Sunday, 16 June 2013

Astrology and your Soul’s Purpose

by Astrology Express

Life is fleeting and once that realization fully dawns one’s quest for meaning becomes very intense. Anything can trigger that bone deep realization: being close to death, falling in love, having a child or even wanting to realize a dream.

But it’s not just life-changing events that lead us to ask searching questions and explore our hearts; a life turned dull will do it. When I am with 20 somethings who have so many desires and limited means, I always tell them, “The money will come.” It does, too. Look at people in their 30s. Hard work, expertise and persistence pays off and they have the affluent and well organized lives they wanted. But with this comes curtailed freedom, ever growing responsibilities, stress and a dearth of time. The song that sings in younger hearts gets muted and as we age, we are perpetually running on the proverbial hamster wheel: making more materialistically and yet feeling a growing sense of dissatisfaction.

Assuredly it doesn’t happen to everyone because there are those people who seem to have a perpetual glow, an unlimited fund of energy and enthusiasm for their work and their lives whether they are 30, 40, 50 or 60. And there are others whose lives are criss-crossed by boredom and stress followed by binges or anything that perpetuates a peak experience. But the peak experiences are rare and most of life just seems mundane, dull, without luster. A meaningless exercise in fact.

So what’s going on? Losing touch with the soul purpose. When you’re in touch with your soul purpose and keep it in the forefront of your consciousness, your life becomes magical, meaningful, delightful. And you can experience it anywhere, anytime, no matter what you do or who you are.

Although there are sets of activities (or occupations) that are associated with different signs, what is even more important is our stance towards life. The signs that are predominant in your chart hold the key. You can read the below for your sun, moon and ascendant. And if you’re familiar with astrology or your chart and know the key astrological themes that operate for you, read for those.

These are small reminders or mantras that’ll reconnect you with your soul purpose. They’ll align you with the reason for your incarnated and once that alignment happens, life becomes enchanting.

Aries: I am the new, the birth. I am spring. I am vigor and courage. And everywhere I go I bring courage. I am the pioneer. I am here to overcome obstacles and this is my gift to every situation and to the people I meet.

Taurus: I am stability and safety and comfort. I am endurance and persistence. I am of the earth and I am here to participate in its bounty. I remind others by my presence of these things and I stabilize everything I touch, everyone I meet. This is my gift to the world at every moment of my life.

Gemini: I am curiosity and mental engagement. I am a love for language and words. I am the eye that notices every shine and sheen and follows it. I am the spirit seeking to learn and explore the world around it. In every moment, with every one I meet, I give the gift of my verbal dexterity and the unending charm of a mind that never loses its yearning for more and that stays forever young.

Cancer: I am the realm of feelings and moods and tears and laughter. I am the seeker and creator of warm cocoons of domesticity, of home. In every moment and in every interaction, I bring my sensitivity and infuse the world with the magical element of emotion. This is my gift and the world is enriched because of it.

Leo: I am joy and spontaneity and the sense of play tinged with drama and splashes of glamour. Wherever I go my vividness makes colors brighter for others and people feel more alive. I am the theater of life; courage and inspiration flow from my heart and this is the gift I give to the world around me and to myself.

Virgo: I am the seeker and keeper of details. I am the furrowed brow of intense focus on tasks. I radiate a quiet purity of purpose and my planet needs this to keep things spinning and functioning efficiently and effectively. I am the micro details that make all the difference. This is my joy and this is my gift to everyone whose lives I touch through my work.

Libra: I am tact and diplomacy, the twin pillars of peace and civilization. I need beauty and everything I do or am wears a mantle of loveliness. Colors, tones, hues, symmetry, harmony these are my areas of focus and I make the lives of everyone better when I pursue these. I give beauty and peace and harmony as gifts to everyone who’s around me.

Scorpio: I am intensity and a penetrating gaze that always seeks the truth below the surface of things. I am the unflinching gaze that can look at death, decay, deception and corruption and then shine a healing light on them by bringing them out of the darkness and into consciousness where they can be purged. Healer, detective, truth teller, there are the gifts of my soul to the world around me.

Sagittarius: I am the explorer, the wanderer. I am an unbound quest for distant horizons. I am the spirit of hope every gamble. The world is my home, I belong to no country but the country of truth. I am the clear and honest gaze that questions everything so that belief systems are in a constant state of renewal. This is my gift of the spirit for my world and its people.

Capricorn: I am the elder and I wear the mantle of my responsibility with a serious gravity. I am hard work and ambition and the builder of structure and empires. My contributions are solid and lasting and practical. I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders with an innate gravity and willingness; and I bring this to the world as my gift.

Aquarius: I can be quirky and eccentric because I am here to blast through what is no longer working. I seek to clear what has become ossified and replace it with something that will serve the future better. I am the change of Time. And this is my gift to my brothers and sisters of the planet.

Pisces: I am endless compassion. I am forgiving understanding of every shade of feeling in the human heart. Other realms reveal themselves to me and I am the mystic of mankind. I bring the light of divinity to everything I do: this is my service, this is my offering to our realm.