Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Your Best Time for
Long term Commitment

Jupiter increases your popularity and makes it easy for you to get all kinds of love propositions. However, with Jupiter there is no commitment and you just have more opportunities for love and marriage.
positive Saturn-Venus transit makes you want to settle down and be realistic in your relationships. If you have both of these aspects happening at the same time, then you will have the best timing for marriage. You will have both a luck element in love as well as a sense of commitment.
Even for existing relationships, a Saturn-Venus transit is an excellent time for patching up any differences, and to become more realistic in your expectations of your partner.
The cycle of Saturn is approximately 29 years, during which it makes many angles to your natal Venus or “aspects” as we call them in astrology. The positive aspects we are discussing here are the sextile (60°), semi sextile (30°) and the trine (120°).
We are publishing the Client numbers of all our Subscribers who are getting a stabilizing transit from Saturn to their natal Venus.
Some of you may be born with a positive aspect between these two planets, or Saturn may be making a positive contact to your natal Venus by transit. We have included both these possibilities for you.
To give you a better insight, let us first take the meaning of these two planets. Venus represents the aesthetic side of your nature, which responds to art and beauty, and your attitude towards love , relationships and marriage. In fact, it shows the intensity with which you love and hate! Venus in Scorpio can love very deeply, but don’t cross them or they will neither forget nor forgive!
Saturn represents the practical side of you and your long term goals. Its transits make you more responsible, depending on which house it is transiting e.g. finances if 2nd house or career if 10th house is involved, and the planet being touched off. Any Saturn-Venus transit curbs your romantic and loving nature and inhibits your social life, but increases your willingness to accept responsibilities in a marriage or any relationship. In other words, if Jupiter is giving you a luck element (our last issue) then Saturn will provide the necessary commitment, but Saturn by itself will make you more inhibited and less social.
When Saturn makes a positive aspect to your natal Venus, you will experience a need to stabilize your relationship and build long term friendship in love matters. The Venus side of your nature wants to surround yourself with art, beauty and craves love, and the Saturn side of you makes you responsible and more committed.
When transiting Saturn makes positive aspects to your natal Venus (Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed in this article), then you will experience the following :
• This is one of the best aspects for commitment or reconciliation. Marriages started during this transit usually last.
• You will be drawn to older or very mature partners during this period.
• Besides marriage, this is also an excellent transit for making business contacts.
• You meet people who are usually older and involved with business, government, building and construction.
• Your income becomes more stable.
• Recognize that your timing is excellent for long term relationships, so make a conscious effort to improve your marriage or friendships.
• You will buy more furniture and objects of art and beauty which are practical in nature. You will also become more interested in sculpture, ceramics, pottery and semi precious stones.
• In fashion, you will buy conservative but long lasting clothes (usually dark colored suits).
• This transit increases your internal need to settle down in a long term relationship.
• Marriages started during this transit usually last and develop into friendship.
• This is an excellent time to turn your artistic hobbies into a career.
• You will become more interested in renovation of older property.
• Your finances will improve but more as a result of a stable source of income and realistic goals rather than a luck element.
• This is an excellent time to control your weight and get back in shape.

