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Understanding Numerology: The Personality and Maturity Numbers

The Personality Number
The best way to think about the Personality Number is to equate it with first impressions because it allows you to see yourself as others see you.
The Personality Number is calculated using the consonants of a person's birth name. Similar to the Soul Number, the letter "Y" is only considered to be a consonant when it is silent. Good examples are in the first names Ray, Maya and Tanya.
By this point, you should have a good idea of how to calculate the numbers, so we won't go through any examples here. Just remember that when you do calculate the Personality Number, you should use the person's first and last names as they appear on their birth certificate.
What the Numbers Mean
Personality Number 1 - People with this Personality Number are dynamic, efficient, controlled and capable. Personality Number 1s are often characterized as pioneers and have their own distinct way of doing things. Because of this, care needs to be taken to ensure actions are not misinterpreted as being overly aggressive or intimidating.
Personality Number 2 - People with this personality Number are characterized as being friendly and unpretentious and can easily draw others to them with their warm and inviting presence. Patience and understanding are also key characteristics. Personality Number 2s are particularly concerned with their personal appearance and take the time needed to dress and groom well.
Personality Number 3 - People with this Personality Number are usually quite attractive and have a tremendous appreciation for finer things such as clothing and jewelry. Often characterized as being uplifting, inspiring and charming, Personality Number 3s are usually fun people to spend time with. Because of this, however, deep and lasting relationships typically require a little more work.
Personality Number 4 - Reliability and consistency describe people with this Personality Number. These are the people that others trust implicitly and with whom they feel most secure. Always careful spenders, people with this Personality Number are concerned with the security of their future, they are deeply patriotic and can usually be found filling some important role within their community.
Personality Number 5 - People with this Personality Number are stimulating and engaging and have a great deal of nervous energy. They view life as an ongoing adventure and are typically athletic. On the downside, Personality Number 5s are drawn to anything that feeds their senses, including food, alcohol, drugs and sex and often indulge in these to an excess.
Personality Number 6 - People with a Personality Number of 6 are understanding and compassionate and tend to attract people who are in need of comfort. Other characteristics include being artistic, romantic, faithful, protective, and having an excellent sense of color and taste. Because they value peace and harmony, Personality Number 6s will often sacrifice their own needs for the good of others.
Personality Number 7 - Those with a Personality Number of 7 are seen as being mysterious and different, making them difficult to get to know. Highly independent and self-sufficient, Personality Number 7s exude a great deal of confidence, wisdom and even spirituality. Seen by some as being arrogant, care has to be taken to not offend others.
Personality Number 8 - Those with a Personality Number of 8 are seen as strong, powerful and above all, confident. Quality is important to people with this Personality Number and it is often reflected in the way they dress. On the downside, Personality Number 8s can be egocentric and adopt greedy, ruthless behaviors.
Personality Number 9 - Those with this Personality Number are characterized as being elegant, graceful and charismatic. Unfortunately, these qualities can cause some to believe they are better than others. Better suited for working with crowds rather than individuals, Personality Number 9s are often performers. Other characteristics include being sympathetic, compassionate, and benevolent.
Master Personality Number 11 - People with this Personality Number, while extremely sensitive and intuitive, can also be quite shy. Seen by most as gentle and warm, people with this Personality Number are patient and understanding and above all, seek peace and harmony. Other characteristics include a fine sense of beauty and excellent taste in food, clothing and home decor.
Master Personality Number 22 - People with this Personality Number are intelligent, sensitive, and creative. Seen as reliable and dependable, Personality Number 22s value correctness, control and consistency, family life and patriotism. Their goal is often to create or be involved in something that will have lasting importance or significance.
Because it is rare to see Personality Numbers higher than 22, there is not much known about the remaining Master Numbers.
