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Squares in synastry: how to make them work

Overcome misunderstandings and conflict

 Squares in synastry have a bad reputation. Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto squares have a particularly nasty rep as they’re associated with misunderstandings and conflict. But a negative and fatalistic view of squares in synastry could have you caught up in self-defeating self-talk, when in many cases all that’s required is the development of greater understanding and compassion for each other.

As Steven Forrest writes in his excellent article Love Handles: Practical Synastry in Action, aspects are the ‘glue’ that hold a relationship together. Without aspects between two charts there would be no attraction, and little reason to interact at all. Easy aspects, such as trines and sextiles, keep us together because they feel good, they are comfortable. Difficult aspects, such as oppositions and squares, keep us together by making things interesting. They are the friction that creates the sparks, the tension that leads to development, growth and change. Without oppositions and squares in synastry a relationship will get boring fast!

In reality aspects are neither good nor bad. All can be used positively to fulfill the basic function of a healthy relationship: to help each individual reach their highest potential. Squares in synastry are no exception.

With oppositions in synastry we often find ourselves in power struggles related to the area of the chart and the signs involved. With squares in synastry there is a tendency towards misunderstanding; blaming and judgment often results. The planets are in such different signs that there is a basic inability to see things from the other person’s perspective, but being in the same quadruplicity (cardinal, fixed or mutable) there is also a certain similarity that we may not be able to see. We may deny these qualities in ourselves, while projecting them onto the other.

Some squares in synastry are not as difficult as others

The chances of misunderstanding and conflict occurring with squares in synastry has a lot to do with the planets involved, and with the placements of the planet’s in the signs and houses.
Let’s take an example. A woman’s 8th House Capricorn Moon is square a man’s Saturn in Libra in the 5th. She is a person who feels very intensely but tends to cover it up with a mask of capable, professional detachment. He is someone who makes his decisions on values of fairness and justice rather than emotionality, and although his Pisces Sun makes him very intuitive he has little time for over the top expressions of feeling. He is therefore very attracted to this women who seems to manage her emotions so well.
Unfortunately Moon in Capricorn is not always honest when asked if she’s ok! She may put on a brave face but deep down she’s intensely confused and unhappy. Knowing that Saturn admires her for her non-attachment and balanced perspective she is all the more likely to keep her feelings to herself and over time begins to feel repressed, secretive and insecure.
Fortunately with this placing we have two features that help bring greater understanding. The first is the Moon’s placing in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. This brings some commonality and each partner is therefore able to see the others motivations more clearly. The second is a trine aspect between the woman’s Moon and the man’s Chiron, giving him a strong desire to foster her emotional healing. He is therefore likely to have greater patience and a stronger desire to penetrate her shell. Both of these factors give the couple a greater chance of working through and resolving the misunderstandings inherent in the square aspect.
Thus, even in the case of the much-feared Moon-Saturn square, some squares in synastry are not as difficult as others. It all depends on the planets, signs and houses involved, as well as the way the square interacts with the other elements in the chart. As we see over and over again, understanding astrology is all about seeing things as a whole. You cannot take one element and look at it in isolation.

How can squares in synastry lead to a healthy relationship?

