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Capricorn Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Capricorn Individual Degrees (accurate 1925; add 1º 5' for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)


0°.....The Galactic Center. The most important point in astrology. Cusp of the Twenty-Second Lunar Mansion. An ambitious degree.


2°6' 2°21'N (4) Polis, Mu Sagittarii. (Jupiter Mars) Keen perception, domination; ambition, success; horsemanship.


4°.....Sleep and trance (4°-5°).


7°.....Unusual ability.

7°12' 0°43'C (cl) Facies, 22m Sagittarii. (Sun Mars) Blindness or defective sight; illness; accidents.

9°.....Degree of history.

9°54'..Jupiter South Node.



11°16' 3°26'S (2) Pelagus, Sigma Sagittarii. (Jupiter Mercury - Saturn Mercury) Optimism; veracity; a religious tendency.

12°....Cusp of the Twenty-Third Lunar Mansion.

12°31' 7°10'S (3) Ascella, Zeta Sagittarii. (Jupiter Mercury) Happiness, good fortune.

13°52' 0°52'N (4½) Manubrium, Omicron Sagittarii. (Sun Mars) Heroic, courageous, defiant; blindness from fire or explosion.


14°12' 61°44'N (1) Wega, Alpha Lyrae, a pale sapphire star in the lower part of the Lyre. (Venus Mercury - Jupiter trine Saturn in Part of Fortune) Beneficent, idealistic, hopeful, refined, changeable; grave, outwardly pretentious, but usually lascivious.

15°....Fall of Jupiter. A degree of duty.

16°....Degree of solid matter.

17°....Intellectual and governmental.

18°41' 36°12'N (3) Deneb, Zeta Aquilae. (Mars Jupiter) Benevolent, liberal; ability to command; and a successful warrior.

19°34'.Pluto South Node.

21°....A scholarly degree.

23°....Governmental authority; music.

23°11'.Saturn South Node.

24°43' 5°25'S (6) Terebellum, Omega Sagittarii. (Venus Saturn) Cunning, mercenary; a fortune, with a guilty conscience and unsavory reputation.

25°....Cusp of the Twenty-Fourth Lunar Mansion.

26°....Land and farming.


28°....Exaltation of Mars.

29°....Degree of collecting.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)