The Maturity Number 
The fifth and final core number in the Numerology Profile is the Maturity Number. This number tells us how the attributes a person cultivated during their lifetime might be used toward the betterment of society. It also indicates the extent to which a person may expect to lead a meaningful, satisfying and happy life as they enter their later years. As a result, the energies associated with this number usually do not appear until one approaches the mid-point of their life which is usually also the time at which most individuals finally begin to truly understand themselves.
The Maturity Number is calculated by combining the energies of the Destiny and Life Path Numbers:
Destiny Number + Life Path Number = Maturity Number.
It's that simple.
Be sure to remember to apply all of the rules that you have learned thus far for handling special situations.
Take a few minutes now to calculate your Maturity Number.
The Meanings of the Maturity Number
So, what does the Maturity Number mean? Let's take a look.
Maturity Number 1 - Those with a Maturity Number of 1 can expect to learn leadership qualities early in their life. As a result, they are usually the ones who most often identify what needs to be done and the developing a plan for making sure it is finished. They are often seen as being set in their ways which, at times, makes them a little difficult to deal with. In their later years, Personality Number 1s will work hard to ensure they maintain their independence and self-sufficiency.
Maturity Number 2 - Those with a Maturity Number of 2 have a natural ability of attracting people who want to support their efforts. However, in order for a person with this Maturity Number to succeed in relationships, they need to learn how to give as well as take. Inherent abilities in music, painting, writing or dancing should be cultivated early, otherwise regrets may come in later years. Happiness is found by ensuring there is harmony within their life. In their later years, Maturity Number 2s will find themselves in the company of another person, rather than living alone.
Maturity Number 3 - Those with a Maturity Number of 3 have an active imagination and a strong creative spirit and are happiest when these gifts are used frequently. Sensitive and expressive, Maturity Number 3s can easily become depressed if they are not permitted to reveal these traits. In their later years, Maturity Number 3s can expect to be permitted to spend time with friends and enjoying creative pursuits.
Maturity Number 4 - Those with a Maturity Number of 4 will learn the importance of hard work and discipline in their early years. They will take these lessons into their later years and attempt to create or contribute something of lasting value to society. Other characteristics include the ability to organize, build, plan, and bring new ideas to fruition. In their later years, the Maturity Number 4 will use the skills they developed during their lifetime to approach any developing health issues with a well-organized plan.
Maturity Number 5 - Those with a Maturity Number of 5 will find themselves in a life that is full of changes. Their natural curiosity and interest in virtually any subject will cause some confusion about their life's ultimate journey. As they mature, people with this Maturity Number seek to take lessons from each experience and apply them to the next. In their later years, the Maturity Number 5 can expect to travel extensively.
Maturity Number 6 - Those with a Maturity Number of 6 will take the welfare of others quite seriously. Highly principled, this person values fairness, goodness and family life and is able to balance giving with receiving. Their home is their safe haven and they take the time to make it comfortable and welcoming. In their later years, the Maturity Number 6 will find themselves happy, contented and surrounded by their family.
Maturity Number 7 - Those with a Maturity Number of 7 will approach life in their own style and as a result, are often characterized as "marching to the beat of a different drummer". People with this Maturity Number value solitude and prefer to focus their efforts on one activity rather than pursuing many. In their later years, the Maturity Number 7 will often be sought out by others for their wisdom and guidance.
Maturity Number 8 - Those with a Maturity Number of 8 will work hard to find a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life. With the ability to see the big picture, they are often the leaders because it is through leadership that they are able to put their organizational skills to work. In their later years, the Maturity Number 8 will likely find themselves continuing to direct and lead activities.
Maturity Number 9 - Those with a Maturity Number of 9 will probably be faced with a life that is filled with challenges, specifically with respect to finding the right ways to use their compassion and humanitarian gifts. In their later years, the Maturity Number 9 will use their gifts in ways to better the world in which they live.
Master Maturity Number 11 - People with this Master Maturity Number are highly self-aware and are usually wise beyond their years. In their later years, Master Maturity Number 11s usually pursue interests in the spiritual, health and nutrition areas.
