Saturday, 17 October 2015

Planets in the 1st House

The First House is the house of the self. It signifies what someone IS. This means, that the body, the mind, and the behavior of the native are largely influenced by this house and any planet or mathematical point that is positioned inside it. Everything that has to do with one’s appearance falls under rulership of this house. The areas close to the ascendant are responsible for the physical self, while areas near to the cusp of the second house represent mostly behaviors; thus it is also ruling style, clothing and everything artificial that is part of the native. Read more about the First house and the life areas it represents.

The presence of a planet in the house has direct impact on the individual’s life, as the planet’s energy directly manifests through his existence. When there are two or more planets located in the house, their energies blend and the native receives traits from all. Also, the first house receives a great impact from the ruling planet of the rising sign (the sign in which is located the Ascendant, or else the first house cusp).

Planets in the first house:

Sun: One of the greatest placements for the Sun, giving abundance of vitality, leadership abilities and success in many life areas. Natives with such a natal aspect have a beautiful physical appearance and a strong father who is a figure of authority. Natal Sun in the 1st house makes the person self-confident and proud of himself, and he will receive a lot of respect during his life. Read more about the effects that the Sun has in the first house.
Moon: When the Moon is present in the house of self, the person becomes compassionate and sentimental. Emotions flow deep and strong, and there is a great need for being nurtured. The mind of the native receives a lot of feminine energy and the Moon grants a strong intuition. Such people can many times foresee things or intuitively catch information hovering around them. Read more about this natal Moon placement.

Mercury: As Mercury is the planet of intelligence, his presence in the first house creates a sharp mind who strives for learning. Information and knowledge become a daily need for such an individual, and they can excel in all types of intellectual work. A wonderful placement for writers, mathematicians, accountants, programmers and anyone who is involved with processing data. Read more about natal Mercury in the first house.

Venus: The planet of beauty influences the appearance of the native, making him attractive to the masses. This natal placement gives a great love for one’s self-image, and the native will invest a lot in his personal style. Such people have a love for beautiful clothes, jewels and taking care of their body. It gives love for the arts and beautiful objects, while also a need for luxury in the native’s life. Read more about the effects of Venus when located in the house of self.

Mars: With the red planet located in the first house, the native becomes a warrior. Mars usually creates an athletic body and an aggressive mind, a love for martial arts and makes the person a pioneer. There are tendencies for impulsiveness and over-confidence, while also possibilities of accidents when Mars is adversely afflicted by aspects from other planets. Read more about how Mars influences the body and mind of the individual.

Jupiter: When the grand benefic is located in the 1st house, the person becomes gracious and generous. This planet creates the optimist, and brings a lot of luck in all areas of his life. It can act like a guardian angel and gives a love for philosophy and religion. This is one of the best natal placements one can have. Read more about the gifts of Jupiter when in the 1st house.

Saturn: Even though Saturn is a malefic planet, his presence in the 1st house can have its benefits too. This planet gives the most serious approach to an individual, making him responsible and reserved. This aspect is good for making a career, as the person knows how to structure his time and his mind in order to achieve success. On the other hand, the presence of Saturn can create a difficult and depressive character, lacking smile and joy in his life. Read more about the Saturn in the house of self.

Uranus: What else can happen when the planet of eccentricity directly affects the house of self? Uranus creates the pioneer, the genius, the weirdo. These people are definitely something different from the masses; they love freedom and are rebellious- even if there is no apparent reason to do so. This placement gives love for strange clothes and an eccentric appearance that will provoke others, while also can bring great abilities in innovative technologies. Read more about how Uranus in the first house.

Neptune: The mysterious planet Neptune is responsible for creating the daydreamers, the people who blend reality with fantasy. This placement can make the native a passive person, as he is prone to receiving without filters all the information and feelings that hover around him. A position creating people with psychic abilities, potential of becoming good psychologists or otherwise get involved with healing and altruistic service to the mankind. Read more about how Neptune functions in the first house.

Pluto: The presence of Pluto in one’s first house creates a rather intensive person, with a dark style and penetrative eyes. Such people have a love for power and can be very dominative, while also makes money play an important role in their life. Highly secretive, they prefer to keep their true self in shadows, while can easily uncover the secrets of other people. Read more about the presence of Pluto in the 1st house.