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Singleton Effects

The Singleton Effects

As a general principle: a singleton planet creates strong focus for the birthchart as a whole.

The surrealistic painter, Salvadore Dali, for example, has 9 planets above the horizon, and only Uranus below. 

With a southern preponderance, we expect Dali to be an extrovert, shaped largely in response to the norms and expectations of consensus reality.  If anything, the opposite seems true. 

Early in his career, Dali was known for his near photographic realism, painting still life oranges with every dimple visible.  Today, Dali is known for an extremely subjective style of art called surrealism that celebrates the unconscious and the interior landscape of the psyche.

At the other extreme, we have filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who has 9 planets below the horizon and only Uranus above. 

With a northern preponderance, Spielberg should be a classic introvert, living in his own world, shaping himself according to some internal dictate.  Yet Spielberg is one of the most prolific directors of his generation, with many of his films touching a powerful chord of recognition within the public – exploring such extroverted subjects as extraterrestrials, the horror of war, and the adventures of swash-buckling heroes.

As a child, Spielberg suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism that leads to obsessive interests – often with positive results, but here noted as an expression of the exaggerated introversion his pattern would lead us to expect.

Despite the northern orientation of his chart, its singleton effect has propelled him to superstar status within the extroverted domain of public recognition. He is noted for projecting his personal obsessions onto the big screen for public consumption – speaking a common language with widespread resonance. 

As an example of western preponderance with an eastern singleton (Mars), we have Sigmund Freud. 

A European Jew born in the mid 19th century, Freud grew up in a world that was a broad social experiment in adaptation to the German mores of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Jewish men of the day were limited to careers in law or medicine, and so Freud chose medicine.  What he really wanted to do was neurophysiological research, but he lacked the necessary funds.  Since Freud was already engaged, and planning a family, he chose a practical career as a physician with a specialty in neurology – essentially pursuing an adaptive path in line with his western orientation. 

With a singleton Mars in the east, however, Freud had the opportunity to put his distinctive stamp on the practice of neurology. His big breakthrough came when he underwent self-analysis (a particularly eastern experience) that would continue for the rest of his life.  Out of this came his notion of the Oedipus complex that put sex (governed astrologically by the planet Mars) at the root of human motivation.

The opposite situation exists with impressionist painter and older contemporary of Freud, Pierre-Auguste Renoir – who had an eastern predominant chart, and Mars as a singleton planet in the west. 

Expressing an early interest in art, Renoir took an apprenticeship painting decorations on china for a porcelain factory.  He moved on to study the classical art of the Old Masters, but soon rebelled against the art establishment of his day.  In contrast to the somber realism of Victorian Europe in vogue, Renoir began painting colorful scenes in bright colors and quick brush strokes, cultivating a style that came to be known as impressionism.  Shunned by the stodgy art elite, Renoir and some fellow renegades started their own Salon des Refuses, the show of the refused ones – a rebellion often characteristic of eastern predispositions.

Unlike Freud, who started pioneering in his 40s, Renoir returned to his roots as a traditional arts craftsman and admirer of the Old Masters, and to a more classical style, involving greater attention to detail.  His subjects, however, remained cheerful dancers, sun-drenched landscapes and young nubile women painted in luminous, vibrant colors – blending a typical Marsian lust for life with a western response to the challenge of his critics that impressionists sell "sketches that are hardly dry.”


Revisiting Singleton Planets--Alone, but not Lonely

For a woman with a Singleton Venus, oozes charm and unwittingly attracts others.  She might hide herself away like a nun or fear she isn't attractive enough, yet other people think she's beautiful.  Someone with a Singleton Jupiter possesses the luck of the Irish but thinks someone has put a curse on him or her. And so it goes with the Singleton planets in a Natal Chart.

What are Singleton Planets? They are unaspected planets in a Natal Chart, at least they don't form any aspects with other planets, though they might have conversations with asteroids, Moon Nodes or appear in a a prominent place in a chart such as in an angular house.  When we first notice an unaspected planet we might think that the planet is weak in the chart, yet, I have noticed the opposite scenario.  A Singleton planet actually carries more weight in a chart because it arrives in its purist form in that no other planet adds its influences to it.

However, since the planet doesn't aspect other planets, we have little access to it. Singleton planets remind me of planets that fall in the 12th House where they hide from us.  I have a Singleton Venus (which I've written about in previous posts) that falls in my Sixth House and represents one of several retrograde planets in my chart (I also have Saturn and Neptune retrograde).  On one hand, I feel like I have to work hard to look attractive.  When I wore makeup it smeared, didn't often stay in place and I struggled with getting it right (Venus).  I can't stand my thin hair which often frizzes.  And I have ruined clothing, often snagging silk or staining favorite blouses.

And yet, others don't notice these flaws and I often don't see what they see in me.  When I was a teen I subscribed to fashion magazines and envied the models, but at the same time, I'm an aesthetic person so I admire "beautiful people" too especially since my Singleton Venus forms an inconjunct to my Neptune in Scorpio.  Since this Venus falls in my Sixth House, if I don't take care of my health (drink enough water, get rest, exercise and eat healthy) I resemble a hag.  And so a beauty routine is part of my regime and has been since I turned 13 years of age.  While I could go on, I would rather you read another article I wrote on Singleton Planets.

I met a woman on the bus with a Singleton Jupiter.  I was admiring a satchel that she said she found at a thrift store. While that was definitely a "find", something someone with a Jupiter Singleton excels at, this woman gave me the vibe that she considers herself unlucky.  Yet, someone with a Singleton Jupiter seems extremely fortunate to other people.  They are in the right place at the right time and whatever they're doing, we wish we could do.  Yet, Singleton Jupiter people feel like they're often down on their luck.  They don't notice that the Universe is blessing them at every corner because they don't have that awareness.

