Tuesday 6 November 2012

Chart Ruler in Houses

Once we have found the ruler of the ascendant's sign, then we locate where that planet is situated in the chart.

Chart Ruler Descriptions

If the chart ruler is located in the first house, the individual may be quite adept at initiating activities without needing to be persuaded.

For the chart ruler in the second house, the individual may define his/her self-worth through money and material possessions, or long-term security may motivate his/her activities.

For the chart ruler in the third house, the individual may be drawn to activities involving intellect, travel or communication.

For the chart ruler in the fourth house, the individual may strive to create a solid family base and home life.

For the chart ruler in the fifth house, the individual may find it easier to take risks, especially in relation to love, fun and romance.  Children may also be an important means of defining his/her activities.

For the chart ruler in the sixth house, the individual may tend to be service oriented to the point of being stressed if he/she is not working/helping others.

For the chart ruler in the seventh house, the individual may seek out activities that he/she and a partner can join in together.

For the chart ruler in the eighth house, the individual may actually be most comfortable in working with other's money or resources. Sexuality may also be a defining trait for this individual.

For the chart ruler in the ninth house, the individual may seek out activities involving religion, philosophy, culture or law in an effort to accepted.

For the chart ruler in the tenth house, the individual may work hard to build a reputable expression of his/her role in life.

For the chart ruler in the eleventh house, the individual may strive to associated with humanitarian causes or be involved in social activities that impact his/her life.

For the chart ruler in the twelfth house, the individual may tend to be a very private individual, preferring to build an inner strength while being drawn to activities that stay behind-the-scenes.

Where is that Solar Eclipse in my Chart?

The Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up in such a way that the Moon obscures the Sun from the Earth. This can only occur during a New Moon phase. The human response to the Solar Eclipse is both physical and psychological. It is not uncommon for the individual to develop an awareness of change shortly before, during and after an eclipse. Solar Eclipses focus the spotlight onto the Self. Perhaps because we live within a social realm, we tend to forget the importance of the "self" prior to the development of relationships. Quite often, people want to know, "How can I get him/her to like me?" The more valid question is, "Do I like who I am?" Solar Eclipses tend to get us to focus more on the "ME!" and do I like Me as I am today. A Solar Eclipse can also spur on the beginning of a new phase in one's life. The Solar Eclipse can help you to regroup and focus, for a while, on an area in your life that may need extra attention or change. While your attention is focused on a particular area of your life, the eclipse in relation to your natal chart is almost like a "self-help" tool that can help develop the strengths of your personality. The Solar Eclipse may inspire, motivate or pressure you, depending on the nature of your needs during the transit. The interpretations below are brief and may only cover a small portion of the possibilities. You should also consider the Lunar Eclipse that occurs in the sequence with the Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse OccurrenceSolar Eclipse Influences

In your
Natal First House:

The focus is on personal development. Self-recognition is essential to self-esteem and growth. Acknowledgement of a weakness is as important to development as the recognition of strengths. No person can exist without some form of weakness. Some people experience identity crises or ruminate on self-doubts as part of the growth process. The Eclipse's influence is one in which the individual realizes that personal potentials can be developed and expresses them more fully. Self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-enrichment lead to an expansion of personal horizons for those who respond positively to Solar Eclipse energies. A negative reaction blocks growth potentials and gives rise to arrogance and self-gratification. People that are too satisfied with the "self" as they are, fail to recognize what they have become.

In your
Natal Second House:

The focus is on financial perspectives. The ego drives one to seek financial and material status. Excessive ego may prompt a person's attempt to increase income by expanding resources while another person may try to amass assets for savings or other security means. Acquiring large debts while purchasing material objects can satisfy the ego; or displays of financial generosity might give another person a sense of pride. The results of the Solar Eclipse period within the second house might range from proportional prosperity to economic ruin. However, security and growth is not merely financial activity; the focus deals with the development of material values and obligatory attitudes that promote inner growth as well as material and psychological security.

In your
Natal Third House:

The focus is on intellectual and communicative needs. Self-satisfaction is likely to be achieved through learning and teaching - not always in the areas of teaching in the professional sense, but teaching by outwardly articulating ideas and knowledge in conversation or in written form. Intellectual pursuit might take on various forms, and the effort is rewarded with a increased aware of the personal environment

In your
Natal Fourth House:

The focus is on the incentive to establish the type of home life feels comfortable and reflects security. Improvement are likely to be expressed by improving the tangible features of home or by improving family relationships (or both). A Solar Eclipse may be the impetus to move to another location. Parents, family dynamics, and lifestyle are important issues at this time. Change and adjustment is often necessary in order to satisfy the emotional needs of the individual.

In your
Natal Fifth House:

The focus is on the need to risk expressing oneself creatively and affectionately. The fifth house, ruled by the Sun, represents the soul and life essence; the areas in a person's life that brings them joy. The individual emphasizes activities and relationships that allow enjoyment and create happy feelings as a means to develop self-esteem. A parent often finds that during the eclipse period that bonding with children cultivates inner growth and ego satisfaction for the children and the parent. A balance of give and take is essential. Too much of one or the other tends to block potential growth.

