Saturday, 17 October 2015

Natal Venus trine Saturn

What happens when Venus trines Saturn in a native’s natal chart? Venus is considered as one of the most beneficial planets of our Solar system, while Saturn as a malefic. When the two planets form a trine aspect in a chart, their energies flow harmonically, allowing their best qualities to bloom in the chart owner’s reality.

The trine aspect means that the two planets are about 120 degrees apart in the zodiac circle, and in case they are indeed exactly in such an angle the aspect is in its full power. Nevertheless, it rarely happens that two planets form exactly 120 degrees between them; thus there exists an orb of approximately 7 degrees on either side, where the planetary relation is still considered a trine. The further away it is from the exact trine, the less strong is the influence of the planets’ aspect in the life of the native. We should though mention, that in case the orb is less than 3 degrees, the aspect has enough strength to have drastic effects on the chart owner.

Venus is the planet of plentifulness, beauty, joy and love. Full of positive energy, when in trine with another planet it strengthens its powers and blunts its destructive energy. Saturn is considered a malefic, because he is usually teaching in hard ways the human beings. Nevertheless, a lot of positive can derive from him. He is governing stability, maturity, and when in a good aspect with Venus his coldness and melancholy are dissolved by the Venusian rays.

When someone has a trine between Venus and Saturn, it usually signifies a loving grandparent. The person usaully receives a lot of love from elderly people in his early life, and learns to love and respect the third age. There is high possibility of taking care or being friends with people lot older in age, which in the end has a great effect on the person’s karma. Saturn’s transits are not so difficult periods as to other people, and the planet acts mostly as a gentle teacher and not as a pushy one.
They are usually cautious in love, knowing exactly what they want to give and receive spiritually when in a bond with another person. Their long-term relationships tend to be very flourishing, keeping the spark of love lot longer than others do. Long-term partners are chosen carefully, as they like people with whom there is mutual respect. They are feeling lot more comfortable in a long term relationship, as they find little meaning in casual adventures. Even their short love stories involve a deep human connection between the partners, at least from their side.

The same cautious attitude they have towards money. They are not stingy, but keep a constructive eye on their spendings, and do not indulge in overexpenses. Saturn, as a planet highly responsible for poverty issues, does not put his grim hand on them – in periods of crises they still have what they need materially and financially. This is even more frequent when either Venus or Saturn are in the 2nd or 8th house, or either of the two planets is governing these houses. Of course, there should be no other adverse aspects of malefics imposed on the two planets; otherwise the whole outcome is different.

Natives with Saturn trining Venus are usually becoming good parents, and even better grandparents. They teach their children and grandchildren with care, raising them to become conscious and respective to others. They like encouraging younger people to develop their own character, rather than trying to impose them role models that they should follow.

The natives with such a placement are very aware of self-discipline. There is high possibility that they learnt it through osmosis from an elder person in their early years, and it is quite possible to achieve success in the life departments that this planetary aspect takes place. They are late bloomers, and success usually comes after their 35th birthday. They have strong work ethics, and usually attract older people as friends, who tend to become their protectors and advisors. The good relationship with grandparents is usually a pattern that builds a great approach to all elders, thus it is very easy for a native to enter circles of influential elder people which will make him feel a part of it. Also, this placement makes leveling up in groups or organizations easy, as the people who are higher in the hierarchy are seeing a lot of potential in the native and act in favor of him.

If Venus or Saturn are in the 5th or in the 7th house, the love affairs of the natives involve older partners quite often. When in the 7th, there is also possibility of marriage with an older partner, especially if Venus is present at the end of the trine. If it is Saturn that is present in the 7th, it can give a quite long relationship with an elder person, but block marriage as a ceremony and papers.

They tend to be old-fashioned, preferring to be dressed well but classical. They like elegance, but usually do not experiment with extremes in their look. The right word to be used for such kind of natives is “classy”. People with such a placement are fortunate enough to age beautifully – sometimes when their hair begins to become silver they are even more beautiful than in their young ages.
Natives with Saturn trinng Venus are usually quite lucky. When Venus is present in the 2nd, 8th or 11th house, there are possibilities of unexpected windfalls of money. There can be reappearing incidents of being in the right place at the right time, even if there usually is a background of working towards that type of goals.

Usually, the more they age, the less problems they have. This could be also a reason behind their graceful ageing, as happiness is carved on their faces and stabilizing their look in such a way. They do not age harshly, and usually look younger than their age, although their hair can start changing color a lot earlier.

Saturn trine Venus is a great aspect to have, as it softens the role of the greatest malefic. People with such a placement are considered to be lucky, or to carry good Karma from previous lives, as Saturn is highly responsible about Karma. In the present life, one could mention that the blessings of the elder people towards them empowered their reality, and that the prayers of their beloved grandparents materialized.