Thursday, 27 January 2011

Solstice Points/Antiscia

How to Find the Solstice Point (Antiscia) of a Planet or Point

To find the Antiscion Point or Solstice Point of the Sun in your chart, for example, you would subtract the degrees in longitude of the Sun from 30 degrees and finding the corresponding sign from this list:

My Sun's position is 25 degrees Virgo 21 minutes. I find the Antiscia of my Sun by subtracting 25 degrees 21 minutes from 30 degrees (or 29 degrees 60 minutes) to arrive at 4 degrees 39 minutes. From the list above, we find that the Antiscia of the sign Virgo is always Aries. Therefore my Solstice Sun is 4 degrees Aries 39 minutes.

My Moon's natal position is 28 Pisces 25. To find the Antiscion point, I subtract this degree from 30 degrees, to arrive at 1 degree 35. The Antiscia of the sign Pisces is always Libra, so I arrive at the degree of my Solstice Moon: 1 Libra 35.

Planet PositionsSolstice Points/Antiscion Degrees
My planet (and asteroid) positions are shown in the first column and my Antiscion points in the second column. 

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