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Esoteric Numerology: A Map for the Understanding of the Soul Plan

By Cristiana Caria

When we speak about numerology, we refer to the study, or theory, of numbers. The word number comes from the Latin word numerous, a term that comes from the Indo-European root nem/nom, which meant to “divide”, “distribute”, “allot”, “regulate”. The original headword was numesos and it expressed order, measure, rhythm and distribution. The idea of number therefore, gathers within itself the indication of something bringing order, which is capable of doing the correct distribution and satisfying the needs of relating to others and living in rectitude.

From the same root, it derived the name of the Greek Goddess Nemesis, the one which was in charge of the correct distribution of Justice: as her name states, she was giving what it was due, she was the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved. It was said that she would not have stopped her work until she had re-establish order. So when we talk about numbers, we refer to a field of experience. Each number expresses a specific energy field, or wave of consciousness, we have incarnated on and that we have chosen to experience in order to rise in consciousness, to awaken to the potential the we are. When we talk about rising in consciousness, we mean that we live in specific energy patterns that we have come here to explore in order to break them out and, then, move to another level.

A mind-set is a thought form. All forms are from the past and they represent something we have to transcend. The form is what we see, but we need to remember that what we see is already in our brain; otherwise we would not see it. Most of the time we are not capable of grasping the essence behind the form and the risk is that we could get trapped by the appearance of the world without being able to understand the plan behind it. However, this essence is not really hidden; we are simply not capable of grasping it, because we are not fully aware.

Our numbers talk about the past, the patterns that we have been carrying from the previous life, that we have chosen to work with and explore to overcome the limits that they represent in our life in order to live to our fullest potential. In our numbers it is possible to perceive the inherited vibrational patterns brought to life for re-examination and dissolution. These mind-sets are unconscious – they get activated automatically, they are the lenses through which we see the world – and what makes them conscious is only a flash of inspiration by connection with the Higher Mind. We can connect to the Higher Mind only through our own soul and this is possible by looking beyond the form, starting to observe the energy pattern behind what we see.

The word esoteric means hidden, it comes from the Greek word esōterikós, meaning “more within”. So when we look at a numerology chart, we gaze in order to catch the patterns behind the form and grasp the direction of the soul behind what appears on the surface of our life journey. If we understand why things happen to us, if we make sense of events, then we know and understand the inner spiritual work we are asked to do in order to start flowing with life and manifest our Divine potential.

Our body is structured for a specific set of experiences and the transmutation may occur as we learn to align our personality (thinking, feeling and behaviour) to the light of Spirit (Higher Mind).  In numerology the Lord Karma is associated to number 8, which relates to the Tarot card Justice, in the sense of Divine Justice. It is about bringing the light into every situation we are living, accepting it and becoming aware of what has brought us to that point so that we may redeem ourselves. It is the sword of truth bringing alignment between our inner and the outer worlds.

“If we do not meet and make one with our will, we will never be a Sun but a wandering star” – Claudine Aegerter (Principal of the Connaissance School of Numerology)

Esoteric numerology teaches us how to become aware of the soul journey. The soul is who we truly are. This means that on one level we have to renounce ourselves completely in the sense that we are truly not what we think we are. Our true nature asks to be revealed and manifested so that we can occupy our true place and role in the Cosmic Plan and become a “way-by” so that co-creation can happen through us.

Every time we avoid to following our inner nature because we refuse the responsibility of the soul, we come from some reactions of the personality.

“True responsibility is when the Soul moves according to the will of its own Spirit as it responds to karmic guidance and its own God.” – Claudine Aegerter (Principal of the Connaissance School of Numerology)

Suffering therefore becomes simply non-alignment. Delusions are what we thought we were and the dissolution of fear, protection, greed and wanting to be in control. All we can really do is to allow the alchemy and let the dissolution to reign in order to become who we truly are.

Esoteric numerology can show us what we define as the initiatic point. An initiation is the beginning of a new state of consciousness, a breakthrough on the path. A crisis does not have to be seen as something negative, but as a possibility for a shift in consciousness and an alignment to the truth of the soul. The truth starts rising from within, from the unconscious mind, until it breaks through and it takes us to the other side of the river, where we were afraid to go. It is a fiery energy (fire is associated to Spirit), which might be perceived as painful, but in reality is an assimilation of higher vibrations so that our being may attune to the higher quality of our Soul.

Esoteric numerology is a possibility of understanding the journey of our alignment to soul, it is about discovering how to serve the Truth that we are. When we truly take on the work, we are standing and walking, completely guided by the law of Karma, which then becomes Dharma, the way of walking through life instead of the obstacles on the path. Karma is the law of life and it becomes a blessing, if we are open to receive its guidance. In this way our material life – the form – becomes a reflection of the Spiritual light and we can start to live up to our full potential.

Love is the key as only if we love/serve what we truly are and consciously choose to be it, we may find inner peace and joy and become an instrument of the Light.

“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth” – Saint Augustine

Esoteric Numerology Based on the 7 Rays

by Leoni Hodgson [updated Jan 2010]

PMAFA, DMNZAS, MSE (Psych), Ph.De Esotericism

Astrologers and Numerologists are always looking at numbers or planet movements in order to try to ascertain upcoming trends and cycles. There are many systems of numerology. I thought it might be useful from an esoteric viewpoint, to look at how numbers affect humanity on a global scale, and how human consciousness is shaped and moulded by the influences which condition the human psyche year by year – the Seven Rays.


The Seven Rays are the seven forces wielded by the Absolute Creator to build the universe (all forms and Souls), and to have a Spiritual experience through the pageantry of these players on the stage of life. The orthodox numerologist should merge current understanding of the numbers, with the following. For more information read Alice A. Bailey’s Esoteric Psychology volumes I and II.

The three major rays of “the Father”

1. Ray One of Will and Power (1)

It is easy to reconcile the traditional understanding which numerologists have of the number "1", with the description given in this Ray 1 paragraph. When "1" is potent in the personality, then very powerful and often arrogant characteristics will be seen.

Ray 1 is the creative-destroying force of the universe – volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, tsunamis, war, death, destruction, all followed by the bursting forth of new life and new beginnings. In human nature it gives tremendous power, strength, will, courage and fearlessness. It focuses upon the “I”. Ray 1 types are rulers and leaders – statesmen, managers, statesmen, governors, supervisors, politicians, judges, law enforcers, military personnel, pioneers, explorers, the matriarch who rules the family with a rod of iron. Examples are Mohandas Ghandi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela.

Strengths: Strength of will, courage, fearlessness. Dynamic power to lead, govern, direct. Power to synthesise, centralise, initiate. Power to preserve values, to establish and enforce the law. Independence and detachment; large mindedness. Power to destroy, liberate old forms.

Weaknesses: Wilful, anger, violence, controlling. Unrelenting ambition, pride. Impatient, power-hungry. Inhibited, suppresses, stubborn. Separateness, isolationist. Hardness, cruelty, arrogance.

Historical Ray 1 figures: Patton, Franklin Roosevelt, Charlemagne, Anwar Sadat, Chancellor Bismarck, Adolph Hitler, Mohandas Gandhi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Hercules, Winston Churchill, Mussolini, Margaret Thatcher, Paul Keating, Khrushchev, Luther, Carlyle, Walt Whitman, Napoleon, Kitchener.

