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VERTEX: The Vertex has delineation notes for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th houses only and does not appear to be considered as worthy of house delineation in any other houses. Delineation by sign still applies. There will be times when the vertex falls in other houses.

You have a childlike orientation, in all of its manifestations, toward relationships on an internal level. That implicit trust, or perhaps naivete, that was instilled in our childhood persists far into maturity. The concomitant explosions and occasional tantrums when these constructs are violated also accompany this position. You have a need for fun, creativity, and excitement in a committed relationship, no matter how many years it has endured. You often have deep fears, typical of children, of abandonment, as well as a need for universal acceptance, no matter how you act, which you need your partner to respect and nurture, rather than rebuke, especially in adulthood.

You have an attitude of duty, obligation and sacrifice when it comes to heartfelt interactions. Here we often find associations unconsciously based on a medical or religious model of service and sometimes even sainthood. The negative side is the tendency to become hypochondriacal or martyristic to get the love so desperately wanted. There is a need for others to appreciate the sincerity of your intentions, to the daily tasks you execute in a conscientious and caring way and for others to know that your actions, no matter how routine they may seem, are based on devoted love.

VERTEX IN THE SEVENTH: The Vertex in the seventh house is the classic position for those who are always in a partnership of one kind or another (if only in our heads), desperately seeking one, or have decided that it isn't worth the risk since our expectations will never be met. This position indicates a sense that we are not really complete unless we are intimately involved with someone. On some levels there is an irrational fear of ending up alone. The dark side is that you can get highly self-righteous about acceptable modes of behaviour in interacting with others and thereby alienate the very people you long for. Your parental role model was less than secure in your subconscious perceptions, though it may seem fine on an external level.

VERTEX IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE. Indicates an internal yearning for an inseparable union with and total commitment from another, come what may. This need is so intense that we may fantasise all manner of unspeakable actions and reactions if the final dream, once attained, is even threatened. The dark side is that when the reality of our partner does not fit this model (and it rarely does totally) we have a difficult time adjusting if faced with a breach of contract of any sort. Once badly hurt there is a tendency to become jaded and guarded in future relationships, thereby passing up the opportunity to explore interactions which might just fulfil out intense needs perfectly.

VERTEX IN ARIES: The planetary placement of the Vertex reflects the needs and desires that we secretly yearn to have satisfied in a relationship with another.
The Vertex in Aries indicates a deep desire for raw, unbridled passion. The internal drama which people experience involves an obsessive lust for true adventure and excitement, exploring new territories in a hell-bent and determined way to get what they are driven toward, no matter what the consequences to others in their lives. There is an extreme repulsion for routine of any sort when it comes to intimacy. Here we have a true pioneer as far as sexuality goes - there is always something greener as the phrase goes. If you dare to jump behind this one's saddle, whether it is on a horse or a harley, it's important that you have boundless energy and are a bit headstrong yourself. If you fit this model your partner will never seek "strange" elsewhere.

You have a sensual love of natural resources and a lust for precious possessions. A dreamy walk through the forest becomes a fantasy of acquiring it and moulding a legacy from it, no matter how modest or grand. Your inner senses are ignited by interacting with and transforming material things in an artistic, dignified, and elegant way.

You have an all consuming need to communicate with your partner. Here, intimacy is equated with communication on a daily basis, whether the conversation involves daily matters or deep issues of a psychological or spiritual nature. If your partner is prone to innuendo and subtle gestures you will not notice, you require that communication be verbal and straight to the point.

VERTEX IN CANCER: In cancer we have a vertex that represents a dream for an almost womblike environment that shuts out all discordant noise or interference from the outside. There are very deep desires regarding the ideal structure or family and home life. When you do commit yourself in a relationship you are really deeply committed and if you feel that your partner is not similarly serious then you will strike out at them in defence. Perhaps your expectations of others are unrealistic and are based on your own feelings of insecurity.

There is a regal need to be recognised for one's innate superiority on all levels. As such, this placement reflects the fantasies of a child who works incredibly hard to be praised and loved. The desire to be cherished and almost worshiped is intrinsic, and the truth is that such approbation might well be deserved. You bestow a loyal commitment on your partners and in your eyes they can do no wrong.

The purity of intention in Virgo as far as intimacy goes is unrivalled. The sub-conscious conjures images of the high priest or priestess, a union which will take one to ultimate salvation or spiritual initiation, based on a shared ideal of dedication and service. There is a fantasy of joining with someone who has unique psychic and/or healing powers and the focus is on the practical work which will make everything all right. If your love has the vertex in Virgo you must be sure of your innate talents and have a good plan as to how you can make good use of them to serve your mate and mankind at the same time.

VERTEX IN LIBRA: In Libra we find a vertex that longs for a union of souls that is based on a model of pure peace and justice. Images come to mind of a mythical life on Venus, the planet of love, where there is never a discordant beat between lovers, but rather, continual harmony even if played in the minor chords. Physical lust is certainly a necessary aspect of two beings eternally intertwined, but the platonic component far outweighs it in importance. If someone whom you are magnetically attracted to has this position, be stalwart and aggressive in your approach for his or her love, but always assume a non-combative attitude when matters of conflict arise.