So what happens is that they complain to others and sometimes act like victims. When they do that, the other people scoff at them.  I mean these are the folks who often have jobs we envy or they buy their first lottery ticket and take home a prize or they always seem to manifest what they desire, though usually in obtuse ways.  Contrarily, they could also come off as intense Polly Annas and scare people with their exuberance (Jupiter) or enthusiasm.  They also learn foreign languages easily and wonder why other people struggle learning new languages.  They love to travel and they fit into whatever culture they visit.  Or they could stand out like a sore thumb such as a tall Swede traveling in Japan.

The point I'm trying to make is that we require an awareness of any Singleton Planets in our Natal Charts or in the charts of our children, friends, parents, lovers, etc.  People with Singleton Planets are not playing mind games with us.  They really lack an awareness of how others see them and witness their lives.  It's like that saying, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.  And yet, when we dismiss these planets and don't integrate their energies in our lives, we can't reach a place of wholeness and feel like something is missing from our lives (for me that has always been a relationship with a significant other or feeling comfortable in my own skin).

The next step is to look for the Ruler of the Singleton Planet (or in the case of Venus or Mercury, rulers) and see which House it rules and any planets in that house.  So if a person has a Singleton Mars in the Sixth House we look for Aries in the chart.  Perhaps the person has an Aries Ascendant and normally would identify with an Aries persona and themes, except that Mars energy is hidden from this person which could come off as anger issues such as repressed anger or a stormy personality that causes other people to disappear from a room. Yet, they see themselves as peaceful or as nice people.

Also look for the sign and house the Singleton Planets falls in as well as its direction.  A Singleton in retrograde motion gives us even less access to its energy.  And what about a planet that falls in its own sign or an exalted sign as a Singleton? 

While we shouldn't spend all our time exploring the Singleton Planets when reading ours or clients' charts, let's not skim over these planets either.  With transformational astrology especially, these Singleton's bring up emotional issues or even wounds (my Venus square my Natal Chiron) that we must address at some point.  And I think it's better to do this as young adults rather than to wait until middle age. And for many years I dismissed my Venus as unimportant not knowing that she gave me an emotional workout behind the scenes. And that's the same for any Singleton Planet.

If you have a Singleton Planet in your Natal Chart (which you can find by running a free chart from any number of websites), don't just stop at this article.  Explore your planet and its themes.  Read other articles and chapters in astrology books on Singleton Planets. And if you find that you're battling with ongoing problems that your other aspects don't explain fully, then see how the Singleton plays a role.  Self-discovery is a gift bestowed on us by unaspected planets. 


 The Singleton Planets

Sabian Astrology - Online Books by Marc Edmund Jones


THE SABIAN MANUAL Panoramic description and explanation of all procedures of Solar Mysteries discipline in full and practical detail, as used by the Sabian Assembly.

The Sabian Book
THE SABIAN BOOK A compendium taken from the 1000+ Blue Letters that Marc Edmund Jones wrote to members of the Sabian Assembly over many years. This book is received by all newly-affiliated members of the group, and provides in-depth consideration of ten major areas of concern to aspirants seeking insight into the Solar Mysteries approach.

How to Learn Astrology
HOW TO LEARN ASTROLOGY A beginner's manual that provides thorough explanation of interpretive techniques in Sabian Astrology™, which can also have value for the more advanced astrologer. Included are concise descriptions of chart calculation together with its astronomical basis, as well as a compact and useful glossary of terms.

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Long-term aspects in synastry: the big 5

By LeeLoo's Esotericorner

I have identified 5 major aspects of long-termness in synastry, keeping in mind no thorough synastry analysis can be summarized in just a few elements, and that usually the solidity of a synastry comes at all levels and they are many. However, it seems these 5 factors are a common denominator in long-term happy and healthy relationships and they qualify as primary markers when we want to evaluate the potential for long-term based on the synastry. Here they are, in order of importance:

1. Mutual aspects to Saturn. Touching someone's Saturn means triggering their long-term interest/involvement/desire to commit (potentially, if you fit their Saturn profile)
As major examples:
With Sun, general commitment to you (to your basic self, to you as a whole)
With Moon, mother/father, child/parent archetype, emotional commitment and sense of belonging/protection
With Venus, need to love and be loved by the person, love growing with time, love commitment
With Mars, sexual commitment, long term sexual interest, growing with time

2. Trines. Trine energy is familiar from the start, on a psychological level, and they have a comfortable energy. They are about "sliding together", peacefully, in sync. They have a Saturnian value, because they are the aspect of "growing up together", in a continuous, flowing, familiar way, they have strong time-related attributes (continuum, durability), also their Saturnian vibe comes from the idea of "that which is familiar", another Saturnian attribute.
In the natal charts, they show how our inner (psychological) attributes grow and evolve with time - such as talents or other personal gifts/aptitudes. A synastric trine will trigger this process of evolving as a psychological unit/team (easily and naturally, as if belonging to the same family), depending on their nature (there are four types of trines: Air, Fire, Water and Earth trines). Trine energy (that familiarity) doesn't diminish with time, it has an unaltered quality, it's the same energetic print with meeting an old friend and feeling as if you parted ways yesterday.

Another long-term value of trines comes from the energy of MUTUAL TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE they bring.

And finally, their contribution to long-termness resides in how trines love routine, habits, rituals, which means in a relationship, they will reflect that part of it when the two people like to relive patterns of behavior and share comfortable previously known and practiced activities together; they create an area of familiarity, memories and common habits both people can be very fond of.