2. Ray Two of Love-Wisdom (2)

Numerologists have always used the "2" as dualism and a primary symbol of relationships, and this is confirmed by the universal force of Ray 2. Other interpretations however such as 'submissiveness and the feminine' need to be questioned when viewed esoterically, because this is the cosmic ray of love, of unification and of wisdom. Above all else it is potentially the most powerful (although still undeveloped in most) force in nature. When "2" is potent in the personality, then gentle, loving and inclusive characteristics will be seen.

Ray 2 is the attractive and magnetising force of the universe, which draws life and matter together, to build the stars, planets and all form life. Then in man, from the merging of Father-Mother, the Son (consciousness, soul) arises, and evolves from ignorance to wisdom. Our solar system is governed by the second ray, and there are more ray two souls on Earth, than on any of the other rays. Ray 2 focuses on “we.” There are two distinctive Ray 2 groups – those who represent the love aspect and are drawn to go into healing, and those who represent wisdom and are drawn to education. Both groups are the embodiment of love and wisdom and are the most charismatic and magnetic group of souls. They are reformers and humanitarians, and many are drawn to work in religion.

Love Types: Strengths – Loving wisdom, serene, composed. Inclusive, empathetic, sympathy, compassion. Exquisite sensitivity. Tolerant, patient, tactful, faithful. Magnetic, attractive love. Power to salvage and redeem. Power to heal through love.

Weaknesses – Express emotions indiscriminately. Binds others through a need to be loved, over attachment. Impressionable, vulnerable, fearful, overprotective, hypersensitive. Non assertive, inferiority complex, self-pity. 
Wisdom types: Strengths – Clear perception, intelligence. Power to teach, heal, illumine. Love of pure truth. Clear understanding.

Weaknesses – Cold and indifferent. Over absorbed in study. Scorns mental limitation in others.

Historical and Famous Figures: Buddha, Christ, Plato, Pythagoras, Albert Schweitzer, Abraham Maslow, Mother Theresa, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Alice Bailey.

3. Ray Three of Active Intelligence (3)

Number "3" has always been regarded as symbolic of expansion and growth, and many numerologists have linked 'intelligence' with this number, confirming the correctness of this when compared to Ray 3. When "3" is potent in the personality, an active mind and natural intelligence will be displayed.

Ray 3 is the force of the Mind of God as it works through substance. It is the highly fertile and intelligent activity of matter itself (3rd Aspect, Holy Ghost, Mother), which naturally and easily adapts itself to suit its environment. It is the proliferation of nature, covering the earth with an active blanket of life. It is form life which knows exactly what it needs to do to reproduce, to nourish itself, and to survive, the apotheosis of which is – the personality! This is the third ray at work in the universe, and it is always concerned with the material and external. This ray develops human intelligence, and produces individuals who can master the complexities of the modern civilised world, and excel in all its fields. Vocations which come under this ray are, business people, financiers, entrepreneurs, alchemists, chemists, astrologers, astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, tacticians, strategists. Examples of people with ray three somewhere in the make-up are Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Bill Gates, Richard Branson.

Strengths: Acute, powerful intellect; capacity for rigorous analysis. Great mental fertility and creativity. Wide ranging, philosophical, and abstract mind, wide views on all abstract questions. Ability to plan, strategise, theorise, speculate. Skilful, influential communicator, facility with language. Great activity and adaptability. Power to manipulate. Power to understand and explain complexly woven patterns. Executive/ business skill, good with money, philanthropic.

Weaknesses: Intellectual pride. Devious, untruthful, deceitful. Manipulative, calculating, an opportunist. Excessive thought without practical action, scattered reasoning. Hyperactive, restless wasted motion, disorder, chaos, busyness. Amoral materialism, excessive materialism. Chameleon, always changing.

Historical and Famous Figures: Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russel, J.D. Rockefeller, Isaac Asimov, Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, Machiavelli, Shylock, F Krupp, Jack Nicholson, Lucretia Borgia

The four minor rays of “Mother-Intelligence”

4. Ray Four of Harmony through Conflict (4)

The traditional understanding of number "4" is that it symbolises all that is solidly earth-bound, practical and four-square. This is correct and based upon the incarnation of the soul into matter. But when it is linked to Ray 4, the true esoteric power of "4" can then be seen. It is the force which bridges the spiritual worlds and the worlds of man, and symbolises the war which occurs between spirit and matter, between the beauty of spiritual beingness and the earthbound selfish ego. When the higher trinity – spirit, controls the ego, then beauty and harmony – on earth and shining through the form nature, is the result. When "4" is potent in the personality, creative and artistic characteristics will be seen, and often rebelliousness and emotionalism.

This is the ray-force of conflict and war. It rules the Human Kingdom, hence the struggle and conflict which seems so distinctive of our race. But it is also called the Ray of Beauty, because when all differences are resolved and all parts come together into a harmonious whole, the result is glorious. Artists can be found on any ray, but there seems to be a preponderance of them on R4 – composers, musicians, writers, and all entertainers. Mediation, counselling and peace-making belong to this ray.

Strengths: Facility for bringing harmony out of conflict. The capacity to grow spiritually and psychologically through constant crises and struggle. Capacity to reconcile, to achieve "at-one-ment", to compromise, mediate and ‘bridge’ opposites. Love of beauty, ability to create and express exquisite beauty. Strong imagination and intuition. Love of colour, strong sense of drama. Abundant creativity, musicality, ability to entertain, amuse, delight. Spontaneity and improvisation. Fighting spirit, courage, ability to make peace.

Weaknesses: Constant inner/ outer conflict, excessive moodiness. Self absorbed in suffering, worry, agitation. Artistic temperament, unregulated passions, exaggeration, temperamental, dramatic displays. Inertia, indolence, procrastination, indecisive. Unpredictable, unstable activity patterns. Overeager for compromise, moral cowardice. Fights for sake of fighting, confused combativeness, swings to extremes.

Historical and Famous Figures: Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare, Salvador Dali, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Dylan Thomas, Eugene O'Neil, Ludwig van Beethoven, Isadora Duncan, Pablo Picasso, Benevento Cellini, Richard Wagner, Robert Burns (poet), Wolfgang Mozart, Franz Schubert, Clause Debussy, Giacomo Rossini, Leonardo da Vinci, Lord Byron, Vincent Van Gogh, El Greco, Edgar Allen Poe, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Felix Mendelssohn, Anna Pavlova, Raphael.

5. Ray Five Concrete Mind and Science (5)

Number "5" is definitely representative of change, and has been linked to the intellect through Mercury by some numerologists. Its true esoteric purpose and power is seen when viewed as the fifth ray of nature, the force of mind when used by man in very practical ways – to understand the world in which he lives. When "5" is potent in the personality, it enhances the power of the lower mind so that often people have good mechanical mental processes, and a natural orientation towards science and scientific thought.

This ray-force governs the Aryan (in consciousness) race, and the development of the discriminating and scientific mind. It has brought about the enquiring, questioning nature which launches man to search for answers about himself and his place in the world. But it becomes a problem when over-emphasised. For then facts and knowledge are used to find differences, and to divide and attack – the separative spirit is the cause of all sin on Earth. It produces scientists, electricians, engineers, inventors, analysts, surgeons, lawyers, technicians, psychologists, astrologers, detectives, etc. Historical examples are Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Alan Leo, Rudolph Steiner.

