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Your Soul’s Purpose through Numerology

By  Margaret I. Jang 

Uncover your soul’s purpose through numerology in order to answer the age old question of ……..

Why Are You Here?

Are you unsure why you are here or question what your true purpose in life is supposed to be? Conceivably, you have reached a period in your life in which you know, deep within, that you should be doing something other than what you are presently doing. Or perhaps you sense or feel that your life is just not what it should be – there seems to be a missing piece of life’s puzzle….but alas, you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

Some people are very lucky, because uncannily, from a very early age, they know exactly what their contribution and purpose in life is intended to be. With great determination they unwaveringly remain focused and steadily strive toward their goal. They are unrelentingly driven by a greater purpose to implement and accomplish their soul’s essential plan. But to most, the “essential plan” remains a shrouded mystery, because unfortunately, this type of clarity is not what the majority of people perceive.

More often than not, you remain unfocused, uninspired and unaware of what your soul has come to learn and experience. Sadly, you become stuck in an unending cycle of uninspiring routine. Although you may have a sense of longing that keeps nudging and nagging or feel deep urges that stick like an unquenchable thirst, you still remain blocked, unable to fathom the meaning of received impressions, signs or signals indicating that you should be either living differently or doing something else, in other words, you are not following your soul’s initial plan.

Elevate and Transform

In order to elevate and transform to a more positive level, it is imperative that you intricately know who and what you are from the deepest regions of your core.
  • What are your likes, your dislikes, your innate talents, your natural interests, compatibility, positive and negative traits or hidden qualities?
  • Do you really know why you behave or react the way you do?
  • Why can you inter-relate companionably with some people, but yet not others?
  • Do you know why you seem to be driven in a certain direction?
  • Do you know why you may want to self-destruct?
  • Do you know why you may be aggressive, shy, lazy, outgoing, reclusive, lively, etc.?
  • Do you know why you are prone to experience set-backs, road-blocks or bad luck?
  • Do you know why you may experience discontent at certain periods in your life?
  • How, when and why can any of this affect your present life?

Initiating Awareness

Luckily, there are numerous ways in which to initiate your awareness in order to uncover the inner you and reconnect to your true spiritual essence.
  • You can visit a psychic or an intuitive for spiritual counselling.
  • You can join a religious organization.
  • You can join a cult and follow their directive.
  • You can learn to meditate.
  • You can pray.
  • You can self-channel to receive Universal guidance.
  • You can seek out various divination methods such as Tarot, Crystal Ball Gazing, Pendulum, I Ching, Runes, Astrology or Numerology to gain further in-depth insight.

Each method has value, as long as they are used only as “tools” in order to gain greater understanding, acquire a second opinion or to expand your perception. It is equally important to resist becoming totally dependent on any of these methods, because this will only lead to creating co-dependency and personal dis-empowerment. As with anything, use sound judgement and common sense.

You Made the Choices

It is believed that before incarnation, each spirit/soul chooses its own name, birth time, birth place, parents, siblings, friends and associates. Your soul’s purpose to incarnate from spirit into human existence is for the opportunity to learn and experience certain lessons, plus acquire valuable knowledge and wisdom in order to spiritually evolve. Numerology is based on the your given birth name (the name on your original birth certificate), plus your date of birth. Since in spirit form, you pre-choose your parents, your birth name is also pre-arranged to coincide with your present journey. No two people will have the exact same name and birth date.

Science of Numbers Ancient

This science of numbers can be traced back to 10,000 B.C. and was used by ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Hebrew and Roman civilizations. 2500 years ago, Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, believed that each letter and number has its own unique energy vibration and sound pattern, which creates energy or transmutes energy and its physical matter. Every number has positive and negative aspects and the energy vibration can either attract or repel other numbers indicating compatibility or conflict issues. Pythagoras combined the metaphysical science of numbers into a structured method used as a basis for modern numerology.

Uncovering Your Soul’s Purpose

This article only glosses the surface for how numerology can help you uncover your soul’s purpose. An mini or condensed numerology report is approximately ten pages of information covering “core” areas such as the Birth-Day, Life Path, Destiny/Expression, Soul/Heart’s Desire, Personality and Maturity numbers. A comprehensive  numerology report produces a minimum of thirty pages of information and covers all the areas of the mini report, as well as pinpoint significant timelines of opportunities, events or challenges. Either report helps you to understand the true you – to reveal your soul’s complex nature and give you direction or target areas that may need attention, as well as disclose your unique place in the structure of human existence.