3. Overlays to fixed houses and/or aspects from the other’s personal planets to fixed house rulers.
The fixed houses in the horoscope are houses 2, 5, 8 and 11. The 2nd/8th axis, corresponding to Taurus/Scorpio energy shows an area where we experience commitment to values or people, emotional devotion and stability, the desire to build fixed, stable structures in our lives. The 5th/11th axis is when we experience the true formation of stable feelings (a feeling being in fact a more complex, stabilized emotional construct), starting with the 5th house, where long-term romantic attachments become possible, and a continuum of romantic and sexual attraction under the rays of Leo energy, whilst at the level of the 11th house, we already project the couple as a team heading towards the future, integrated in the community, and this is also the house where we feel our hopes and desires in relationship are likely to be fulfilled with this partnership. Furthermore, while the 5th house is the area where we tend to “go” after another, romantically, to feel stimulated and intrigued to “conquer, seduce and romance” them, the 11th house is where we are likely to experience the reverse: feeling loved, wanted, appreciated, admired, put on a pedestal, worshiped, and the center of attention.

In my experience so far, there are significant connections between the fixed levels in a chart in long-term relationships: direct overlays (especially when the native has their own planets in fixed houses) and/or through rulership (aspects between one’s personal planets and the other’s fixed house rulers). One two is usually not enough to qualify for this marker, there will be at least several such aspects between the two charts, mutually.

For romantic/marital relationships, the main personal levels of a chart are: angles, personal love planets Sun Moon Venus and Mars, love rulers (and any planet can be a personal love ruler) and the nodes.

4. Midheaven (MC) involvement. In brief, this equals having a common future together. Conjunctions (or a bundle of other aspects) to MC; 10th house overlays; and/or MC rulers making significant aspects to the other’s chart, especially on the level of personal planets. Mutual  and strong MC connections on the above levels are always present in long-term relationships.

5. Juno and Vesta archetype match. Personal aspects to asteroids Juno and Vesta on both sides and/or sign/house resonance between once’s Juno and Vesta and the other’s chart. Juno is the asteroid of marital devotion and it also describes the partner we will eventually commit to, and our own style of partnership in long-term marital-type relationships. Vesta is devotion in general, fidelity, and also persistent and consistent interest and passion for something/someone.  Both asteroids show who the person is likely to commit to and to form a long-term partnership with and to experience long-term love and general devotion and faithfulness in a relationship.

Same sign conjunctions (if not by orb) seem to weigh a lot here, meaning having personal planets in the same sign as the other’s Juno and/or Vesta. But direct aspects with angles, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, love rulers have to be present too. The resonance comes from having similar Juno and Vesta archetypes, by mirroring, or triggering the other’s archetype, even in an indirect manner,  for example one of the partners has Juno in the 1st, and the other is aspecting it with their Mars, which is a touchdown when it comes to the same energetic print. Or one of them has Vesta trine Saturn in their chart, and the other is a strong Saturnian, and if this partner also makes direct aspects to this Vesta, especially with their Saturn, they will match Vesta’s type.

Completing the other's Juno and Vesta geometry is another major part of activating Juno and Vesta archetype in a chart through synastry.

The rule with these big 5 is that they all have to be present, because they are all present, as identified markers, in long-term relationships, and Saturn remains as the most important one, it is unlikely for a relationship to last if Saturn, the lord of time, is not properly aspected on both sides.

NOTE: The 5 markers apply to a synastry which is already marital, cohesive and where the basics are already covered: richness of aspects to personal planets and love rulers on both sides, matching individual geometry and symbolism; mutual type match, and they refer to the potential for durability of an already well structured basic synastry.


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The Love Degree

Our love degrees are nothing more or less than specific degrees that promote love in an auspicious way when triggered by a (personal) planet/body or point. Numerous books and articles have been written about the meaning of the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

The majority of the authors prefer visionary and spiritual descriptions leaving space for further interpretation and the so-called "free will." The Sabian symbols are a good example and the most popular ones.

The problem with images and symbols is that, while they can be stunningly accurate at times, they can be so vague and unreal that even with a whole lot of phantasy, you can't match them to the event. A little stretch will not hurt, but sometimes you need more than some imagination and a joint to "get the picture."

Astrology is not about guessing...

In our opinion, the most valuable degree meanings are the ones you can quite confidently use to accurately predict future events (not past events!).

If you can't use the the degree meanings to accurately predict future events, you can't use them to delineate past events too because you are interpreting and projecting.

Comparing different methods, we can say from our own experience that the Sabian symbols are not the most accurate ones to predict future events.

If you take the symbolic and philosophical meanings to try to predict future events, you will find no consistency in the accuracy of the predictions. The predictions most often remain superficial und you have no idea what exactly the event will be like.

While most astrologers use these symbols and images and keep using them, we forget about them.

Instead, we use descriptions that were derived by empirical research and experience done by some brilliant authors and astrologers.

However, not all the 360 degrees of the zodiac are covered and researched indepth in the same way (seemingly, some degrees are more significant and dominant than others).

Unfortunately too, a lot of these degree meanings are not translated into English... One of the astrologers, Michael Roscher, who has done extensive empirical research into the meaning of degrees and degree areas died untimely at the age of 45 so that we'll have to stick with the unfinished results of his research.

We too research the degree areas and specifically the love degrees or degrees taht are of importance to the love life.

It is found and observed that some degree areas or degrees are more favorable for your love life. While some people thought the degree areas are under the influence of certain "lucky" Fixed Stars, this is not yet confirmed by further research.

You're lucky if at the moment of your birth, one or more of these love degrees is occupied by a personal point or planet.

Every planet or point (Ascendant, MC,...) can be on any degree, but when talking about your love life, we will only refer to Venus or Jupiter on some specific degrees that we call love degrees.

Because the outer planets (beyond Saturn) stay quite a long time on a single degree, they have no particular meaning for your personal life (except when taking the rulerships into account but for the sake of simplicity we will not go into that for now). The outer planets almost always bring collective issues into your life.

Why only talking about Venus and Jupiter?

Venus is the planet of relationships and love in a general way. This planet is often called "Fortuna Minor". When delineating one's love life, this planet is one of the first to consider.

