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Notes on Draconic Charts

NOTES ON DRACONIC CHARTS by Bette Denlinger  Copyright 1997

                Once upon a time..... there were three zodiacs: the Sidereal, the Tropical, and the Draconic. The Sidereal zodiac takes into account the precession of the equinoxes and is the zodiac used by astronomers. The Tropical is based on the traditional positions of the demarcations of the zodiac and is primarily used by astrologers. The Draconic Zodiac, used by some astrologers searching for hidden spiritual truths, is a symbolic zodiac rather than real . Rumors abound, however, that the Draconic Zodiac is the oldest of them all.

                The term DRACONIC comes from the Latin terms for the Lunar Nodes. Caput Draconis, is the dragon's head or Moon's North Node, and Cauda Draconis, the dragon's tail or South Node. It is traditional to place these points in a chart although they are often ignored and considered insignificant by those looking for indicators of "events". Or we may alternatively hear the terms "karma" or "fate" tossed about in regards to the Nodes. Those who use Arabic Parts in their practice may feel an affinity with the sensitive points created in a Draconic Chart.

                A Draconic Chart is calculated by subtracting the TRUE NORTH NODE in absolute degrees of longitude (i.e...North Node at 4 degrees 26 minutes Scorpio becomes 214.26) from 360 degrees and placing the node at 0 degrees Aries. The difference between the North Node and 360 degrees is added to all the planets and house cusps, and a new chart is erected.

                The planets will appear in the same houses, but the degrees and signs will change in direct proportion to the distance of the True North Node to 0 Aries. The TRUE NODE is always used because this is the position of the Node after correction for the perturbations caused by the gravitational forces of Sun and Moon.

                "It is said that life lessons which surface when comparing the Draconic to the Tropical chart will always manifest in the charts of those with whom we form close relationships. Transits and progressions to the Draconic chart may manifest as major events which alter the course of our lives."

                Among the superstitious the North Node as symbolized by the Dragon's Head represents a beneficial, lucky point, but the South Node is a place of evil and disaster where the Dragon's Tail wreaks havoc. Folk lore and fairy tales are filled with unfriendly, flame belching dragons, who lurk in caves, fill poor villagers with fear and terrorize the countryside when rambling about on their infrequent forays.

                The dragon is often depicted as an ancient and rare creature with inscrutable habits, whose sheer size and terrible reputation deter all from his vicinity.

                A brave knight or hero always takes up the challenge, chooses to leave his mundane existence behind as he sets out on a crusade, and slays or tames the dragon to win the hand of a beautiful maiden. Other stories may say he finds a treasure guarded by the dragon.

                No matter the particulars of the tale, the champion receives great rewards by traveling to meet the Dragon on his own ground, and by demonstrating his previously untested and unrecognized skills he emerges victorious and enriched.

                What is the Node then? Why is it important? The Nodes are astronomically, and in reality, the two points on the plane of the ecliptic that the Moon crosses on its daily orbit. If the ecliptic is where events happen, then those Nodal points are of importance as an indicator of trends in the world around us. The Node is the point of awareness of common events, daily occurrences, and perhaps could be termed the area of what�s happening in the world. The transits of the nodes give us the flavor for the day, the week, the month....the subjects for personal reflection...the activity and moods of the common people (i.e., the Moon). Though they do not produce events they produce a feel, an aura, a sense of the rhythms around us which we can tune into and harmonize with. The Nodes are where the Sun�s path and Moon�s path meet along the planes of the ecliptic; where Light path meets Light path. The symbols for the Nodes are two circles, symbols of the spirit, linked by a crescent which is the esoteric symbol of the soul, or the emotional and desire nature.

                    One Node is associated with intake and the other with an outward flow, like respiration with the breathe going in and out or the tide's ebb and flow..... In some opinions the South Node represents the past and those areas of life we have experienced in a previous incarnation. Those areas if emphasized in this lifetime prevent growth, since we have already become accomplished in this area. The South Node tells you, in essence, "been there, done that". The North Node represents the future and what we need to strive towards to balance our personalities, and to empower our souls on a forward path. The North Node shows us the direction where we will become whole, internally united and empowered, if we choose to go.

                The North Node then according to this philosophy looks backwards, relying on abilities one is already comfortable and competent with, but by adhering to the tried and true we miss out on a whole realm of experience and become one sided. The North Node points to new, unexplored territory, which may be daunting to the timid, but which if embraced creates joy, fulfillment, and coalescence. The South Node represents abilities and aptitudes we are born with in this life, and the North Node is the direction in which we can build or realize new skills and strengths that complement and enhance our natural ones. It then follows that to accentuate the area of life represented by the North Node via its house and sign will benefit the growth of the soul as it struggles on its spiral towards perfection.

                The South Node may show what we possess innately, and the North what we lack, but only by striving for those very qualities which are the antithesis of our nature may we become a whole person, at one with the universe, and at peace. In every opposition and every duality one side both balances and needs the other to maintain its own balance. We often do not know just what our strengths and positive attributes are until we project them outward and utilize them with the other as represented by the opposition aspect.

