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Esoteric Astrology & New Age Implications

The study of astrology is inextricably linked to ancient civilizations and the origins of religion (astrotheology). Most are familiar with the 12 signs of the zodiac, the times of the solar year that they represent, and maybe even their characteristics. Of course, just like all occult studies, there is an exoteric and esoteric understanding of these concepts.
The exoteric astrology is geocentric, or earth-centered. When the sun is said to be in the house of a certain sign of the zodiac, this means that the sun occupies the opposite house of the zodiacal wheel and casts its long rays into the house of the worshiped sign. If the sun is said to be (shining) in Taurus, then the sun is really (dwelling) in the opposite sign of Scorpio. Therefore, the esoteric astrology emphasized the worship of the heliocentric model, or the house of the sun's dwelling. [1]

While the ignorant multitudes worshiped the house of the sun's reflection, which in the case described would be the Bull, the wise revered the house of the sun's actual dwelling, which would be the Scorpion, or the Serpent, the symbol of the concealed spiritual mystery. [2]

So the first point to be noted is the esoteric, heliocentric nature of the astrology practiced by the wise. Next, note the significance of the sign of Scorpio - that of wisdom and "the concealed spiritual mystery." The esoteric sign is not the backbiting Scorpion, but the Serpent. Even more than that is the Eagle, Scorpio's ultimate sign. The sign of occult initiation, Scorpio - from the venomous of the earth to the king of the sky. [3]

It is said by the ancients that there were originally only 10 zodiac signs, not 12 - Libra was added and Virgo and Scorpio were split into 2 separate signs. According to various sources, including Madame Blavatsky, the sign of Libra was inserted and divided the formerly unified sign of Virgo-Scorpio. The Virgin and the Serpent. Genesis, the Garden of Eden, and the "fall" of man.

This division was called Ezekiel's wheel and was completed in the following way: First came the ascending signs (euphermerized into patriarchs), Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and the group concluded with Virgo-Scorpio. Then came the turning-point, Libra. After which, the first half of the sign of Virgo-Scorpio, was duplicated and transferred to lead the lower, or descending group of Microcosm which ran down to Pisces, or Noah (deluge). To make it clearer, the sign Virgo-Scorpio, became simply Virgo, and the duplication, Scorpio, was placed between Libra, the seventh sign (which is Enoch, or the angel Metatron, or Mediator between spirit and matter, or God and man). It now became Scorpio (or Cain), which sign or patriarch led mankind to destruction, according to exoteric theology; but, according to the true doctrine of the wisdom-religion, it indicated the degradation of the whole universe in its course of evolution downward from the subjective to the objective. [4]

So the original 10 became 12. Virgo and Scorpio, the Virgin and the Serpent, linked in so many ways. So the second esoteric point is the origin of Virgo and Scorpio and the all the implications inherent in it.

Next, the importance of the sign of Leo. When the sun arrives at the summer solstice (just before St. John's Day), Leo appears to lead the way,

... and to aid by his powerful paw in lifting up the sun up to the summit of the zodiacal arch. This visible connection between the constellation Leo and the return of the sun to his place of power and glory, at the summit of the Royal Arch of heaven, was the principal reason why that constellation was held in such high esteem and reverence by the ancients. ... "The lion was adored in the East and West by the Egyptians and the Mexicans. The chief Druid of Britain was styled a lion." [5]
It is clear how revered the sign of Leo is to the wisdom-religion. Of course, when these points are all considered as a whole, the implications for the coming New Age are rather revealing. This doctrine indicates that we are  currently in the Age of Virgo, not Pisces, and instead of the Age of Aquarius that we have been led to expect - we will enter, esoterically, the Age of Leo as the sun will be dwelling in the house of the Lion. This new age will be signified by the height of solar power - power for those that worship the sun, and all that represents.

Then, indeed, will the secret religions of the world include once more the raising to initiation by the Grip of the Lion's Paw. [6]

Esoteric astrology - consider it when you read about the coming New Age and 2012.

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