Jupiter, when not afflicted, brings luck and happiness and is often referred to as "Fortuna Major". When posited on a love degree, chances are your love life will blossom. Jupiter here reinforces the positive meaning of the love degree.

Jupiter often brings money too and tends to bring money through (the) relationships when posited on a love degree.

Also notice that the below mentioned degrees bring happiness in your love life - on condition that NO other divorce related degrees are activated AND the planet on the love degree is not afflicted! Afflictions occur when Saturn squares the planet for example.

Indeed, it happens all too often that Venus is posited on a certain love degree and the Moon (for example) is on a degree of divorce and separation. Well now, in this case you will have to first take a look at the midpoint analysis to know what is going on and to find out what prevails.

Honestly, it's quite rare to find the love degrees activated without the intervention of some other (turbulent) degree(s). On planet earth, love is seldom a smooth ride!

Now to the Love Degrees:

* Venus or Jupiter at 12° Aries, Cancer or Libra
* Jupiter at 13° Aries, Cancer or Libra
* Venus or Jupiter between 29° Cancer - 1° Leo (and not afflicted)
* Jupiter between 29° Libra and 1° Scorpio
* Venus or the Moon at 3° Taurus or Leo
* Jupiter at 15° Taurus or Scorpio
* Venus or the Moon at 26° Taurus or Leo
* Venus between 29° Scorpio - 1° Sagittarius
* Jupiter at 16° Sagittarius or Pisces
* Jupiter or Venus at 18° Sagittarius or Pisces

Don't panic if you don't find any of the listed degrees occupied by the according planets in your natal chart. This does not mean you will not have a happy love life! The above mentioned degrees are only one single piece of a giant puzzle.

Also, when you have specific midpoints in your chart that point to a happy marriage or love life, these midpoints must be considered too. The most exact midpoints (with an orb of 0°00') always overpower other configurations in your chart.


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The Book of Thoh & The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

The Theory of the Tarot


    1. Eliphaz Levi and the Tarot
    2. The Tarot in the Cipher Manuscripts
    3. The Tarot and the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn"
    4. The Nature of the Evidence



Index | Wheel and – Whoa! | Bibliographical Note | Theory of the Tarot | The Atu (Keys or Trumps) | Court Cards | Small Cards | Invocation | Mnemonics | Behaviour of the Tarot | General Characters of the Trumps


The Titles of the Symbols

  1. THE Ace of Wands is called the Root of the Powers of Fire.
  2. The Ace of Cups is called the Root of the Powers of Water.
  3. The Ace of Swords is called the Root of the Powers of Air.
  4. The Ace of Pentacles is called the Root of the Powers of Earth.
  5. The Knight of Wands is "The Lord of the Flame and Lighting: the King of the Spirits of Fire."
  6. The Queen of Wands is "The Queen of the Thrones of Flame."
  7. The King of Wands is "The Prince of the Chariot of Fire."
  8. The Knave of Wands is "The Princess of the Shining Flame: the Rose of the Palace of Fire."
  9. The Knight of Cups is "The Lord of the Waves and the Waters: the King of the Hosts of the Sea."
  10. The Queen of Cups is "The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters."
  11. The King of Cups is "The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters."
  12. The Knave of Cups is "The Princess of the Waters: the Lotus of the Palace of the Floods."
  13. The Knight of Swords is "The Lord of the Wind and the Breezes: the King of the Spirits of Air."
  14. The Queen of Swords is "The Queen of the Thrones of Air."
  15. The King of Swords is "The Prince of the Chariot of the Winds."
  16. The Knave of Swords is "The Princess of the Rushing Winds: the Lotus of the Palace of Air."
  17. The Knight of Pentacles is "The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land: the King of the Spirits of Earth."
  18. The Queen of Pentacles is "The Queen of the Thrones of Earth."
  19. The King of Pentacles is "The Prince of the Chariot of Earth."
  20. The Knave of Pentacles is "The Princess of the Echoing Hills: the Rose of the Palace of Earth."
NO. Card Lord of Decan In
 21   5 of Wands   Strife   Saturn   Leo 
 22   6 of Wands   Victory   Jupiter   Leo 
 23   7 of Wands   Valour   Mars   Leo 
 24   8 of Pentacles   Prudence   Sun   Virgo 
 25   9 of Pentacles   Material Gain   Venus   Virgo 
 26   10 of Pentacles   Wealth   Mercury   Virgo 
 27   2 of Swords   Peace restored   Moon   Libra 
 28   3 of Swords   Sorrow   Saturn   Libra 
 29   4 of Swords   Rest from Strife   Jupiter   Libra 
 30   5 of Cups   Loss in Pleasure   Mars   Scorpio 
 31   6 of Cups   Pleasure   Sun   Scorpio 
 32   7 of Cups   Illusionary Success   Venus   Scorpio 
 33   8 of Wands   Swiftness   Mercury   Sagittarius 
 34   9 of Wands   Great Strength   Moon   Sagittarius 
 35   10 of Wands   Oppression   Saturn   Sagittarius 
 36   2 of Pentacles   Harmonious Change   Jupiter   Capricorn 
 37   3 of Pentacles   Material Works   Mars   Capricorn 
 38   4 of Pentacles   Earthly Power   Sun   Capricorn 
 39   5 of Swords   Defeat   Venus   Aquarius 
 40   6 of Swords   Earned Success   Mercury   Aquarius 
 41   7 of Swords   Unstable Effort   Moon   Aquarius 
 42   8 of Cups   Abandoned Success   Saturn   Pisces 
 43   9 of Cups   Material Happiness   Jupiter   Pisces 
 44   10 of Cups   Perfected Success   Mars   Pisces 
 45   2 of Wands   Dominion   Mars   Aries 
 46   3 of Wands   Established Strength   Sun   Aries 
 47   4 of Wands   Perfected Work   Venus   Aries 
 48   5 of Pentacles   Material Trouble   Mercury   Taurus 
 49   6 of Pentacles   Material Success   Moon   Taurus 
 50   7 of Pentacles   Success unfulfilled   Saturn   Taurus 
 51   8 of Swords   Shortened Force   Jupiter   Gemini 
 52   9 of Swords   Despair and Cruelty   Mars   Gemini 
 53   10 of Swords   Ruin   Sun   Gemini 
 54   2 of Cups   Love   Venus   Cancer 
 55   3 of Cups   Abundance   Mercury   Cancer 
 56   4 of Cups   Blended Pleasure   Moon   Cancer 

