Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Planets That Conjunct the Ascendent

If you have a planet conjunct the ASC, people will see it. You won’t be able to hide it, even if you want. You may want to but it is futile. You may as well learn about it( because it is not going away). That is what this article is about——-Planets that conjunct the ASC.

1, Chiron conjunct the ASC- –I seem to specialize in this because I seem to have “discovered” that it means severe bullying. I am not saying I discovered this, per se . I just have never seen it stated by anyone else and I found it by doing charts. Hence, I tried to understand why and came upon some conclusions. If humans see pain, they attack. Why is this? Fear, probably. Not all humans are bullies but enough are that a person with this placement will go through a version of hell on earth.

2. Moon conjunct the ASC–this is said to give a person good looks. In my experience, this is true. They may have an adorable baby face. This person will wear his heart on his sleeve, no matter what else he has in his charrt, even a strong secretive Pluto. The Moon conjunct the ASC or MC will show his heart to the world. I have the Moon conjunct the MC, so know about this. The ASC is slightly different, in that it relates to his normal life and not his career life. Trying to separate these is artificial . Both placements show their hearts. However, the ASC placement shows his heart more in daily life. The MC placement shows his heart more in his career and to society, in general. I do agree about this. I am not as open in my daily life as I am in my career. The chart never lies down to the very details.

3. Neptune conjunct the ASC–I have heard that people with this get bullied. I have 2 accounts of this but that is all. I do know that it gives a glamorous sense to the person as in a Jackie O. She may have had this. For the native, it gives an amorphous sense of self, which is HARD. I have Neptune in the 1st House and I struggle to feel whole and not fragmented. Conjunct the ASC is very much stronger and so they struggle to feel solid. If people see this, that could bring out bullying.

4. Pluto conjunct the ASC is very different from any of the above. It is a powerhouse and comes by it naturally. You will love him or hate him, but you WON”T miss him. He is large. He walks and talks large. If it is a woman, she walks and talks large, even if she is petite. Pluto conj the ASC is the sign of the leader. He will not be bullied into taking a sheeple position so he can fit in. He was not made to fit in but to stand out. I love this position as you know where you stand and that means a lot in this day of airy, fairy political correctness.

5.Mars conjunct the ASC—This is a wonderful placement and horrible placement. I think we can say that about this. It gives the person get up and go and great assertiveness. However, these traits may make the person obnoxious. If you have Mars conjunct the ASC, be careful you are not obnoxious and alienate people. These people do not seem to realize that they are alienating people until everyone leaves and they don’t know why. Check yourself before you wreck yourself as Ali G says.

6.Venus conjunct the ASC–Just as Mars conjunct the ASC may be obnoxious, Venus conjunct the ASC is charming. This placement confers beauty and grace. You will feel it from the person and you will enjoy being in his/her presence. This placement is a pure gift.

7.Mercury conjunct the ASC—This placement gives a warm, friendly, chatty vibe to the native. They are good listeners and curious about all things. They may have an impish look to them, as if they are conjuring up mischief and they probably are.

8. Sun Conjunct ASC–these natives have a natural self confidence. It is a gift but they have to be careful that they are not too self centered. There is a balance. Self confidence is needed. However, there is a fine line between self centered and self confidence. This is a struggle for every human being but more so for the person with Sun conjunct the ASC. In this case, look to the house in which Leo is on the cusp. That sphere of life will be what the native brings to the world.

9. Jupiter conj the ASC–I have saved the best for last. Jupiter is opening presents on Christmas day. Jupiter just feels good. We all like to be near a “feel-good” person. This native is popular because he spreads feel good vibes like fairy dust. He does not have to try. They exude from him. He may have a hard time controlling his weight. Jupiter enlarges what it touches. It gives him a big spirit in the manner of Santa Claus but santa had a weight problem, too.

10. Uranus conjunct the ASC–We can say weird-o in one word. Does weird have to be bad? No, only weirdos take risks to provide growth for the rest of us. Any great reformer was a weirdo until time caught up with him. That may have been long after his death, as isthe case with many great musicians, poets and artists. Uranus conjunct the ASC will show his individuality, somehow. He may dress weird, wear strange make-up or have an opinion that makes everyone spill his drink at the cocktail party. The Unaspected Uranus is the most beautiful Unaspected Planet, in my opinion. Here is a person who is totally himself. Don’t we all want that?

11. Saturn conjunct the ASC–This can be a mixed bag but mostly hard. The good part would be that they can have beautiful facial structure in the way of an Angelica Huston. It will be strong and very dignified looking. The bad part is that they can have bone and teeth problems. I know one Saturn conjunct the ASC who had a dentist break his baby tooth such that the adult tooth grew in weird. I know several Capricorn ASC’s ( which is similar) who have had long beak like noses and many got nose jobs.

Emotionally, Saturn conjunct the ASC can make a person grow up fast. He will have the persona of an old man when he is a child. Do you know those children who look like wise old men. I bet they have Saturn conjunct the ASC or a Capricorn ASC.

Source:  http://mychristianpsychic.com/journal/planets-that-conjunct-the-ascendent/