Thursday, 27 January 2011

The "First Meeting Chart"

by Gary Williams

As an astrologer and clairvoyant for over thirty years, I am always looking for new ways to predict the outcome of events for my clients, whether it be psychically or through astrology. Most people who contact me for a consultation have a particular issue in mind, and need to see a clear picture of what may transpire in the future. This often involves a job, a relationship issue, or a new boyfriend or girlfriend the client is curious about.

The traditional way of looking at the relationship between two people is through synystry, or a comparison of the planetary positions of one chart to another. But another more powerful, and far more effective diviniation tool is a type of event chart known as the First Meeting Chart. The First Meeting Chart is simply a chart cst for the moment we first meet someone. Within the framework of that chart all of the potential and/or destiny of that relationship will be shown. It is my experience that this is even more clearly shown than the aspects between the two natal charts themselves.

A First Meeting Chart can be between two people in a business relationship or a love affair, even a friendship. Pay particular attention to the angles of the chart to see if the relationship will be a significant one.

A good example which I can give here is that of the first meeting between myself and the person who took on the job of overhauling my website. In the chart Jupiter was conjunct the seventh house cusp, indicating a very positive and rewarding business relationship wherein both people would benefit. Mercury of communication was exactly conjunct the Midheaven indicating a very powerful tenth house relationship.

Pay particular attention to the Nodes in the First Meeting Chart. The nodes often indicate "fated" or karmic relationships. In particular, the north nodes seems to be ties up with "unions" and "coming together," where the south node is more separation or coming apart. I believe the first meeting chart is an overlooked resource in predictive work. Even when the client comes for a straight psychic reading, I always ask: Do you rememeber the time when you first met? Try it.


First meeting charts

Electional or event astrology

Defining the first meeting chart

As a rule, relationships only start when the two people meet in the real world, therefore a chart be erected for the respective time, date and location. However, a very frequent situation in the modern world with so many methods of communication people may get in contact with each other by means of chat, instant messaging, email, phone, letters, SMS and may continue to write or talk to each other this way for a long time. There is no way to have a single relationship chart for reference until the two people actually meet in person. And it is this chart that is most effective in analyzing the development and outcome of the relationship.

Let us go through a couple of astrological tips and tricks for first meeting charts: whether electional or event astrology charts, they are delineated just the same. Just remember that in astrology the practical experience is invaluable and you'll get much insight and understanding by studying first meeting charts of people you know, having already sound theoretical knowledge of the basic principles of horary and electional astrology.

Some things to keep in mind while delineating or electing a such chart:

Moon aspects: Positive Moon aspects play a very important role in first meeting chart because, as they say, the first impression counts. In practice, it actually counts a lot, because usually if the first impression is bad, things don't get further... so that people might find out further than looks and behaviour.

The Moon aspects that are very good for relationships are the positive aspects to the Sun and Venus. Other aspects can improve certain secondary relational areas such as the Moon - Mars or Pluto Positive aspects with important influence on the sexual level.

However, Moon's aspects are not a reliable indicator of the evolution of the relationship in the long run. It just tells about how it starts. But you would certainly want it to kick off immediately.

Dignified planets are planets in their own essential dignities, of which a particular importance are the domicile and the exaltation. You may have all trines and sextiles in the chart, but if there're no dignified planets, but only planets in detriment (exile, fall) things will not go as planned, for lack of motivation, energy, desire... and the relationship will brilliantly fail.

Planets' strenght is so important. Any planet in detriment can be malign. As we're talking about relationships now, Venus is of a particular interest.

Venus is the love planet and we would want it to see Venus dignified in a happy relationship chart, but fact is that first meetings happen also while Venus is other signs than Taurus, Libra or Pisces and people are happy.

Just remember that Venus' position by sign and its aspects represent an indicator of the harmony and love in the relationship.

Planets in houses

Another aspect to consider is planets' position by house. Each house represents a field of experience for the couple and portends information on couple's activities and interests.

Of all houses, the 1st house - 7th house axis is of paramount importance.

In an electional chart, try having the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses as strong as possible (by essential and accidental dignities) and if possible - in aspect with each other or at least with as much (mutual) reception as possible - this will ensure that the two persons will show interest and there will attraction/compatibility.

In an event chart investigate how the two significators (1st and 7th houses' rulers) relate to each other by reception in the five essential dignities.

Angular planets talk about the overall outside conditions influencing the relationship. Two persons I know first met with Saturn in Leo in the first house in applying square with Mars in Taurus in the 10th house. Woman's father, a very proeminent person, never accepted his daughter's relationship with the man for political reasons.

This is why in an electional astrology chart for a first meeting, try having benefics (Venus, Jupiter) in angular houses and malefics (Saturn, Mars) in cadent houses.

Getting closer to the end of the article, I'll add that many times when it comes to plan a meeting there isn't much room for adjusting, a few days at most, so mainly the only things you can control are the Moon's aspects [and the Ascendant]. This is already an elementary level of electional astrology, so useful in our every day life.

Don't worry about "forcing destiny's hand" with electional astrology by electing a perfect electional chart for a otherwise lousy relationship/compatibility. The destiny is way stronger than our weak "electional magic". The better term for this is probably collaboration. Just do your astrological homework trying to make a difference in your life and let the destiny take care of the result.