NO. Card The Twenty-Two Keys of the Book Letter Attribution
57 The Foolish Man The Spirit of GR:Alpha-iota-theta-eta-rho Aleph Air
58 The Magician The Magus of Power Bet Mercury
59 The High Priestess The Priestess of the Silver Star Gimel Moon
60 The Empress The Daughter of the Mighty Ones Dalet Venus
61 The Emperor Sun of the Morning, chief among the Mighty Heh Aries
62 The Hierophant The Magus of the Eternal Vau Taurus
63 The Lovers The Children of the Voice; the Oracles of the Mighty Gods Zain Gemini
64 The Chariot The Child of the Powers of the Waters; the Lord of the Triumph of Light Chet Cancer
65 Fortitude The Daughter of the Flaming Sword Tet Leo
66 The Hermit The Magus of the Voice of Power, the Prophet of the Eternal Yod Virgo
67 The Wheel The Lord of the of Fate Forces of Life Koph Jupiter
68 Justice The Daughter of the Lords of Truth: the Ruler of the Balance Lamed Libra
69 The Hanged Man The Spirit of the Mighty Waters Mem Water
70 Death The Child of the Great Transformers: the Lord of the Gates of Death Nun Scorpio
71 Temperance The Daughter of the Reconcilers: the Bringer-Forth of life Samekh Sagittarius
72 The Devil The Lord of the Gates of Matter: the Child of the Forces of Time Ayin Capricorn
73 The Blasted Tower The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty Peh Mars
74 The Star The Daughter of the Firmament, the dweller between the Waters Tzaddi Aquarius
75 The Moon The Ruler of Flux and Reflux: the Child of the Sons of the Mighty Qof Pisces
76 The Sun The Lord of the Fire of the World Resh Sun
77 The Judgment The Spirit of the Primal Fire Shin Spirit and Fire
78 The Universe The Great One of the Night of Time Taw Earth and Saturn

Such are the Titles of the Abodes or Atouts of Thooth; of the Mansions of the House of my FATHER.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

By Arthur Edward Waite

Illustrations By Pamela Colman Smith.


Contents    Start Reading    Text [Zipped]

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Although there were many Tarot decks prior to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and many after, none has gripped the popular imagination as much as this set. Waite covers the significance and deeper implications of each card, and gives practical instructions as to how to conduct a reading. The symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is based on profound occult studies by Waite, and his exposition in this book of its use and meaning is unexcelled. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the Tarot.--J. B. Hare

Title Page
The Contents

Part I: The Veil and its Symbols

Section 1: Introductory And General
Section 2: Class I. The Trumps Major
Section 3: Class II. The Four Suites
Section 4: The Tarot In History

Part II: The Doctrine Behind the Veil

Section 1: The Tarot and Secret Tradition
Section 2: The Trumps Major and Inner Symbolism
I. The Magician
II. The High Priestess
III. The Empress
IV. The Emperor
V. The Hierophant
VI. The Lovers
VII. The Chariot
VIII. Strength, or Fortitude
IX. The Hermit
X. Wheel of Fortune
XI. Justice
XII. The Hanged Man
XIII. Death
XIV. Temperance
XV. The Devil
XVI. The Tower
XVII. The Star
XVIII. The Moon
XIX. The Sun
XX. The Last Judgement
Zero. The Fool
XXI. The World
Section 3: Conclusion as to the Greater Keys

Part III: The Outer Method of the Oracles

Section 1: Distinction between the Greater and Lesser Arcana
Section 2 The Lesser Arcana
King of Wands
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Tarot Spreads for Personal and Spiritual Development

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Sun Numbers

by Hans Decoz

We all have heard the phrase "Hey Baby ... what’s your sign?" And the Average Joe on the street could most likely tell you their astrological Sun sign (or zodiac sign). Your astrological Sun sign is intended to describe your personality on a basic level. On a calendar cycle (12 months, 12 signs), your zodiac sign is based on the actual DAY of your birth, and is easy to determine when you know just the month and day.

In Numerology, there is the same classification of personality traits. We call it your "Sun Number." Also based on the day and month you were born, your Sun Number is represented by a single-digit number, 1 - 9. Your number (and those of your friends) is easy to calculate [2]. More importantly it describes your personality traits and those of similar Sun Numbers at a high and simplified level. By looking at the combined numbers of the day and month of birth, Numerology deduces the first pattern of your existence -- the day you entered this world.

The Sun Number is considered the first and less detailed pattern of who you are. Obviously, the world is made up millions and billions of unique individuals. However, the Sun Number brings our high-level characters and categorizes them into 9 groups (similar to Astrology’s 12 zodiac signs). And like in Astrology, as you provide more and more details of the day of your birth and your name, you uncover the underpinnings of what makes you, not just a Sun Number, but a truly unique and complex person.

How does the Sun Number work with other numbers in my Numerology chart?

Within the dynamic environment of personal and universal cycles affecting you in different ways, constantly bringing change and sometimes chaos, your Sun Number is your anchor. Think of it as the location where you stand, while everything around you is in motion. Your Sun Number also reveals how you approach the changing cycles and how they tend to influence you. For example, if your Sun Number is 1, you tend to take opportunities and challenges head on. You don't hesitate, you don't back down, and you generally don't ask for help. On the other hand, if your Sun Number is 2, you tend to deal with changing circumstances by carefully weighing the pros and cons, asking others for their opinions, and then, when you are ready, you take the necessary steps.