  1. Practice empathy – Overcoming squares in synastry, especially the ones that are causing a lot of misunderstanding and conflict, is all about practicing empathy. We need to see from the other person’s perspective, a perspective that may seem completely alien to us. We need to gifts of Neptune to imagine what it is like to be them, with their particularly astrological traits and neuroses.
  2. Let go of control – Sometimes we need to recognise that the conflict in our relationships, whether caused by squares in synastry or other factors, is not going to go away until one person backs down. By remaining conscious and present you can often see when the issue between you is just not worth the unhappiness caused by the conflict. Surrendering your position, as long as it is done with good will, completely disarms the other and leaves you both free to enjoy each others company.
  3. Accept the other person as they are – The unfortunate reality is that none of us are perfect, but some of us have yet to accept this. We may beat ourselves up for our own faults or we may harass others for theirs, but neither approach is very useful. Accepting ourselves and others as we are, especially when this does not fit the model of how we would like things to be, is a fundamental step towards developing healthy relationships.
  4. Take responsibility for your own needs – It’s easy to blame others for failing to meet our needs and squares in synastry make this more likely. For example a woman with Venus square her partner’s Mars may feel angry that they are rough and ready in the bedroom when what she craves is sensuality. If in all other ways the relationship is a good one, this woman might consider meeting her need for sensuality elsewhere, such as by enjoying a perfumed bath or having a professional massage.
  5. Communicate – Communication is vital in any relationship and the misunderstandings caused by squares in synastry make it all the more important. Never assume the other person understands where you’re coming from, or blame them for failing to ‘get you’ when you haven’t been clear about how you see the world, your needs or your feelings. If communicating tends to backfire on you, leading to drama and conflict, check out the principles of Non Violent Communication. They’ve helped me a lot :)
Of course there are times when no amount of communication and empathy will help. Abusive and co-dependent relationships have deeper problems at their root. If you’re in a relationship where you feel put down not built up, the wisest course of action may be to walk away. There’s no point flogging a dead horse. If you can’t seem to get out of the relationship, seek help. When you’re in a soul-destroying relationship you may no longer have the strength to walk away. In such cases seek out a person who loves and cares for you and ask for their support. In time you will regain your strength and then you may have the opportunity to return the favour.

Squares in synastry contain important lessons our relationship can teach us about ourselves and others. When we view them in this way, instead of as fatal flaws that doom the relationship from the start, we can use them for our personal growth. As always there is no need to force anything. Just become aware of where there is misunderstanding or tension. As you become more conscious of the roles the two of you are playing, you will find the situation naturally shifts and changes. This may be towards greater harmony between the two of you or, where one or both people is unable to adapt, it may mean an end to the relationship.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Esoteric House Interpretations

By Lynn Koiner

ESOTERIC ASCENDANT: This House rules our Soul’s Purpose— the purpose for which the Soul came into manifestation. For example, Gemini-Virgo, ruled by Hermes, is the communicator at all levels. This House rules activities with National Implications – social reforms, national issues, social services, and activism.

ESOTERIC SECOND HOUSE: This House is a healing house and it rules body movements that sustain the body such as yoga, aerobics and bioenergetics.
  • This is the most COMPULSIVE House and planets here behave compulsively.
  • Spiritually, it is sharing what we have with others, fair trade organizations (with the 4th House) and agriculture in under-developed areas of the world. This is a medical House tending to the physical body, body movements and techniques for its maintenance.
ESOTERIC THIRD HOUSE: This is the House of Right Human Rights through Unity Consciousness. It marks the Universal Communicator. Gemini represents the Principles of democracy— that all people must have the knowledge, the education and the information by which they can make choices for themselves. Otherwise, you cannot have a democracy.
  • Fields of Education – nurturing the minds of others. Reform through communications and media; head-start programs, Special Education; and not playing favorites with those in one’s immediate environment.
ESOTERIC FOURTH HOUSE: This House rules environmental issues, the environments in which people lives, humanitarian issues connected with disasters of nature.
  • When I began traveling to Europe, I found people who looked exactly like people I knew in America. I found the astrological connection to be with the 4th House…that there must be some ancient, ancestral connection with each other.
  • This House, with the Fixed Star, Antares (9° Sagittarius), rules the Root Chakra— our rootedness to the planet. When disturbed, our immune system is affected. The House position of Antares shows where we can feel rooted. This could be helpful for Immune System diseases.
  • Caroline Myss wrote that, when there is a sickness in society, there is some global sickness. During WWI, there was the Great Influenza. During the Great Depression, there was polio. When the economy improved after WWII, a cure for polio was discovered. The 4th House rules grass-roots political movements and one who always opposes those in office.
  • Spiritually, the 4th is associated with nurturing the very young and very old, visiting and working with the elderly, halfway houses, AA programs, day care centers, services to improving the quality of life for the less fortunate and improving the ecology and environment where you live.
  • This is a House that rules grass roots politics, as well as environmental issues. One environmentalist in Prag has Virgo rising but the Moon is in the 2nd House in Libra. Mars and Saturn are in the 4th but not connected to Soul’s Purpose— this means that it is a vehicle for her anger from her childhood.
NOTE: I have Antares in my 4th House and I need a permanent home that is always there for me. To live in an apartment and not have a place of my own, I found feel ungrounded and disconnected and, surely, my own immune system would suffer. One student said that she only needed a home that was a safe haven for her, to feel connected to this planet.