Numerology Not for Forecasting

Please keep in mind that numerology is not meant to forecast future happenings so that you can deliberately alter, manipulate or eliminate them. Numerology is primarily used as a catalyst to uncover and explore larger realities concerning your life’s blueprint. The aim is to use this as a tool to indicate possible opportunities or events that may either increase your potential or present a challenge, which can then help you to understand or adapt to changes or transitions during certain life cycles. It gives you the opportunity to realize, accept and learn certain lessons through hands-on experience and acquired knowledge. Thus, you gain significant insight for how to expand your soul’s capabilities.

Essential Core Numbers

The most essential numbers in a numerology chart consists of certain “core” numbers. The names for these can vary, depending on the numerologist’s educational knowledge, interpretation and system used.

Core Number Influence Indicates
Birth-Day This is the day you were born and is part of your Life Path It bears significance in understanding who you are and reveals where your talents lie or identifies special talents you possess that will help you along your Life Path. It also shows particular lessons that your soul is trying to learn in this lifetime. The effect of this number is carried with you throughout life, but it is most active between your 28th and 56th years, which in the latter years may be referred to or confused as “mid-life” crisis.
Life Path
(also called Birth Force, Inner Force or Birth number)
This is your direction for what your soul came to do or what you must learn, plus become in this lifetime This is the route you must take, whether you want to or not. This is the most important number in your chart and is also tied to your Birth-Day. It indicates your level of conscious development thus far. Also, it reveals a broad outline of opportunities, points to suitable occupations, outlines challenges and lessons you will encounter, plus uncovers your natural gifts and talents that allow you to fulfill your destiny.
(also called Expression or Whole Name number)
This is what you must do in this lifetime It reveals your physical and mental constitution, your orientation, goal or direction for your life. Also, it shows what “tools” you have to work with – your natural talents, abilities, characteristics, shortcomings and your level of conscious development. It represents your life-long target, your inner calling or the person you aim to be – the outer direction to pursue or your mission in life and it shows how your Life Path number will be expressed.
Soul’s Urge
(also called Heart’s Desire or Vowel number)
This is what you already are or what your soul has already accomplished in other lives. This is your innermost yearning or inner motivation (the motive behind your actions); the dreams closest to your heart or what you long for, your inner path to follow. It presents the underlying motivation or intention behind your actions, plus influences the choices you make in life regarding your career, your environment, friendships or lifestyle.
(also called Consonant number)
This is how others see you upon first meeting you. It’s the first impression people define you by, so it will either welcome and intrigue them or cause them to lose interest. This is your censoring device for what you send out, plus what you allow to approach – kinds of people and information you let enter your heart and mind. Clues to habits, mannerisms and behaviour for you, plus the people in your life are revealed. It also filters out what you do not want to deal with – people or situations.
(also called Reality number)
This is your own true self – the “spiritual” mature, true you; what you are developing into for the second half of your life  – this is your soul’s ultimate goal for this lifetime The Maturity number is not active in your early years.  It activates at mid-life around 30 to 35 and increases with intensity after 50-yrs old, which can be confused with having a “mid-life” crisis. It shows your true power, your highest development, underlying talents, latent qualities and your real goal in life, except these you must earn. This reflects how you merge your strengths with challenges and how you begin to live in harmony with your inner and outer selves. Once you understand what this number represents, you can make your latter years the best years of your life.

Calculating Your Life Path

So for interest sake, let us focus on your “Life Path” or (also called “Birth Force” or “Birth”) number to uncover the basic meaning of its effect regarding your soul’s purpose. But keep in mind that your “Destiny” number shows how your “Life Path” number will be expressed.


  1. First, write out your full birth date (month/day/year).
  2. If there is an “11” or “22” in your birth date, as you add across, keep the number whole – do not reduce to a single digit (these are termed as master numbers which have added significance).
  3. Total the numerical value (see example below).
  4. If the final total shows as a double digit, add them together to reduce to a single digit (except for master numbers 11 and 22).