Your Testing Period in Love, 
Marriage and Relationships

Venus rules all matters pertaining to love (and money!) and can affect the lives of people in many ways. If you are having problems in your marriage, it affects your family, your career and also your finances. This article will give you some insight into what kind of experiences to expect, why do you make them happen and how to offset them. Client numbers of Subscribers going through a testing Saturn/Venus transit are also given.
First of all, recognize that you actually set yourself up for these transits! Planetary transits are not causing anything to happen, they merely reflect your inner changes and experiences. If you consciously understand your subconscious needs, it will help you understand the reasoning behind even your most difficult experiences in life.
Venus basically represents love, relationships (and social popularity), your financial status, and your attitude towards art, fashion, clothing etc.
Saturn reflects those events which always make you more responsible and disciplined in life. Depending on the planet it is aspecting, the test may be of your love life, your career or even your health. A Saturn aspect to your Venus inhibits your social life but increases your need for long term commitment. Saturn cuts down romance and fantasy and makes you more responsible in your marriage, relationships and friendships.
A Saturn/Venus transit may be just what you need to make your marriage more practical or to increase your commitment. You start feeling lonely and want to settle down with one person and to accept all the responsibilities that go with the relationship. This transit dampens your romance only if it is too idealistic. You may start working together and sharing more of your goals. Saturn’s transit seldom lasts more than one year but it will come back in seven years!
Although we are dealing with the adverse transits of Saturn here, any transit from Saturn to your natal Venus (all Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed) will decrease your social popularity. Saturn represents older or Capricorn partners, father (or matronly) figures and those who are workaholics or involved in business.
It is important to understand that although a Saturn aspect to your Venus usually brings you back to reality, it often follows a deceptive period in love where you have been looking at the world through rose colored glasses (Bill Clinton). Similarly, it usually follows a period of financial splurges, thus forcing you to become more frugal and careful in your finances.
This transit as a testing period not a failure! Whether you pass this test or not depends entirely on yourself and your ability to face your duties and responsibilities. On the positive side, this is an excellent time to lose weight (loneliness can also make you lose your appetite!).
Saturn makes adverse aspects to your natal Venus at least once every seven years. We hope you do not find your Client # in the lists that accompany this article! However, if you do find it, then just try to understand and learn from the reasoning behind events instead of feeling depressed.

Your Most Romantic Love

There are at least six different types of love which correspond to the aspects of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars to your natal Venus at birth or by transit.
We have analyzed the obsessive and fated Pluto/Venus type of love in a different article. Here we will discuss the most romantic and inspirational type of love that poets dream about, and which is experienced by those of you who are either born with a Neptune/Venus aspect or are going through it by transit.
Everyone goes through this Romeo and Juliet type of love at some point in their life, but luckily without the same ending! Think of the full Moon, the Arabian Nights, belly dancers, flute, poetry, flowery writing, scandals, sorrow in love, sentimental movies and sad instruments, and you will have a good idea of Venus Neptune aspects! The famous painting of Eros and Psyche also refelects this type of idealistic love.
We will discuss both the positive and negative aspects from Neptune to your natal Venus (which you are born with), as well as the positive and adverse aspects to your natal Venus that you may be experiencing for about three to five years because of Neptune’s transit.
Venus represents your attitude towards love, marriage and relationships. It also represents your romantic side which responds to art, beauty and the aesthetics. The house position of Venus shows the areas where you are likely to find your love affairs e.g. Venus in your third house indicates love in your neighborhood.
Neptune adds inspiration to the nature of the planet it touches. It gives an almost ethereal quality to love when it aspects Venus. Neptune blurs the distinction between truth and fantasy, so you need to be very careful that you do not set yourself up for sorrow in love matters later on.
Neptune/Venus aspect increases your seductive aura and makes you more photogenic (many actors are born with this). It also adds to one’s artistic sensitivity and musical sense.
These aspects are excellent for modeling, acting (projecting fantasy on the screen), art, music and photography. However, when it comes to love and marriage, those with Neptune/Venus aspects look at the world through rose colored glasses and keep falling in love with the wrong person. Being too idealistic in love, they have unrealistic expectations of their partner. They either never marry because nobody fits their ideal, or if relationships are important to them, they keep going from one person to another to find the “made in heaven” match. This is considered to be one of the major signs of sorrow because of the unrealistic expectations that these people have for their objects of love.
We have listed the Client numbers of those of you who are getting positive transits from Neptune to your natal Venus, as well as those who are born with a positive Neptune/Venus aspect, and also those who have Venus in Pisces (the sign “ruled” by Neptune).

Your Lucky Time for Travel, 
Health, Cars and Speculation

In this article, we will give the Client numbers of our subscribers who were either born with a Jupiter Mars aspect or have Jupiter touching off their natal Mars by “transit” – one of the best times for  travelling, health, recuperative powers and physical drive. You do not have to be born with a Jupiter Mars aspect to benefit from this transit.

By success, we do not mean having money in the bank, but the enjoyment that comes from any achievement. Some of the most important aspects of success are willingness to take chances, enthusiasm with which you go into new projects and sudden bursts of energy. Many successful people in the world got there because they were willing to take chances when all odds were against them.