ESOTERIC FIFTH HOUSE: The 5th House Creativity of the Soul. Its Soul’s Purpose is connected with nurturing the creativity in young people. The Soul’s Purpose may involve working with children, helping others to become more creative and spontaneous (such as Martha Stewart and the woman who made the poncho in prison). Children can be connected with nurturing and acceptance— retarded, homeless, foster care.
  • Critical people are rarely spontaneous. Creativity helps bring out the child in one’s self. Studies in personality development and the Chakras are ruled by the 5th. The 5th is associated with drama, film, theater, psycho-dramas and educational arenas in which people have fun— conferences, expos, festivals and seminars.
ESOTERIC SIXTH HOUSE: This is a Service House and it is a Healing House. For healing, it is setting up health systems, herbs, vitamins and exercise. Sixth House healers help others to change negative patterns in their lives in order to improve overall health and well-being.
  • Spiritually, this House rules Health and Human Services, Public Service (esp. with 7th and 10th Houses), labor relations, healing services, nutrition, improving and reforming work conditions, animal rights, especially animals who serve man.
ESOTERIC SEVENTH HOUSE: This House rules what we seek in others rather than build in ourselves. When we apply these qualities to ourselves, we can have an integrated personality. It rules counseling and the legal system. Spiritually, one must let go of expecting others to be what you need or what you want them to be, letting go of co-dependent or enabling attitudes. Look to others to reflect what you need and what you want to be— then integrate this into your own personality.
  • This is a House associated with the expression of Unity Consciousness— social wholeness and integration.
  • This House rules consultants but, esoterically, it is especially interested in integrating and unifying opposites and differences.
ESOTERIC EIGHTH HOUSE: This is a MAJOR Healing House— healing those who are totally out of control. But, healing can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and even technological. It has great power for transformation and rejuvenation.
  • Neptune here rules a spiritual guide of someone we knew in our youth.
  • With the 4th and 12th, it rules our connection with our Soul Group. When there are strong afflictions between the 4th and 12th Houses, this often indicates a violent death in the past life. This can be part of the trauma.
  • It rules psychic dreams, out of body experiences, life after life studies, near death experiences (inconjunct to ruler) and a connection with spirit guides. It can help others make transitions.
  • It is our attitude towards death— do we fear God? Saturn in the 8th is often afraid of God. But, studies in reincarnation and life after death are transformational for these individuals, liberating them from the fear.
  • It is also a House of Inventions. Spiritually, it is associated with finding money for those in need. A lesson is found in learning acceptance through studies in reincarnation.
NOTE: Liberating and change can come with the death. A friend with Virgo rising and the Moon in the 8th helped others cross over.

ESOTERIC NINTH HOUSE: Spiritually, the individual experiences expansion through exposure to people who are socially and culturally different from one’s self. The lesson is in learning to accept differences through travel, education and the cultivation of inclusiveness in spiritual concepts and philosophies. Remember, “the children of God are of One Blood.”

ESOTERIC TENTH HOUSE: Our Soul’s Purpose is to come to the public. It portends a Public Service career. Martin Luther King Jr. had his Esoteric Rulers in this House.

ESOTERIC ELEVENTH HOUSE: The 11th House rules heart-centered groups in service to humanity— New Group of World Servers who share the same vision for humanity.
This House is associated the Heart Chakra or the opening of the Heart Chakra. The Fixed Stars Betelgeuze at 26 Gemini and Sirius at 13 Cancer are connected with this Chakra.