Cropped Example birth date for website article Nov 5 07
For this example, the “Life Path” (or Birth Force or Birth) number calculates to number “11” (formally written as 38/11) and because this is one of the master numbers, it is not reduced to a single digit. For the interpretation regarding the Life Path number, see the chart listed below.

Remember: This is your direction for what your soul came to do or what you must learn, plus become in this lifetime – the route you must take, whether you want to or not. This is the most important number in your chart and is also tied to your Birth-Day – it indicates your level of conscious development thus far. It gives a broad outline of opportunities, it points to suitable occupations, it outlines challenges and lessons you will encounter, plus it reveals your natural gifts and talents that will allow you to fulfill your destiny.
Life Path
You have a determined inner drive which gives you plenty of courage and back-bone.  Your personality will never be mistaken as being meek or passive. Although you have the capability to be a born leader – to lead by example, you must learn to be independent, relying less on others; learn to go it alone and most importantly be your own person. To you, life is an exciting adventure in which you want to experience head-on action with lots of activity. You are a self-starter, strong-willed and very creative with original ideas, but you can be quite stubborn where you like things done exactly your way. You don’t like taking orders and you only accept advice if it coincides with your own opinion. With your strong, forceful, but warm personality you can learn to cooperate without losing your own individuality or identity. In order to excel and succeed with your ambitions, you willingly make personal sacrifices. Your mental capability is strong; you are a brilliant logical analyzer and a quick decision-maker in which you act with confidence, plus decisiveness. You love launching new projects, but once they are in motion, you fail to follow them through to fruition leaving that task to others. Avoid becoming too domineering, dictatorial, arrogant, selfish or inconsiderate; instead develop your mind, body and spirit into harmonious, efficient balance. Develop and strengthen your own gifts; utilize your own administrative and executive abilities. Suitable Occupation: leader, inventor, promoter, inspector, advertising director, manufacturer, explorer, creative artist, contractor, physician, director, business owner, controller, promoter, writer, illustrator, executive.
Although you possess leadership strength, your true strength lies in being supportive and helpful to others. You must learn to work in partnership, for you work at your best within groups or communities, rather than alone, but avoid limiting yourself to a small few; force yourself to work within larger groups. With your easy-going, courteous and agreeable disposition, you have a natural gift for diffusing difficult situations by using tact and diplomacy. Patience and persistence helps you to effectively create peace and harmony during disputes. By nature you are kind, patient, considerate, understanding and unselfish, but somewhat passive and generally you prefer to work behind the scenes instead of directly in the spotlight. Because of your over-sensitivity, you may suffer emotional upset when others don’t return the same sympathy or consideration that you give and then be tempted to hide in your shell to lick your wounds. Despite being proud of your accomplishments, you are unconcerned about receiving monetary praise or recognition for your deeds, although you do enjoy receiving compliments of praise. Avoid becoming over-emotional or moody and take care not to betray confidences. Watch that your sensitivity doesn’t make you too timid or shy when dealing with others; otherwise you may either over-react or withdraw unnecessarily. Suitable Occupationpeacemaker, advisor, psychologist, secretary, medium/channeller, artist, statistician, politician, teacher, diplomat, mediator, organizer, musician, composer, theatrical producer, poet, sculptor, landscaper, mining engineer, physicist, bacteriologist, merchant, statistician, manager, office worker. 
3 With your witty, adaptable and impulsive generous nature you have the ability to shed light and joy. Since you are a good talker, express your opinions freely and joyfully through creative or artistic endeavours. You love to surround yourself with beauty, whether through congenial friendships or objects of beauty. Ugly environments have no appeal to your finer senses and physical work doesn’t attract you either. By nature you are optimistic, humorous, charming and happy-go-lucky. You enjoy doing things on a large scale, being in the limelight, the centre of attention at social gatherings or anywhere you have an audience. You can be indecisive when making up your mind or you may prefer someone else to make your decisions to avoid being confronted with responsibility. If you fail to act upon your own capabilities, you may withdraw into yourself, instead of expressing your extensive feelings. Establishing business partnerships is not favourable, because you will find this too restrictive. Although you don’t mind giving orders to others, you dislike taking orders; just be careful that you don’t become dictatorial. Your shrewd observance combined with hard work can bring you much success. Take care to avoid spreading your talents too thinly or you may risk scattering your energies, becoming a master at none. Instead, draw upon a couple of your stronger interests and then become expert in these areas. Learn to distinguish your ego’s wants or needs from those of your soul so that you do not waste time chasing illusions. Avoid becoming too frivolous, superficial, gossipy, dictatorial, intolerant or impatient with others.  Suitable Occupation: dancer, actor, poet, writer, singer, salesperson, correspondent, lecturer, designer, cartoonist, artist, illustrator, cosmetician, dietician, photographer, social secretary, missionary, clergy, welfare worker, entertainer, electrician, dressmaker.