Strengths: Keen, focused intellect, scientific mind. Highly developed powers of analysis and discrimination. Capacity to think and act scientifically. Power to define. Accuracy and precision in thought and action. Detached objectivity. Facility with mathematic calculation. Technical expertise, mechanical ability. Lucidity of explanation. Common sense and rejection of non-sense. Power to discover through research, investigation, experimentation.

Weaknesses: Excessive mental activity. Over-analysis, rigid and set thought patterns. Ultra-rational, over detailed. Lack of intuitive sensitivity. Narrowness and prejudice. Separativeness and judgment. Seeks to control through knowledge. Excessive objectivity. Lack of emotional responsiveness and magnetism; social awkwardness.

Historical and Famous Figures: Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Charles Darwin, Niels Bohr, Galileo, Isaac Newton.

6. Ray Six Devotion and Idealism (6)

Number “6” has long been viewed as a number symbolising compassion and love, and this latter is correct when interpreted strictly as the conditional love of earth-bound souls. “6” is man’s attempt to love which is limited and flawed. The true number of love is “2”. When "6" is strong in the personality very emotional, intense, passionate and fervent 'servers' and 'believers' are seen.

Ray 6 is related to the Astral Plane, and is the force of idealism and burning desire. It gives the energy of fiery devotion, unshakeable loyalty, a self-sacrificial nature – for an ideal, a cause or a leader. On the personality level Ray six souls are idealistic, pure, good, saints, earnest, trusting, sincere, profoundly humble, and their unstinting service to the poor and suffering is legendary. Mother Theresa is an outstanding example. Ray six types are drawn to religious and service vocations – the mystic, devotee, the saint, preacher, evangelist, missionary, church official, martyr, orator, the active philanthropist, reformer, service men and women, nurse, aide, carers. Examples of strong ray six types are Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Florence Nightingale and President Jimmy Carter.

Strengths: Transcendent idealism. Power of abstraction. Intense devotion, self-sacrificial, self-sacrificial ardour. Receptive to spiritual guidance. Ability to achieve ecstasy and rapture. Earnest, sincere. Utter loyalty, unshakeable faith, undimmed optimism. One-pointed, single-minded, unflagging  persistence.  Profound humility. Purity, goodness, sainthood.

Weaknesses: Rigid idealism. Unreasoning devotion, ill considered loyalty. Excess; extremism; hyper-intensive; overdoing. Unvarying one-pointedness in spite of evidence to contrary. Blind faith. Emotionalism. Selfish and jealous love. Too dependent on others, unwise susceptibility to guidance. Superstition and gullibility; lack of realism. Unnatural suppression of the instinctual nature. Masochism, the martyr-complex, self abasement. Easy to be involved with fanatical (mob) behaviour. Fanaticism and militarism.

Historical and Famous Figures: Jesus of Nazareth, Joan of Arc, Ayatollah Khomeini, Jane Fonda, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Ronald Reagan, Pete Seager, Rev Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Sir Galahad, Martin Luther King, Florence Nightingale.

7. Ray Seven of Ceremony, Order and Magic (7)

Number “7” has been viewed by many numerologists as being a number involving ‘going into retreat’ and also sacrifice, and is often associated in this regard with Neptune. Esoterically, this sacrifice is a result of the pain and suffering which occurs when souls are too attached to their material possessions – Ray 7 rules the physical plane. In the cycle of numbers from 1 to 7 it is the last number, so when strong in the life does teach the necessity of learning to “let go” and move on. Although it is a number which gives power to organised earth life, Ray 7 also rules ritual and magic. Many “7’ people may be organised and earth-bound, others live with “fairies” and opt for an alternative lifestyle.

This lowest ray is related to the highest – ray one. It manifests God’s Plan on Earth. It is the manifesting ray, producing forms on the Physical Plane, which it rules. A seed is sown, and after a period of gestation a form is born on the physical plane – a baby, a creative work, an organisation. This is the seventh ray in action. Ray seven types are “manifesters” because they know how to work the rituals of life. They excel in any vocation which requires superior management and organising skill – business leaders, managers, politicians, organisers, alchemists, ritualists, designers, architects, stage director, magician, occultists.

Strengths: Power to create order out of chaos, to plan and organise. Power to manifest and to work upon the material plane. A keen sense of rhythm and timing, a natural ritualist. Power to work as a magician, to work with Devas and elementals. Power to perfect form, manage detail.  Power to understand and implement the law. Power to renovate and transform. Power to build. Power to coordinate groups. Power to synthesise.

Weaknesses: Rigid orderliness and formalism; crystallisation. Over concern with rules, regulations, the “law.”  Subservience to habit, excessive perfectionism. Superficial judgement based on appearances, a snob.

Meaningless, pompous ritual. Intolerance of individuality; lack of originality. Bigotry and sectarianism.

Addiction to occult phenomena, perversion of the magical process. Materialism; earth-bounded.

Historical and Famous Figures: Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Francis Drake Leonardo Da Vinci, General Kitchener, Aleister Crowley, Benjamin­ Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Merlin, Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Jackie Onassis, Audrey Hepburn.


The number "8" is a combination of rays 7 + 1 and is power manifested upon the physical plane. 
This can be used for material purpose by the ego or for spiritual service by the soul.

The number "9" is a combination of 7 + 2 and is love manifested upon the physical plane.
This can likewise be used for material purpose by the ego or for spiritual service by the soul.


Example: 1953.

1.      The first digit sets the tone and goal for 1000 years. Hence the goal of the “1” which underpinned the evolutionary goal for humanity in the last millennium was to develop individuality and self consciousness.

2.    The second digit sets the tone and goal for 100 years. The development of individuality (1), was to be fine tuned by the nine vibration in the 1900’s. “9” is a synthesising number, so the development of a holistic and more philosophical attitude in human consciousness, was the goal. This would help balance the self centred and selfish tendencies of “1”. As a consequence, a more integrated and interdependent society emerged into the 21st century.

3.    The third number is in effect for ten years. The fifties was intended to be a decade of change and movement, fundamental qualities of the “5”. Humanity still remained in a state of flux following the end of the world war, as immigrants sought a new life in new countries. This transplanting of millions of people, and the introduction of their new ideas and culture upon the collective mind of their new country, would help achieve the goal of the “9”.

4.    The last digit, that of any current year, remains in effect for twelve months. The purpose of this final number is to bring about certain specific results which:

       1. Contribute to the goal of the current decade.

       2. Contribute to the goal of the current century.

       3. To the overall development of consciousness according to the millennium number.

For example: The “3” in 1953 brought in the vibration of the Active Intelligence Ray, and in that year the structure of DNA was worked out. This was a great intellectual feat for mankind.

This helped to change (5) how mankind viewed itself.

The discovery of genetic coding made a major contribution not only to scientific thought which belongs to the “5”, but also to philosophical thought which belongs to “9”.

All these number effects helped the overall “1” evolutionary goal in that millennium – to turn out self conscious human beings.


A millennium responding to the “2” vibration  
brings in the power of Ray 2 of Love and Wisdom – the “2” millennium 
is all about developing brotherly love in relationships.

Its purpose is the development of wiser and more loving ways of interacting with others. This is the goal on both a personal and global scale. Some of the Names of the Lord of R2, and therefore which give a clue to His purpose, are:

The Displayer of Glory, Lord of Eternal Love, The Cosmic Magnet, Giver of Wisdom, The Great Geometrician, The Radiance in the Form, The Cosmic Christ, The One who hides the Life, The Cosmic Mystery, The Light Bringer.

