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Sagittarius Individual Degrees - Astrology Encyclopedia

Definition of Sagittarius Individual Degrees (accurate 1925; add 1º 5' for 2002 positions of fixed stars etc.)

(Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.)


0°.....Degrees of draughtsmanship (0°-3°).

1°11' 17°15'N (3) Yed Prior, Delta Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus) Shameless immorality; revolutionary.

1°27' 1°58'S (2) Isidis, Delta Scorpii (Mars Saturn - Venus Gemini Moon) Sudden assaults; malevolence; immorality.

2°4' 1°1'N (3) Graffias, Beta Scorpii. (Mars Saturn - Venus Gemini Moon Saturn) Malicious, merciless; susceptible to contagious diseases.

3°.....Exaltation of Moon's South Node: Fall of Moon's North Node. Cusp of Twentieth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.


6°.....Degree of expression in language.

7°.....Degree of the heart.

8°7' 11°4'N (3) Han, Zeta Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus) Harbinger of trouble.

8°39' 4° 34S (1) Antares, Alpha Scorpii; Mars' deputy; the Scorpion's heart. The Watcher of the West. It shows a fluted spectrum in which the reds predominate. (Mars Jupiter) Malevolent, destructive; generous; subject to presentiments of impending tragedy; rash impulses; headstrong obstinacy, chiefly injuring themself. If rising or culminating: honor, preferment, good fortune.


10°50' 75°17'N (3) Rastaban, Beta Draconis. (Mars Saturn) Criminal tendencies; property losses; accidents.

12°....Accidents to wheeled vehicles.

13°....Degree of acting.

13°43'.Uranus South Node.

14°....Degree of dumbness; indecision.

16°....Cusp of Twenty-First Lunar Mansion: a critical degree. 16°11'.Venus North Node.

16°51' 7°11'N (2) Sabik, Eta Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus - Jupiter Venus) Wasteful, inefficient; bad morals, but successful evildoer.

17°....Degree of matter in transition - heat, flame; homicidal. 18°....Royalty.

20°....Faith (20°-23°).


21°20' 35°51'N (2) Rasalhague, Alpha Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus - Jupiter Mercury sextile Mars) Perverted and depraved tastes; misfortunes through women.

22°....A military degree.

22°54' 14°0'S (3) Lesath, Gamma Scorpii. (Mercury Mars) Associated with acids; danger, desperation; immorality.


24°39' 8°50'C (cl) Aculeus, 6m Scorpii. (conjunct Moon) If conj. or opposition an afflicted luminary, or its afflicting planet: impaired eyesight, perhaps blindness.


27°35' 11°22'S (cl) Acumen, 7m Scorpii. (conjunct Moon) Companion to Aculeus, and of same nature and influence.


28°38' 13°41'N (3) Sinistra, Gamma Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus) Slovenly, immoral.

29°....Imitation; acting.

29°32' 0°1'N (CNC) Spiculum, 8, 20, 21m Sagittarii. (Mars Moon) Mentioned by Ptolemy in connection with blindness.

(Nicholas deVore - Encyclopedia of Astrology)