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Gemini Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Gemini Individual Degrees (accurate 1925; add 1º 5' for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)


0°.....Degree of draftsmanship (also 1° and 2°).

2°.....An ambassadorial degree.

3°.....Exaltation of Moon's North Node: a point of spiritual illumination. Cusp of Sixth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.

4°.....Degree of aviation; of mental stability.

4°41' 5° 44'S (4) First of the Hyades, Gamma Tauri (Saturn Mercury - Mercury Mars) Contradiction of fortunes; injuries to the head by instruments; impaired eyesight.

5°.....Degree of quiet fortunes.

5°8'...Mars-Uranus conj.: January 16, 1944.

6°.....A degree of brilliant intellectuality; of expression in language.

7°.....Degree of cantankerous irritability.

8°.....Ascendant and Uranus in U.S. horoscope.

8°40' 5° 28'S (i) Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri. The Watcher of the East; the Bull's Eye. A red star, the brightest of the Hyades, a group of seven stars called "Weepers" because when they rise or set heliacally they were anciently supposed to bring rain. The Sun conjoins them during the latter days of May and the beginning of June. (Mars - Mercury Mars Jupiter) Said to have rulership over hands and fingers, and when afflicted to be conducive to pneumonia. In conjunction with Mars or Saturn, or either luminary, it was said by the older astrologers to presage a violent death. It is rendered increasingly malefic by the opposition of Antares in 8°39' Sagittarius.

9°.....Degree of homicide; elevation through partnership or marriage.

10°....A Fortunate degree.

12°....A degree of hope realized.

13°....Degree of accidents to wheeled vehicles; of imitation and acting.

13° 43'Uranus North Node.

14°....Degree of dumbness from impaired speech organs.

15°....Inheritor of a home.

15°43' 31° 8'S (1) Rigel, Beta Orionis. Orion's left foot. (Jupiter Mars) Preferment, riches, great and lasting honors. If culminating: great military or ecclesiastical preferment.

16°....Cusp of Seventh Lunar Mansion; a critical degree. A degree of sleep and trance.

16°11'.Venus North Node.

16°20'.Mars-Jupiter conj.: April 3, 1942.

16°53'.Mars-Uranus conj.: August 17, 1945.

17°....A degree of homicide.

19°50' 16° 50' S (2) Bellatrix, Gamma Orionis. (Mars Mercury) Said to confer military and other honors that end in disaster. Conjoining Sun or Moon, blindness. If culminating: a forger or swindler.

19°54'.Mars-Saturn conj.: March 7, 1944.

20°44' 22° 55'N (1) Capella, Alpha Aurigae; Hircus, the Goat. (Mars Mercury) When culminating: said to confer martial or ecclesiastical honors and riches, attended by waste and dissipation. It is too far north to conjunct Sun or Moon, or to rise or set.

21°16' 23° 37'S (2) Mintaka, Delta Orionis. Slightly variable double star, brilliant white and pale violet, in Orion's belt. (Saturn Mercury - Mercury Saturn Jupiter) Good fortune.

21°27' 5° 23'N (2) El Nath, Beta Tauri. (Mars) Eminence.

21°55' 28° 42'S (Neb) Ensis, 42m Orionis. (Mars Moon) Blindness or defective sight; illness; violent death.

22°....Degree of Literature.

22°22' 24° 32'S (2) Alnilam, Epsilon Orionis. Bright white star in the center of Orion's belt. (Jupiter Saturn - Mercury Saturn) Confers fleeting public honors. The three stars in Orion's belt, when in the Midheaven of a nativity are said to confer signal honors.

23°....Faith: a military degree; also affecting the spine.

23°40' 2° 12' S (3) Al Hecka, Zeta Tauri. (Mars - Mercury Saturn) Violence, malevolence, accidents.

25°....Degree of neurasthenia.

27°27' 66° 5N (2) Polaris, Alpha Ursae Minoris. A topaz-yellow and pale white double star, in the tail of the Little Bear, and marking the celestial pole. It is now 1°14' distant from North Pole, but in 2095 it will reach the nearest distance, 26'30". The pole has been successively marked by Alpha Lyrae (Wega), c. 12,200 B.C.; Tau Draconis, c. 4500 B.C.; and Alpha Draconis, c. 2700 B.C. It will be marked by Gamma Cepheis, c. 4500 A.D., Alpha Cephei, c. 7500 A.D.; Delta Cygni, c. 11,300 A.D.; and again Wega, c. 13,500 A.D. (Saturn Venus) Sickness and affliction; legacies attended by evil effects.

27°38' 16° 2'S (1) Betelgeuze, Alpha Orionis. Irregularly variable orange star in right shoulder of Orion. (Mars Mercury - Mercury Saturn Jupiter) When in opposition, said to cause accidents; but in conjunction, to bring honors. A military star.

28°....Degree of tuberculosis of lungs.

28°48' 21 ° 30'N (2) Menkalinan, beta Aurigae. (Mars Mercury) Ruin, disgrace.

29°....Degree of imitation and acting.