Who discovered the Sun Number?

Master Numerologist Hans Decoz [1], introduced the Sun Number as part of his life-long research and dedication to the art and mastery of Numerology. With over 40+ years of experience and witnessing countless testimonies of people whose lives were being radically changed -- for the better -- from his works, Hans felt it was important the he introduce an even broader access point for his teachings. The combination of birth month and birth date are used in many Numerology calculations, and thanks to Hans Decoz, now this base number has a name.

The Sun Number was the perfect way to unite people and help them see even the most obvious patterns we have as a species. He discovered that by staring at the Sun Number level, he was able to better help people tune into their baseline personalities and introduce them to the more subtle and complex numbers in their life. Just like knowing you have a predisposition toward anything in life, knowing your Sun Number can help make sense of why you make the choices you make and feel the way you feel.
Next steps

Understanding our Numerological footing is the key to controlling our future and not being victims of what is ahead of us. You have several other unique numbers at play in your entire Numerological profile, including your Life Path, Hidden Passion, Pinnacle numbers and many more. Your Sun Number is just the start! Give the pattern a test run -- ask your friends “What’s your SUN NUMBER?” and see if they fit the profile! Learn how to calculate your Sun Number:

Decode Your Sun Number

Just like your astrological Sun sign, you have a numerological Sun Number! Your Sun Number is a single-digit number derived from your month and date of birth that ties you directly into all the yearly, monthly and daily cycles.

Your Sun Number is easy to calculate and never changes. Simply add your month and day of birth, and reduce to a single digit (reduce Master numbers to a single digit as well).

For example, if you were born May 15, add 5 (for May) and 15, is 20, which reduces to 2 (2 + 0). If you were born November 23, add 11 (for November) and 23, is 34. Reduce 34 by adding 3 and 4 to find the Sun Number 7.

Keep in mind that, as with all numbers found in your Numerology chart, the influence is limited to the area that they affect. The Sun Number tends to dominate only your attitude toward changes, especially when they are unexpected.

Sun Number 1

People with a Sun Number 1 tend to have a stubborn, headstrong approach to changing circumstances. They often take the bull by the horns with a "damn the torpedoes" attitude. Strong and motivated, 1s are not afraid of confrontations. And at times, 1s can be too impulsive.

1s have energy to spare, with enough stamina to survive even the toughest times. However, there is a limit to what they can do, and when a person with Sun Number 1 reaches that limit, they tend to shatter without much advance warning. And once they crash, it takes a long time to pick up the pieces and start the healing.

Sun Number 1s respond quickly, but don't always recognize the true nature of upcoming changes until they have already set things in motion. A 1 should learn to recognize the subtle signs that usually appear ahead of the storm.

Pride can be the downfall of this headstrong number. Successful Sun Number 1s have learned the need to be humble and remember that much has been given to them.

In love, the Sun Number 1 is passionate, but needs to dominate -- and it has a bit of jealous streak. While the 1 Sun Number is original and creative, it could use a more subtle and romantic approach. The 1 is anything but intuitive and has a tendency to misread his or her partner.

The most compatible Sun Numbers for the 1 are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9; all odd numbers except for the 2, which happens to be its most fitting romantic partner.

The 1 Sun Number can be quite demanding, yet it is also extremely protective of its partner. The one trait that is pretty much guaranteed to ruin a relationship with the 1 is when he or she feels a lack of respect or sense that he or she is being taken for granted. Otherwise, the 1 has a thick skull and an even thicker skin. You can be as direct as you want to be -- the 1 can handle it.

Sun Number 2

People with a Sun Number 2 take a careful and deliberate approach to changes. Weighing the pros and the cons, 2s consider future consequences, then, and only then, they make their moves. 2 personalities tend to avoid direct confrontations, preferring instead to apply tact and diplomacy. They have no trouble drawing support from others, and share their troubles and their successes easily.

Sun Number 2s are intuitive and often sense changes before they become evident. Understanding of human nature and a cunning intellect generally serves this number well. But if not careful, it is this trait that could easily tempt a 2 into conning others into doing things they later regret.

2s have a good sense of timing, which is a key survival skill. However, they often surrender to the inevitable quickly and sometimes allow themselves to be beaten down without much of a fight. But a 2's strength is resilient and they will quickly rise again. Sun Number 2s are sympathetic to the plight of others, but if tempted, they can easily fall prey to selfish and greedy tendencies.

When it comes to love, the 2 Sun Number is a highly intuitive, sensitive and romantic partner who should be handled with kid's gloves. The 2 is emotionally vulnerable in general, but especially in romance. The 2 looks right through anything that is not sincere and genuine, so playing games with a 2 will get you in hot water. At the same time, while typically against confrontation (preferring diplomacy and tact over the in-your-face approach), the 2 has a hard edge as well -- one that allows it to take a stand and not budge toward a compromise.

The 2 Sun Number is highly sensual and tends to put his or her partner first. Not particularly passionate, the 2 still knows how to please -- and how to be pleased. Always keep in mind that the 2 is fragile, and if you break it, you will have to deal with some dangerously sharp fragments.

All in all, Sun Numbers 1, 5, 6, 8, and 9, have the best chance of stealing the heart of a 2.

Sun Number 3

People with a Sun Number 3 are innovative and creative. They think outside the box and find solutions quickly. Bubbling with optimism, a 3 person typically has a childish streak that lets them avoid their responsibilities, especially those that demand effort and attention. 3s tend to be loved by many, but often their own love for others tends to be somewhat superficial.

Sun Number 3s like to skate the surface, using their considerable sense of humor to keep things light and sunny. However, when hit by one of life's more serious challenges, a 3 will surprise everyone by displaying a lot more endurance, courage and determination than anyone expected -- including themselves.