This millennium gives the Lord of Ray 2, the Lord of Love and Wisdom, a thousand years to develop these qualities in human consciousness. This is also the goal of the Solar Logos whose primary ray is “2”, and which is also a major ray of our Planet Logos. So one can see how vital this millennium is, not only to humanity but in larger schemes and cycles as well!

Paralleling this is the fact that we are also currently in the Aquarian Age. Its goal also happens to be the development of love and wisdom, to be expressed through the Aryan (intellectual) consciousness, – once it has been raised to a more universal or wiser level.

Have you noticed a different type of consciousness in children born since 2000? I have heard that many have had speech difficulties, seem to be a little backward in walking and communicating. My own grand daughter was one of these. She had Mercury retrograde when she was born an astrologers know this indicates slower development of communication, and introversion.

I suspect there is a tremendous re-orientation going on, as sensitive souls who are seeds for the “2” vibration and therefore ‘wired’ to be more considerate of others, try to cope with an atmosphere on earth which has been created by one thousand years of self centredness and gratification under the “1”. A few years may be needed for adjustment.


Based on the law of analogy, we can say that events which occur on earth during the first decade, set the tone for what can be expected in the future. The following list indicates the years which affect future decades and centuries.

Year 2000 sets the tone for the first ten years and for the entire first century.
Year 2001 sets the tone for the second decade (2010-2019) and for the second century (2100-).
Year 2002 sets the tone for the third decade (2020-2029) and for the third century (2200-).
Year 2007 sets the tone for the eighth decade (2070-2079) and for the eighth century (2700-).
And so on.

In the year 2007 [when the original paper was written]:

The world as a whole was bathed in the vibrations of “2” and “7”. The Lord of Love was seeking to seed His purpose in a more organised, fundamental, and generic way (7).

Ray 7 is called the Ray of Ceremony, Order and Magic. It is often called the manifesting ray, as many things previously conceived only in the mind, are birthed physically. Some of the Names of the Lord of Ray Seven are:

The Unveiled Magician, Worker in the Magical Art, Creator of the Form, Manipulator of the Wand, The Watcher in the East, Custodian of the Seventh Plan, Keeper of the Magical Word, The Temple Guardian, The Representative of God, The Lord of Death, The Whirling Fire, The Divine Alchemical Worker, Orienting Force.

In a “7” year, the 7th Ray should see major events occur upon the physical plane.

In 2007, perhaps the most important event along these lines, was that the debate about the health of the physical world upon which humans live – the reality of global warming, finally registered in the collective human psyche. Particularly so in the United States, and positive steps were taken by the international community to begin to formulate ways to combat the problem.

New magical-like scientific and technological wonders can be expected – especially in the health field. For example, 2007 saw the birth of personal genomics, where individuals can learn about themselves and improve their health by having their genome scanned and analysed.

You could expect to see leaders who are more group-oriented, who are more practical and organised in meeting the needs of suffering humanity, make their appearance. As an example, Kevin Rudd and his Labor Party were elected into office in Australia, after 11 years of the wealth-oriented Liberal coalition. The Labor party traditionally supports the rights of the workers and disadvantaged in society – and therefore is more closely aligned with the work of the Christ. A simple act of saying “sorry” to the Aboriginal people for the suffering endured under Australian Government policies over the last 150 years, was a milestone in right-human relations, and has helped bring white and black closer together.

A “7” vibration provides opportunity for occult workers, to manifest aspects of the Plan – specifically to do with the Reappearance of the Christ – since 7 is associated with the planet Neptune which is a symbol for Christ. [i] It is a year in which White Magic can be potently wielded by those who know how to express this force through occult meditation.

Seven is a number also associated with endings, sacrifice, sorrow, grief, letting go, and as a result – spiritual re-orientation. Seven type words could be “sadder, but wiser, the chastened one turns within.” The underlying purpose for any sorrowful events occurring in a “7” year, is to provide mankind with an opportunity to learn from its mistakes, and respond more wisely in the future. This will be a challenge for some time, since all those in power still have the number “1” powerfully resonating through their natures. It will require those who are in touch with the Soul, and are responding to the higher vibrations of the numbers and rays, to show humanity how to respond in a new and wiser way. I would expect there will be more of this type appearing amongst the crop of new world leaders over the coming years.

It is logical to think that since Neptune in a lower sense rules fundamentalist religious groups, ‘sorrow’ could continue to come via their machinations, as it has for so many years. But the old ways of responding to terrorist force – seeking an “eye for an eye”, a “1” type of response, is no longer appropriate. Now that humanity is in a “2” millennium, we need to learn to respond in line with Christ’s vibration. By dealing with the roots of the disaffection – and through intelligent negotiation, including all affected and involved parties. The Aquarian way!


When the numbers 2007 are added together, we realise the digit “9”, which was also influential in that year. As well as being a number associated with wise realisations, 9 is also a number indicating major endings leading to new beginnings! This all fits with the above observations. For example, we should see the ending of certain world alliances (political, national, social), and the birth of new partnerships in the coming “1” year [2008 = 1].

Both the UK, Australia and the US are due for new political leaders in this period, and the new brigade will lay the foundation for a new 9 year cycle of inter-action.

The new Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, is in an ideal position now time-wise, to bring about necessary reforms and updates which will enable the UN to be more effective vehicle for the Christ, as it responds to world need.

On an individual level, analyse your own life to see what has become old and lifeless, and which needs to be shed in order for you to be unencumbered and free for the coming new cycle beginning next year! Figure out what you need to do in order to fulfil your soul destiny as a seed for the new age (because you are in incarnation now). The Christ energy is drawing closer to mankind, and is due to manifest around 2025. The collective response from aspirants, disciples and initiates will determine whether this revelation is delayed or on time! We are being presented with an opportunity as occult workers, to make a difference. What we do now and in the next few years will have reverberations for a thousand years! It is something to think about and respond to.

[i] “Christ is spoken of as Neptune” Esoteric Astrology 219

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Soul Astrology As A Spiritual Path

Traditional Bhavacakra Wall Mural
The bhavacakra is a symbolic representation of saṃsāra (or the wheel of cyclic existence). The bhavacakra consits of the following elements:
  • The pig, rooster and snake in the hub of the wheel represent the three poisons of ignorance, attachment and aversion.
  • The second layer represents karma.
  • The third layer represents the six realms of samsara.
  • The fourth layer represents the twelve links of dependent origination.
  • The fierce figure holding the wheel represents impermanence.
  • The moon above the wheel represents liberation from samsara or cyclic existence.
  • The Buddha pointing to the white circle indicates that liberation is possible.

Symbolically, the three inner circles, moving from the center outward, show that the three poisons of ignorance, attachment, and aversion give rise to positive and negative actions; these actions and their results are called karma. Karma in turn gives rise to the six realms, which represent the different types of suffering within samsara.

The fourth and outer layer of the wheel symbolizes the twelve links of dependent origination; these links indicate how the sources of suffering—the three poisons and karma—produce lives within cyclic existence.

The fierce being (Yama, Lord of Death) holding the wheel represents impermanence; this symbolizes that the entire process of samsara or cyclic existence is impermanent, transient, constantly changing.