In your
Natal Sixth House:

The focus is on personal health, employment environments and job relationships. A positive response to the Solar Eclipse typically results in better health and nutritional practices. The satisfaction that a person feels in a healthy work situation is also essential. Reducing work-related health hazards, whether physical or psychological, can positively affect one's overall productivity. Finding positive ways to improve cooperation between co-workers can also have a lasting impact on one's health.

In your
Natal Seventh House:

The focus is on one to one human interaction at a personal level and a business level. A sense of incompleteness encourages individuals to seek an equivalent in order to enhance self-esteem. The meaningful alliances are generally expressed as marital or business partnerships. The Solar Eclipse in the seventh house strengthens relationships that are solid and satisfying while disbanding relationships that are unbalanced or unrewarding. Harmony and balance are important to emotional growth. Self-worth can be realized through one's ability to assist another person to meet his/her needs.

In your
Natal Eighth House:

The focus is on sharing material, physical, and/or inner spheres. Activation of the material assets that may be shared with the marriage partner or business associates. Activation of the physical sensory may arouse aggressive sexual urges. The psychological or inner response accentuates spiritual evolution and psychic development. The individual's motivation may depend upon his/her own level of growth attained to this stage of life.

In your
Natal Ninth House:

The focus is on the development of abstract or intangible thought. Questions of morality, ethics, religious practices, and philosophical issues are addressed in an attempt to develop a personal guide; a foundation and a sense of structure for living life. During Solar Eclipse's influence, higher education, cultural expansion, and travel experiences play a part in the individual's exploration for wisdom and truth.

In your
Natal Tenth House:

The focus is on career advancement and social reputation. A sense of pressure may be experienced for developing public recognition that induces the determination to advance one's goals. The individual may look for tangible evidence (pay increase, promotion, public publicity, etc.) that his/her efforts are being rewarded and as a display of success.

In your
Natal Eleventh House:

The focus is on society and the human race. Group interests and organizational involvement become more significant in one's life. It is typically through eleventh house relationships and experiences that charitable viewpoints develop. One's own sense of worth is advanced when selfless humanitarian acts become a common practice or accepted as a natural decree of the universe.

In your
Natal Twelfth House:

The focus is on psychological development and spiritual growth. Outward expressions of psychic and spiritual activity impact the inner person. One grows increasingly aware of the interdependency that must exist between the physical and spiritual natures. Psychological fears and repressed desires can manifest as can as untrustworthy and deceptive tendencies during the influence of the Solar Eclipse. The secretive side of one's nature becomes more apparent or active for better or for worse. In the case of the latter, positive growth depends upon taking appropriate corrective actions.

Monday 5 November 2012

What to Expect from Eclipses

Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse November 2012What to Expect from Eclipses
  • Eclipses bring news of life’s big events: the birth of a baby, a marriage, a career breakthrough, a sudden divorce.
  • Eclipses bring on circumstances that in retrospect seem fated.
  • If you have a planet touched by the eclipse there’ll be an unexpected change of direction connected to the planet’s symbolism.
  • If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the following year will be exceptionally eventful.
  • Take any message at an eclipse seriously—there’s little chance you can have it reversed. Move on.
  • You might finally see the true character of someone close under the spotlight of an eclipse.
  • Something ends and something begins. At the time of the eclipse you’re on the bridge between past and future. You can’t go back.
  • Avoid ultimatums or threats.
  • Wait until the dust settles before making any big decisions-eclipses are emotional times.
  • Keep your schedule light around the days before and after the eclipse.
  • Don’t judge events as either good or bad—it could take weeks or months to understand their real meaning.
  • Eclipses often open doors you didn’t know were there.

“Three things cannot long be hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.” Buddha
Did you know that there is spiral DNA encoded in your life from birth in which portals/forks of destiny are embedded every 18.69 years of your life? If you live to be 93 you’ll experience 4 complete rounds of the zodiac with these “free from fate” points or 3 if you live past 75, as you climb the helix.
These portals are your natal lunar nodes bringing eclipses,known as the wild cards of the universe, blowing a huge blast of fresh air into whichever part of your life they fall. Eclipses happen when the Nodes of the Moon line up within 10 degrees of the Sun/Moon on the ecliptic creating Lunar eclipses (New Moon) or Solar Eclipses (Full Moon).
In your birth chart, this Nodal axis is of immense significancein your individual life. It’s as if life constantly returns you to this axis to remind you of your bigger purpose. It is an axis of tension and compulsion around which ideas of fate and destiny seem to hover. Your natal North Node degree and sign reveal your path in this life, acting like your own North Star keeping your compass aligned to your purpose. Check it out by sign, house and aspects.
Eclipses occur in pairs four weeks apart twice each year. Their wild maverick nature is revealed by the way they move clockwise around the zodiac signs instead of anti clockwise as all the planets, centaurs and asteroids do. Not all eclipses are equal and you feel the most impact when one conjuncts opposes or squares a planet or point in your chart.