Monday, 24 January 2011


In general, especially at the start, the interpretations for both the Dark Moon Lilith (2nd, hypothetical moon of Earth) & Black Moon Lilith (mathematical point derived from the Earth & Moon), are almost identical. It seems many of the interpreting astrologers even get them confused! Then there is the matter of differentiating between the mean & true values for each & the fact that the ephermis data can be incomplete or erroneous, so all numbers should be checked & rechecked, for accuracy. This is pretty much a full time job ~ Lilith doesn't make this easy!! Upon further research, you may want to tease the specific details apart, but if you just want to have a general idea of what the crescent moon with the cross symbol on your chart indicates, here's what I've compiled, from several sources (email me, if interested in that info.) ~ as always, comments encouraged:

In a woman's horoscope Lilith represents which part of life the woman plays a strong role in & her power.

In a man's chart, Lilith reveals what type of woman he 'fears' & the type of woman that can drive him over the edge, often to despair. She may also represent hidden power struggles & unresolved issues with women in his life.

In the charts of both sexes, Lilith shows us what we are most secretive about & represents sexual passion. Lilith magnifies revenge, rage, witches, psychics, the temptress & the shadow.

In Aries:
Lilith is straight-forward about her sexuality & may use it to feel powerful. Applied in a negative manner, there may be temper tantrums or bratty behavior. Lilith often causes an extreme strive for autonomy, leading to problems in partnerships. Perhaps you are restlessly changing possible life partners without committing yourself because there is always something wrong with them. With flirting you are courageous & successful, possibly tending to one night stands. You are fair, fighting for justice & peace.

In Taurus:
Lilith may hide money or possessions & there will be a great deal of secrecy regarding finances. This can also indicate miserliness or a refusal to share one's resources with others. Lilith gives extrodinary love for beauty & big emotional activity. You look for your security needs in a relationship, contacting others by flirting. Others can attract you with gifts & property & you probably achieve material security in partnerships, but you may become disturbed by the material dependance.

In Gemini:
When Lilith hides herself among the twins, she may exhibit a chameleon-like ability to be whoever she must be at the moment, hiding her true thoughts & feelings. If used improperly, the native may be considered "two-faced" or be a vicious gossip. Lilith here usuallly causes a strive for independence, especially in intelecitual areas ~ work in literary arts or public relations. You have a diplomatic & psychological intuition & can entertain very well. Tending to superficialness & objectivity is limited because you can become enticed and/or bound by ideas easily. You like to change partners without their input, & even your own knowledge. Emotions can be suppressed, unnoticed and/or converted to rationalities.

In Cancer:
Hidden emotions may come out in ways that affect the physical health. When expressed in ways that are healthy, Lilith's influence here makes the native a powerful parent or an activist for the protection of children. When negative, there may be chronic or psychomatic illness or the tendency toward martyrdom. You like to entertain many people in your home, where you can enjoy meals with them & have emotional and psychological discussions. In family matters you are inclined to not recognize things or situations correctly or you don't want to admit to situations and/or circumstances because you become enticed by unrealistic opinions very easily.

In Leo:
Lilith in Leo wants to be admired, but she'll never admit it. In creative expression, she will do things her own way & never feel obliged to explain herself. taken to extremes, she becomes the prima donna, demanding & unforgiving. You are easily enticed to go to parties where you can set yourself on stage. You want to participate in bets & speculation, even against your intuition. You know how to flirt & manipulate people for the general weel-being. You are probably well-known due to your charming character.

In Virgo:
Lilith in Virgo will often make the native very secretive or repressed in their sexual expression & there will be much attention to health-related details & hygene. When negative, can be very cold & aloof or extremely critical of the habits of others. Lilith blurrs objectivity & lets you express criticisms at the wrong times. You simply don't want to committ yourself & are orientationless regarding occupation & partnerships. Other people may become confused by you, because this position produces paradoxes in almost all areas of life. You tend between committment & autonomy urges, between social contact & retreat. Psychological & analytic abilities are almost unsurpassingly strong & your intuition is top notch. Unfortunately, you may not be conscious of your abilities or you may not want to admit to them.