The Moon above the wheel indicates liberation. The Buddha is pointing to the moon, indicating that liberation from samsara is possible. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhavacakra 

Image credit: ©Wonderlane from Seattle, USA Creative Commons license.
Soul Astrology As A Spiritual Path

Soul Astrology provides a language that can be helpful in understanding your experience and your path. To follow your Soul path in everyday life you also need to be able to 'listen' to the energy of your Soul, and to know where it is guiding you, so that you can follow. This insight comes through self-observation, awareness, and your own experience. In the book, Soul Astrology, we introduced the idea of karma as "everything we have ever learned in this and past lives".

In those spiritual traditions with a concept of karma, there is also the concept of dharma which goes hand in hand with karma. Dharma in a sense is our life purpose. It is what we have come to do in the world.

The word dharma is a sanskrit word that originates in the Indian spiritual traditions such as Hinduism and Bhuddism. There is no single English word that correlates to dharma but it has been translated variously as “right living” and “cosmic law and order”. So we might think of dharma as living in accord with the natural rhythms and laws of the Universe.

Not everyone is born the be a great warrior, president or celebrity, but every single living being has a unique purpose according to the rhythms and laws of the Universe. You have your place in the grand scheme of things just as much as a president or an ant, a great soprano or a butterfly. In a bee hive, each bee has it’s own purpose: some are worker bees, some are warrior bees, and then there is a queen.

Every living thing in existence is exactly where it is supposed to be, serving it’s purpose, and that includes you. So how do you know if are you a worker bee, a warrior or a queen? Well we can look at your horoscope (your birth chart) for clues! Your horoscope is a symbol of your energy field and if we know where to look it can tell us a lot about the energy you were born with. While there isn’t exactly anything in your chart that says precisely ‘you are a plumber’, we can look at some of your predispositions, tools, and talents, and kind of figure it out from there!

Your Rising Sign
One of the first things we can look at is your Rising Sign because that is telling us about your Soul’s energy and, more importantly how it wants to flow into the world.For example, if you have Leo Rising you are here to express Divine Will and purpose in the form of heart-centered leadership. But that’s pretty esoteric, how do we then take that statement and translate it into everyday life?

Your Sun and Moon
Look next to your Sun and Moon signs because they will tell you much about how your Soul energy is being channeled into the world. Maybe your Sun is in Gemini so you could be a heart centered leader (Leo Rising) who uses your words and communication (Gemini) to convey your message. Maybe your Moon is in Libra, so in addition to having a primary ‘MO’ (modus operandi or ‘way of being’) of ‘using words and communication’, you also respond to others emotionally (the Moon) with tact, charm, diplomacy and a sense of fairness and justice (Libra).

Your Midheaven
You can also look to your midheaven (MC) to tell you something about your public, or outer image: how others see you and how you like to be seen (or not) out in the world. With Leo Rising you may have Aries on the midheaven, which means you may be an innovative, bold, courageous leader who takes inspired action in the world. Equally you could have Taurus on the MC which means you would take a more considered approach and may want to be seen as more conventional yet patient, and hard-working.

There are some traditional houses to look at too. Conventionally the 10th house is the house of ‘career’ but this isn’t always the case. It is more accurate to call the 10th house the house of vocation or, since that’s what we’re talking about today, let’s call it the house of dharma!

The 10th and 6th Houses
Esoterically the 10th house is associated with our masters and guides, and our spiritual lineage. So it is saying a lot about where you are in terms of your spiritual development and what you are bringing to the planet in this existence.

If you are really living in alignment with your soul, and doing work that you truly love, knowing it is what you are here to bring to the world, then yes, the 10th house will reflect your ‘career’.

However if you are in a ‘career’ because your parents thought it was a good idea, or you’re just working to pay the bills but you really feel that you were here to bring something else to the planet, then your ‘work’ will show up in the 6th house, while your true vocation, your dharma, will be reflected in the 10th.

For example if you have Cancer on the 6th house cusp, you could be working to pay your bills in a retail store. You may excel at sales because you really understand people’s needs (Cancer), but you may be working your way through college to graduate as a psychologist because with Scorpio on the 10th house cusp you know deep inside that your real ‘life’s work’ is to support people’s inner transformation and healing in a much deeper way than retail allows you to do.

Your Lunar North Node
You could also take a look at the lunar Nodal Axis, which tells you something about your role in the society into which you were born. In particular the lunar North Node is pointing to a path which may be unfamiliar to you, but if you follow it, it can support you in your Soul’s growth, and fulfil your role in society.

If you are uncertain about your life purpose, here are the basic starting points:
  1. Your Rising Sign is telling you what energy your Soul has come to embody and express into the world in this lifetime
  2. Look at the condition of your Sun and Moon, which signs they are in, which houses they are in, and which planets they have aspects to.
  3. Look at the condition of your 10th and 6th houses: which signs are on the cusp, and if any planets are there.
  4. Look at the condition of your Midheaven: which sign is there, and any planets that are there.
  5. Look at the lunar Nodal Axis: in particular your lunar North Node.
  6. Put it all together and (while it won't say 'you're a plumber') it will give you a very good sense of what you came here to do, and how you will do it!

Esoterically it is in Sagittarius that the true goal is identified, so the spiritual journey can begin in Capricorn. Sagittarius season is the ideal time to release all conditioning and man-made beliefs that would otherwise mislead you and distract you from your spiritual path. You don't want to add any more layers (opinions, beliefs, philosophies etc) that will cloud your view of who you really are. Instead, once the goal is clearly seen (your own true nature) your path becomes clear. Your spiritual path then becomes a practice of simply letting go of what you are not, all that is false, so that your true inner nature can shine forth.

The Soul is a vehicle for spiritual energy, and so your Soul Sign indicates your innate core essence. It is the essence of who you really are, and your true nature as a spiritual being, but this all remains latent while you are identified with, and driven by, the needs of the ego-personality. Your spiritual awakening involves realising this core energy and expressing it into the world, while releasing all that is NOT you (your karma or conditioned behaviour), thereby becoming a fully Soul-Centered individual.

Over the next few newsletters it is my intention to cover the foundations of Soul Astrology in more depth and weave it all together so that you can see how it works as a powerful tool for you in your spiritual journey. You might find it helpful to keep a copy of Soul Astrology and your Natal (Birth) Chart to hand. I will also offer suggested fieldwork to support those of you who wish to go deeper in your studies of this fascinating topic.

Suggested Fieldwork:

  • Download and read Your Essential Guide to Soul Astrology (if you haven't read it for a while, read it again to refresh your memory). 
  • Get two notebooks. Use one for your study notes (what you are learning about astrology); and use the other as a reflective journal where you write your deeper insights, self-observations and realisations about YOU that arise from your study and meditation.
  • Self-observation is essential. If you don't already do so, start a regular meditation practice. It can be a sitting or an active meditation, whichever works best for you, to support you in practising self-observation and cultivating self-awareness.

That's all for now! See you next time and in the meantime...  happy exploring!