ESOTERIC TWELTH HOUSE: This said to be the House of Personal Un-doing. Lack of acceptance, lack of nurturing and lacking in an ability to RECEIVE is truly self-undoing. The emotional handicap we experience creates a self-imposed prison.
  • The sentence ends when we learn to accept ourselves AS IS— as well as others. In going through hell ourselves, we can learn compassion and acceptance of others. This House is a Guinea Pig house— what happens to us we can use to help others.
  • Let go of fear!! Fear itself can provide a feeling of security— I cannot do something because of my “nerves,” my phobias, my fears! Remember, when the ego dominates, you will ALWAYS feel insecure. After this process has taken place, the individual can help others to free themselves from similar entanglement.
  • For example, in the chart of Martin Luther King Jr, Vulcan in Aquarius in the 10th shows a destiny to free people from restricting positions, status and standards of living by opening up professional avenues and changing societal views, such as equal rights for blacks, women and minorities.
  • This House is connected with unseen worlds, spirit guides and going inside for guidance.


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Timing in Tarot

Time Event With Tarot

One thing is to look in the cards and be able to predict what is likely to occur, another is to accurately time events using tarot. Timing events using Tarot is easy when you follow these simple techniques using either the suits, the aces, the planetary cards and/or the 5 year system.

You can use the four suits and the pages of the suits:

  • Pentacles ~ Years. 
  • Page of Pentacles ~ Autumn
  • Swords ~ Months
  • Page of Swords ~ Winter
  • Wands ~ Weeks
  • Page of Wands ~ Spring
  • Cups ~ Days, but only if next to a pentacle card.
  • Page of Cups ~ Summer
 We can hugely influence the outcome by our beliefs and ideas. The cards pick up on this as well. For example, someone recently asked how much longer they were going to stick at their job. This person had been thinking of leaving for some time. I laid out three cards. The cards that came up spoke of a holiday. The person was going on holiday for a month over Christmas and didn’t want to resign before then. The cards clearly stated that this holiday was significant and the resignation is likely to happen during this period.

The next 6 years tarot system

Another way to predict when things are likely to occur is to look at the next 6 years, I turn the cards over one by one with 12 cards in 6 piles, then the rest of the deck in the 7th pile  Each of the six first piles represent 1 year, pile one being the first year, pile two being the second year etc. Examine all the piles. Depending on the question look at the pile with the most favourable cards. For example if the question is about when will I get pregnant, then look at the pile that has the Empress, Ace of Wands or Ace of Cups and the Sun. Look at the combination that looks most favourable and notice what pile they are in. If the most favourable cards are in pile 4 then it is most likely to happen in 4 years time. However if it is not likely to happen within 6 years, the most favourable cards will be in the 7th pile. The 7th pile represents the long distant future (not just the 7th year)

To predict when something will happen in the next 12 month you can use the Aces:

Ace of Cups ~ First Quarter
Ace of Wands ~ 2nd Quarter
Ace of Swords ~ 3rd Quarter
Ace of Pentacles ~ 4th Quarter
If your prediction is when something will happen within the next month, you can use this method as well, each quarter will be about 7 days.

To determine the day you can use the planetary cards:

Shuffle the deck using only the 22 Major Arcana card and turn the cards over one by one. The first of the planetary cards to be turned over will be the answer to which day it is most likely to occur. 
Monday ~ High Priestess ( Moon)
Tuesday ~ Tower (Mars)
Wednesday ~ Magician (Mercury)
Thursday ~ Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)
Friday ~ Empress (Venus)
Saturday ~ World (Saturn)
Sunday ~ Sun (Sun)

You can also use the tarot dates, cycles and seasons to time events.

Tarot is also connected to certain dates, cycles and seasons. Click on text to learn more. 

Yes or No tarot methods

You can also time events using yes and no tarot spreads. Learn the different yes/no tarot layouts here. 

Tarot is a powerful tool to predict specific dates, cycles and seasons.

