Sunday, 9 January 2011

One should avoid in Marriage Chart

We regard a marriage as being tragic if at least one of the spouses dies a tragic and untimely death while they were married. An example of such a marriage would be that of John Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bassette.

We regard a marriage as being a heartbreak if the spouses divorce and at least one of them suffers a gut-wrenching heartbreak. An example of a heartbreak marriage would be that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Although Diana died in a tragic and untimely manner, she was not married at the time so we would regard her marriage as a heartbreaking one, and her life as a tragic one.

The Magi Society's research has uncovered the astrological signs of tragic and heartbreak marriages; we have learned that the astrological warnings of a tragic marriage are different from those of a heartbreak marriage. On this website, we will be teaching the astrology of both of these types of marriages.

We will begin by teaching the astrology of tragic marriages because they are the worst kind - the reason is that when someone dies in a marriage, that person does not have another chance at happiness.


After completing research on over 60 thousand marriages, we have found that virtually all tragic marriages have a very similar type of Planetary Geometry, which we call HAZARDOUS PLANETARY GEOMETRY.

The PLANETARY GEOMETRY of a chart is any line (or lines), shape, or pattern that is formed when connecting lines are drawn between the planets that are in "meaningful" alignment at the time of the chart.

Hazardous Planetary Geometry is Planetary Geometry where there is a "dominance of Turbulent Angles made by Saturn."


For thousands of years, and ever since the very birth of astrology, astrologers realized that Saturn was different from any of the other planets primarily because Saturn was associated with problems. For this reason, astrologers viewed Saturn as a MALEFIC.

Then beginning about 1925 and for the next 75 years or so, many astrologers tried to rewrite astrology by pretending that Saturn was not a malefic. Such astrologers are referred to as Saturn Revisionists.

The Saturn Revisionists tell us and try to convince us that transits made by Saturn are good because they think Saturn is the "teacher." They also claim that Saturn aspects are good and we should try to include them when selecting a day to do something important, like getting married.

The Saturn Revisionists are completely wrong about this.

In our third book, we explained that all aspects in the birth chart of a human being are gifts of special talents from God. This includes Saturn aspects.


For example, transits by Saturn are all bad, even the ones made at 120 degrees and zero degrees.

And all Saturn aspects that occur in a Marriage Chart are signs of problems.

Since there are so many angles and planets for Saturn to make an aspect, there is almost always a Saturn Aspect on any given day. But some Saturn Aspects are much worse than others for a marriage.

In a Marriage Chart, the worst Saturn Aspects are ones that Saturn makes to Chiron and the Sun. This is because in a Marriage Chart, the Sun represents the actual marriage itself, and because Chiron rules marriages.

If a marriage takes place on a day when Saturn makes a Turbulent Angle to both the Sun and Chiron, Saturn creates HAZARDOUS PLANETARY GEOMETRY and the marriage can be very troublesome.