Friday 26 January 2024

The 7 Ray Chart

By Leoni Hodgson


According to Eastern Wisdom, the 7 Rays are seven different energies, vibrations, colours and characteristics that condition our human nature on all levels.

The rays stream through space, through 3 constellations each and through one or two planets. The planets are the agents of the rays; each planet is a pure distillation of its ray’s force. This chart shows the 7 Rays, divided into 3 groups.

All planets are embodiments of one ray energy. But they all carry other rays (secondary influences) via their respective associations with the signs.


RAY CHART DEFINED: The rays govern each body. A Ray Chart or Seven Ray Personality Profile, is a list of the rays/ the energies, which govern the soul, personality, mind, emotional and physical-etheric bodies. It is a list of the energies and qualities that form our nature and that galvanise us into action.

HOW IS IT FOUND? By observing how we express our energies on each of the soul, personality, mental, emotional and physical levels. It cannot be found via the astrology chart.

WHAT VALUE IS THE RAY CHART? Identifying the various forces that play through us advances us spiritually. (1) Because it promotes self-understanding and self-awareness of who we are, and why we are like we are. (Remember the Delphic injunction – “Man know thyself”). It helps to shift our identification away from that of being a mortal body, to an energy being. (2) By recognising clearly, the forces that play through us at the various levels, we also learn to see which is our problem force that needs balancing and adjusting (usually the emotional or personality ray), and those that need strengthening. (3) Identification of the soul ray, clarifies for us our soul or heart career path. Turning this around, if we know our heart-career, it helps identify the soul ray.

MERGING THE RAY AND ASTROLOGY CHARTS. Since the rays flow through the signs and planets, once your rays are known, it gives greater insight into the messages contained in the astrology chart.