Thursday, 29 March 2012

Saturn Transits in Astrology – Finding Healthy Responses In Times That Often Seem Difficul

Over the years I’ve heard countless people become very anxious and worry when Saturn is making a conjunction, square, or opposition to their Ascendant or planets in their charts. While Saturn transits can bring tough lessons, it never brings us anything we don’t need.
As I've often told you, the planets merely show our inner function that translates into external actions and experiences. We need to get our Saturn functioning in healthy ways, and do that by consistently practicing Saturn’s strengths and virtues, as well as doing these in appropriate manner when we are tested by a Saturn transit that seems to be jamming our gears.
I did a 3-part series about how to deal with Saturn transits a few years back that I haven’t reprinted since then. All three of these articles are important in getting the full picture of how we can best use Saturn transits to best effect. Please take some time to read or re-read these, since there may be some things that can help you turn a difficult Saturn transit into a fulfilling one.
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