Friday, 19 November 2010

Mars transiting through your natal chart

From Astrology Transit

Transiting Mars is a very interesting cycle to follow if you keep a diary. Discover when Mars transits each of the angles of your natal chart (ASC, IC, DSC and MC) and relate to the changes that happen in your personal life. Because this cycle last 2 years, it is very important to follow several cycles and check what has happened in your life when Mars transited the same zodiacal signs.

Have you notice those coincidences? Like I had very important events related to my intimate relationships in summer 2010, summer 2008, summer 2006 and summer 2004, every 2 years, because that's when Mars transited my seventh house!

Mars transiting the 1st and 2nd house entails a new crises, where we feel to push a new direction and a new freedom and personal space.

When Mars transits the 3rd house, we already has major developments in our personal life, this is a very dynamic and active period, good for travel and meeting new people.

Mars transiting the 4th, 5th and 6th (the IC) entails another deep personal shift, very much related to the same theme of the first house, but now with significant solutions, a whole new significant inner meaning. So, often we manifest by now a new direction in our life, but also end up breaking relationship, having changes of residence, new jobs, living in new places, etc.

Mars transiting the 7th, 8th and 9th, is related much social and relationship activity. This is a new period unfolding on your life. By the 9th house, we start looking for new horizons again.

Mars transiting the 10th and 11th (MC) deals with we have been living, and is a reality check. We have some important changes, in career, or in our location, we enter a new stage of living. We might feel concerned about what we have achieved, and confront what we have manifested, we look now for future horizons, new career and personal directions, a kind of preparation for the whole new dynamics when Mars enters the first house again. We have a short break when Mars transits the 12th house, we feel less dynamic, less social, turning more inwards, more sensitive, in full contact with our dreams and inner needs.

A meaningful cycle!

I took several hours to write and review the essay below. It is the work of several months based on the powerful effects of transiting Mars under our natal houses. It is a very important cycle, that not many give attention to. It is a clear pacemaker of our lives, connected with our personal purposes, relationships and careers. 

Mars transiting your 1st house to 4th house
At this time, there is a challenge in your time. You challenge your the direction your life is taking. Because of this, crises often arises. And a new impulse, a new promise. Often there is a need for freedom and for the new. Mars tends to be impulsive, we want to move ASAP. However despite immediate action, there is not an immediate realization of our own goals. Normally, this will manifest within the next 6-12 months (there will be much more happening later, affairs and details to deal, etc). Relationships and jobs can suffer because of extra impulsiveness. This is an highly charged period, so conflicts can also arise. Still whatever you begin/apply for now, it will be worth later. This can be a very dynamic period.

As Mars transits your second house, you begin grasping a more clear and solid plan. You take action. There is a new path ahead, for example a new job, that will manifest fully within the next months. Mars transiting the third house increases quite significantly our social life, we go out more, we express ourselves more, we meet new people (romantic involvements are more likely) and we travel more.

Mars transiting your 4th house to 7th house
Under these transits we turn inwards looking for answers. Often we are presented with a dillema in our lives, for example between career and relationships (following the themes that developed since the first house transit). We want something meaningful (or perhaps we want the freedom that we crave so much under the first house transit, but we also crave security now so we adopt a compromise between both). And so we are pressed to make (sometimes important) choices and compromises. This can be an emotionally heavy time and relationships can break up. Still, relationships will become an important theme later, under the seventh house transit. Because we change, frequently we also change our place of residence!

Mars transiting the fifth can be a joyful, socially and active period. Criativity, emotions, romance will be increased. Often this feels as a completely brand new period! As Mars transits the sixth house we also actively apply our energy in our worklife, acomplishing a lot in our current job, or sometimes looking for a new job, we might be asked for an important new direction in our career. We are working for the practical solution to the problem related to the crises of the first house transit. Sometimes there is even a deep shorted crises (like questioning the direction and worth of our path and affairs) or we find out a brand new (and more worth) path for our lives. We often act upon that under the seventh house transit.

Mars transiting your 7th house to 10th house
Relationships are in focus. We meet people that will be significant in our lives. We are fully engaged with the people around us. This is often the maximum of social involvement of the cycle. Often whatever crises occurred under the first house, it is now balanced, with a solution. For example, we might have a compromise, opportunity for new project or relationship.

Mars transiting eighth house brings further involvement in relationships. Often there are intense social experiences. Also spiritual interest begins now to have a more important (and perhaps new) dimension, and will during the next 6-12 months. Mars transiting the ninth can add extra travel and enjoyment; we look for new horizons, some new big dreams. Social involvement is still significant.

Mars transiting your 10th house to 1st house
Now we are pressed to evaluate our life. Shall we compromise our present direction, or break free. We feel unsure and we confront that feeling. We are faced in reclaiming authority over our lives, and confronting many issues in our lives, such as the solidity of our intimate relationships or jobs. Because of the tenth house saturn-like energy, we can face conflicts with authority or the family. We might be required to spend considerable energy taking practical steps in our career (just as one example, if we are unemployed we seek a new job, if we are employed, we want a new commitment). We may envision a new path ahead (that we discover under the ninth house transit), but that still lies ahead. This might be a cause of conflict later (in the first house). Often, under this transit, life changes quite significantly (new job, residence, place, even a new challenge). And this is the reason of extra energy required (we might want to adjust to the "society" or "job" around.

As Mars progresses into the 11th and 12th house, we drawn ourselves away from society, we might feel more socially alienated, we explore lifestyle alternatives, and still we spend energy seeking what society might offer us, we meditate more (also connecting more with nature or with our most loved dreams), until the new impulse, challenge and personal crises of the first house. Of course, the alienation, and dreams from this period will colour the first house challenge.