Best Wishes,


Link: http://www.grnewsletters.com/archive/greatest_adventure/Soul-Astrology-as-a-Spiritual-Path-465596904.html

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Solar Return Chart

An Overview of Solar Returns:
 Solar Return lesson 1  Ron Bippus does an excellent job of introducing solar returns and interprets what each of the solar return houses and planets tells us about the year ahead. 
 Solar Return Frequently Asked Questions by Mary Fortier Shea, M.A.   A downloadable FAQ by one of astrology’s top electional astrologers.
 Llewellyn Worldwide – Articles: Interpreting the Solar Return Celeste Teal explains the basics, gives excellent detail on interpretation, and presents case histories.
 Sample Journeys Yearly Solar Return Report A sample of a computerized solar return interpretation available at CafeAstrology.com.  
Traveling to Get the Best Solar Return:
Where in the World, Why in the World?  John Townley is in his usual good form as he explains how traveling for a solar return works. 
 The Astro*Carto*Graphy Solar Return Map  An excerpt from David Meadows’, Where in the World With Astro*Carto*Graphy, Tempe, AZ: American Federation of Astrologers, 1998.
If you’re interested in using this technique, Continuum has a list of certified Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioners and a library of over 50 articles about relocation techniques here: Relocation Astrology Information and Practitioners.
 Other Applications of the Technique: 
 Making Yourself a Birthday Essence At the Solar Return  An article of my own at Vibration Magazine.  Not based on flowers, this technique would help you work with the planetary energies in a harmonious way. 
Andrea Argoli:On the good and bad health according the solar Return of the year For real scholars only, translation from a classical Greek text.

Link: http://www.maryshea.com/srsun.html

by Starlink

A Solar Return chart is a chart made for only one year in the life. It is a very personal way to see how transits will relate to your natal chart and especially the personal planets give an important insight in how they work out this year. 

Once you understand the basics of your birth chart interpretation, you can use the same technique on your Solar Return chart. The Solar Return chart is a chart drawn up for the exact time when your Sun makes its yearly return to the position it was on at your birth. So you have a different Solar Return chart every year, but the Sun is always at the same sign and degree. Solar Return charts can be created at 
http://www.astro.com/ under "Free Horoscopes" "Extended Chart Selection". (excerpt from Wilscontc)

A Solar Return chart should always be looked at in connection with your natal chart , at least according to my own experiences, because we want to see what our natal planets are doing this year and looking at their positions in the SR chart is one way doing that. Putting them on a 2-wheel chart is a good way of viewing them. Put the natal chart in the inner wheel. Use different colours (for the planets, highlight them by hand if you print it out) for both charts. Personally I draw a Solar Return chart, then also a Natal chart with the SR positions around the wheel. That way you can also keep an eye on the natal chart positions of planets.

Note:You can also view the Solar Return as a chart on its own, but it wont tell you as much as when you compare with the natal chart.

It is not easy to interprete a Solar Return chart because very often what we see in there, reflects the hopes and wishes of the individual and not necessary what will happen to him/her. That is also why we have to look at the birth potential. If the Solar Return shows a fantastic career move, but in the natal chart it is clearly seen that any career attempt is going to be non existent (when the woman is a mother rather than a career type) or when there is no fire present, nor any ambition to be seen (Cardinal mode), then we have to be careful. It could be a wish, not a reality.

We start by only looking at the Solar Return chart.

Begin by looking at the overview of the SR chart, just like you would do it for a natal chart. 
If you have most planets in your natal chart above the horizon, but now all of a sudden most appear below the horizon in the SR chart, than this could show a year where you will tend to keep more to yourself, turn inwards and become more subjective.
When it is the opposite, then you could probably try to become more social or circumstances will force you to be more “public” this year.

When most planets fall on the Asc. side (east) of the SR chart, you might become more driven and action orientated. You will have more opportunities to do what you like without having to take too much into consideration what others might think or expect from you, which would not be so much the case when most planets would fall on the Desc. side (west).

Which quadrant is most occupied in the Solar Return:
1-4 shows personal needs
5-8 shows much involvement with other people
9-12 could show a transpersonal time in your life, much thinking about your life, your wishes and hopes for the future and more time spend in private, necessary to think things over.

Next, where are most planets situated looking at the houses of the Solar Return chart?
Most planets in angular houses (1-4-7-10), comparible with the Cardinal quality/signs. Angular houses are always very strong and much action could take place, new projects and /or relationships could be started, in any case, mostly anything new undertaken.

Most planets in succedent houses (2-5-8-11) are comparable with the fixed quality (signs)and could show that what you have started at the beginning of the SR year, could be finished (“fixed”) or needs to be finished . Depending on the aspects, opportunities for growth are possible.

Most planets in cadent houses? (3-6-9-12), comparable with the Mutable quality/signs. Therefore it could be a year of change and mental activity. Adaptability is necessary and one could tend to start several things at the same time, unable to really concentrate on one thing at a time.

NOTE: Rising planets, especially natal planets which are in the rising side of the SR chart, and especially the one’s in the 1st house and close to the SR Asc. have a lot of power in this year. 

It has also been seen, that natal planets positions in the Solar Return chart can have more impact in this year than Solar Return planets in the SR chart. Always look at both.

Lastly look at the Angles of your Solar Return chart.

Ascendant shows what you want, how you will express your personality.
MC Show what you will aim for and the IC how things could end.

See if they are Fixed,(wanting to stay the same) Cardinal( wanting to advance), or Mutable (wanting to change certain situations).


Cardinal Asc. and IC/MC Fixed: you could start something and end the year by completing what you wanted to do. The Cardinal energy could bring on an exciting and busy time, trying to get something done and the Fixed quality will help you to make it a finished (fixed) product or plan.
Fixed Asc. and Mutable IC/MC? Your conservative ideas or situations (fixed) might have to be changed or will undergo change (Mutability always shows changes with a great deal of activity indicated.
Mutable Asc. and Fixed IC/MC? Things you have not finished yet will need to be concluded . (mutable people have trouble to finish something they started). Try to accomplish something you started a while ago (if you think it is important of course) but listen to your own intuition, rather than to what others tell you.
Fixed Asc. and Cardinal IC/MC: You could expand or update established, (maybe oldfashioned) ideas and . Maybe now is the time to do what you actually wanted to do for a long time and take action (Cardinal attitude)

Intercepted signs and planets are also important to look at, because those houses will be so much bigger. Intercepted planets could have trouble to express their energy at the beginning of the year but when by progression of the angles, they move out of those interceptions they could express their energy later on in the year.

Now begin by comparing SR chart and natal chart.

Begin by looking at the SR Ascendant.

If the SR Ascendant is the same as your natal Asc. then this year could be a very important year with great integration from your part. It does not necessarily have to be an easy year however. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will easily show you if they will cause difficulties or chances.

Should the Natal Descendant become the SR Ascendant, then a difficult year could be awaiting you, but not necessarily a bad year. You might be at the “mercy” of others this year (the East side is now seen on the Asc.,( West side) and East side is always associated with helping others, being of service to others or being dependent on others). Jupiter or Venus rising might help to diminish the problems a bit .

This position could also indicate health problems during the year. Look at the SR 6th house to determine that. Same problems can arise when SR Moon opposes the Sun.
When a marriage should take place in this year, then very often you also will see that the natal Descendant appears on the Solar Return Asc. In my opinion this cannot really show a “difficult” year. That’s why I always look at other transits to the natal chart AND progressed planets to the natal chart, to determine whether this will indeed be a difficult year or not.

The sign on the Asc. will colour your natal Ascendant sign. So if natal Asc. is Capricorn but Solar Asc. is Saggittarius, you might become a bit more adventurous this year, maybe get more interested in other cultures, travel or starting a new study.

As written above, the SR Ascendant ruler and any planets in the 1st SR house are very important.

Look into which house the SR Ascendant falls in your natal chart.
If it falls within 5° of the next house cusp then take the next house.
That house will usually get a lot of focus in the year to come, as well as the house where the Sun is in the SR chart. The Sun never changes sign, but does change house. Also look at both natal and SR rulers of that house.