Master Maturity Number 22 - People with a Master Maturity Number of 22 are those that others count on to make things happen. Natural leaders, people with this Maturity Number are adept at facing challenges. In their later years, Master Maturity Number 22s will continue to be active while balancing relationships, work, health and inner peace.
Master Maturity Number 33 - This Master Maturity Number, which rarely occurs, can expect to benefit from their lifetime of responsible behavior and service to others. When it comes to caring for others, there are no limits to what this person will do. In their later years, the Master Maturity Number 33 will find themselves sought out for their friendship, creativity, sympathetic nature and ability to love. 
Advanced Topics in Numerology
Calculating and analyzing the five Core Numerology Numbers are just a small part of Numerology. Now that you know how to calculate these numbers and what they mean, it is time to put them to work to help predict what the future may have in store for us.
As their names imply, the Pinnacle and Challenge Numbers tell us about our potential for achievement and identify the difficulties we may encounter along the way. We'll begin with the Pinnacle Numbers.
Pinnacle Numbers 
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Remember, the objective of Numerology is to predict major life changes - or pinnacles - in our lives. These big transformations are necessary to prevent the apathy and ambivalence that would almost certainly occur if life were to continue along at a predictable pace.
The Pinnacle Number tells us what to expect in the future. Having this information can help us to fully achieve our goals, hopes and dreams.
Each person has four Pinnacle Numbers:
First Pinnacle - The First Pinnacle typically covers the period from birth through age 27 however in some individuals, this period can last through age 35. It is calculated by adding together your month of birth and date of birth. To find out how long your First Pinnacle period will last, simply subtract your Life Path Number from 36.
Second Pinnacle - The Second Pinnacle is nine years in length and is referred to as a period of blossoming and ripening. This is typically the period in one's life when family obligations are in the forefront of their being. It is calculated by adding together your date of birth and year of birth. To find out how long your Second Pinnacle will last, add nine to your age at the end of your First Pinnacle (as calculated above).
Third Pinnacle - The Third Pinnacle is also nine years in length and typically occurs during one's middle-age years. This period is frequently referred to as a time of manifestation and reward. It is calculated by adding together the First Pinnacle and Second Pinnacle numbers. To find out how long your Third Pinnacle will last, add nine to your age at the end of your Second Pinnacle (as calculated above).
Fourth Pinnacle - The Fourth Pinnacle usually begins at around age 50 and lasts for the duration of one's life. This period is frequently referred to as a time of aging, reflection and wisdom. It is calculated by adding together the month of birth and the year of birth. Your Fourth Pinnacle will last for the duration of your life; there is no calculation involved.
Working with Pinnacle Numbers is a little different than working with the other numbers we've discussed so far. One of the key differences is that while all double-digit numbers are reduced, Master Numbers are not. This is because the appearance of a Master Number indicates that it is time for the individual to "step up to the plate" and show their true abilities.
By now, you should have had enough practice calculating numbers, so we will not provide an example here. However, before continuing, take a few minutes to calculate your four Pinnacle Numbers.
What the Pinnacle Numbers Mean
Pinnacle Number 1 - This number is influenced by a driving need for independence, the desire to use original ideas, the ability to lead and direct others, and being recognized for one's achievements.
Pinnacle Number 2 - This number is influenced by the forces of friendliness, cooperation, harmony and attention to detail. It is during this Pinnacle Number that sensitivity is usually at its peak.
Pinnacle Number 3 - This number is influenced by travel, social activities, friends and entertainment as well as an affectionate and outgoing nature.
Pinnacle Number 4 - This number is influenced by a practical, realistic approach to life and is characterized by a high level of order and organization.
Pinnacle Number 5 - This number is influenced by an increase in freedom and a corresponding decrease in responsibility. There is also an increased chance of sudden and unexpected change associated with this number.
Pinnacle Number 6 - This number is influenced by responsibility and a close connection with home, family and children.
Pinnacle Number 7 - This number is influenced by learning, investigating and gaining skills and is generally characterized as a time of transition.