Success can be passive and not involve much physical effort on your part e.g. inheriting a large sum of money or investing wisely. There is another form of success that is more dynamic, which involves action, adventure, and the thrill of accomplishing something major. An athlete winning a medal, playing your best game of tennis, giving birth to a baby or travelling to a distant land without planning. This is the type of success that is represented by a combination of Mars and Jupiter.

Let us take the meaning of these two “planets”. Mars represents your physical drive, and the daring side of your nature.
Jupiter represents the opportunist side of your nature. It is the “luck” element in everyone’s chart and its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (depending on the house and planet being “touched off”).

When Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mars, you will become somewhat of a gambler, and take chances in the areas represented by your natal Mars. For example, if you were born with Mars in your 7th house, then you will suddenly want to get married when Jupiter touches it off by transit.

By combining the meanings of Jupiter and Mars, you can see that when transiting Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mars (all the subscribers who have their Client numbers listed in this article), then you will have the following:

• A very positive attitude
• High energy (sudden bursts of energy and endurance)
• Increased confidence (“sure I can do it...”)
• Daring and adventurous nature
• Taking chances (not just planning and planning...)
• High recuperative powers (good for suregeries)
• Unplanned travels with lots of activity (free trips or excellent deals)
• Not dwelling on failures
• Treating a project like an adventure
• Starting of new projects

• Acquiring a sense of accomplishment by finishing short term projects

• Taking on more than you can handle (the followers will always finish it for you!)
• Increased urge for action and travelling. One of the best times to travel actually.
• Having a Mars Jupiter aspect can compensate for the lack of Fire planets in your chart to a great extent. 

Luckiest Time for Love,
Relationships and Wealth

Are relationships destined and will you ever find your soulmate?

Does everyone have a made-in-heaven match somewhere in the world?

What kind of a relationship is that supposed to be, which everyone seems to talk about but never really discusses in depth!
Astrologically, there is nothing in Nature which recognizes a marriage! If two people meet, fall madly in love with each other and then one of them passes away, it is all gone. On the other hand, if you have a child, then regardless of whether you like each other or not, both your genes will show up in your great grandchildren a hundred years from now! Culture seems to play a very important part in keeping a relationship together but unfortunately, especially in the West, the sense of commitment is not that strong.
Although it depends on your chart and where Venus was when you were born, different planets touch off your Venus and modify your behaviour for the duration of the transit. If your are born with a Venus Neptune aspect, you can never really be faithful to one person. You will always be after an illusion and if you don’t find romance in marriage, you will look for it elsewhere. If Neptune makes an aspect to your Venus by transit, then you will become infatuated with love for the duration of that transit (2 to 4 years).
Similarly, Jupiter increases your need to have a good time but without any sense of commitment. Unlike Saturn which gives a sense of duty and responsibility, Jupiter gives you a playboy playgirl quality. Of course, not everyone is going to become like that but the opportunities for new relationships will be there.
We have mentioned the astrological significance of Jupiter transits to your natal Venus in our newsletters before. So instead of going through all the explanations, we will just give a brief summary and then list the Client numbers of Subscribers who are going through these lucky transits.

Venus Basically Represents Three Things:

First of all, it represents love, relationships and your social popularity.
Secondly, it is reflective of your financial status especially the opportunities for making money from what you enjoy most.
Thirdly, it stands for your attitude towards art, fashion, clothing etc.
Jupiterepresents the opportunist side of your nature. It is the “luck” element in everyone’s chart and its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (depending on the house and planet being “touched off”).  Jupiter making aspect to your Venus increases your fun loving nature and the willingness to increase your social life.
Any transit from Jupiter to your natal Venus (all Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed below) will increase your social popularity.

1-You will either meet the best relationships or will improve your existing ones.
2- You will have more money but also more splurges (money that is not usually hard earned is also spent much faster!).
3- You will buy expensive clothing, jewellery and perfumes (all of which may increase your popularity as well!).
This is one of the luckiest times for relationships and love matters. This is the time to meet your made-in-heaven match, and your social life improves. Even for existing relationships, this is an excellent time for patching up any differences.
The main drawback of a Jupiter-Venus transit is a tendency to procrastinate and weight gain. You will have a craving for sugar and sweets so make sure that you keep it in control if you do not wish to put on too much weight. You will also feel rich whether you can afford it or not, so watch your financial splurges!