NB: Should your SR. Asc. be ruled by a transpersonal planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto), then also look at this one. The traditionalists amongst us can look at Saturn, Jupiter and Mars or both modern and traditional to get an allround picture

The house in which the Sun falls in the SR chart is the birthday month's forecast and influence, and each house the Sun travels through after that show the following month, since the Sun transits at the rate of one sign or house per month. Each house the Sun gets into will get some focus that month and the sign and planet ruling the cusp of that house, influences the outlook for that month. Pay attention to the aspects the Sun makes to other planets as it will be possible that it could trigger an event.

Look at all the natal planets and see where they are now placed (which house and sign) in the SR chart. The sign will change their expression a bit or add to the natal expression, the house shows the area where they will “shine” this year.

Where the Solar Return MOON falls in the natal chart indicates an area of restlessness at the beginning of the year. The Progressed Moon has to be taken into account as well to form an idea of how your emotional state could be this year.

Natal Saturn in the SR 12th house can show the need to spend time alone, or even hospitalization. A good placement for solitary work. When it is near the Ascendant, then it should be seen as a 1st house planet and there it will show the necessity to concentrate and focus this year or the need for serious assessment of your life situation.

Natal Jupiter in the SR 12th can show a certain amount of protection during the year. (Same is said of natal Jupiter in the 12th house.) When near the Asc. it will be more noticeable in the 1st house and can show more optimism and the need for freedom and/or expansion.

Indicators of Marriage: 3rd, 7th houses accentuated. Sun or Venus conj.SR Ascendant. 5th and 7th houses both activated and Venus prominent could show a love affair (5) which might end into a commitment (7). Also see if progressed Venus is making an important aspect to the MC or Ascendant of the natal chart the following year(s).

Childbirth or Pregnancy: 4th, 5th and 11th houses activated, North Node in the 5th house, ruler of the 5th in the 1st house. Moon in the 5th could mean thinking about it but not necessarily becoming pregnant.

Career/Job change: 2nd, 6th and 10th houses activated. Uranus or Moon in 6th and 10th especially show change. Also look at Uranus transits over the natal chart’s 10th or 6th house.

Home change: 4th house prominent. Moon or Uranus in 4th. Uranus can also show changes within the home as well, like an addition made or changing the furniture. Mars could show more activity regarding family or home matters.
Saturn in SR 4th shows staying in the same place.

Health:1st, 6th and 12th houses. Sun-Moon oppositions could show health problems. Good aspects between them show good health.

Surgery : 8th and Mars in the 8th or on the Asc. or the Moon in the 8th, challenged. (also for dental surgery and caesarian section delivery) but also look at the transiting or progressed Mars aspecting the Ascendant.

Inheritance: strong 2nd/8th activity.

Divorce: 3rd (dissolution of contract), 7th (break with partner), 8th (financial settlements) and the 9th (legal activities). Pluto, Uranus and Mars angular (because they will conjunct, square or oppose the 7th house.


Solar Return planets are only to be considered active when they aspect a natal planet!Any planet within 3° of a cusp, activates that house.
Any planet on an angle or within 5° before the angle should get extra attention, as well as the house this planet rules.
Any Solar Return planet which conjuncts the same natal planet, like SR Venus conjunct natal Venus (within 3° to 4°) is particularly significant and the SR houses ruled by them also need special attention.

SR planets forming a T-square or Grand Square with a natal opposition or T-square or a YOD with a natal quincunx can show great activity in the natal houses. 

A Solar Return chart can be progressed by moving the housecusps. This is done with the moving of the MC. The MC moves 1° every 4 days which comes then to 7.5° per month etc. When you have found the new position of the MC, then look in your table of houses to find the corresponding Ascendant and other housecusps.
So in this case it is not the planets which move, but the angles which move towards the planets! When any planet gets to less than 5° distance from a SR planet, that could then show that something might happen in relation to that planet and the house it rules.

General Notes:

Do keep all aspects between natal and Solar Return planets within 5° orb.

Below you find some links, also explaining the Solar Return by Celeste Teal and Mary Shea:


Frequently asked questions about Solar Returns, also which location you should use to draw the SR chart, your present location (where you spend most of your time during the year), your place of birth or the place you are at the time of your birthday (on vacation in another country for instance) are explained here:

Solar returns

InterpretationAn interpretation of the solar return chart only makes sense against the backdrop of the natal chart. It makes little sense to interpret it on its own. The following list includes the main criteria for interpretation:
  • The Solar Ascendant: It shows an individual's approach to life in general in the coming year.
  • The Solar Medium Coeli: It shows the general aim in the coming year.
  • These houses will be activated:
    • The natal houses in which the solar Ascendant and Medium Coeli fall.
    • The natal house and the solar house in which the ruler of the solar Ascendant stands.
    • The solar house in which the Sun stands.
    • Any solar house with three or more solar planets in it.
  • Planets which aspect the axes in the solar return chart - they are particularly significant if they are conjunct the Ascendant.
  • Repetition of aspects: Aspects that occur in both the solar chart and the natal chart are particularly significant. When this happens the themes this aspect represents in the natal chart are emphasised and can find new forms of expression or impetus. For example, if there is a square between Saturn and the Sun in the natal chart and a trine between the same two planets in the solar return chart, the horoscope owner will probably find it easier to cope with Saturn/Sun themes in the coming year.
  • Any planets in the natal chart which receive many aspects from solar planets will be activated in the coming year.
It is not necessary to carry out such a detailed psychological interpretation of the solar return chart as is the case with the natal chart. It is possible to be far more concrete - although this doesn't mean [[Event Prediction|prediction of events]]. The natal chart reveals the deeper motivations whereas the solar return chart is more concerned with current events.
The Sun is not the only "planet" for which it is possible to erect a return chart - this can also be done for the Moon (Lunar Return Chart), for Mercury (Mercury Return Chart), Venus (Venus Return Chart) and Mars (Mars Return Chart).

On this first page of our Solar Returns Feature, you’ll find my preferred techniques and key points to consider when interpreting Solar Returns, as well as an example Solar Return interpretation. Note that I sometimes abbreviate “Solar Returns” as “SR”. On page 2 of our Solar Returns Feature, a second example of a Solar Return at work.
On page 3 of our Solar Returns Feature, more techniques for fine-tuning a Solar Return analysis.
On page 4 of our Solar Returns Feature, interpretations of the Ascendant sign in the Solar Return chart, as well as the natal house brought to the Solar Ascendant.
On page 5 of our Solar Returns Feature, interpretations of the Solar Return Sun in aspect to other Solar Return planets and points.
On page 6 of our Solar Returns Feature, the importance of the Moon in the Solar Return chart, by sign, house, and aspect.
On page 7 of our Solar Returns Feature, comparison of books and suggestion of resources for interpreting Solar Returns.


A Solar Return chart is a chart calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position (within 2 days of one’s birthday). This chart can be read much like a natal chart, except that it must be kept in mind that it is in effect only for the course of a year—–approximately from birthday to birthday. [Some astrologers believe the Solar Return is in effect for a longer period of time.]
It is especially important to have an accurate birth time when working with Return charts.
Note that astrologers work with lunar returns and planetary returns as well. I interpret Venus Returns here.

