Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Marriage Rules - Electional Chart

By Marion March, 1998

When calculating the time, remember the marriage starts with the first "I do!"

1. There should be no squares from the Moon and it should not be void of course. A waxing Moon (between the New and Full Moon) is better than a waning one (between the Full and New Moon).

2. Fixed signs rising are best when you want a long lasting relationship. Next are the Cardinal signs, especially Libra (relationship oriented), Capricorn (the need for any venture to be successful) and Cancer (nurturing). Aries and Mutable signs can indicate very short-lived situations.

3. A relationship usually works well when the ruler of the Ascendant (1st) and Descendant (7th) are in good aspect to each other, since they represent the two parties in question.

4. Try to have the Sun and Moon (portraying the groom and bride) in good aspect to each other.

5. Because Saturn can bring on limits or delays, it should not be placed in an angular house. It fares best in cadent (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th) houses or, if that is not possible, put it in one of the succedent (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th) houses. If possible, avoid all harsh applying aspects to Saturn, including the conjunctions. When the aspect becomes exact, there could be misunderstandings, feelings of neglect or sadness of some kind.

6. If you want the relationship to proceed in a pleasant fashion, keep Uranus out of the angular houses, especially the 1st and 7th.

7. The luminaries (Sun and Moon), as well as Venus and Jupiter (the benefics), should be above the horizon, if possible. Elevated planets are more visible and seem to bring a certain ease to the elected venture.

8. Try to have Venus (woman) and Mars (man) in harmonious aspect to each other, also Venus (love and partnership) to the Ascendant/Descendant (the couple); Jupiter (luck and growth) to the Ascendant/Descendant, the Moon (feelings) to Venus (harmony). In other words, a strong, well aspected Venus is very beneficial.

9. Avoid the Moon in Scorpio where it is in its fall and where it can be secretive and possessive, not exactly conducive to a happy relationship. A Libra Moon, on the other hand, works quite well in a marriage Electional chart since it seeks harmony and balance.  Strong and well matched couples seem to do well with the Moon in Leo.

10. The Sun or Moon approaching a square or opposition to Uranus may indicate a separation or divorce when the aspect becomes exact.

11. A retrograde Venus is not advised for any marriage chart. Since Venus only retrogrades for about 40 days every two years, it is fairly easy to avoid.