Fool ~ season of spring or 7 years
Magician ~ 88 days
High Priestess ~ 28 days
Empress ~ 224 days
Emperor ~ March 21 – April 19
Hierophant ~ April 20 – May 20
Lovers ~ May 21 – June 21
Chariot ~ June 22 – July 22
Strength ~ July 23 – August 22
Hermit ~ August 23 – September 22
Wheel of Fortune ~ 12 years
Justice ~ September 23 – October 22
Hanged Man ~ Season of fall
Death ~ October 23 – November 21
Temperance ~ November 22 – December 21
Devil ~ December 22 – January 19
Tower ~ 2 years
Star ~ January 20 – February 18
Moon ~ February 19 – March 20
Sun ~ 1 year
Judgement ~ Season of summer
World ~ 30 years


Two of pentacles ~ December 22 to December 30
Three of pentacles ~ December 31 to January 9
Four of pentacles ~ January 10 to January 19
Five of pentacles ~ April 21 to April 30
Six of pentacles ~ May 1 to May 10
Seven of pentacles ~ May 11 to May 20
Eight of pentacles ~ August 23 to September 1
Nine of pentacles ~ September 2 to September 11
Ten of pentacles ~ September 12 to September 22


Two of swords ~ September 23 to October 2
Three of swords ~ October 3 to October 12
Four of swords ~ October 13 to October 22
Five of swords ~ January 20 to January 29
Six of swords ~ January 30 to February 8
Seven of swords ~ February 9 to February 18
Eight of swords ~ May 21 to May 30
Nine of swords ~ June 1 to June 10
Ten of swords ~ June 11 to June 21


Two of wands ~ March 21 to March 30
Three of wands ~ March 31 to April 10
Four of wands ~ April 11 to April 20
Five of wands ~ July 22 to August 1
Six of wands ~ August 2 to 11
Seven of wands ~ August 12 to August 22
Eight of wands ~ November 23 to December 2
Nine of wands ~ December 3 to December 12
Ten of wands ~ December 13 to December 20


Two of cups ~ June 22 to July 1
Three of cups ~ July 2 to July 11
Four of cups ~ July 12 to July 22
Five of cups ~ October 12 to November 1
Six of cups ~ November 2 to November 12
Seven of cups ~ November 13 to November 21
Eight of cups ~ February 19 to February 28
Nine of cups ~ March 1 to March 10
Ten of cups ~ March 11 to March 20


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Declinations Convertor - Astrological technique by Kt Boehrer

Declinations, the other dimension of a planet's position in an astrology chart, represented an overlooked technique until astrologer Kt Boehrer books were published. She thoroughfully investigated this subject over many years, bringing to astrologers' awareness the extraordinary power and value of declinations. A high-quality website with many valuable articles on declination is

Also known as "the declination lady", as she used to sign her messages, she pointed out the importance of out of bounds planets and developed astrological techniques such the declination conversion into longitude.

This technique simply considers that as the Sun moves both in longitude and declination throughout a year, there is a symbolic relationship between a declination degree and the Sun's position in longitude when it has the respective declination. But there're two moments during a year when the Sun has the same declination (named antiscia or solstice points), so there're two longitudes corresponding to a specific declination of the Sun. So, this is it: a planet's position in declination has two equivalent longitudes, representing a sort of reflection, a mirroring, a hidden connection.

It therefore allows correlating the two dimensions, declination and longitude, offering a way to integrate declinations in the regular astrology chart interpretation.

Whenever a planet's declination is higher than the maximum Sun declination (23°27' North/South), whenever a planet is out-of-bounds, the above mentioned technique cannot be applied anymore, so Kt Boehrer figured out a trick for this situation: the planet's declination is considered to have a mirror co-declination on the other side of the 23°27' threshold. Example: a declination of 23°30' has a codeclination of 23°24'.