Keys to Interpreting Solar Returns:

A Solar Return chart can be read in as much detail as desired. Some key points to consider are as follows:
1- The Ascendant of the Solar Return chart will color the individual’s approach to his or her environment for the year. For example, if Aries is on the Ascendant in the Solar Return chart, the individual may approach the year with increased energy and enterprise, and perhaps with some impatience. It describes the individual’s overall temperament and attitude during the period. Read more about the Solar Return Ascendant signThe ruler of the Ascending sign, and its position by sign, house, and aspect, will hold more information as to the individual’s general temperament and focus for the year.
2- Note which planets and points in the natal chart, if any, are effectively brought to an angle of the Solar Return chart. Let’s say, for example, that the Solar Return Ascendant is 22 degrees Virgo, and the natal position of Venus is 24 degrees Virgo. The natal Venus is, therefore, conjunct the Solar Return Ascendant, and one can presume that the condition and issues surrounding the individual’s natal Venus will be highlighted (effectively coming to the fore) in the Solar Return year. This consideration shows us what natal conditions, or inherent personality issues, are highlighted in the year of the Solar Return. If, for example, you have a natal Sun square Mars, and the Sun is on the Solar Return Ascendant, perhaps with Mars on the Midheaven as well, we can safely presume that the Sun-Mars struggle or challenge will be especially highlighted in both a personal (Ascendant) and public (Midheaven) manner.
3- Similarly, note which Solar Return planets are on or aspecting Solar Return angles. These are transits that are emphasized in the year of the Solar Return.
4- What is the condition of the Sun? Where is it located by house? (We know the sign, of course, because it will be at the exact natal position). This can show a strong area of focus for the upcoming year. The house position of the Sun in the SR chart shows where (which areas of life) the individual wants to shine. The individual will take pride in this part of his or her life, and a big ego investment lies in this area. He or she has the opportunity to rejuvenate this area. What kind of aspects does the Sun make? See interpretations of the Solar Return Sun in aspect.
5- Another area of focus this year can be found by determining which natal house is effectively brought to the Ascendant. For example, if the Solar Return Ascendant is 14 degrees Cancer, and this degree is found in the natal fifth house, the natal fifth house is effectively “brought” to the Ascendant, and will be another area of focus.
6- Where is the Moon? The position of the Moon by house and sign will show where your heart is, so to speak. If, for example, the Solar Return Moon is in Libra in the 5th house, you will likely to be emotionally tied up in, and concentrated on, love and relationship. A strong need for personal self-expression will be characteristic of the year, and emotional ups and downs are likely to occur in this area of life, simply because this is where your heart is—this is the area of life that you have the biggest emotional investment in—and you may not be completely rational and “in control” in this area. More than simple fluctuations will be in store in this area of life if, for example, the Moon is also forming a square to Pluto in the Solar Return chart. Profound changes are likely to occur here. Thus, factoring in the Moon’s aspects will help refine the reading. Read more about the Solar Return Moon by sign, house, and aspect.
7- Note that a Solar Return chart can be read much like a natal chart, always keeping in mind that it is transient rather than permanent. If you are interested in looking at a specific area, such as finances, you can study the Return’s second house, eighth house, and the condition of Venus. For example, if Solar Return Venus is opposite Solar Return Neptune, especially if Venus also rules the second house in the Solar Return, you might presume that either this coming year there is less emphasis on materialism, or that your income might be fluctuating and somewhat unstable.
8- Get an overall feel for the Solar Return chart by examining hemispheric emphasis, whether or not it is scattered, and which houses (angular, succedent, and cadent) are emphasized. Also, note the qualities of the dominant signs of the year (cardinal, fixed, or mutable).
9- You know the upcoming year will be a “big” one (in a transitional sense) when the Solar Return Sun forms a hard angle with the Solar Return Moon. This is also true when the Sun is conjunct a Solar Return angle.
10- A consideration that I have found to be particularly significant is critical degrees. The most significant critical degrees in Solar Return interpretation are 29 degrees and 0 degrees of any sign. When found in the SR chart, there can be significant events surrounding the energy of the planet/point itself, and/or the house it rules in the chart. I do look at the classic critical degrees as well but as a secondary consideration.
For an insightful and rather thorough analysis of the Solar Return chart, look to Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation & Growth by Mary Fortier Shea.

Example #1:

Let’s look at an example. The following is the natal chart of Ann:
The Solar Return chart for the year we are studying is presented below, along with Ann’s natal chart in the outer wheel so that we can easily see which natal planets conjunct the Solar Return angles.
Immediately, I honed in on a few standout features involving the angles:
  1. Solar Return Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant (rising) in the Solar Return chart, and it opposes a conjunction of Mars and Neptune on the Descendant. Mercury squares this opposition, forming a T-square. All planets involved are in the foreground (angular), in prominent positions in the Return chart.
  2. The natal Moon conjuncts the Solar Return Midheaven.
  3. Solar Return Mercury is conjunct the natal Midheaven.
We also note that there is a conjunction of the Moon and Pluto in the Return chart, and that it trines SR Jupiter, and sextiles SR Mars and Pluto.
Many different issues came to the fore in the year in question. Most notably, her good friend with whom she maintained a friendship with for a few years, committed suicide and a murder on the same day. This, of course, came as a complete shock, and the violent act rocked Ann’s world. She had no clue that this man who seemed to be quite “together” could have committed such acts.
Ann, of course, struggled with this tragedy for some time after it happened. She struggled with guilt (did she ignore signs he may have been displaying?), loss (of a friendship), shock, and anger. If we had looked at the Solar Return chart before the events happened, we would not have been able to predict what actually happened. However, we may have easily seen that Ann would confront some powerful emotional issues, perhaps in a public manner (natal Moon conjunct the SR Midheaven), and that she would struggle with illusion/guilt/anger/excess with regards to her personal relationships (Mars conjunct Neptune at the Descendant). Mercury rules her natal 11th house of friendships, and it also rules her Solar Return 11th house. Mercury (both natal and Solar Return) is found in the 10th house conjunct her natal Midheaven, effectively bringing 11th house issues into the fore in a public manner.
The SR Moon conjunction to Pluto suggests an emotional crisis of sorts. James A. Eshelman, in his book Interpreting Solar Returns, describes this aspect as “Sharp, intensive alterations in life situations; dramatic transformations…Experiences elicit a profound, climactic emotional response (crisis, shock)…Encountering the unlikely, improbable, unbelievable.” (1)
Of course, we cannot expect something as dramatic as what happened in Ann’s life to occur as a result of the individual factors found in the Solar Return chart and noted here. For example, Neptune conjunct the Descendant in a Solar Return chart, taken alone, can very certainly represent the encountering of disillusionments in close relationships. It can also suggest a year in which the native looks for new meanings in relationships, for example.
It is interesting to find Jupiter prominent in Solar Returns and transits when, for example, a person has had an accident, or goes through something like Ann did. At first, it seems counter-intuitive because we consider Jupiter the planet of luck. Indeed, it does have a protective influence. Perhaps prominent Jupiter suggests a level of protection in the sense that the person survived the incident or crisis. Another way of looking at it is that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and excess. Effectively, it does represent some level of drama. Involved with Neptune and Mars, and we can easily see that it expanded or emphasized the Mars/Neptune issues of disillusionment. When in difficult aspect especially, Jupiter can suggest over-confidence and recklessness or misjudgment as a result.
See Example 2 

References & suggested further reading:

(1) Interpreting Solar Returns by James A. Eshelman.