Hands down, creativity is a 3's biggest asset when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities, or overcoming obstacles. Unfortunately, the effort level doesn't always live up to it. As a result, 3s leave quite a few unfinished projects, unfulfilled dreams, and empty promises behind in their path.

Successful Sun Number 3s have learned to focus and be disciplined in how they approach changing circumstances. When a 3 does manage to push something all the way to its goal, that accomplishment tends to be enormously satisfying.

In love, the 3 Sun Number may appear somewhat superficial and flaky when it gets involved in a romantic relationship, but that's just hiding a more serious undertone. The 3 Sun Number tends to be a happy, upbeat number, but also understands how vulnerable that happiness can be. For that reason, they dread pessimism and negativity, and approach any major change in life -- which a romantic relationship can be -- with caution. Sun Number 3s have no trouble entering into a romantic relationship they know is not meant to last. In fact, the 3 can certainly become a bit promiscuous, but when a 3 senses that it might become more serious, he or she will back off. The way to get a 3 to commit to a long-term relationship is by being patient and absolutely not demanding.

The 1, 3, 5, and 7 are the most suitable romantic Sun Numbers to pair up with the skittish 3.

Sun Number 4

People with a Sun Number 4 are sticklers for details and take a systematic, efficient approach to whatever comes their way. They are solid and stable, and it takes a major change to knock a 4 off his or her feet. However, 4s have a dislike of changes, preferring to maintain the status quo. For that reason, they are not always quick to catch on. 4s will most likely miss opportunities because they waited too long. Their biggest asset is the willingness to put forth considerable effort.

4s are not procrastinators and tend to apply themselves with focus and dedication. Demanding much from themselves, 4s are not satisfied until they are the best at what they do. Sometimes this passion for perfection can make a 4 easily frustrated and not much fun to be around when they are working.  4s struggle with the concept of relaxation and tend to be all work and no play.

A less desirable quality of a 4 Sun Number is that they can be cruel and lack empathy. However, what others don’t know is that they are equally as demanding of themselves as they are of others. It isn't so much that 4s are materialistic, but that they consider accomplishments to be the crux of all existence.

Successful Sun Number 4s have learned to accept that nothing is guaranteed in life, and that if you want to fulfill your dreams, you may have to take a risk every now and then.

The 4 Sun Number is comfortable and secure in most settings ... with the exception of romance. In love, the grounded 4 just doesn't know how to handle itself when the earth falls away and love takes it to the sky. It takes time for a 4 Sun Number to reveal what is in his or her heart. However, once they fall in love, the 4 tends to stay in love. They are not particularly passionate, nor are they sensual, but they more than make up for that with the intensity of their devotion. If you are on the receiving end of a 4 Sun Number's affections, you will never have to worry about its depth or the strength of its commitment. Solid as a rock, the 4 Sun Number will always be there for you.

All in all, the 5, 6 and 8 tend to be the more suitable partners for a 4 Sun Number.

Sun Number 5

Of all the different Sun Numbers, the 5 is the one best equipped to deal with changes. Not only that, 5s thrive on them, because they tend to operate best in an environment that is both dynamic and somewhat chaotic. Sun Number 5s don't do well following a carefully planned path and are much better at responding to the moment. 5s are adrenalin junkies at heart. They love to travel and move about. A typical 5 is social, enjoys the company of others, and prefers to take a road they have not driven or walked before, even if that means making a bit of detour.

Sun Number 5s really don't like routine, or anything predictable for that matter. They have a wild streak and lack discipline. This can cause problems in the form of addiction or self-indulgence.

The most obvious short-coming of is 5 is their dislike of stability and responsibility. Successful Sun Number 5s have learned to dedicate their energy without wasting it on short-lived goals.

When it comes to romance, the 5 Sun Number is the most sensual and passionate of all numbers. In a romantic relationship, the 5 surprises everyone. As wild and adventurous as the 5 is in almost all areas of life, it becomes just as serious and committed when the heart is touched. The 5 is loyal to a fault, and while it is sometimes found on the receiving end of a cheating relationship, it is almost never the cheater. It is, of course, in the nature of the 5 Sun Number to try everything and everyone first, and for that reason, they usually don't become involved in a serious relationship until relatively late in life. But once the heart, as opposed to certain other body parts, is touched, the 5 no longer plays, but becomes a stable, focused and fully matured partner.

Nothing bothers a 5 more than being taken for granted, or being limited in any form. Freedom is a 5’s most prized asset, and they will do anything to keep it. 5s are not good at long-term relationships, but when they are in one, they are loyal and fun. Their adventurous personality makes them sensual and they appreciate the good things of life.

The 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7, are the most likely Sun Numbers to end up as the lucky winners of the heart of this born lover.

Sun Number 6

6s are the most harmonious of all Sun Numbers, and have a tendency to ignore their own needs and desires in favor of helping and teaching others. They are the glue that binds. Their ability to love is what makes others love and respect them. People with a Sun Number 6 are born caregivers. Stable and level-headed, they deal well with changes. However, a 6 can be annoyingly self-righteous and may have a tendency to claim a spot on the totem pole before they have earned it. 6s can also be a bit short-sighted, lacking the ability to see the larger picture.

6s take their responsibilities seriously, perhaps a bit too seriously. Many people with a 6 Sun Number gravitate toward careers in construction and transportation. This is quite telling, as their inner nature is a bit like that -- a closed and restricted environment with peepholes to the outside world.

A 6’s strongest asset is their good and down-to-earth humanity. They
are idealists, but not without a sense of realism. They can be very patient, especially when it comes to working toward a far-away goal.

Often, 6s consider their own little pond to be all there is in the world. From an early age, Sun Number 6 personalities are fascinated and drawn to organized belief systems. As a result, they have adopted parts and pieces of dogmas and concepts that potentially restrict their vision. Successful Sun Number 6s must learn to occasionally step out of their environment, and escape the safety net of a potentially narrow view of life.