Pinnacle Number 8 - This number is influenced by business and commercial activity, status, success and recognition. Positive changes in one's financial status often occur when this number is present.
Pinnacle Number 9 - This number is influenced by humanitarianism and a genuine concern for the weak, poor and less fortunate.
Master Number 11/2 Pinnacle - Because this number is indicative of a time of extraordinary sensitivity, care must be taken to ensure balance is maintained. People in this Pinnacle have the desire to uplift, inspire, and share their revelations.
Master Number 22/4 Pinnacle - This number is influenced by a need to build something of lasting value and to do good work that will benefit humankind.
Master Number 33/6 Pinnacle - This number occurs only rarely and usually occurs after some sort of major change in consciousness has happened.
Challenge Numbers
We all know that life isn't without its challenges. In Numerology, the Challenge Numbers help us to find a way to maintain our equilibrium even when the going gets tough.
It is important to realize that Challenge Numbers do not exist to warn us about the things we need to overcome in our lifetime; rather, they help us to see who or what we must become in order to be successful.
There are four Challenge Numbers which occur during the same periods as the Pinnacle Numbers. The Challenge Numbers are calculated as follows:
First Challenge Number - The month of birth is subtracted from the day of birth
Second Challenge Number - The day of birth is subtracted from the year of birth
Third Challenge Number - The First Challenge Number is subtracted from the Second Challenge Number.
Fourth Challenge Number - The month of birth is subtracted from the year of birth
Up until this point, we have always added two (or more) numbers together to obtain our numbers. Since calculating the Challenge Number requires us to subtract, there exists the possibility that we will end up with a negative number. If this occurs, simply ignore the negative sign and convert the number to a positive. Thus, -3 becomes 3, -5 becomes 5 and so on.
There also exists the possibility that one of the Challenge Numbers can be zero. This is perfectly fine; many Numerology experts believe that zero is indicative of an "old soul" - someone who have returned through many lifetimes and bring with them the wisdom and spiritual knowledge of someone who has experienced life. It is also believed that a Challenge Number zero leaves its owner open to the challenges of all the other numbers.
Similarly, there is no Challenge Number 9 because 9 is the highest number that can appear anywhere in a birth date (remember, the numbers for October, November and December are reduced to single digits) and all other numbers are subtracted from it. For the same reason, there are no Master Challenge Numbers.
Challenge Number 1 - The challenge of this number is to avoid being dominated without being disagreeable. Those with this number often need to work hard to keep their egos in check and should rely on their wit and intelligence to get them through the rough spots.
Challenge Number 2 - The challenge of this number is to be assertive in the decision making process and refrain from taking things too personally. While there will be the tendency to shy away from authority and responsibility, these challenges must be faced head-on.
Challenge Number 3 - The challenge of this number is to remember to cultivate friends and be sociable while maintaining involvement with activities that include writing, acting or speaking. Fear of criticism is always present which often manifests itself in an air of shyness.
Challenge Number 4 - The challenge of this number is to be able to complete tasks efficiently, learn patience, understanding and the practical, common sense way of dealing with the mundane responsibilities of life.
Challenge Number 5 - The challenge of this number is to overcome the desire and demand for freedom at any price. It is important to refrain from impulsive acts and attempt to maintain some sort of stability. Care should also be taken to ensure that any desire for change that may be present isn't actually a desire to escape responsibility.
Challenge Number 6 - The challenge of this number is to be able to compromise one's high standards without appearing as authoritarian, intolerant, and self-righteous. It is important to avoid creating friction in relationships while attempting to achieve balance in situations.
Challenge Number 7 - The challenge of this number is the tendency to dwell on one's limitations. This number is characterized by a discomfort with one's own inner feelings and a belief that one's situation cannot be improved.
Challenge Number 8 - The challenge of this number is a belief that happiness comes only from material wealth. There is an enormous focus on money, status and power which must be balanced with other life matters.