Monday, 5 November 2012

What to Expect from Eclipses

Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse November 2012What to Expect from Eclipses
  • Eclipses bring news of life’s big events: the birth of a baby, a marriage, a career breakthrough, a sudden divorce.
  • Eclipses bring on circumstances that in retrospect seem fated.
  • If you have a planet touched by the eclipse there’ll be an unexpected change of direction connected to the planet’s symbolism.
  • If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the following year will be exceptionally eventful.
  • Take any message at an eclipse seriously—there’s little chance you can have it reversed. Move on.
  • You might finally see the true character of someone close under the spotlight of an eclipse.
  • Something ends and something begins. At the time of the eclipse you’re on the bridge between past and future. You can’t go back.
  • Avoid ultimatums or threats.
  • Wait until the dust settles before making any big decisions-eclipses are emotional times.
  • Keep your schedule light around the days before and after the eclipse.
  • Don’t judge events as either good or bad—it could take weeks or months to understand their real meaning.
  • Eclipses often open doors you didn’t know were there.

“Three things cannot long be hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.” Buddha
Did you know that there is spiral DNA encoded in your life from birth in which portals/forks of destiny are embedded every 18.69 years of your life? If you live to be 93 you’ll experience 4 complete rounds of the zodiac with these “free from fate” points or 3 if you live past 75, as you climb the helix.
These portals are your natal lunar nodes bringing eclipses,known as the wild cards of the universe, blowing a huge blast of fresh air into whichever part of your life they fall. Eclipses happen when the Nodes of the Moon line up within 10 degrees of the Sun/Moon on the ecliptic creating Lunar eclipses (New Moon) or Solar Eclipses (Full Moon).
In your birth chart, this Nodal axis is of immense significancein your individual life. It’s as if life constantly returns you to this axis to remind you of your bigger purpose. It is an axis of tension and compulsion around which ideas of fate and destiny seem to hover. Your natal North Node degree and sign reveal your path in this life, acting like your own North Star keeping your compass aligned to your purpose. Check it out by sign, house and aspects.
Eclipses occur in pairs four weeks apart twice each year. Their wild maverick nature is revealed by the way they move clockwise around the zodiac signs instead of anti clockwise as all the planets, centaurs and asteroids do. Not all eclipses are equal and you feel the most impact when one conjuncts opposes or squares a planet or point in your chart.