And when it comes to romance, the 6 Sun Number takes love as seriously as it takes everything else. The most loving and harmonious of all numbers, the 6 gives itself fully and without restraint. At the same time, to the surprise and detriment of its partner, the 6 can be rather promiscuous, due to the simple fact that it doesn't always know how not to give of itself.

The 6 Sun Number has broken more hearts than any other Sun Number, but it has also brought great pleasure and happiness to more lovers, albeit not always long-lived, than any other number. When the 6 can learn to give more, and to give more of itself, this giving nature becomes the biggest strength of the 6 Sun Number. If you are lucky enough to be the last lover standing, the 6 will care for you and love you like no other.

The 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9, all have a shot at this prize, with the 7 and 9 as the most likely survivors to win the heart of a Sun Number 6.

Sun Number 7

The world of philosophy and spiritual awareness is a 7’s domain. People with the Sun Number 7 don't take anything at face value and tend to search for a deeper meaning in everything. Changes don't bother a 7, but the seeming apathy for change sometimes means they don’t get the attention they require. A 7 may be an introvert hiding an extrovert or vice versa, either way, both sides exist within this person. They are dreamers, but not materialistic; their dreams are more utopian and lofty.

Few things bother a Sun Number 7 more than being in an environment of superficial lightweights and noisy extroverts. They know there is nothing to be found there but wasted time and energy. Often opinionated to a fault, 7s tend to have a handful of close friends, while everyone else is a stranger. Interestingly, while they tend to control, if not hide, their emotional side, many with a 7 Sun Number choose the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

7s are extremely curious and have a scholarly nature, but not a conventional one. In fact, there is very little conventional about a 7, as they are often more eccentric.

Successful Sun Number 7s have learned to embrace their emotions. Not everything can be solved by the mind alone.

In love, the Sun Number 7 is often a late bloomer. Its interests are mostly on the spiritual and intellectual planes, not so much the physical. So when a 7 finally falls in love, it doesn't really know how to handle it, and as a result, tends to try for a platonic relationship first. Fortunately, once the ice is broken and the physical side of the romance comes to life, the 7 proves to be a great lover, extremely giving and caring and focused on one thing and one thing only: the happiness of its partner. As with anything else the 7 tries, it will work on becoming the best, and the 7 is no different in romance. The 7 is very considerate and, a truly invaluable asset, conscious of the needs and expectations of its partner.

The Sun Number 7 tends to fall in love much less often than any of the other numbers, but when it happens, it takes over and becomes its first and foremost priority. And who wouldn't want to play that role? If you are a 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 or 9, you have a chance of snaring the heart of a 7. Rather a large pool, but the 7 is worth some extra effort.

Sun Number 8

People with the Sun Number 8 have an authoritarian streak and like to be in charge at all times. Unfortunately, changes can't always be controlled, and when they feel they don't have control, watch out! They become agitated and angry. An 8 can be aggressive, if not bullish, and they have paid a price for that more than once. They are capable and smart, and often able to see the larger picture well before anyone else does.

A sense of balance allows 8s to deal with the material world without the kind of attachment most people are burdened with. It's this trait that lets 8s take chances and use their assets and resources in a way others might consider too risky. 8s like to get in on the ground floor of new ventures. Sometimes they are too quick and/or optimistic, setting expectations too high and resulting in disappointment. But even these failures can’t sideline an 8 for long.

It is perhaps a bit of a contradiction, but 8s have trouble accepting the authority of other individuals or institutions. This has led some with an 8 Sun Number to a path of crime and incarceration. Successful Sun Number 8s are careful to not to let anger cloud their judgment.

The 8 Sun Number is not an easy one to please when it comes to romance. This is mostly due to the fact that he or she simply doesn't show much of what he or she is feeling. The 8 tends to be level headed, something that can take the wind out of a passionate romantic relationship. If, however, the partner has enough self-confidence and is secure in his or her own right, the relationship can last forever.

The 8 is neither demanding, nor particularly giving. It considers sex the way it looks at all other needs of the flesh: satisfy it, then move on. On the other hand, the 8 has a strong sense of commitment, takes care of those around him or her, and will fight to protect them. Having an 8 Sun Number on your side is reason to feel safe and secure. Really, the 2 is the ideal partner for an 8 Sun Number -- all others will have to work on it.

Sun Number 9

People with a Sun Number 9 are idealists. There is a global consciousness that drives many with a 9 Sun Number to a career in politics, the military or law enforcement. They can be aloof and distant, but that is a form of self-defense, because they are often not very good with emotional issues, preferring a more clinical and objective approach.

9s like things to be well thought out, carefully strategized, and all possibilities considered, however, they have no problem adjusting to changing circumstances. This makes a 9 very capable as a long-term planner or advisor. Sun Number 9s are good at running an institution or team, yet they are not naturally good at the nitty gritty details of business finances and taxes.

A Sun Number 9 does best when they are involved with a venture they consider bigger than themselves. It’s important to a 9 to feel they have made their life count, and it sometimes can result in a slightly arrogant, self-righteous or the holier-than-thou syndrome.

Successful Sun Number 9s will learn to accept people for who they are, not expect them to change according to their expectations. People tend to either love a 9 or loathe a 9 ... there are few in between.

When it comes to love, the 9 Sun Number is perhaps the most difficult Sun Number to get close to. The 9 can seem distant, not often one to display emotion. In order to get involved in a romantic relationship, it is usually the 9 who has to reach out, as others tend to be both intimidated and unsure.

On the other hand, once a relationship is established, the 9 can be a joy to be around. They are considerate, careful and generous. They don't ask for much, and are easily pleased. They are tolerant and forgiving, and give a partner all the space and freedom he or she needs to live his or her own life. The often aloof 9 is surprisingly sensual, and loves to be intimate. The 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 are its most suitable partners.