You are the foundation for any enterprise. As an employee, you are solid as a rock – dependable, organized, efficient, dutiful, faithful, hard-working and very conscientious. You have a keen, analytical mind coupled with logical, sound reasoning and approach life with serious, down-to-earth practicality; you can easily separate wrong from right. Part of your lesson in this life is to be of service – to build a lasting legacy for a greater good and to teach your accumulated knowledge and wisdom to less evolved souls. Greater wisdom and inner strength are developed when you lead by example, seeing things through to fruition. You dislike being hurried and are not readily acceptable to too many changes; much preferring a set routine or having a solid foundation, a good home life and proper training for whatever you are involved with. Although you may be faced with many responsibilities, you must exercise patience and cheerfulness. When faced with restrictions or frustration, resist allowing your will-power to interfere and refrain from complaining or gossiping; otherwise, this may lead to situations of arguments or hostility. Instead, develop tolerance toward others and avoid becoming narrow-minded, domineering, bossy, stubborn or restrictive just to have your own way. Allow patient perseverance to see you through all odds; just be sure that you don’t waste time or energy chasing illusions. Suitable Occupation: manager, buyer, musical director, architect, accountant, manufacturer, proof-reader, secretary, banker, coordinator, technician, physician, professor, analyst, scientist, writer, chemist, economist, musician, horticulturist, builder, contractor, mechanical engineer, surgeon, diagnostician, biologist, professor, skilled craftsman.
Freedom is important to you in which you are footloose and fancy free, desiring a life with no restrictions, but with plenty of change; you resist being pinned down to any one interest. You always want to see and do something different – this applies both to the material and spiritual levels. Take care not to lose yourself in the illusion of material pleasures by allowing your bad habits to become your master, because this will only stop your spiritual growth.  In this lifetime you must learn about constructive freedom. Freedom is not supposed to be used as an excuse to retreat from responsibility or undesirable situations and if you back into a safety zone, you will only experience frustration of losing valued freedom. Your life will be full of travel, frequent changes and variety, so you must remain versatile and adaptable to unusual circumstances or extraordinary conditions. Use this opportunity to learn new languages, other lifestyles or to expand your own development. Develop discipline and patience to see things through to the end, instead of running off leaving plans unfinished and in disarray. Because you love new adventures, your flexibility prevents you from incurring too much stress. However, refrain from over-indulging in the good life; otherwise you may be tempted to overuse alcohol, sex, drugs or food. Instead, first establish a solid foundation that gives you some stability, so that you have somewhere to return to. Suitable Occupation: speaker, writer, editor, promoter, theatrical manager or director, actor, scientific inventor, electrical inspector, entertainer, sales, lawyer, philosopher, counsellor, psychologist, character analyst, broadcaster, sports coach, explorer, realtor, broker, inspector, investigator, detective, plastic surgeon, masseur, athlete.  
You are the expression for universal love – an unconditional love requiring nothing in return. But until you learn to love in a non-possessive way and become independent of requiring returned love, you will continue to encounter heartaches. Family and friendships are important to you, in which case, you love the responsibility and duty to keep the connection going and to keep everybody happy. But you must learn that the true meaning of responsibility doesn’t give you the right to dominate situations. Instead, learn to adjust harmoniously to touchy conditions or circumstances, whether it’s pertaining to your own life or to others. In all cases, it is necessary to create balance so that you can offer service with cheerful, quiet efficiency. Because you are sympathetic, loving and generous by nature, you are always ready and willing to help others, but be careful that you are not taken advantage of. Learn to recognize who actually needs assistance. Materiality is unimportant to you and you will sacrifice your own needs for someone else – to the extent that you will give them the shirt off your back. But resist becoming a doormat; learn to release feelings of guilt and establish boundaries.  Retain your own ideals, without forcing them on others and avoid becoming domineering, overly fussy or critical. Suitable Occupation: social worker, counsellor, social worker, physician, nurse, musician, restaurateur, human resource manager, hotel executive, artist, teacher, publisher, songwriter, chemist, poet, musician, singer, librarian, translator, actor, doctor, merchant, electrician, building contractor, nurse, bacteriologist, editor, homemaker, tutor.