Declination calculation:

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Esoteric meanings of the Rising Sign

by Adele Barger Wilson

The following sign meanings are based on the principles set forth by Djwhal Khul
through Alice Bailey in Chapter II of Esoteric Astrology and simplified in
 An Esoteric Journey Through the Zodiac: The Inner Meanings of the Signs

PLEASE NOTE:  By no means do the paragraphs on this page represent firm or final textbook delineations.  Please consider them as constituting an initial attempt to verbalize possible soul's-purpose implications of the ascending sign in the horoscope.  I offer them to you as a starting point, an initial frame of reference, in our collective quest to discern and recognize the various arenas of growth, types of consciousness expansion, and fields of service that can be intended by the human soul.  Of course, the esoteric significance of the rising sign must be modified by many factors, most significantly, by planets in the first house, aspects to the ascending degree, and the house position, sign, and aspects of the esoteric ruler of the ascendant.  Degree, decanate, duad, and fixed star symbolisms are among the many other possible colorations that can contribute to the synthesis that would begin to describe the soul's purpose.
ARIES - Replacing instinctual desire with will;  the increasing assertion of the Higher Self;  discerning Divine Will by birthing new ideas to aid the evolution of the planet;  embodying Divine Will by personifying and enacting these ideas
TAURUS - Being a wise steward of the Earth's resources, utilizing them for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan;  seeing, becoming, and using Light as a tool to dissipate astral glamour and to transmute material attachment into spiritual aspiration
GEMINI - Giving Love wisely and applying Wisdom lovingly; spreading Light and bridging gaps between people; being a channel of Love-Wisdom to help connect people and promote planetwide unity of all Humanity
CANCER - Realizing the Oneness of all manifested life, human, animal, vegetable, and mineral;  using innate attunement to mass consciousness to build forms that will uplift and inspire Humanity toward the universal Love of the heart chakra
LEO - Becoming centered in God-consciousness by perfecting the personality and infusing it with soul energy in order to radiate Love to others; leading a humanitarian service group and cooperating with other group leaders in a unified effort to usher in a higher planetary consciousness
VIRGO - Refining the personality so that it can receive the energies of the soul and thus birth the Christ Consciousness in the self;  helping to rearrange the physical plane in preparation for receiving the higher energies necessary for planetary initiation
LIBRA - Seeing the other as part of oneself;  incorporating insights from others in order to realize the balance between, and unity of, the personality and the Higher Self;  becoming Whole through cooperation with the Higher Self and the Divine Plan
SCORPIO - Transmuting lower desires into Higher Will through the testing and purging of the personality;  being a spiritual warrior and catalyst of healing through the embodiment and transmission of Divine Power
SAGITTARIUS - Experiencing all facets of human life in order to develop a complete acceptance, understanding, and love of others of different cultures, creeds, races, and religions;  bearing the torch of Light and Love to inspire others toward greater understanding of life and of each other
CAPRICORN - Developing patience, persistence, and perseverance by working productively within the limitations of matter, time, and space in order to progress spiritually, become increasingly involved with the Forces of Light, and assume greater responsibilities in helping to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth
AQUARIUS - Waking up to the universality of Spirit and the Divine essence and unity of all beings, interplanetary and extraplanetary;  serving uniquely and lovingly in a cooperative effort with other servers, under the direction of the Planetary Hierarchy, to help the whole of Humanity awaken and take its next step forward in consciousness.
PISCES - Becoming aware of ingrained personal attitudes, cultural thoughtforms, and societal institutions which hinder planetary progress, then wielding Power to transmute these into higher forms of energy, thus clearing the way for the new thought forms which will serve the the Divine Plan of evolution for the planet and the solar system


The Message of the Stars



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Physical Descriptions and Characteristics of the Tarot Court

by Gina Thies

The human figure has been the subject of drawings and art from the beginning of history. It has been so significant to art, partly because it is used to express the cultural values and viewpoints of the diverse eras in which they are composed. The Renaissance having the most influence on tarot is possibly also most detrimental in terms of representing all spectrums of people. It is a reminder of how small the world once appeared.

In the telling of any story, the physical descriptions of characters help to bring the story to life.