Positioned here, the vertex indicates a desire or continual need for feeling irresistible and irreplaceable on all levels of intimacy, whether spiritual, intellectual, emotional, or physical. From the fires of hell to the heights of heaven, the further and deeper the range of interaction this person can experience with another the more fulfilling. When you are involved with someone who has this placement, what you see is never what you get - there is always more than meets the eye. Prepare yourself for considerable intrigue, endless fascination and an interactive intensity that will challenge you to the maximum.

VERTEX IN SAGITTARIUS: The vertex in sagittarius reveals a person who dreams of the pinnacle of adventure when it comes to mating. The psyche yearns for being carried away to the ends of the earth or being exposed to every manner of religious and/or philosophical theory known to man and then some. The yearning is strong and really deep when it comes rarefied experiences of any sort. Encountering and wanting to join with these people demands that we always have an itinerary that will provide them with the maps to explore the roads that they have not yet travelled, to say nothing of the different worlds they have dreamed of but not yet experienced.

VERTEX IN CAPRICORN This indicates a searing need for the partner to understand and respect the trials and tribulations they have long endured, as well as the misunderstandings from others they have encountered throughout their lives. The ultimate union will have elements of societal status and power, but they will wield it in a way that has always been denied to them. If you happen to fall in love with someone who has this position, meet these needs and the sex will be beyond anything you ever imagined possible. It is important to be acutely aware of their highly attuned sensitivity, particularly in social situations. Always stand behind them through thick and thin in the role of the good and loving authoritative parent they never had.

VERTEX IN AQUARIUS. The vertex in Aquarius yearns for completion of itself through the highest ideal of friendship. Hidden in the inner recesses of this soul are desires for a union that will impact the world in an almost utopian sense. The dreams for ideal relationship are entirely alien if compared to conventional soap opera images. There is a yearning for each act of intimacy to reflect a conviction of how all relationships should be in order for the world to be a better place. If you feel a spark for this person there is no place for exhibitions of jealousy. Join them in their lofty dreams and you will have a companion for life.

VERTEX IN PISCES: You have an internal yearning to personally interact with humankind. Your unspoken concept of intimacy blends in an almost mystical way with a need to alleviate suffering, accompanied by an indescribable capacity for compassion. You can empathise with the tribulations of others. Your sexuality is often intense only because it is a natural part of human interaction and sometimes the only way to alleviate another's pain, however, briefly. There is a limit to how much you can put up with, after all you only human too.


NATAL: Managerial qualities. It enhanced the personality, particularly those in public life such as politicians and actors. depends on hard or soft aspects.
SOLAR: Can indicate new ventures, employment or residence as well as improvement in status.
TRANSITS: only last one day and would need other planetary configurations to be activated.

NATAL: It is important with this aspect to relate to parents with emotional sensitivity. Intense emotions are also indicated.
SOLAR: The focus will be on emotional issues such as love affairs, marriage fidelity. Family influences can be strong
TRANSITS: too fast moving to be of consequence.

NATAL: Skills in communication as well as intellectual ability indicate a mentally active person. Scholastic achievements depending on aspects.
SOLAR: Changes in career, many short journeys possible.
TRANSITS: New thoughts and objectives to improve status.

NATAL: Happy love relationships are necessary for physical well being. Marriage for money or status can be a goal.
SOLAR: Social activity, increases status through marriage or promotion.
TRANSITS: New love affairs, marriage prospect or engagement.

NATAL: Often found in those who join the armed forced. Desire to carry fire arms or act in an aggressive manner.
SOLAR: Forceful actions can interfere with ambition. Accidents and/or domestic violence.
TRANSITS: Restlessness, breaking down of blood cells in eyes or gums. Thrombosis can occur.

NATAL: often improves the social standing through family connections or business achievements. Fame can also be associated with this link.
SOLAR: Financial stability with optimism and expansion of interests.
TRANSITS: Favourable for real estate purchases and sales.

NATAL: The ability to work hard to achieve success. Political interests. Serious nature.
SOLAR: Forced changes within the environment, a sad mood, re-assessment of wealth.
TRANSITS: Separation, feelings of loneliness or depression due to outside influences. Can bring delays in real estate settlements or the starting of real estate projects.

NATAL: Many environmental changes, sometimes seen when people change from their birthplace to reside in another country. Frequently in charts of airline pilots and people whose employment is connected with travel.
SOLAR: Major changes in lifestyle. Marriage or divorce is possible. Sudden events can be unsettling. Research scientists can benefit from this aspect.
TRANSITS: Irritability, nervous tension and prone to accidents.

NATAL: Often found in charts of actors, artists and musicians as well as bishops and clergy. Danger through drug, alcohol or gambling addiction.
SOLAR: Deception and disillusionment can occur. The need to take care in money transactions, losses through theft or fraud
TRANSITS: Travel, interests in religion, psychic ability, the desire to escape from reality.

NATAL: A powerful configuration for good or ill. The feeling of being controlled by outside forces. The ability to be successful in large organisations.
SOLAR: separations from loved ones. The loss of elderly parents or grandparents.
TRANSITS: Could last for several years. Major changes in the environment can occur.

NATAL: Achievements through co-operation with family. Success through group activity.
SOLAR: Important family decisions which can last a year. An increase within the family through births or marriage.
TRANSITS: Depend on other planetary configurations. On the positive side, new associations could bring benefit. On the negative side, the loss of a friend or relative.