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The Book of Thoh & The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

The Theory of the Tarot


    1. Eliphaz Levi and the Tarot
    2. The Tarot in the Cipher Manuscripts
    3. The Tarot and the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn"
    4. The Nature of the Evidence



Index | Wheel and – Whoa! | Bibliographical Note | Theory of the Tarot | The Atu (Keys or Trumps) | Court Cards | Small Cards | Invocation | Mnemonics | Behaviour of the Tarot | General Characters of the Trumps


The Titles of the Symbols

  1. THE Ace of Wands is called the Root of the Powers of Fire.
  2. The Ace of Cups is called the Root of the Powers of Water.
  3. The Ace of Swords is called the Root of the Powers of Air.
  4. The Ace of Pentacles is called the Root of the Powers of Earth.
  5. The Knight of Wands is "The Lord of the Flame and Lighting: the King of the Spirits of Fire."
  6. The Queen of Wands is "The Queen of the Thrones of Flame."
  7. The King of Wands is "The Prince of the Chariot of Fire."
  8. The Knave of Wands is "The Princess of the Shining Flame: the Rose of the Palace of Fire."
  9. The Knight of Cups is "The Lord of the Waves and the Waters: the King of the Hosts of the Sea."
  10. The Queen of Cups is "The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters."
  11. The King of Cups is "The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters."
  12. The Knave of Cups is "The Princess of the Waters: the Lotus of the Palace of the Floods."
  13. The Knight of Swords is "The Lord of the Wind and the Breezes: the King of the Spirits of Air."
  14. The Queen of Swords is "The Queen of the Thrones of Air."
  15. The King of Swords is "The Prince of the Chariot of the Winds."
  16. The Knave of Swords is "The Princess of the Rushing Winds: the Lotus of the Palace of Air."
  17. The Knight of Pentacles is "The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land: the King of the Spirits of Earth."
  18. The Queen of Pentacles is "The Queen of the Thrones of Earth."
  19. The King of Pentacles is "The Prince of the Chariot of Earth."
  20. The Knave of Pentacles is "The Princess of the Echoing Hills: the Rose of the Palace of Earth."
NO. Card Lord of Decan In
 21   5 of Wands   Strife   Saturn   Leo 
 22   6 of Wands   Victory   Jupiter   Leo 
 23   7 of Wands   Valour   Mars   Leo 
 24   8 of Pentacles   Prudence   Sun   Virgo 
 25   9 of Pentacles   Material Gain   Venus   Virgo 
 26   10 of Pentacles   Wealth   Mercury   Virgo 
 27   2 of Swords   Peace restored   Moon   Libra 
 28   3 of Swords   Sorrow   Saturn   Libra 
 29   4 of Swords   Rest from Strife   Jupiter   Libra 
 30   5 of Cups   Loss in Pleasure   Mars   Scorpio 
 31   6 of Cups   Pleasure   Sun   Scorpio 
 32   7 of Cups   Illusionary Success   Venus   Scorpio 
 33   8 of Wands   Swiftness   Mercury   Sagittarius 
 34   9 of Wands   Great Strength   Moon   Sagittarius 
 35   10 of Wands   Oppression   Saturn   Sagittarius 
 36   2 of Pentacles   Harmonious Change   Jupiter   Capricorn 
 37   3 of Pentacles   Material Works   Mars   Capricorn 
 38   4 of Pentacles   Earthly Power   Sun   Capricorn 
 39   5 of Swords   Defeat   Venus   Aquarius 
 40   6 of Swords   Earned Success   Mercury   Aquarius 
 41   7 of Swords   Unstable Effort   Moon   Aquarius 
 42   8 of Cups   Abandoned Success   Saturn   Pisces 
 43   9 of Cups   Material Happiness   Jupiter   Pisces 
 44   10 of Cups   Perfected Success   Mars   Pisces 
 45   2 of Wands   Dominion   Mars   Aries 
 46   3 of Wands   Established Strength   Sun   Aries 
 47   4 of Wands   Perfected Work   Venus   Aries 
 48   5 of Pentacles   Material Trouble   Mercury   Taurus 
 49   6 of Pentacles   Material Success   Moon   Taurus 
 50   7 of Pentacles   Success unfulfilled   Saturn   Taurus 
 51   8 of Swords   Shortened Force   Jupiter   Gemini 
 52   9 of Swords   Despair and Cruelty   Mars   Gemini 
 53   10 of Swords   Ruin   Sun   Gemini 
 54   2 of Cups   Love   Venus   Cancer 
 55   3 of Cups   Abundance   Mercury   Cancer 
 56   4 of Cups   Blended Pleasure   Moon   Cancer 