One could liken the reading process to telling one’s life story, with a host of characters that influence
the tale. In matters of love, querent regularly ask, “What does the future hold for my love life?”
followed by “What does he/she look like?” Even when matters are not so close to the heart, querents
naturally want specific information to make a reading more relevant and personal.

The tarot court cards are without a doubt descriptive of personalities in the cast of life. The following are a list of traditional and not-so-traditional physical descriptions of the 16 types of people represented in tarot royalty.

King of Wands

Physical type: Red or reddish-brown/auburn hair, fair
or light skinned complexion that could be freckled or
with a distinct mole or scar on the face or head. Eye
color ranges from hazel to green blue or turquoise.
Appearance can be husky or muscular with pronounced
nose, chin or brow areas.
Mature or 35+ in age.

Characteristics: Headstrong, vibrant, impulsive,
capable, dedicated, driven and typically has a good
sense of humor.

King of Swords

Physical type: Blond hair or hair with blonde
highlights or streaks. Fair complexion, may be darker
due to sun exposure. Eyes glitter or shine and colors
range from blue, bluish-gray to bluish-green to light
brown. Often features a long nose and a high forehead.
Mature or 35+ in years.

Characteristics: Rational, perceptive, can be selfless
or self-righteous. Reasonable, poised, judicious, and
often speaks through facial expression.

King of Cups

Physical type: Light brown to golden blonde hair or
highlights. Hair is usually thick and leans more to
brown. The complexion is medium fair to olive with
piercing eyes having colors that range from
grayish-blue to brown. The face shape typically is
square with distinct features, sultry lips and high or
prominent cheekbones.
Mature or 35+ in years.

Characteristics: Malleable, moody, tender, devoted,
loving, focused with creative tendencies.

King of Pentacles

Physical type: Dark brown to black hair or highlights.
Hair may gray in early years leaving a salt and pepper
appearance. The complexion ranges from fair to any
dark-skinned tones. The eyes are clear and bright and
in fairer skin can be blue, green or violet. With
darker skin tone, they range from hazel or light-brown
to dark brown. The face tends to look serious and the
body type can be slender or lean and tall.
Mature or 35+ in years.

Characteristics: Physically strong with high endurance,
capable, confident, resourceful, enterprising and

Queen of Wands

Physical type: Auburn, burgundy, red or reddish-brown
hair with red highlights or henna rinse. The complexion
is extremely light to darker fair with freckles, spots
or moles. The eyes are pleasant and color ranges from
light amber to hazel or from blue to grey. There is
tendency to have prominent facial features and a stout,
sturdy frame.
Mature or 35+ in years.

Characteristics: Dramatic, passionate, vibrant, feisty,
impulsive and busy. Can also be aloof or egotistical
and haughty.

Queen of Swords

Physical type: Light blond to dark brown hair with
blonde highlights or ombre coloring. Medium-skinned,
may be darker due to sun exposure. Eyes can range from
blue to bluish gray or greenish-brown. In older people
of darker skin tones, eyes can have a bluish appearance.
Often features an oval face and appear younger than
they actually are in age Typically of average to above
average height. Very sophisticated.
Mature or 35+ in years.
Characteristics: Intellectual, ingenious,
perfectionist, straightforward and honest. Loves
harmony, balance and pleasantries. Diplomatic, tactful
and discriminating.

Queen of Cups

Physical type: Light blond to sandy blond hair or dark
hair with blonde highlights. Hair may also be thin.
Light to medium olive skin tones, may be darker due to
sun exposure. Eyes are blue, blue-gray or light brown
with specks of yellow or blue. Often features a a short
nose and round facial details. Height tends to be below
average to average.
Mature or 35+ in years.

Characteristics: Charming, alluring, mysterious,
soothing, loving and soft attitude. Can be naïve,
trusting and innocent.

