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Libra Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Libra Individual Degrees (accurate 1925; add 1º 5' for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)


0°.....Cusp of Fifteenth Lunar Mansion; a sensitive degree.


3°4'...Mars-Neptune conj.: August 23, 1944.

3°43' 1°22'N (4) Zaniah, Eta Virginia; a variable star. (Mercury Venus) Congeniality, refinement, order; a lovable nature.


6°.....Degree of birds; aviation; goiter.

6°53'..Mars-Neptune conj.: August 20, 1946.

7°.....Sudden death; animal life.

8°.....Solar Eclipse: October 1, 1940.

8°50' 16°13'N (3) Vindemiatrix, Epsilon Virginis. So called because it anciently rose at vintage time. (Saturn Mercury) Falsity, sometimes dishonesty; loss of partner. If conj. Uranus: spinal trouble; heart trouble; seclusion.

9°.....Courage, triumph.

9°2' 2°48'N (3½) Caphir, Gamma Virginis. (Mercury Venus - Venus Mars) Refined and lovable character; prophetic instincts.

12°....Cusp of Sixteenth Lunar Mansion; a sensitive degree.

12°20' 12° 11' (3) Algorab, Delta Corvi. (Mars Saturn) Destructive, malevolent; a scavenger.

13°....Food and drink.

15°....Suicide, apoplexy.

16°32' 49°33'N (3) Seginus, Gamma Boötis. (Mercury Saturn) Subtle mind, but suffers through bad company.

17°....Electrical (16°-18°).

19°....Fall of the Sun.

21°....Exaltation of Saturn. The stage, comedy.

21°3' 58°55'S (v) Foramen, Eta Argus. Surrounded by the "Key-hole" nebula. (Saturn Jupiter) Piety; acquisitiveness; danger to eyes. If conj. Sun: shipwreck.

22°....Artistic; hope.

22°43' 2°3'S (1) Spica, Alpha Virginis. (Venus Mars - Venus Jupiter Mercury) Said to be fixed and benefic; offering riches, renown, and a sweet disposition; the most fortunate of stars, when rising or on the Mid-heaven.

23°....Degree of homosexuality.

23°7' 30° 47'N (1) Arcturus, Alpha Boötis; Arctophilax, the bear watcher. Brightest star in the northern hemisphere (v. Job 38:32). (Mars Jupiter - Mercury conjunct Venus) Renown through self-determination; prosperity by navigation and voyages.


25°....Cusp of Seventeenth Lunar Mansion; a sensitive degree; literature.



28°....Hospitality; hair.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)