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Jupiter - Heaven-sent Gift and Assets

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In an astrological chart, there is a point which is usually very pleasant to examine because it holds an element of good luck, unless it forms many tense aspects with the other planets and the angles of the chart.

It is to the position of Jupiter that we are referring. Indeed, whereas the analysis of fast-moving planets enables to figure out the personality, Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of social insertion and the collective and fatalistic "ingredients". Aspects to Jupiter and Saturn, as well as to the trans-Saturnian planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, reveal the influences on the character and the destiny which are not submitted to the person's willpower, contrarily to the aspects which personal planets form among them.

Jupiter's position in sign indicates that the sign's general features are endowed with some degree of warmth and/or growth. Furthermore, Jupiter's position in house points to the area of life which is most likely to be favoured.

We explain the characteristics of this real gift from nature, and we describe how the position of Jupiter in house and in sign impacts on the person. They are the "pure" expressions of the planet without any particular affliction. It is only through a detailed analysis of the natal chart taken as a whole that it becomes possible to discover the actual positive role of Jupiter in the person's life.

Jupiter in the 1st House
Jupiter, twelve times bigger than the Earth, is known as The Greater Fortune in astrology.
Jupiter, twelve times bigger than the Earth, is known as The Greater Fortune in astrology.

Nature gives you a nudge in the right direction and endows you with enthusiasm and generosity, contributing to your charm and dynamism. You are attractive, and you hold sway over groups. Your physical appearance is that of a jovial and charismatic person.

Jupiter in the 2nd House

Jupiter's position is a heaven-sent present. It increases your earning power and may turn you into a persistent, obstinate and greedy person. You may also be at the same time sentimental and loyal. So, sometimes, material luck and love do work in unison!

Jupiter in the 3rd House

The position of the planet of Greater Fortune in this astrological house brings about easy interpersonal relations, your siblings' love, great communication abilities within your neighbourhood, and pleasant short trips throughout your life.

Jupiter in the 4th House

Oh! The family! It is of utmost importance to you, and you are happy there. Besides, the planet of Greater Fortune here gives you all the assets you need to successfully build a harmonious, secure, and comfortable home. Your private life is favoured. You feel naturally attracted to matters dealing with soil, stones, and real estate.

Jupiter in the 5th House

Nature's present includes a lot of great satisfaction in the area of leisure, entertainment, creation and love. Anything with a hint of pleasure is favoured. A marvellous world exempt from constraint and obligation illuminates your life. According to the Tradition, your luck also applies to your communication with children, and your descendants are harmonious and successful.

Jupiter in the 6th House

Nature's present is the luck of the devil that protects you against illnesses and brings about joie de vivre in your daily work. Therefore, your health and your work environment are constant sources of satisfaction. Your value is duly appreciated, and you are popular and helpful.

Jupiter in the 7th House

Your natural benevolence is greatly favoured in your dealings with others. Jupiter in the 7th House is usually considered… to be one of the best possible indications for a successful marriage and a springboard for your social life! Your feelings are generously expressed, and your company is pleasant.

Jupiter in the 8th House

The planet of Greater Fortune in this house is a heaven-sent present. It indicates inheritances, intense and fulfilling sexuality as well as a strong and secret intuition. You may be content! Your feelings also are magnified and deep. Undeniably, you are very lucky with this position of Jupiter in your chart.

Jupiter in the 9th House

Jupiter brings you a heaven-sent present which is particularly nice because there is here an analogy between the planet and the house. Jupiter's broad, benevolent and warm vision of life is in line with the fields of higher education, philosophy, politics, and human sciences symbolized by the 9th House. As you mature, you radiate with wisdom. On the concrete plane, long-distance travels are very favoured, throughout your life.

Jupiter in the 10th House

This present from the stars is by no means insignificant. The house of career, hosting the planet of Greater Fortune, can but favour your professional life. As time unfolds, it develops into a most pleasant scope. Sooner or later, it brings about success and your peers' recognition. You do not fear responsibilities, and you face them properly.

Jupiter in the 11th House

You inherit a heaven-sent present in the guise of your guardian angel! You are protected by powerful higher-ups or by your family. Your position within groups of friends is favoured! Friendships, protections, and collective projects are three key words you should keep in mind as they constitute your... real assets, throughout your life.

Jupiter in the 12th House

Although Nature's nudge in the right direction is not spectacular here, it is very real nonetheless. Your sense of dedication, your generosity, and your compassion are developed to such an extent that they often enable you to happily find fulfilment in non-mediatised areas such as humanitarian work and charities. Your human qualities are strongly favoured when you strive in obscurity, discretion and silence. Your reward is a life that is rich and not limited to material contingencies.