Queen of Pentacles

Physical type: Dark brown to black hair or dark hair
mixed with gray and straight or coarse. Complexion is
medium to dark and deep-set eyes tend to be darker no
matter the hue, ranging from hazel to green and
sometimes violet, which is really a very deep blue.
Features are fine and the nose long and thin or broad.
Body frame has tendency to be thin and bony and small
to below average height.
Mature or 35+ in years.

Characteristics: Studious, resourceful, public-minded,
charitable, service-oriented, philanthropic, aspiring
and inspirational.

Knight of Wands

Physical type: Blond or red hair that is thick and
bushy.  Fair or light skinned complexion. Eyes range
from blue to green-blue or turquoise. Features include
a large aquiline nose, wide forehead and often a large
prominent mouth.  Body is top-heavy and can have long
legs and there may be a tendency towards clumsiness.
Young adult 18+ in age.

Characteristics: Intuitive, vibrant, politically-motivated,
philosophical, natural leadership abilities.

Knight of Swords

Physical type: Blond hair or dark hair with blonde
highlights or streaks that is straight and thick. Fair
complexion or light-skinned, may be darker due to sun
exposure. Eyes are sparkling bright and colors range
from blue to bluish-gray to light brown. Often features
a prominent nose and a high forehead. Body is tall,
lean and sinewy.
Young adult 18+ in age.

Characteristics: Eccentric, vivacious, dramatic,
quick-witted, experimenter, social-engineer, outgoing
and wish-washy.

Knight of Cups

Physical type: Light blonde to amber brown hair or
highlights. The complexion is fair to light olive with
piercing eyes having colors that range from gray to
brown. The face shape typically is square with shapely
lips and high or prominent cheekbones.
Young adult 18+ in age.

Characteristics: Honorable, compassionate, sacrificing,
nurturing, ideal lover, romantic, flirtatious, kind and

Knight of Pentacles

Physical type: Dark auburn to black hair or highlights.
Hair is quite thick with a healthy appearance. The
complexion ranges from medium olive to dark. The eyes
are piercing, serious. With fairer skin, eyes can be
blue, green or violet; with darker skin tones, eye can
range from hazel or light-brown to dark brown. The face
is bold either in round or square shapes attached to a
long or thick neck and well proportioned body.
Young adult 18+ in years.

Characteristics: Protective, involved, responsible,
hard working, dependable and dull. Serious, practical
and concerns with the important duties of life.

Page of Wands

Physical type: Fair, strawberry-blonde or light brown
hair.  Very fair or light skinned complexion. Eyes
range from green to blue or blue-gray. Face is marked
with a distinguished nose with a high bridge, large
forehead and often a prominent chin.  Bone structure is
average but sturdy.
Either sex and under 18 years of age.

Characteristics: Light hearted, playful, sincere,
active, athletic, adventurous, supportive and team

Page of Swords

Physical type: Medium blonde or dark hair with blonde
highlights or streaks that is straight with a tendency
to be sparse. Fair complexion or light-skinned, may be
darker due to sun exposure. Eyes are sparkling bright
and colors range from, bluish-gray to greenish brown.
Body is lean, muscular and toned.
Either sex and under 18 years of age.

Characteristics: Curious, nosey, impressionable,
practical, patient, cooperative, thinker and

Page of Cups

Physical type: Fine, light blonde to honey blonde hair
or highlights. The complexion is fair to light olive
with large, hypnotic eyes having colors that range from
gray to blue and hazel. There is a tendency to have a
small frame that is dainty or delicate.
Either sex and under 18 years of age.

Characteristics: Emotional. Sensitive, intuitive,
vulnerable, warm, friendly, talkative, creative and

Page of Pentacles

Physical type: Dark brown to black hair or highlights.
Hair can be coarse and thick or wavy. The complexion
ranges from medium olive to dark. The eyes can be blue,
green, violet or dark brown to black. With darker skin
tones, eye color can range from hazel or light-brown to
dark brown. The body is stern, solid and they can
appear more mature than their actual age.
Either sex and under 18 years of age.

Characteristics: Instinctual, earthy, practical,
emotionally secure, productive, patient, conservative
and enthusiastic.