In Libra:
Lilith in Libra may find herself concerned with the legalistic side of power. She is a defender of women here, supportive of laws that curtail abuse or sexual crimes. taken to extremes, she may be vindictive against those she perceives to be offenders & in a relationship may be clinging, jealous and/or manipulative. You like to flirt & manipulate your fellow beings with well-meaning intention. You break up, or let break, relationships because you vary between commitment & autonomy urges. You don't want to admit to being wrong about your conceptions concerning other people, or you don't want to see their true character. You may consider yourself completely different, contrary to others or completely misjudged. You have wisdom & intuition, as well as psychological & musical ability, but you may be aunaware of it. You desire emotional loyalty from your life partner & you want to be accepted emotionally. You probably have very high standards & requirements in partnerships.

In Scorpio:
May be a co-ruler of Scorpio with Pluto. Here, she is powerfully sexual, hypnotic, seductive & wise. When under a negative influence, she can become bitter, vengeful and/or obsessed. You may be enticed easily by sexuality & subordinate yourself to a more powerful partner. The danger exists that you don't recognize this power at all. You have to deal with setbacks, accidents & symbolic, as well as real, deaths ~ although there are usually opportunities to avoid danger before it appears. You may be addicted to danger. Possible death experience in childhood, leading to the perspective of death as an inevitable part of life & great psychological regenerative ability.

In Sagittarius:
Lilith may hide her emotions beneath a facade of humor or a mask of "niceness". She may keep her personal philosophies secret from others, keeping her own counsel. In the negative, this placement can indicate haughtiness, self-righteousnes & prejudice. Lilith confronts you with temptations of educational journies. You quickly jump at the opportunity to travel & learn. Well-meaning missionary & manipulative intent. Popular because you try to apply diplomacy & fairness. Other people could take advantage of you, as you spread your optimism & generosity thin, or you could tend to misjudge others.

In Capricorn:
Lilith will hardly ever share any emotions & these natives may seem unapproachable. Achievement & status will be the method employed to feed the hidden need for emotional contact. At its extremes, here is the anal retentive who must control everything. Lilith will hardly let you resist the temptations of fame, status & power. You can bring yourself much trouble, as you don't want to admit to the actual nature of these. You try to change others & can supress their inner values completely. You look for autonomy, but won't grant it to others.

In Aquarius:
Lilith will probably mask the hidden emotions with a series of ever-changing kaleidoscopic surface emotions & will seem fascinating & elusive to others. The native may be chimerical, fluttering like a fairy from one situation to the next. At her worst, Lilith is irresponsible, remote & refuses to listen to others. Lilith lets you misjudge your fiends easily. You strive for autonomy with manipulative methods & psychological tricks & reject tight interpersonal relationships ~ considering partnerships over friendships. Your fairness, tolerance, global thinking & humanity are noticable. Although highly intuitive, may tend to deny certain obvious situatons.

In Pisces:
Lilith is alreadt secretive & doubly (quadruply?) so in Pisces. This is usually th eperson who has emotional wounding buried so deeply that they don't even know it themselves. Lilith's placement here may instigate behaviors which even the native finds baffling & is often associated with passive-aggressive & unconscious behavioral patterns. Lilith can produce high-grade blurriness. Perhaps you repudiate yourself & don't recognize your internal needs or you don't want to allow them for yourself. Fantasy, artistic sense & inspiration are very strong here. In addition, this position shows the danger to succumb to illusions again & again. Possibly your whole life does not appear 'real' but 'virtual'. May engage in crimes on purpose.

** By making peace with & embracing our own darkest emotions, we can integrate ourselves. Lilith is one of the keys in astrology which can help us attain that goal.

In cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn & Libra):
We must start something, but life & other people will decide, in place of us, if our initiatives will be realized or not.

In mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius & Virgo):
The ever-changing life, inside or outside us, is so strong that our inner anxiety is at a very deep degree.

In fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius):
There will be blocks to our personal dynamic running.

In fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):
We are obliged to endure the changes in our lives, changes we can't control but we have to adapt to ourselves.

In earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):
We will not have the life we dreamed of.

In air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
Our mind, our thoughts must change. Our contacts must be re-newed.

In water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
The intuitive perceptions are so strong that clarivoyant, mediumistic, etc. abilities arise.

Having Lilith at the beginning of a sign ~
we have to start on a new road & search for ourselves.

Having Lilith at the end of a sign ~
we must get rid of our karmic problems before going any further & we have to get our strengths ready for the next sign. Here there is a turning point to take.

Lilith is most significant in angular houses (1, 4, 7 & 10) ~ the closer to the angular cusps, the more fascinating & flirtateous to the opposite sex the person may be.