You are the link between the spiritual and earthly realms, whereby you are naturally very sensitive, intuitive and perceptive to higher consciousness. But you need to listen to the quiet voice “within” in order to receive answers to your problems or inspirations of greater knowledge that can benefit others. You always seek wisdom or higher truths to increase your store of useful knowledge, but use this to benefit humanity. Alas, you are somewhat of an enigma in that you think and act differently from others, but you probably do not even understand yourself, regardless of your introspective thinking or powers of analysis and contemplation; be careful that you do not confuse introspection with illusion. Although you incarnated for a specific purpose and may have to make great personal sacrifices to bring this to fruition, you must also guard against getting lost in meditative grandeur in which you forget about your mission. You prefer quiet solitude, spending enormous amounts of time alone thinking, studying, analyzing and dreaming grandiose ideas, but you are not too adaptable to the modern world, so rarely do you act upon your ideas. If you fear loneliness or failure you will experience hardships and find life difficult. You enjoy recognition for your accomplishments, but learn to operate without it. Instead, search for the deeper truths about life and then with humbleness, teach and inspire others. Avoid becoming overly critical, perfectionist, sarcastic, distant, moody or despondent. Because you live in a world of your own making, you must avert your penchant to disassociate yourself from reality; beware not to lose touch with the reality of everyday living. Although you can survive on very little, resist accumulating material possessions; instead apply spiritual laws to material interactions. Suitable Occupation: financier, lawyer, judge, scientist, inventor, university administrator, investment counsellor, psycho-analyst, geologist, musician, clergy, naturalist, astronomer, artist, writer, actor, musical composer, meditation teacher, medium/channeller, appraiser, estimator, farmer, florist, business proprietor.
Once you develop efficient management skills, you have great potential for anything relating to business or commercial affairs. Use your leadership abilities to direct the world toward good causes that will benefit all.  If you use positive self-confidence with balanced ambition, while employing practical, down-to-earth hard work, you will in most cases, achieve success.  Keep in mind that it is the striving toward your ambition that should bring you satisfaction and not the actual goal that is achieved. Achieving material success is aimed to help you recognize the illusions of the outward material world and then to assist you with finding your inner spiritual self. Part of your lesson is to learn how to deal with the uninspiring, practical and material aspects of everyday life and to let go of the lower ego self. Learn to understand the laws that govern money – accumulation, use and power. Resist chasing or misusing power and money to the exclusion of all else. Avoid grandiose dreams, visions or impractical attitudes.  In relationships you may act with unemotional physical restraint foolishly thinking that material gifts make up for this deficiency, but this is just another illusion. Suitable Occupation: banker, lawyer, stockbroker, manufacturer, buyer, librarian, engineer, financial or political advisor, accountant, critic, teacher, cartoonist, editor, publisher, athlete, sales, consultant, business owner, charity organizer, transportation builder or politician.
You are the humanitarian of the world, placing others before you and giving selfless service to others – a culmination of your past life experiences. Although you may prefer to work for yourself rather than for others, you will be happier when working in global aid organizations that benefit humanity.  Inwardly you have a strong feeling about what you must specifically accomplish in this lifetime, but you must take care not to start anything that you cannot complete, because this is the end of a cycle.  Part of your lesson is to learn how to be more broad-minded and to abandon all prejudices by realizing the basic universality of humanity. In doing so you have greater potential to be far-sighted and helpful, in which you will be stimulated to give willingly to others, without expecting recompense – gratitude is the only reward necessary for your assistance. Somehow, you frequently start off in the opposite direction to the one you actually want in order to get to where you want to go. When you release “control” concerning ideas that you need friendship or satisfaction, you will find true love. With your aggressive, energetic nature you are capable of great achievement, although you have a tendency toward being a workaholic for worthy causes – just take care that you do not risk depleting your own health. Resist trying to attain material ambition or possessions, because in the end you will only feel disappointment and dissatisfaction. Although you will attract much, you must hold on to nothing – you belong to the world.  Avoid becoming intolerant, disrespectful, unfeeling or uncompassionate toward others. Suitable Occupation: teacher, artist, healer, humanitarian, philanthropist, surgeon, criminal lawyer, advisor, judge, composer, writer, minister, singer, banker, publisher, pharmacist, poet, actor.
