Monday 2 August 2021

Your Life Purpose and Chart Ruler


Are you trying to figure out your life through an astrological perspective? Learn how to find your life purpose by reading your birth chart. 

Your birth chart is a snapshot of energetic dynamics at the moment of your birth in your birthplace. This energy plays out throughout your entire life. In other words, your chart holds significant clues about your life. As long as you know how to decipher it, you can examine every aspect of your life, learn your lessons quickly and ace your life. A birth chart is a custom cheat sheet for life. Isn't it cool that every single of us all have one? 

IT'S NOT that every single detail is predetermined from the moment of your birth. It's not at all. We, humans, have free will to create our own life in any way we desire. However, we determined what kind of settings we would be playing the game of life before coming into the physical world. These preset - often, family, childhood environment, inherent qualities, etc - are reflected in the chart in accordance with the exact time and location of the initial entrance. Essentially, the purpose of living a life on Earth is to evolve into a better version of ourselves. It's just that we may have a different focus on personal development. And I found that a birth chart has important hints to figure out what exactly it is. It incredibly helped me deepen my self-awareness, allowing me to look at myself from objective perspectives and beyond what is apparent on the surface level. So I decided to share what I know about astrology, hoping that this can help someone navigate their life with clarity and determination. 


The chart ruler is one of the most significant factors to find out your life purpose. The chart ruler is a planet that rules your first house, rising sign or Ascendant. It's the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. To know your rising sign, you need to know your birth time and birthplace (city). 

Find your birth certificate or ask your parents. If you somehow don’t have access to your birth time, go find an astrologer that specializes in rectification. Advanced astrologers with strong Virgo qualities know how to backtrack birth time by using astrological techniques.  


In order to find your birth chart ruler, you need to pull up your birth chart first. Use a free birth chart calculator and put it in your birth information. In your natal birth chart, the sign placed at 9 o’clock position is your rising sign. Each zodiac sign is ruled by one of the visible planets in the solar system. See below to find your chart ruler aka the ruler of the first house.