NO. Card The Twenty-Two Keys of the Book Letter Attribution
57 The Foolish Man The Spirit of GR:Alpha-iota-theta-eta-rho Aleph Air
58 The Magician The Magus of Power Bet Mercury
59 The High Priestess The Priestess of the Silver Star Gimel Moon
60 The Empress The Daughter of the Mighty Ones Dalet Venus
61 The Emperor Sun of the Morning, chief among the Mighty Heh Aries
62 The Hierophant The Magus of the Eternal Vau Taurus
63 The Lovers The Children of the Voice; the Oracles of the Mighty Gods Zain Gemini
64 The Chariot The Child of the Powers of the Waters; the Lord of the Triumph of Light Chet Cancer
65 Fortitude The Daughter of the Flaming Sword Tet Leo
66 The Hermit The Magus of the Voice of Power, the Prophet of the Eternal Yod Virgo
67 The Wheel The Lord of the of Fate Forces of Life Koph Jupiter
68 Justice The Daughter of the Lords of Truth: the Ruler of the Balance Lamed Libra
69 The Hanged Man The Spirit of the Mighty Waters Mem Water
70 Death The Child of the Great Transformers: the Lord of the Gates of Death Nun Scorpio
71 Temperance The Daughter of the Reconcilers: the Bringer-Forth of life Samekh Sagittarius
72 The Devil The Lord of the Gates of Matter: the Child of the Forces of Time Ayin Capricorn
73 The Blasted Tower The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty Peh Mars
74 The Star The Daughter of the Firmament, the dweller between the Waters Tzaddi Aquarius
75 The Moon The Ruler of Flux and Reflux: the Child of the Sons of the Mighty Qof Pisces
76 The Sun The Lord of the Fire of the World Resh Sun
77 The Judgment The Spirit of the Primal Fire Shin Spirit and Fire
78 The Universe The Great One of the Night of Time Taw Earth and Saturn

Such are the Titles of the Abodes or Atouts of Thooth; of the Mansions of the House of my FATHER.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

By Arthur Edward Waite

Illustrations By Pamela Colman Smith.


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Although there were many Tarot decks prior to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and many after, none has gripped the popular imagination as much as this set. Waite covers the significance and deeper implications of each card, and gives practical instructions as to how to conduct a reading. The symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is based on profound occult studies by Waite, and his exposition in this book of its use and meaning is unexcelled. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the Tarot.--J. B. Hare

Title Page
The Contents

Part I: The Veil and its Symbols

Section 1: Introductory And General
Section 2: Class I. The Trumps Major
Section 3: Class II. The Four Suites
Section 4: The Tarot In History

Part II: The Doctrine Behind the Veil

Section 1: The Tarot and Secret Tradition
Section 2: The Trumps Major and Inner Symbolism
I. The Magician
II. The High Priestess
III. The Empress
IV. The Emperor
V. The Hierophant
VI. The Lovers
VII. The Chariot
VIII. Strength, or Fortitude
IX. The Hermit
X. Wheel of Fortune
XI. Justice
XII. The Hanged Man
XIII. Death
XIV. Temperance
XV. The Devil
XVI. The Tower
XVII. The Star
XVIII. The Moon
XIX. The Sun
XX. The Last Judgement
Zero. The Fool
XXI. The World
Section 3: Conclusion as to the Greater Keys

Part III: The Outer Method of the Oracles

Section 1: Distinction between the Greater and Lesser Arcana
Section 2 The Lesser Arcana
King of Wands
Queen of Wands
Knight of Wands
Page of Wands
Ten of Wands
Nine of Wands
Eight of Wands
Seven of Wands
Six of Wands
Five of Wands
Four of Wands
Three of Wands
Two of Wands
Ace of Wands
King of Cups
Queen of Cups
Knight of Cups
Page of Cups
Ten of Cups
Nine of Cups
Eight of Cups
Seven of Cups
Six of Cups
Five of Cups
Four of Cups
Three of Cups
Two of Cups
Ace of Cups
King of Swords
Queen of Swords
Knight of Swords
Page of Swords
Ten of Swords
Nine of Swords
Eight of Swords
Seven of Swords
Six of Swords
Five of Swords
Four of Swords
Three of Swords
Two of Swords
Ace of Swords
King of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles
Page of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles
Seven of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles
Five of Pentacles
Four of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles
Section 3: The Greater Arcana and their Divinatory Meanings
Section 4: Some Additional Meanings of the Lesser Arcana
Section 5 The Recurrence of Cards in Dealing
Section 6 The Art of Tarot Divination
Section 7: An Ancient Celtic Method of Divination
Section 8: An Alternative Method of Reading the Tarot Cards
Section 9: The Method of Reading by Means of Thirty-Five Cards