                Why is the Draconic Chart focused on zero degrees Aries? Consider that Aries is the starting gate, the Cardinal Sign of spring, the turning point of fresh beginnings, and symbolizes taking action that will lead to growth. Even the symbol for the sign Aries appears as a fountain of life gushing forth with vital force. In the Draconic chart the North Node moves symbolically to zero Aries, and we reorient the chart to the starting point. Now, what actually happens when the North Node is at 0 Aries? That is the time the Node starts a new 19 yr. cycle, isn't it? It is also when the Nodes are simultaneously on the ecliptic and equatorial planes. Powerful forces, magnetic and otherwise, are at work when planes coincide. An eclipse is an alignment of Sun and Moon along the same planes of ecliptic and declination. Other planes may coincide and intersect, creating areas that are conduits for energy transmittal.

                The Vertex, called a point of fateful encounters over which we have no conscious control, is the intersection of the great circles of the ecliptic and the prime vertical in the west at the time and place of birth. In the Draconic Chart the ecliptic plane of the Sun, the equatorial plane of the Earth, and that of the Lunar orbit are all brought together.... Light paths meet Earth.

                Compare the Tropical chart to the Draconic to examine the theme of the life search for actualization. If the Tropical planetary positions of another persons chart coincides with a Draconic placement in your chart, this person will in some way teach or challenge you to use the abilities of your Draconic planet in a way that sows seeds for future flowering. The same may be said for transits and progressions to those Draconic degrees. Aspects between charts retain their basic interpretations. If by trine; in positive, easy ways that inspire. If by square, by creating tension and cross purposes which may test your resolve. If by opposition a choice must be made, balance must be created, and if by conjunction the lesson may be for good or ill, but certainly important.

                Since we have choice to set out on this quest to fulfill our spiritual needs and as the Draconic chart is based on the Aries point which represents taking action, it follows that to manifest the best and highest of our nature we must deliberately seek the characteristics and concepts of the planets and signs Draconically pointed out.

                Each individual walks his own unique path, and only by self searching and reflection will you understand the particular lesson that is yours to learn. Below there are some guidelines, but choose what makes you feel right on target, trust to the voice of your Higher Self , and you can never go wrong.

                When the Sun is highlighted in a Draconic comparison, you may reach out and achieve your potential through taking pleasure in creative abilities. One may create on many levels; you may visualize your goals, take pride in leadership and worldly accomplishment, raise either a child of the body or the mind, or simply enjoy and enlighten those around you. Whatever you focus your whole heart on will be successful if you will concentrate on the matters associated with this placement by house and by sign.

                Should the Moon be notably aspected the expression of feelings and emotion will lead you on a path by which you may find completion. Attuning to the rhythms of the world around you, cherishing those people and things which surround you in daily life, and being receptive is the way to fulfillment of your Draconic road. Opportunities are presented for you to nurture and feed others as well as the self, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Learn to listen and reflect on what you hear and feel.

                Mercury as a focus planet directs one towards using logic and precision in everyday matters. Strive for clarity of thought, use the mind as a tool for accomplishing your visions. What you say and write may have importance for your future. Information may be a springboard for consolidating your conflicts. The handle for improvement may lie within the immediate environment. Thoughts are things, so direct your mind along pleasant paths.

                Venus lights the way of potentiality via relationships, social activities, and the ability to love. Pay close attention to people and things attracted into the life through no effort of your own. While you walk on a road with another being harmonize and agree with them. Appreciation of beauty and the arts may catapult you into new and untried directions. Your gaiety and kindness may attract friends that help you in times to come.

                When Mars is the planet accentuated work and effort will be the rewarding areas of life to concentrate on. There may be higher implications in actions taken. Push forward your personal desires, assert yourself and go after those things you want. Your own initiative may produce a turning point for your future. By pleasing yourself first you may become a pleasure for others. Accept challenges and bravely face struggles as you can grow by overcoming strife.

                The only way to deal with Saturn in any form is to accept the limitations put upon you and learn to follow the rules. As you become aware of the value of public recognition or accept the fact that a reputation is built and not given without merit, you grow in wisdom. Obstructions and responsibilities are placed in your path so that you may become stronger, more capable, and more organized. Learning to plan for the future is your vehicle for gaining self respect. Ethical considerations are important to your fulfillment.

                Jupiter in the Draconic chart gives deeper meaning to the development of philosophy and faith. How you react to the opinions of others and their words has a deeper portent for you. Acts of generosity to and from other people, especially family, may be signposts to future rewards. Learning to refine your judgment, weigh what is wasteful and extravagant versus what empowers others, and expanding your horizons are all areas to explore. Educational opportunities are avenues of positive portent.

                Uranus brings sudden changes and unusual circumstances into the life and by meeting these face on you grow and fulfill the other side of your personality. Accept the new and different. The key to future possibilities lies in chance meetings and temporary friendships that spark new thoughts and goals. Embrace change, progress, and humanitarian endeavors. Refuse to stick with the tried and true out of fear. Learn to adjust to change. Let your innate independence shine.

