Friday, 26 August 2016

Sabian Astrology - Online Books by Marc Edmund Jones


THE SABIAN MANUAL Panoramic description and explanation of all procedures of Solar Mysteries discipline in full and practical detail, as used by the Sabian Assembly.

The Sabian Book
THE SABIAN BOOK A compendium taken from the 1000+ Blue Letters that Marc Edmund Jones wrote to members of the Sabian Assembly over many years. This book is received by all newly-affiliated members of the group, and provides in-depth consideration of ten major areas of concern to aspirants seeking insight into the Solar Mysteries approach.

How to Learn Astrology
HOW TO LEARN ASTROLOGY A beginner's manual that provides thorough explanation of interpretive techniques in Sabian Astrology™, which can also have value for the more advanced astrologer. Included are concise descriptions of chart calculation together with its astronomical basis, as well as a compact and useful glossary of terms.