Jupiter in Aries
The planet of Greater Fortune in this sign favours self-confidence as well as the capacity to be enthused and to show your warmth. Your most valuable asset is your ability to easily express your fieriness and your ardour for the implementation of your projects. However, the danger is that your self-assurance may become an agent for rebellion or for indiscipline, in which case it would play out against your interests.

Jupiter in Taurus
Your practical abilities to organize and to increase your material security are enhanced with the planet of Greater Fortune in this peaceful and warm sign. Your affectivity is strengthened, and so are your taste for comfort and your needs… Undeniably, the possibilities for affective and material fulfilment are favoured. The other side of the coin may be an exaggerated form of materialism.

Jupiter in Gemini

With the planet of Greater Fortune in this sign, your abilities to communicate and your curiosity are considerably strengthened. You are articulate, you have an eloquent pen, and you multiply your centres of interest. Better than anyone, you can handle numerous different intellectual pursuits simultaneously, and you increase the number of your friendly and professional contacts. Short and frequent trips are favoured. Just be cautious not to spread yourself too thin.

Jupiter in Cancer

This planetary configuration in your chart is very positive because Jupiter, the planet of Greater Fortune, is in his exaltation, which means, in a privileged position. Jupiter protects your family area and later, your own home. Your sense of responsibilities is increased, your inclinations for comfort and customs are strengthened; usually, you are well integrated in society. You mature affectively early, and this fact enables you to avoid many setbacks. The only danger with this pleasant configuration may be your attraction to good things, in all areas, and their consequences.

Jupiter in Leo

Your charisma, your natural authority, and your generosity are favoured with this position. You ignore pettiness, and your nature to think big and generously. You have a natural propensity to look at things pleasantly, although it often means that you put yourself at the forefront. Children appreciate you, and people in general are sensitive to your charm. Even if the rest of your chart indicates introversion, this position highlights the warmth of your personality. So much to your credit! If you are extroverted, you must beware of the danger of vanity.

Jupiter in Virgo

The major asset of the planet of Greater Fortune in your chart is the increase of your practical sense and of your capacity to create order in your surroundings. You progress easily in your activities, and in most cases you are efficient, useful, and cautious. The danger may be that you do not put yourself at the forefront to reap the rewards of your efforts, especially if the rest of your chart indicates a tendency for introversion or a lack of self-confidence.

Jupiter in Libra

Seeking consensus and compromise, as well as moderation at any cost: these components are part of the natural qualities endowed by the position of the planet of Greater Fortune in your chart. It may also give you a very good taste and a charm that enhances the quality of your contacts, particularly regarding all your associations, professional ones as well as the most intimate ones, such as marriage.

Jupiter in Scorpio

The present of the planet of Greater Fortune to you is the gift for investigation, the taste for mysteries and… the capacity to solve them. Your emotions are amplified and prompt you to take your actions to the end, without fear or restraint. You also have the talent to cleverly manage your financial investments. According to the Tradition, sexuality and sensuality are equally balanced with this lucky configuration. So, enjoy and be happy!

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This is the best possible position for the planet of Greater Fortune in your chart! It offers a lot of human warmth (or it counterbalances introversion, if such propensity is indicated elsewhere in your chart), the taste for travels, optimism, vitality, and an enterprising mind. You are mobile and you have a large vision. Wisdom starts with the ability to consider life from a different angle and to put all things into perspective!

Jupiter in Capricorn

The present of the planet of Greater Fortune to you is a positive predisposition for organization, and the ability to reason thoroughly and on a long-term basis. It also endows you with authority and seriousness in all things. As a result, your ambitions are clearly favoured, even though it is detrimental to your warmth, your flexibility or your conviviality. However, you can develop all these sides if you want to.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Your mental activity and your enthusiasm when you handle your projects, especially the collective ones, are very favoured by this planetary configuration. One of your best qualities is your capacity to be integrated in a group and, at the same time, to keep your originality intact. As a natural consequence, your friendships are favoured and your protections last throughout your life.

Jupiter in Pisces

Your sensitivity, your emotions, and your artistic capacities, particularly regarding music and rhythm, are strongly increased with this position of the planet of Greater Fortune in this borderless sign. It endows you with an artistic and endearing side as well as with flexible and mobile ways to consider your relationships and your environment. Your dreamy state of mind and your sensitivity to other people's sufferings may prompt you to get involved with compassion in great humanitarian causes.