                The Draconic chart with Neptune exchanges indicates that seeds may be sown through an awareness of compassion and sympathy. Once we realize that all mankind is swimming together in a sea of similar consciousness, we may touch the pain of others from within ourselves. Acts of kindness stemming from imagined needs may be catalysts to our future. Confusing or glamorous situations may arise where things are not as they appear, but by accepting these without fear one may walk a path of higher ideals. Don�t shirk from sympathy or accepting charity. Walking a mile in another�s shoes may help you advance on your own road.

                In Draconic charts Pluto dominating the delineation may point to accepting major upheavals as the route to satisfy the souls quest. There are people, situations, and things which must be eliminated and discarded to clear the road for future accomplishment. Pluto may represent abandonment of an element of the life that is the key to the future performance. The proverb, As we sow, so we reap reminds us to banish resentment from the past before we replant. Purity of purpose is all important with Pluto.

                The Vertex involved in a Draconic combination blends the meaning of the Vertex with Nodes. There is no personal control whatsoever over the situation. The power over our own future lies in the hands of someone else. Another person is thrown into the life and we are swept up into a relationship that may , by surrendering our selves to the influence of the other, fulfill our personal dreams and bring them into actuality.

                Draconic degrees show you exactly where you can grow, widen, fulfill, and enhance your life. These are the important points that can show where you may initiate individual growth of spirit and travel from what was into what will be. We can choose to make our futures brighter and happier by searching for the critical points upon which that future may hinge.

                Use your Draconic Chart as a sign post pointing to relationships and experiences that will help you become rather than just be.

                The hero in our fairy tales became a great prince, won great love, gained riches , achieved greatness and acclaim by valiantly searching out and meeting the dragon head on, face to face.

                Set out on a journey and find the dragon.

                ..... nd everyone lived happily ever after...........** (except the dragon...)Much love and appreciation to Moyra L.who showed me Draconic Charts......and whose words I heard.

                Bette Denlinger Copyright � 1997

How to Interpret Draconic Charts by Andrea Arden

The Draconic zodiac is a wonderful tool for illuminating the kinds of experiences you will encounter on your life path. A planet’s Draconic position represents that planet’s role in expressing your soul’s chosen purpose. Mixing the two zodiacs and noting their interaction best shows how that purpose is likely to manifest in this lifetime. In other words, the kind of events and people you draw into your life to learn your soul’s lessons can be found by comparing your Draconic planetary positions to the Tropical planetary positions in your natal chart.

To illustrate, if your Draconic Saturn is conjunct your Tropical Moon, it would suggest that your spiritual need to experience the matters of Saturn in your life (structure, responsibility, limitation, grief, etc.) would manifest through the matters of the Moon (family, the mother, women in general, or feelings). And conversely, if your Draconic Moon is conjunct your Tropical Saturn, it indicates that matters of the Moon are influenced by Saturn in your life, implying that they may be blocked, limited in some way, or even missing altogether. In both examples, whatever manifests is the life condition your soul has chosen as the best way for you to learn your spiritual lessons.

Draconic planets also work another way. If you are not consciously striving to align your life with your soul’s purpose, choosing to ignore it instead, then the Draconic positions often represent your "shadow," which is your unconscious self which you experience through your interactions with others. For instance, having Draconic Mars conjunct your Ascendant suggests that spiritually you have chosen to learn the lesson of assertiveness. However, if you fail to express Mars in a consciously assertive way, you will very likely experience everyone else’s Mars powerfully directed at you. You might even find that Tropical Mars rises in the charts of most of your significant others. Although that may make life seem a little unfair, it’s actually a pretty ingenious process. Sooner or later you will be forced to "own" your own Mars rising (Draconic) to keep everyone you meet from running roughshod over you. It’ll be just a matter of time before you finally stand up for yourself, even if it takes a lifetime or two.

The usual method of examining Draconic positions is to place them outside your natal Tropical chart. The aspects between the two zodiacs seems to take precedence over the signs in which the Draconic planets are found. However, the sign of your Draconic Sun will be very noticeable in your personality. In fact, that sign may be the one people most often guess to be your Sun sign. Angularity is also important in evaluating Draconic positions, for Draconic planets falling near the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, or I.C. will be high focus in your life. In addition, Tropical planets found near your Draconic angles are also highlighted.

In addition to using Draconic positions to interpret individual natal charts, using them in chart comparisons can also be very illuminating. It can show a strong spiritual connection keeping two people together who you might not otherwise think were a good astrological match. Also, as was the case for the Mars rising example above, the Draconic/Tropical combinations in an individual’s chart are often found among the dominant Tropical aspects in the charts of their close friends and relatives. As for transits, Tropical transits to natal Draconic positions are often very descriptive of what’s happening when aspects to the Tropical positions don’t seem to describe an event. In addition, Draconic transits can be used in aspect to Tropical or Draconic positions and often tell the tale when nothing else works. Other astrological techniques, e.g., progressions, directions, solar returns, or composites, are greatly enhanced by adding Draconic placements.