on their Juno or vice versa. Voila the King and Queen of Heaven. Mars and Venus linkages are hot for chemistry but there are others more vital and stately.
(5) You have a Chariklo (asteroid 10199) Chiron synergy – Chiron is the magical, maverick healer and Chariklo is his Centaur wife. Again, don’t complicate this. Who cares if your Chariklo is sextile their Chiron by ten degrees. Go for conjunctions and as close as possible.
(6) You meet during a Pluto Venus transit. Pluto moves SO slowly that it’s pretty easy to work out what it is doing to your Venus via the Ephemerides.
(7) Their Eros in strong aspect to your Psyche or vice versa. BOTH for a super amazing past life flash recall. Eros is 433 and Psyche is 16.
(8) Slippery Alert: Neptune IS a soulmate indicator when it’s in aspect to Moon-Venus between charts but it is also the spell caster and sometimes a Neptune whammy can be a hell of a spell to come around from. So when you notice that you and another person have strong Neptune aspects between you, stay sober (maybe literally lol) and grounded. BUT…it’s another soul link indicator.
(9) Their inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) or Sun/Moon on your Angles. And vice versa obviously. So the Angles in a birth chart are the Ascendant, the IC (at the base), the Descendant (opposite the Ascendant) and the MC or Midheaven at the top.
Remember, anyone who you even consider RELEVANT is going to be making some traction in your chart – like you would have aspects between charts BUT when it’s a whole pile of things going OFF, you know you’re looking at a relationship or a potential relationship with deeper import.