Master 11
You are an “old” soul, identified as the “illuminator”, who is here to help humanity progress to attain a better world. Those who have this master number have important tasks to accomplish in service to humanity. You may appear somewhat dreamy, because you live both in the spiritual and earthly realms. This gives you the ability to act as a lightening rod or a clear channel for accessing higher information. This is not an easy path – you will encounter many hard and testing situations, but you have the resources to succeed, although many opt out, retreating to the lower energy vibration of single digit “2”. By developing your inner forces of perception and understanding, you will become aware of special knowledge, skills and talents gained from many past lives. You see things differently, knowing there is more to life than what you can see with your physical eyes. Your job is to inspire others by example, by living the “truths” that the universe continuously reveals to you. But you must be alert in order to learn what type of illumination and revelation to use in order to inspire others. Learn to trust your intuition and faithfully follow your inner guidance in order to elevate everything to the inspirational level. Most likely materiality will not interest you; instead you prefer to live humbly in the limelight. Resist striving for accumulation or hoarding or using your special powers for material gain for you will only feel dissatisfaction. Avoid getting caught daydreaming fantasies that separate you from reality – always remain practical and keep your motives pure. Inevitably, you may suffer from nervous tension created when you swing from the high energy vibration of “11” to the lower single digit energy vibration of “2” or vice versa. Suitable Occupation: minister, lecturer, musician, poet, dancer, entertainer, welfare or charity worker, psycho-analyst, teacher, inspirational writer, motivational leader, inventor, explorer, psychologist, philosopher, actor, artist, writer/author, manager, musical director, organizer, promoter, lawyer, numerologist, graphologist.
Master 22
You are an “old” soul; recognized as the “master builder”, where your thoughts are turned into practical use for a greater, higher purpose. Those who have this master number have a special mission to accomplish, which is to demonstrate the oneness of all. Be aware that if you ignore this call you will have to return again to complete it.  This is not an easy path – this is one of the most difficult vibrations to ensue and many opt out, retreating to the lower single digit energy vibration of “4”. You have the skill and potential to mastermind and then construct projects or movements on a global scale – in service to humanity – deep inside you know what you must do. If you use your potential to capacity, most likely you will leave a lasting mark, a significant legacy that will benefit the entire world – this is your reward. Your dream is for peace, happiness, prosperity and love for all.  You understand the greater forces of the universe and are able to channel and use these abilities advantageously. Resist being tempted to use your position or power to harvest material gain or to retreat from utilizing your great potential and powers, thus accomplishing very little. If you do, then you will feel frustrated or suffer the consequences of nervous tension.  Suitable Occupation: builder, buyer, director of healing/welfare/charity/international organizations, teacher, writer, global reformer, diplomat, international financier, law or trade expert, economist, politician or leader, physician, translator, athlete.

Just a Guideline

The “Life Path” interpretation reveals a small part of who you are and should be used only as a guideline.  Numerology simply identifies choices, but how you manoeuvre through these choices is entirely up to you – you can choose to ignore your options and remain unchanged or you can choose to embrace your options and reap greater reward.  Once you gain insightful knowledge about your true inner or spiritual self, you will be better prepared to shed doubtful fears, heal emotional wounds, alter out-dated thinking, plus balance and harmonize your lifestyle.  You will then consciously express the more positive aspects of your numbers.

Avoid Being Ignorant

If the “Life Path” interpretation opened your awareness just a fraction or alleviated niggling questions, then it is well worth to investigate other possibilities in which numerology may benefit.  In order for your soul to prosper spiritually, you must be open to accept your individuality; your own uniqueness.  Avoid remaining ignorant about you…. the true you, because without truthful awareness and acceptance you cannot initiate your soul’s transformation and progression.

© Margaret I. Jang